Kevin Durant Rips Media’s Treatment Of Kobe Bryant
Kevin Durant Rips Media’s Treatment Of Kobe Bryant
Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Five-time NBA champion Kobe Bryant will retire after the 2015-16 NBA season. Bryant announced his intentions to retire on Sunday night before the Los Angeles Lakers faced the Indiana Pacers at the Staples Center.

Kobe has come to the conclusion that his body simply can’t hold up anymore and after the season ends, he’ll walk away from the game. Although everyone knew Bryant would likely retire after his 20th season, no one knew Kobe would struggle as much as he has over the course of the first full month of the season.

As a result of Bryant’s struggles, the media has been highly critical of his play with the Lakers winning only two games in the first 16 games of the season.

The harsh criticism hasn’t gone unnoticed around the league with superstar Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder firing back at the media recently for their treatment of Bryant in his last year via Anthony Slater of The Oklahoman:

Over the past few years, Kevin Durant and his teammate Russell Westbrook have become more and more vocal about not being fond of the media coverage in the NBA. Both players, on more than one occasion, have fired back at the media and will likely continue to speak their minds.

As for Bryant, the five-time NBA champion seems content with his decision to call it a career at season’s end. Bryant seemed relieved to put an expiration date on his basketball career after months of speculation that had become a distraction for all those involved.

Bryant will continue his farewell tour on Tuesday night with the Lakers with the team traveling to his hometown to take on the Philadelphia 76ers in the first matchup of an eight-game road trip.

KD can show his disgust by signing with the Lakers in the off season… problem solved.

  • he can recruit pretty much any free agent he wants if he signs here, whiteside would be nice. i would still draft simmons(if we keep the pick) if we were to land durant, simmons could back up durant and randle as he grows but i know I’m getting way ahead of myself.

  • Make no mistake about this, Kobe is playing like gutter trash. The media had every right to call him out. But because he has now announced his retirement. What will happen now, is that he will not only have the coaching free reign to stink up the joint, but will also now have everyone feeling sorry for him, lip service and molly coddling him into retirement. So I expect him to have many many more 2-20 type games. This will basically be another wasted season, while the kids try to take whatever leftovers that Kobe leaves as they wait out the season just like the rest of us who are sick of the Kobe show over the past few years. Over it, and listening to Mitch’s interview, I think he is over it too.

  • Yea, I went through disqus. This site has been crap ever since they made it look like the Lakers current product.

  • Damn straight. F@#$ them and the constant bashers on Twitter and social media… disgusting human beings. Charles Barkley was actually right…. Social media is for idiots who want to feel important. SMH.

  • You are what’s wrong with the “fans” of sports today. Nothing more than a display of how disgusting humanity is becoming. The entitlement and ignorance is just so disrespectful… I mean my God.

    You have constantly hated on Kobe the past years. And criticisms are really warranted at times.. but you are on another level of disrespect. I love my Lakers, and most of all it’s players… but you are a POS and the epitome of disgust.

    You are the problem with being a fan in sports. And Kobe or not, this team will still stink with the coaching we have currently (which I’m sure will change next season).
    Patrick, you are pitiful human-being and I hope you look in the mirror and feel ashamed every time.

    You don’t represent the spirit or will of this team. You are not a real Laker fan. Stop pretending to be.

  • If youvare over it, do us a favor and stop posting.

    Most of us have accepted this year will suck, the coach isn’t the greatest, and the team is trying to get a lottery pick.

    At least we still have kobe to distract us from realizing how bad this year really is.

  • i would obviously like for our young players to take some of those shots away from kobe but at the sametime this is a good way to test their character on the court, clarkson doesn’t seem to be intimidated by kobe’s precense now if only russell would show a lil more character instead of looking to pass the ball to kobe all the time.

  • That you’ve taken my criticism of Kobe Bryant so personally tells me everything about you. I want what is best for the Lakers, not Kobe Bean Bryant. That is the difference here. This is 2015. Wake the F up. This team may currently stink, but with Kobe that stench will not abate until he is gone. He is merely prolonging the rebuild as he has been doing for the past two seasons. Get over yourself, this is the Los Angeles Lakers, not the Los Angeles Kobe Bryant Kult Klan.

