Julius Randle After 2-9 Lakers Start: ‘We Took A Step Back’

After their best defensive performance of the season Sunday night, the Los Angeles Lakers were dismantled by division foe, Phoenix. The Lakers and Suns had a back-and-fourth game through three quarters, but the final period saw the Lakers just completely lose their momentum.

Despite holding the Detroit Pistons to just 19 points in the fourth quarter on Sunday, the Lakers let up 40 against the Suns. Thanks to a 21-8 run late in the game, the Suns walked away with a 120-101 victory and left the Lakers winless against the Western Conference.

Second-year player Julius Randle spoke to the media after the loss and talked about the progression the team has made. Although many saw the win over the Pistons as perhaps a turning point for this young roster, Randle felt the team had lost a step on Monday, via LakersNation.com reporter Serena Winters:

As a team, the Lakers committed 17 turnovers and not a single player had a plus/minus above zero. Brandon Knight torched the Lakers all night long and the guard finished the game with a career high in assists as well as his first career triple-double.

The Lakers will have some time off before their next game Friday night against the Toronto Raptors. Los Angeles has just two wins on the season and both of them came against Eastern Conference opponents; however, the Raptors are a very talented team and will surely challenge the Lakers on both ends of the court.

1. No matter who’s coaching what, the Lakers aren’t making the playoffs this year.
2. If their pick is top 3, they keep it. Blessing in disguise that they’re terrible?
3. It’s not a real basketball season in LakerLand, it’s Kobe’s farewell tour.
4. Shame that Kobe couldn’t have a better farewell tour, but that’s how it goes…

  • If they’re the worst team in the conference, they very well might. Would be hard pressed to find even 4 teams that might finish worse so far…

  • Randle is lucky we have Russell who is taking all the heat, Imo Randle should be sharing some of the heat.

  • Why wouldn’t they?
    As of today they are on track for 15 wins. Explain why they can’t get the pick?

    Logic and rationalization says that they could get it and that they are on track to get it.

    Ooh and please, don’t use the “you never know how the balls bounce” comeback.

  • Porzingis.

    Look at the team’s schedule, especially in the last month, and tell me you see 15 more wins?

  • They don’t have to ‘try’ anything. They’re legitimately not competitive.

  • Why do we not have to? It’s not like we’ll be good enough to attract any good free agents this year.

  • He needs to adjust. The scouting report is out on him. Give him space and overplay his left hand.

  • Ok… 17 wins. That’s #2 from last year’s results.

    People also forget there is as much of a chance to move up as down.

    Outside of Philly I’m not sure there is a worse team or a team with a tougher SoS.

  • Are you stupid? I was responding to your comment that the Lakers have a good shot at getting the 3rd pick if they tank. The Knicks tanked and dropped lower still on draft day. They should have been picking before the Lakers.

  • It’s Amazing when a Guy like me ..who hasn’t Laced them up in 30yrs….Can go out and get a Triple Double vs the Lakers……LOL.

  • I was speaking to their placement on draft day…not how they did with that placement.

  • Are you really going to bad in a laker player and hope he fails?

    Please type, “Russell is a bust, and I’m never going to support him.”

  • I never said they have to tank, idiot. I said whether or not they tank, they suck. Suck something awful. Still a fan, but they suck. Which oddly gives hope. I’d rather have them suck than be mediocre.

  • Well…the Knicks dropped two spots on draft day versus their season record didn’t they? So you do never know.

  • Deliberately shutting down melo, shipping out shumpert and jr smith isn’t tankng?

    Deliberately making your team bad in efforts of improving your lottery chances is tanking.

  • Guys here talking about tanking. My gosh. We are getting better in everygame specially with the D. We will win in 27-30 range.

  • Well, they got Porzingod for their troubles…

    Lakers don’t have to tank, though. Or ship anyone off to anywhere. They just have to play what’s currently subbing in for “Laker basketball”.

  • What’s the point?

    We COULD win 35 games, and then miss Simmons and Durant.

    What does that do to help the team inprove?

  • We will not get the top 3. The only chance is moving up on the lottery. We are playing good D right now. they will figure out rebounding stuff soon

  • Figure. Out. Rebounding?

    “There’s the ball, get the ball.” I solved it…

  • We could lose 60 games and miss out on those players. There is no absolute point.

  • As if the Lakers of all teams have an actual say in how many games they’re gonna lose… I can tell them that: A lot.

    There’s a difference in “tanking” and legitimately being the worst team in the league. Or bottom 3. Which they are.

  • Already bottom 3 without trying to tank. “Tanking” implies intent. Lakers can intend to win every game and still lose 90% of them.

