If I Know My Lakers | Sounding Off

Lakers have a legitimate chance at this years title, remember the Mavs last year we were clear favorites over them and it didn’t happen. We have seen this team play hard, motivated for spurts that make one believe if they just keep it up they could win just about every game in easy fashion. Lakers often have a big quarter followed by a poor one. Most of the problem comes from pure effort getting lazy or comfortable. That has to change, there’s no on and off switch. Gotta get rid of the bad habits. Closing quarters has always been a problem even when Phil was here, last game vs the Thunder we allowed two buzzer beaters! That game vs Thunder was a good game to see where our mental toughness is. Apparently we aren’t there yet. Pau Gasol got called for 3 quick fouls that seemed to deflate us, that’s where we gotta bring that swagger and fight back by playing harder. Like a heavyweight fight have to be able to take a punch but answser back and be physical and think its going to take more than that to beat us. Have to withstand the other team’s runs specially on the road, usually there’s a big run during a game that turns out to be the difference in the game. Have to learn to play and not lose composure when the other teams feeds off the crowd.

Shot selection is very important got to get as close to the basket as possible and in case of a miss we have 2 of the most dominant big men there to clean it up. Ramon Sessions we need him to drive in more, his speed can draw so many fouls and not only is he a good free throw shooter but he’s weakening the opponents by getting them in foul trouble. I expect around 18 pts/gm out of him. Kobe is Kobe but even him get us in trouble. If he can cut down on turnovers, usually either trying to split the D or a pass in between defenders hands end up in a dunk. Gasol likes to shoot from around the free throw line but have to make them pay by making them, I personally like it better when he does a quick move to the basket or by cutting to the basket and somebody finds him. Again he is more effective when active under the basket its a plus if he makes those 15 footers. Bynum we need a double double every game from him, he is coming into his own and we need him to stay focused and motivated, be patient you’ll get your touches, every one has to recognize mis-matches and feed him get him going early. Artest, I rather see him post up and since he’s left open for 3 too often I rather see him take it from the corner. I like the feistyness and physical part of his game. Barnes don’t foul so much. Goudelock I would play more, he’s a rookie but he isn’t scared to shoot, and is effective too. Don’t understand why mess with his confidence or rhythm he was fitting in nicely now he doesn’t even play. Same with Ebanks, this yrs starting SF doesn’t even sniff garbage time. Steve Blake has to be a scoring threat not just the guy that brings the ball up.

Lakers have everything to win it, now just have to play smart and do the things each and everyone is more successful at. They have the size that gives everyone problems, the physicality now go out there and play with intensity and hunger. Limit teams to one and out by rebounding. Do all of the above ” and that will get it done on the Lakers basketball network”

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