  • His timing on this announcement was perfect. They’re going on a long road trip and there’s a good chance they’re going to get whooped up pretty good along the way. At least now, the story shifts to a farewell tour rather than one of possible humiliation. That said, I’m pretty sure BScott is still going to do and say some exasperating stuff through the end of the season.

  • This year doesn’t need to be a waste. But it will be. All for coin flip odds. Kobe is the distraction

  • You’re entire comment, and previous comments, are nothing more than a clear representation of your disdain for Kobe. I’m not oblivious that the era is over and that they are going to move on as a franchise. That’s no big deal to me because they’ve been moving away from Kobe the past 2 years. If you can’t see that you’re a blind idiot. The ignorance is already very apparent within your comments.

    Why would I have to “get over yourself” when you are the one clearly acting like a disrespectful ingrate? You don’t know what’s best for the Lakers. You’re just a joke of “fan” spouting his false knowledge on things he doesn’t understand outside of his blind hate. The Lakers have already done what’s best for their future, regardless of Kobe. And like it or not, his bad play is also aiding in adding another piece to our young core in the increasing possibility of keeping our pick.

    But hey, you know what’s better for the future of the Los Angles Lakers right?
    SMH. Oh and just for more clarification on your blind arrogance. Being a Kobe fan and Laker fan is one of the same. There’s no difference. But only a real Laker fan would know that.


  • Our missing piece is a starting SF on this team, but is KD that piece? His play in OKC is about ball dominance with Westbrook. And I’m wondering if him coming to LA will sort of digress everyone’s potential. If he comes, does this hurt the young guys from believing they were brought here to become the next torch bearers?

  • Thank you Kevin Durant! This is all I have been trying to say on here. It’s bad that so-called Lakers’ fans have treated Kobe Bryant just as poorly as the media. I expect that of the media because they don’t want to be associated with Kobe. But why would Lakers’ fans treat him this way?

  • Nice to hear that from a guy like KD. I’m really sad with the way people are talking about KB this season, specially we, laker fans. The guy deserve way more respect.
    I will always love Kobe and be thankfull for everything he has done to my Lakers.

  • Same here, looks like this site has lost a lot of their blogger #’s, but they may be back. LN be doing themselves a service in stretching the page more and slightly minimizing their social media links.

  • Okay, hypothetical and too early to have real speculation, but, if the lakers retain their top 3 pick would it better to
    A) Keep the pick, continue the youth movement an draft a young stud like Ben Simmons (this option means a few more losing seasons)
    B) trade the pick for say Demarcus Cousins and go after another superstar free agent this summer like Durant

  • We are in good position to bring Durant to our Lakers. Look at my plan (pretty doneable)

    Trade the pick (if we keep, most likely we will right now) with Randle and grab Cousins
    Resign Clarkson and Hibbert
    Max Durant and Harrison Barnes (i think Warriors will not match the MAX)

    So, D’angelo, Clarkson, Durant, Barnes and Cousins with a backup PG, Lou, Nick, Nance and Hibbert at the bench. Can be atractive

  • The only criticism I have of Kobe is his hesitance in adapting to a more team ball type of play, especially when struggling. He’s a shooting guard, thus averaging 15 FGA is the norm but on off nights taking it close to the 20 FGA per game isn’t helping the cause especially when forcing things. With that said, 24 has done more for the league than mostly all have during their playing days… he can be credited for the league’s growth on a global scale = $$ for the players who are over paid (non superstar players).

    Style’s also been incorporated since he was the first one to wear tights in the early y2k days which was then possibly followed by Wade and Lebron. Just a few things of many… but in the end Kobe’s left his mark on the league just as many past great players like MJ, Magic, Kareem and Russell have during their playing days.

  • cousins is obviously a star player in the league but he’s also a cancer i dont know if he would attract players or scare them away, it be a risk to trade young prospects for a player like cousins.

  • Yea that last word you typed tells me you are much like Kobe, an Egomaniac. You mention that the Lakers have been moving on from Kobe, yet I’m pretty sure Byron is one of those moves made to pander to him. Yes I have an absolute disdain of Kobe, he has been holding the Lakers hostage for many seasons now. So while other teams move on from their players and get stronger, here we are, the 76ers of the west. And you are, a delusional happy clapper. If you really wanted to pay homage to Kobe you’d watch some past games, not cheer on this mascot as he takes the ball, shots and minutes away from better younger players. You may be one of the it’s ok to lose crowd, but I’m not. Seriously, what you need to get over is being personally offended by someone’s opinion on the internet. As for the boom comment, lol yea, you really do need to get over yourself.

