Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Blasts LeBron James For Mount Rushmore Selections
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A few weeks ago, LeBron James was asked about who he’d have on a hypothetical NBA Mount Rushmore of the greatest players to have ever played the game. Without much hesitation, LeBron choose to go with Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird before pausing for his final selection.

With his final pick for the four-man Mount Rushmore, LeBron chose Oscar Robertson.

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Apparently, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar seems to think that LeBron’s Mount Rushmore is a bit of a joke. Jabbar had no problem blasting LeBron for his selections saying the following according to the Aaron Falk of The Salt Lake Tribune:

“It’s impossible,” Abdul-Jabbar said of picking just four players. “I don’t know what LeBron was thinking. He didn’t even see Bill Russell play. He has no idea what Bill Russell did. Eleven championships in 13 years? Eight in a row? LeBron isn’t going to get anywhere near that. I don’t get it. And here he didn’t want Bill Russell on his Rushmore. I think today’s players have a very limited perspective on the game.”

Although Jabbar was also left off the list, the six-time NBA champion seemed more upset with the fact Russell wasn’t chosen. The NBA’s all-time leading scorer believes LeBron needs to re-think his selections by doing some research according to Falk:

“LeBron has to re-think that,” he added. “He needs to go and do some research and watch some old film, and hopefully he’ll be impressed.”

Obviously, it is difficult to pick four of the best NBA players of all time. LeBron’s selections are all considered to be among the greats, but leaving off Jabbar and Russell is definitely questionable.

LeBron did say recently that he considered both Kobe Bryant and Jabbar for his list, but didn’t change his stance on the top four being Magic, Jordan, Bird and Robertson.
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