Judgement Day: Who Is The “Next Kobe Bryant”
May 29, 2010 - Phoenix, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES - epa02179546 Los Angeles Lakers player Kobe Bryant (C) takes a shot against Phoenix Suns players Grant Hill (L) and Channing Frye (R) during the second half of game six of the NBA Western Conference basketball finals at the US Airways Center in Phoenix, Arizona, USA 29 May 2010. The western conference champions will face the eastern conference champions in the NBA finals.

What does the “next Kobe Bryant” even mean? Is it a player who parallels Kobe’s skill, mentality and athleticism so closely that he causes people to mistake him for the other? If that’s how you define the “next Kobe Bryant”, don’t expect to see him anytime soon, because just as we waited about six years to see Jordan-like, it’ll likely be the same situation for whoever attempts to clone the Black Mamba.

However, if your definition lies within the outlook that the next Kobe Bryant is a player who may have a slightly different style of play, but dominates and wins in a similar manner to Mr. Bryant, you might not have to wait an unbearably long time.

Currently, there are a small number of players waiting in line to take the reigns to the league from Kobe. Regardless of who they are off of the court, they have established themselves as the true superstars of the NBA. Each of them are more than talented players, all born with prodigious athleticism to go along with an wide array of skills, causing the rest of the players in the league to salivate at what could have been theirs.

There’s no doubt that filling those yellow and black Nike Zooms will be a difficult task for anyone who tries, however, becoming the best is worth it if you have a similar drive to Mr. Bryant. Of the three players that come to mind when entering this discussion, only one seems to fit the description of the successor to the Mamba’s throne.

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