  • “You are what’s wrong with the “fans” of sports today. Nothing more than a display of how disgusting humanity is becoming”

    “you are a POS and the epitome of disgust.”

    Wow! Wayyyyy too much drama.I would agree this thread is not appropriate for being critical of Kobe but you need some perspective man and this is sports and criticisms of a player’s basketball play isn’t something you label disgusting; child molestors or wife beaters or terrorists killing children in Syria etc. those things you hear is disgusting. If you’ve been through life changing situation like a war which I’ve been you wouldn’t take so personal of someone criticizing a basketball player. Athletes are glorified by most like yourself and not vilified like you think. I cringe when I read your reaction.

    It’s basketball it’s ok …really

  • Some people do not Know the History of the Lakers……In the History of the Lakers they Only signed 1 FA that was a Star (Shaq)……All their other Stars came by way of Draft or Trades….So History is pretty much Holding True….So all this rhetoric about FA not coming to the Lakers is in line with their History….Just a Thought.

  • I agree 100%. This Patrick clown and all his disrespectful minions are pure trash.

  • “West Says It’s ‘Painful’ to Watch Retiring NBA Star Bryant Play”

    http://www . nytimes . com/reuters/2015/11/30/sports/basketball/30reuters-nba-kobe-west.html?partner=rss&emc=rss&_r=0

    “Jeanie Buss keeps torch lit for Phil Jackson in Lakers front office”

    http://nypost . com/2015/11/30/jeanie-buss-keeps-torch-lit-for-phil-jackson-in-lakers-front-office/

  • its hard to find where the best conversations are with this new stupid format

  • He just spews so much hate at the media it’s a little ridiculous. Without the media he’s an oft injured star for a small market team. He needs the media.

  • I was thinking the only way we could ever grab KD is if we do like Cleveland did for Lebron. The one positive that they had though was Kyrie and a bunch of other role player types already there. We have Clarkson but he isn’t Kyrie level and the rest of those guys are still too young. Nick and Lou play no defense. One to keep won’t be bad but we can’t rely on them both. Two options I like that are unrestricted are Mike Conley and Nicolas Batum (he is having a nice bounce back year). The Kings would want Russell or Clarkson along with Randle and the pick. No way they give him up that easy. Hibbert off the bench? Doubt he wants that role.

    KD himself would change things drastically and would be the Lebron in this situation but the way the league keeps trying to hold the Lakers back I don’t know if it’ll work with trading in another star like they did with Kevin Love. We also have to be mindful of the Warriors, if they win the title again this year they will be looking like a dynasty. Guys like KD don’t want to move backwards as he has it good in OKc. Bottom line is the Lakers have to get a core group of three or four FAs, including KD, and sell them on playing together for the Lakers. Easier said than done.

  • Malone, Payton were stars, although aging stars. Ron Artest was a semi star. Steve Nash was a mega star although also aging “technically he was an fa, trade was to make contract work.

  • If the media referred to me as Mr. UNRELIABLE I would hate them too.

  • Lmao his hate for Kobe is only surpassed by his hate for Lin. The sooner he accepts that Kobe will play like this until the season ends the better off he will be but I think he just likes to hear himself talk, or in this case type. Why stay angry about something you can’t change.

    All of us fans are a little disappointed and frustrated but Kobe gave us more than a lot of other players gave to their teams. Talk about ungrateful and spoiled.

  • Bro how is your complaining gonna change anything though? I tell you this almost daily. Kobe is leaving. It’s like a plane going down, accept your fate and be at peace with it. It sucks, we all die and players all fall off and have to retire. The pain is almost over.

  • As you stated….Malone and Payton was on their last leg or end of their career..
    Steve Nash was Also.but he was involved in a trade….Malone and Payton was basically hitching a ride on the Kobe and Shaq train….Malone, Payton, and Nash was at the End of their careers…Shaq was in his Prime when he came by way of FA.

  • KD should come on here, he would go crazy how some fans speak about him. i take the good with the bad when dealing with Kobe.. imma miss the man.. now im going to be stupid hard yelling at the tv when JC, JR, or Russ fooks up!

