How Did the Lakers Perform Their Last 10 Preseasons?

Preseason 2006-2007: Lakers record: 4-4

Postseason result: Lost in First Round

Still rebuilding in the post-Shaquille O’Neal era, it seemed as though the Los Angeles Lakers were headed nowhere. Kobe Bryant was in the prime of his career, but he was playing alongside some of the least talented teammates of his NBA career. There were nights where Kobe single-handedly carried the Lakers, and it was tough seeing the fierce competitor not experience success.

In this preseason, Bryant was still recovering from knee surgery and his time on the court was limited. So even though Kobe did practically everything for the team, the other players managed to win four games. Still, whatever the Lakers were going to do that upcoming season, it was going to be based on Kobe’s play. And since Bryant couldn’t play, the 2006-2007 preseason was a time for the other players to showcase their “talents.”

Preseason 2005-2006: Lakers record: 6-3

Postseason result: Lost in First Round

In the 2005-2006 preseason, the Lakers had an impressive showing with a 6-3 record. The Lakers did not play very competitive teams, but since the Lakers did not instill fear into opponents anymore, every win was very valuable. Los Angeles played the likes of the Sacramento Kings and Charlotte Bobcats that summer, teams that were long shots for the postseason.

Once again, the Lakers relied on Kobe Bryant on almost every given night and he did a great job leading the team. Bryant was the most explosive offensive player at the time and he ended up scoring 81 points in a regular season game against the Toronto Raptors. There was no question the Lakers could beat the mediocre teams in the league, but when it came down to the title contenders, the Lakers stood no chance.

The Lakers ended up going 45-37 in the regular season and grabbed the seventh spot in the Western Conference. Los Angeles was on the verge of winning their first round series against the Phoenix Suns, but ended up losing in seven games after blowing a 3-1 series lead.

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