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Not sure the young guns needed Kobe more than Kobe wanted to shoot the ball in the fourth. Other than that, I agree with you: one month into their first season together and Russel, Clarkson and Randle already show that they can contribute on the highest level. How promising!

  • DLo is starting to emerge but as what? A catch and shot guard? If that is all he can do then I’d much rather they play A Brown, better shooter and defender.

    How is Kobe a necessary evil? They couldn’t close out the 4th with Kobe on the floor. He’d be a necessary evil if they were winning games like that not when they lose them.

  • What do you mean catch and shoot guard? He attack the rim, got a steal, created his own shot, got his rebounds, pushes the ball in transition
    You’re really reaching to make d’angelo seem like he isn’t capable.
    A brown is nice but to say you rather have Brown than a rising D’angelo is reaching he’s getting there

  • If you can’t see that the young guys need Kobe, then you’re blind. Let’s just ignore how much they say they appreciate him and need his teachings.. because you know they’re lying right. SMH.

    He hasn’t shot the ball well at all, but it’s also evident how much it helps them having him on the court. Like Russell said, they play on another level when he’s out there. They haven’t been able to close games, Kobe or not. They don’t look any better when Kobe is out. Especially in the 4th. I like the way the starters have been playing, but it’s the lack of offensive efficiency from the bench that is killing us. Without Kobe or Clarkson out there ballhandling, the movement becomes stagnant. Lou and Nick can take people off the dribble, but can’t really be asked to facilitate.

    Can’t blame them. The flow looks better with Huertas out there. But the defense struggles regardless. In a heavier P&R offense, there’d be so much more efficiency with the roster we have. For some reason, no one can learn defense.

  • We need to be patient with him.
    On the other hand people see Jordan Clarkson a #46 DRAFT PICK going beast mode.
    So we expect alot out of Dangelo Russell.
    Its alot different with his Cinderella type story.
    JC last year had alot of drive and motivation to work and not be stopped.
    He had a big heart and played with every bit of it.
    You can tell he still has some of this in him when you see his eyes.
    He has the eye of the tiger.
    Watch Rocky movie #3.
    Apollo tells rocky that he doesnt want it anymore or bad enough.
    Rocky gets super motivated and he becomes unstoppable.
    In a way i think last year JC was just like that……
    People can say wahtever they want to but a number 46 pick never exploded like him.
    In my opinion he should have won the Rookie Of The Year award.
    not andrew wiggins….
    Now if Dangelo can get this same mindset he might just break out like JC did last year.
    Someone please tell d-lo please watch Rocky 3…..

  • Russell needs to maintain that assertive mentality while knowing when to be more of a facilitator or shooter. Strange he should ask Scott about his role, especially since he’s been playing the game since his teen yrs. But defense is key and given this is his first year it’ll improve with time/experience/practice.

  • The youngsters were not in the game at the start of the 4th quarter,it was the vets that lost the lead.

  • Yeah we see JC but he had no expectations and was sent to the D league. He was finally thrown in there because of injuries, particularly Kobe’s..He had no pressure from fans and Media… Not like D.Russell he was given expectations but not really given the freedom to just play.Finally he played 30+ mins and took 10+ shots and his turnover rate is low.He just need to play and for Scott to let him go.. Take the training wheels off.

  • A relazed attitude at least on his face is Clarkson BUT he is going ot be super star, D. Russell NEEDS to sgow aggression & needs to [lay with it as well…..

  • Side note on the D League, I watched the game last night & I am sorry to say, Upshaw is not going to be a Whiteside. He is slow, clumsy & does not ook very strong in the post.

  • I had him at 11/4/4 as a rookie. He’s 19. Give him time to grow and add some efficient shooters to space the floor and he’s going to be great. The last few games I’ve watched I’ve seen Memphis Grizzlies horrible floor spacing from the Lakers, but Clarkson has looked really good.

  • Kobe’s poor shooting has been an issue for us to say the least. So yes, Kobe helps the team when he plays the facilitator and avoids jacking up jumpers. Moreover, there’s no doubt that the presence of one of the greatest to have ever played the game clearly boosts the kids’ confidence but I still find that they’re playing better either when Kobe is perfectly rested (maybe he should be playing 35 minutes per game every three games?!) or when he is not on the floor…

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