  • Thank you Kevin Durant…….
    thats respect man. another player i think very highly of….
    i really like to know what lebron thinks of how media and fans been bashing Kobe too.
    Charles Barkley has said some stuff but it wasnt too bad.
    Actually i think some people on lakersnation are way more dis-respectful than sir charles was.
    Kobe is a legend and he deserves more than this….
    Sad man you got it right KD its just sad man……..
    reminds me of when the twin towers fell in NYC in 2001.
    This isnt as important of an event in comparison but to me Kobe is the world.
    i live breathe and eat basketball and i bet im not the only one.
    i hope im not alone on this feeling.
    Kobe one of the greatest players ever to come to basketball some of us really do appreciate you.
    KD and me are two you can count on Kobe.

  • with how disrespectful fans have been to Kobe?
    KD would be smart (NOT) to come to LA.
    run KD run!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    or just stay in OKC and i wish you luck man hopefully you win some NBA titles soon.

  • I disagree. The reason players’ salaries are what they are is because of the media coverage. By your logic, Jerry West was just as big as a star as Steph Curry (different eras, but they are the stars of their respective time period). It’s hegemony at work, the cultural norms (the stars) are created by the controlling interest in a society (the media). Kevin Durant needs the media because the media creates interest. Interest creates fans. Fans buy jerseys and go to games. Jersey and ticket sales pay Durant’s salary.

  • all these Aholes talking bad about Kobe bashing him.
    they dont even deserve to post comments on lakersnation.
    i hope they get banned forever……
    poor Kobe had to go out like this in his last season…man im sad.
    this sucks balls.
    hes leaving for good man i cant believe it. =(

  • dude i bet you Kobe reads these comments.
    he may not reply but he does listen to us.
    and way too many on here are disrespectful aholes!
    Kobe shouldnt have retired…….
    i wanted at least 1 year or 2 more out of him.
    but i definately respect his decision to go out.
    i hope he finds happiness in whatever he does next.
    Life after basketball……….almost like the after life.

  • i hope the pain for these Kobe bashers never ends.
    this is a sad day for sports.
    MJ is gone Shaq and now Kobe.
    Magic only had a 12 year career too.
    MJ had 15 but i feel like Magic could have played much more than 12 seasons.
    seeing shaq retire i will miss him too.
    these guys were special all in their own ways and each had mad game.
    if i had 10 pct of their talent it would be like space jam the movie.
    or the movie Like Mike, or Thunderstruck…..
    special? legendary? once in a lifetime players? GOAT?
    these words dont show how much they mean to the NBA.
    rookies will come and excite but it just wont be the same for some of us.
    soem guys i enjoyed watching: allen iverson/ vince carter/Kobe/Shaq/ reggie miller/ tmac/ patrick ewing/ hakeem olajuwon/ dikembe mutumbo.
    i enjoyed alot of players not just the Lakers team or players.
    Ive always gone out of my way to tape,record and re-watch games sometimes 2 or 3 times or more.
    I love basketball as much as these NBA superstars do.
    Respect man thats all i can say freakin respect!
    I love basketball and my feelings will never ever change.

  • Jordan Clarkson, Roy Hibbert and Brandon bass to the raptors for Demar derozan , Patrick Patterson, and Lucas noguiera ?

  • i guess we disagree, lots of journalists have to say stupid $#!t to even be relevant, all a star player has to do is play ball and the world will know him. the media is nothing without the players, are you a journalist?

  • a damn shame……….
    just like how we lost biggie and tupac over some dumb sh*t.
    or how paul walker died in a freak accident.
    Aailyah too. man these things suck major….

  • no.
    but hey we can trade half of lakersnation’s fans for a bag of fritos and a snapple.
    thats all i want right now.

  • he shouldnt come i changed my mind on it.
    these disrespectful punks dont even deserve KD.
    i hope he signs elsewhere.
    look at how they treated Kobe.
    they would do the same to KD.
    a damn shame man…..

  • The alternative is what happened last season when Kobe got injured. Clarkson got the keys and a bunch of young guys got the chance to play without a black hole. Had Kobe never been injured, we may well not be seeing the Clarkson we are currently seeing. His development was fast tracked right after Kobe went down. This could happen for all the current young guys. But it won’t because Byron will likely play Kobe upwards of 35 minutes a game now that he has announced his retirement, he will have free reign to run his own offense and the young guys are just going to sit back and watch. This same thing happened in MJ’s final season with the Wizards, he sometimes played 42 plus minutes a game towards the end, all just to showcase him. Basketball was second on the agenda. But unlike MJ, Kobe has shown no interest in changing his game to suit his current physical limitation.

