Instagram: Kobe Compares Nick Young’s Blue Suit To Jamie Foxx As Django

Jamie Foxx Django

Los Angeles Lakers star Nick Young has been known for displaying one of the most fashionable street clothes before games.

With the NBA dress code urging players to adhere to their standards today, Young wanted to honor the dress code before tonight’s game against the Clippers, in a bright blue suit, sparkling white shoes and with no socks.

Young’s personality has been very outlandish this season with the Lakers, and teammate Kobe Bryant took to his Instagram to show a comparison on how creative Nick Young can truly represent himself with the purple and gold.

Kobe makes the comparison to Jamie Foxx in the movie Django Unchained while giving Jordan Hill credit for editing the pic:

The personality from the Lakers locker room persistently displays it’s colors in full fashion. Bryant seems to have a connection with the camaraderie of his teammates and hopefully it continues next season. Laker fans can only wonder if the chemistry from the players will be able to play together next season. Especially from the unique fashion sense coming from Nick Young.
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