  • The point is. We will not play to lose. Is too soon to talk about that. The main goal is develop a culture and find a core to start.
    We pretty much have decent players in Hibbert, Lou, Nick and Clarkson right now. Just have to bring D’angelo, Randle and Nance this season – as a players, not projects as they all now.

    Them we start next year with some chemistry with a lineup with D’angelo, Clarkson, SF (maybe Batum?), Randle and Hibbert.
    In that point we will have a team to develop, and win more games.
    When D’angelo and Randle became third year players they will be ready to play a major role, so we will add more talent in FA.

    Well, thats a long play. But to me worth the risk, more than tank tank tank tank, and have a new team every season…

  • Play to win, I’m all for that. They’re still gonna lose. And I’m okay with that. I’m sure there will be lots of “moral victories” along the way.

  • Yes, they have. Right now they are competitive. Are playing a lot of close games and holding opponents into poor % shooting.
    When they figure out rebound stuff and our rookies starts to show some mature we will win a bunch of games in late december and early january.

  • And, if the team is already bad enough to be close to the pick, wouldn’t they make sure it happens?

    I won’t be happy if the lottery balls make the team miss the opportunity, but I’d be raging mad if they end up with the #4 pick and blew it themselves.

  • Kids has to box out better. And Hibbert has to step up, he never was a solid rebounder.

  • What about the following:

    Russel / Jennings or Chalmers
    Clarkson / Williams or Young (depending on whom we managed to trade)
    Batum / Brown
    Randle / Nance Jr
    Hibbert / Noah

  • Teams spend 3 quarters figuring out how to beat the crap out of them in the 4th.

  • Well, i will not discuss with you anymore. I’m talking serious. You are kidding. So well, stick with your point =)

  • Have you looked at the schedule?
    You are still living in the dream of 10 games ago.

    The reality NOW is that the COULD get 25 wins, but what’s the point?

    Especially when they are on track to get a lottery pick if they do nothing.

    I understand some fans want to win, and try to win every game but I’m not sure the f.o. agrees or its the best long term strategy.

  • And Randle lacks the length. But that didn’t stop Rodman… There’s an effort aspect as well. Hibbert will be Roy Hibbert. He will never be anyone other than that. Kobe is not rebounding well (when he plays), either. He’s saving effort/energy. That will continue all season long.

  • I just saw the games. And we are getting better every game and de D efficience is way better.

  • I’m not kidding, though. That’s exactly how these games play out. That’s what they look like.

  • You assume every other team doesn’t improve too.

    The 76ers are in a similar situation and play a lot of games really close, but you don’t question their chances.

  • He knows how to box out. He needs to figure out how to read the trajectory of the ball. Boxing out is a fundamental, but it’s not the only key to rebounding. There’s a split second switch that needs to go off in a players head when they’re “reading” the shot on its way to the basket as far as where it will wind up if it misses. Put yourself in the right position, box that position out, and go up for the board. That’ll take more than a few games to get the hang of…

  • maybe individually but neither is contributing much to the team, the expectations were a lot higher for randle than they were for russell imo.

  • And every other team is getting better too.

    The bottom line is they don’t have the talent. And, what does getting 25 wins help? It misses durant and a top 3 pick.

  • We are what our record is right now but that could change.I made no mention of tanking.

  • That’s not giving the illusion of tanking. You assume that every tank job is to get the #1 pick. The lakers tanked last year but didn’t want to be labeled the worst team in the league.

  • Well, it’s not like they’re going to be out of contention in every single game, no, but over the course of a season?

  • I honestly do not know what type of basketball that is being played out on the floor.
    1. The ESPN rankings on Kobe is probably a lighter ranking, than what he should be ranked in the games he has played so far. As much as I love Kobe, he is just bad right now. His decision and shooting is horrible.
    2. Julius Randle is being easy on themselves. They didnt take a step backwards, they took yards or maybe even a couple miles backwards with how they played last night, especially him. He should of killed Jon Leuer!
    3. And I still do not understand why there was no substitutions after the 2nd unit just created way too many turnovers over and over in the 4th quarter. There should of been an automatic time out and substitution after the 2nd or at most 3rd turnover.
    4. I do not understand why there is no pick-n-roll. We play too much of this drive and do acrobatic BS out there, that we probably should of lost a lot worse.
    5. We have no closer. Kobe does not want to play that role anymore, and he probably shouldnt the way he is playing, but these guys like Ckarkson and Randle should be taking over these games and making progress each and every day. Whether it is reducing their TOs, getting that extra rebound, making that extra assist, or being more of a voice on the floor.

