How Lakers Players Are Bonding Off The Court During Covid-19
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar statue, Staples Center video board
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The last few months have been difficult for pro basketball players. Covid-19 restrictions have led to game cancellations and a ban on public sports events. The Lakers, like many pro teams, have had to find ways to keep themselves entertained off the court. When games are played, the crowds the players are used to are curiously absent. It’s hard to summon up the same enthusiasm for a game, but Lakers players are doing their best to keep their spirits up.

Support Bubbles

Players have formed a bubble, so they can socialize and unwind together. This means they can’t go home and be with their families, which is hard. But forming a player bubble is the only way players can ensure they stay safe and able to play, if only for a virtual audience and TV cameras. Getting together in a safe bubble provides a small token of normalcy in a messed-up world.

News reports indicate that Anthony Davis’ has become the party host for many of the other Laker players. He loves to set up rap battles in his hotel suite. It’s been described by players in the know as the Lakers equivalent of a Freshman dorm party. It’s fun social event that help keep the team together despite the problems raging around them.

Group Chats

Group chats are also helping Laker’s players bond and enjoy some friendly banter. Players can stay up-to-date with what’s happening in each other’s lives by sharing info on the group chat. Players like Jared Dudley love to share videos and roast each other; it’s a fun way to maintain team chemistry and have a little fun.

Amateur basketball players can use these strategies to keep their team spirit high during the Covid crisis. We’ve come up with three ways to bond with your basketball teammates outside of the game and away from the court to ensure that you have a reliable relationship together on the court. This relationship is essential to your team’s success when you next play your big competition!

Basketball Challenges

A fun way to get everyone involved in practicing their skills at home is to launch a challenge each week. Ensure that your teammates show proof of their achievement of each challenge by recording themselves, and give out a prize for the teammate who wins each challenge. Whether learning a new trick or deciding who has the best ‘slam dunk’, it’s fun to get to know each other based on everyone’s inner competitive nature and love of basketball.

Create and Update the Team’s Website

If you haven’t already got a website or dedicated page for your basketball team, this is something that you should suggest to the other team members. Not only does this allow you all to have a place to check the dates of any upcoming games and training sessions, but you can also write up what went well and what didn’t go so well after each game.

Play Online Together

You might already have friends on the team you play against on the Xbox or PlayStation. However, branch out and find new games to play with a different set of team members. For example, you can play online casino games together to help build up your sense of trust with each other, as well as work on your inner competitiveness.

With so many ways to bond with teammates virtually and at a distance, there’s no excuse not to try out some of these techniques so that you can maintain or build long-lasting relationships with the rest of your team.


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