  • So “we could lose 60 games and miss out on those players; there is no point” is in response to a tanking suggestion. My point is that they probably wouldn’t have to tank to lose 60 games. Tanking is intentional, is it not? The Lakers losing may not be intentional…

  • Randle has gotten predictable with his offensive moves. That’s why he getting so many charges. He needs to thrown in some head and shoulder fakes. Work on the mid jumper too open up his game.

  • And again, the losing could change. There are too many unknown variables that can happen between now and the completion of the remaining 71 games.

  • Agreed Lakers dont need to tank. Fact is with this personal we have we’re not going to win many games anyway. We’re on pace to win about 20 games this year. We’re one game better than the Nets and Pelicans for 3rd worst record at the moment. Pelican will get better and end up with a better record. So even with trying to win we’re still in the running to keep that pick.

  • With every team, yes. The Lakers could get better. Most teams on their schedule WILL get better.

  • I hate to say it but our good D is a bit of fools gold. First off we haven’t played any of the real good teams yet. Spurs G-state Clippers Thunder Rockets…etc. We’ll really have our defense tested with those teams. I dont expect it to be pretty. Second, we’re actually on pace to win about 20 games and that with starting off with the weak schedule. Once the schedule get stronger that pace may take an even bigger dip. Look I’m a Laker fan too and i would love for them to get 27-30 games. But the fact is were no where near that pace and the schedule is only going to get harder.

  • As i said in your other post, fools gold. We haven’t played any of the good teams yet. Those numbers wont hold up as our schedule get tougher.

  • Yes they did. They could have won more games. Carmelo could have come back and played too. They tanked.

  • If you wrote coherently you would be understood. Don’t call me an idiot because your posts are so disjointed.

  • Well he trying to bulldoze his defender in the post up. He has to make the defender respect his jumper to open up his post game. Then when he give a should fake or head fake. He can either get the first step on his defender and go around them. Or create space on a mid jumper. Their crowding him in the post and daring him to either shoot a jumper or try and get around the defender. But Randle is trying to attack the basket and he’s running over the defender. He not doing anything to create space for himself.

  • “If they’re the worst team in the conference, they very well might. Would be hard pressed to find even 4 teams that might finish worse so far…”

    ^ How did you get “tanking” out of that? Because you assumed that the Lakers would have to tank in order to be the worst team. Then you called me ‘stupid’ for attempting to casually steer you towards my meaning. So I responded in kind… Don’t hate the player.

  • he said randle deserves blame when he has atleast proven he has upside russel has not

  • true but randle has shown flashes of a 15+ppg 10+rpg 5+apg 1+bpg 1+spg player

    at best russ has show flashes of being a 10+ppg 4+rpg 4+apg 0.5+bpg 0.5+spg player

  • For the Lakers to end as low as you suggest they would have to intentionally lose games. Otherwise, they won’t be in the bottom 3 this year. Your initial statement suggested that being in the bottom group would give them a reasonable shot to get the 3rd pick. I am saying that we just saw the Knicks have one of the worst records and still get bumped in the draft.

  • They gonna win no more then 15 games anyway, so why do people keep talking about “tanking” like we gotta chance at a winning season?

  • You took a step back randle blame your play, run into trees and get blocked,draw a charge or fall down, you have no iq or game knowledge!

  • So you have a crystal ball that lets you know every team remaining on the Lakers schedule will not sustain any injuries and will absolutely improve? Can you give me the winning lotto numbers?

  • Is it possible that the Lakers were just tired the last game after having 2 back to backs in one week?

  • this is like the 2004 lakers repeat in my mind some players lamely getting beaten up doing nothing, coach does nothing to stop the bleeding and one player clarkson came to play,similiar to kobe in 2004 finals!

  • Exactly. So far Russell is the weak link in the starting 5. I know he’s learning, but things are so much easier when you have a good floor General out there.

  • this is embarassing our defense, were letting every players score a point even garbage min. guys are scoring on us,we do not defend the 3,the paint points are ironically one-sided even though we have a big guy roy and are only real defenders are mwp, jc, larry and an the ony and nick is improving goodly thatonly help roy! We even make real defense minded teams look good on offense like that’s there trademark when its really they are a defense team!

  • Your criticisms are typical of a young guy with only 11 games of real nba action under his belt and obviously there’s much to learn. Blake Griffin had to develop that J as well and it didn’t happen in 11 games. He’s working on it and it will become respectable at some point just like Griffin’s did through tons of work and experience.

  • agreed, Why does Byron not bring him off the bench when hes being monitored like that, hes playing real bad and to help stop that, he needs to be on the bench,take world peace out and bring nick young to start!

  • Hey dude, Your typical of supporting a person who is getting the real man smacking him around like a little boy, like I said, randle was horrible,clarkson was the only bright spot!

  • Why are you getting all excited when I agreed with your comment? Maybe you need to take your meds and chill out.

  • sorry, I did not know that you agreed. Sorry my fault. I have taken my medicine already. I had a question is the way the team is playing like that 2004 finals team or worst?

  • The problem is who is going to strat for Russell. I said that earlier inthe season that i though he should be coming off the bench but how Huertas played last night and how Lou has been handling the ball I don’t see another choice.

  • Yeah i had to read it twice to get that you were agreeing with his statement. Glad to see people can own up to their stuff and work things out for a change 🙂

  • your right we should of got a legitimate pg but yet we got a hit or miss in huertas with sucky d and advertised passing which does not help!

  • agreed glad that we have a good post! question wh ydid we get huertas as a backup pg when we could of gotten luke ridnour or something/

  • Can anyone here imagine if we start playing good teams the Lakers will get torched

  • Luke could’ve at least played some defense. Huertas is such a defensive liability out there.

  • hes not a liability hes a joke that crossover knightdid and knight was surprised huertas lost him that quick!

  • Ben Simmons, Brandon Ingram or Skal Labissiere make a lot of sense.

    The fact that they could rebuild their entire team with all-stars for the next decade makes a lot of sense.

    The fact that 4 starters named Clarkson, Randle, Russell, and a top-3 pick would only account for $30M of $100M makes a lot of sense.

    In fact, it’s sad to say, but in the current situation, it makes no sense NOT to tank.

  • There are a lot of unknown variable.
    But there is one very well known variable – the team’s talent isn’t good enough.

    With or without tanking the team is going to be a top-5 lottery team, so why not find a way to secure a top-3 pick?

  • How do you know the team won’t end up top-3 without tanking. They will certainly end up close.

    And given how 26 of the teams are playing, they will all have 15 wins by January 1 and eliminate themselves from the race. There is almost certainly no chance a team would go 0-45 from January to April 15.

  • Players play to win.
    Not saying he will,but if Scott wanted to “stealth tank” he’d play Kelly and Bass…. Or let Russell play in the 4th quarter. Or put Young in the game when he’s having a bad game.

    But more so than the win aspect of the players, look at the strategy and focus of the organization. From their perspective, getting Ben simmons and solving the SF issue for a decade makes a lot of sense, especially since this season is lost already.

  • I agree , it would take winning over 60 games to even have a crack at those picks , and even if we loose 60 plus games , thats not even guaranteed.

  • Heat the Suns are good. And beat us by around 20. About what I expect, unfortunately.

  • Last year’s 21-win team beat Golden St. twice lol. They’ll probably get hyped up against some of the better teams and pull improbable upsets here and there. It’s the weaker teams you have to worry about.

  • I don’t presume to know either way. And I absolutely don’t buy into us keeping that top 3 pic. the chances of us keeping the pic are ridiculously low, and it’s foolish to even think like that right now.

  • Randle’s correct, I thought after Kobe hit that 3 in the last game and getting a win, the energy of the Lakers would carry over into the season, but it did look like they took a step back against the Suns

  • The difference is except clarkson they have players who have nba experience already compare to this year’s lineup with alot of newbies no matter how bad some here last yrs lineup is

  • It’s gonna be difficult to watch once they face the top ties teams

  • Let’s face it currently this squad just isn’t that good and even randle has a few very predictable moves

  • I thought last game would help them improve and play better overall, not necessarily start winning games. Randle is too predictable, he needs to work on the midrange and not using his body so aggressively creating charges in the paint, also needs to work on using his right.

  • Dude, but I thought all that conditioning in training camp would be so they were in better shape than opponents. It’s the 4th week of the season… this isn’t good.

  • Randle’s problem is he needs to focus more on doing power forward-type things instead of so much point forward stuff. He can be an animal on the boards and in the post if he really puts his mind to it. That’s the best way he can help the team. Leave the other stuff to Clarkson and Russell and the perimeter guys.

  • Agreed. We either play our vets big min so we can win 20 games or play all the young players min and win 15. Either way it’s a bad season but a 15 win team has a better chance of keeping the draft pick and we have a better idea about the abilities of our young players.

  • Personally I am not to worried about Randle. He’s a worker and is working hard on his jumper from what I hear. He will be fine.

  • Clarkson could run PG and have Young play SG.

    Still, we are a bad team. It might make more sense to chuck this season up to dev and play Russell more. The LAL seem committed right now and changing course might be a worse idea. If Russell can’t get it together we can always change course later.

  • Chalmers isn’t going anywhere and Jennings is coming off Achilles injury. For a guard who relies on quickness this is pretty major. Who are we giving up for Batum and Noah?

  • They also have to draft the right player, which is what they didn’t do last year. Russell isn’t ready for the league and is essentially a sophomore in college. His position is tough to learn even with more exprerience at the collegiate level.

    They should’ve drafted Okafor instead of thinking they could draft another Kobe.

  • They swung for the fences. Draft Russell, sign Aldridge, back on track. That was the plan, at least.

  • They don’t have to intentionally lose anything. They’re naturally disjointed, they lack talent, the best player is being inefficient and missing games, and they play in the toughest division in the toughest conference in basketball. That team has the ingredients to be one of the bottom three in the league…

  • Lakers are not even trying to tank. Hiring B.Scott has resulted in keeping these draft picks…

  • That or they really are hiding their aspirations to keep their pick. Trade deadline send offs are going to happen… Unfortunately, not a lot of talent or high picks would be the result.

    I think the Lakers FO knew D. Russ would take time to develop. He should have more minutes… But getting him NBA shape this offseason should help

  • Russell was a bad draft pick regardless of if they landed Aldridge. Guys like Okafor are hard to come by.

  • I keep saying they’re bad whether they’re playing for the win or not.

  • even if we had the worst record in the nba we might not get to keep our pick so there is no point in tanking

  • The problem that most fans don’t realize is you have to earn your minutes in the league. Russell isn’t doing anything to warrant more playing time, because he’s just not good enough yet. The front office essentially drafted a teenager for arguably the hardest position to grasp in professional basketball.

    We’ll see how he responds after the offseason, but my guess is he’s not going to be decent until his 3rd year.

  • I’m not all that concerned about Okafor. He’d be an odd pairing with Randle, and he’s probably not going to develop into an effective defender, but I think those stats are looking okay. On a bad team… Russell was a fine pick, he’s just stuck in a one-too-many guard rotation and having to share too many touches with ball-dominant veterans.

    Maybe he won’t ever match the hype, but he and Clarkson can be a deadly pairing. Russell still has a nice shot if it ever starts falling for him. He’s got good ball control as well, handles and can direct the defense to put his playera in position. That’s still there, no matter how consistent he is. So there’s hope for him. Okafor, I think, is only what meets the eye. But we’ll see.

  • MWP and Bass are suppose to help Randle with that…

    We know the biggest need for the Lakers is a modern center able to defend the P&R while recovering to protect the rim… Their not getting the top pick this past draft really slowed the turn around for this team… Imagine…
    1.M. Huertas (offense flows w/him)
    2.J. Clarkson
    4.J. Randle
    5.K. Anthony Townes

    1. L. Williams
    2. A. Brown (3&D guy)
    3. Swaggy/MWP
    4. L. Nance Jr/ Kelly
    5. T. Black/Bass

    Back court would be need more bodies… In any case, this team seems more balanced…

    This year, the dream scenario is they get Labissiere as their pick and steal KD…
    J. Clarkson
    … That is a young energetic team

    Alas… It won’t happen…

  • This breaks it down pretty good, Scott’s rotations aren’t producing and given his stubbornness it’ll take longer for his to adjust.

    http:// bleacherreport . com /articles/2590414-byron-scotts-man-up-philosophy-is-not-the-answer-for-los-angeles-lakers

  • http:// bleacherreport . com /articles/2590414-byron-scotts-man-up-philosophy-is-not-the-answer-for-los-angeles-lakers

  • randle’s jumpshot SHOULD start sinking in SOONER RATHER THAN LATER….too predictable right now, scouting reports everywhere

  • Lakers will go for an upset there…..Lakers,OKC,Spurs and Bulls the only teams which can stop Curry and the GSW right now hahahah

  • I see what you are saying, I don’t necessarily agree that this team could really try to win and still end with the 3rd worse record though.

    That is still a separate point from what I was saying from the beginning which is that even if they end up with the 3rd best record, it is not likely that they will get that 3rd pick. The Knicks were sitting in a great position last year and still didn’t get the pick they were banking on. I believe the Lakers were VERY fortunate this past year and now they won’t see that same fortune again.

  • Scouting reports also say he has no right hand whatsoever. He needs to develop it quick or else we will keep seeing 4-5 of his shots down low getting spiked ancl down his throat.

  • I have all the hope in the world for Randle, and I think he’s the next face of the franchise barring a Durant signing. I’m just saying that he’s not complete yet.

  • I really like Randle’s attitude. When things are going bad he always takes full responsibility and places the blame on himself to improve things. He’s going to be a great leader for this team someday.

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