  • Yes I am. However, the “media” that you talk about isn’t journalism. So let’s not get that confused. 99% of Bleacher report is written by pundits who aren’t paid. The same can mostly be said for this sight, lake show life, and silver screen and roll because they just use quotes from other journalists articles.
    Also, “just playing ball” doesn’t make you a star. Elgin Baylor single handedly saved the Lakers with his play (35 points, 20 rebounds, 5 assists), but is one of the most often forgotten players of the era. The media focused its attention on Jerry West, Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell, and a host of other players. And championships had nothing to do with this either because Jerry West didn’t win a ring until his second to last year in the league, yet he became the logo.

    In closing, let me ask you a question (you don’t have to respond because I won’t see it). If you didn’t see Kevin Durant play, couldn’t see his stat line, couldn’t see him live, or by his jersey would he be a star to you? Because the only way you can even “consume” his play is through the media. Just playing ball doesn’t do anything. Someone has to tell the story to others so their recognition grows so more people will care. That’s the role of journalism. Not saying “stupid $#!t” as you so eloquently put it.

  • Could ask you the same question JTaylor. Have you posted anything negative or complaining? All you do is post delusional glass half-full nonsense. Just another happy clapper.

  • I honestly can’t believe how far fans like you have fallen, happy to just watch airballs and ISO crap, won’t say anything bad about it, just shrug your shoulders and say ‘it is what it is’. No wonder this franchise has fallen so far.

  • Cypressmurf 9 days ago
    It’s ridiculous. I’m a well known commenter on this site, and I have never written something offensive or completely out-of-line. The mods need to do something, because it’s completely ridiculous. I wrote a nice comment and it continues to be “moderated”. SMH.

    Still wondering why your comments get moderated?

  • LOL if you think Kobe reads these comments. Hahahaha, man you have a serious problem. You wanted Kobe back for another two more seasons right? What are you going to do now? Who will be your false idol now?

  • Dude seriously, no one hates Jeremy Lin, he is a nice guy and a decent back up point guard. What’s to hate about him, are his delusional fans, which are similar to the Kobe Bryant fans in that they believe the world revolves around that single player, and everyone else on the team of said player is irrelevant. The difference between them is that Lin will follow direction, is coachable and will do what’s best for his team. Kobe is the opposite of that.

  • that made me chuckle! anyways you dont think the trade is fair? i mean jordan clarkson is a good fit next to kyle lowry and the raptors wont have to shed a max contract out to clarkson which means they can still chase kevin durant. I bet the lakers are willing to pay derozan the max while the raptors GM is hesitant to shell out big bucks on derozan. derozan could be the player to replace kobe and clarkson would be a young rising combo guard for them, its a win win for both teams!

  • I’m from the hood my grammar might not be up to par with yours but if you ask any fan they all care about the players not the media, anybody in the media can be replaced star players cannot. most fans turn on espn to get news nobody gives 2 $#!T$ what steven a smith thinks, the media is just the middle man and nothing more which is why the word media comes from the word medium in this case the middle, the middle man. imo most fans agree with durant.

  • The media has treated KD pretty poorly recently too.
    You rarely hear about him nowadays. You speak what’s really on your mind, you get alienated. It’s really sad how little of a leach people have nowadays..
    Props to KD.

  • I find it pretty pathetic how you’re so butthurt from me calling you out on your plain ignorance, that you’re actually actively looking for my comments from the past. SMH.

    You’re f#$%%^ pathetic dude. LOL. And many people agree with me. How does it feel to be a hateful, spiteful person? And be alone at the end of the day. Enjoy the pity. It’s the only emotion you’ll ever get from another human being.

  • Nah I just couldn’t remember you, until I saw that I’ve replied to you before. I found the hypocrisy hilarious. You did mention you have followed my comments, so I wondered who exactly you were. I replied to you 9 days ago, assuming you were a victim of the new moderation system and had mistakenly typed a bad word. But now I see this is part of your everyday vocabulary. I pity that.

  • i love clarkson man…..
    hes the only Laker recently who has remainded consitent on a nightly basis.
    Randle is a real Gem in the making……
    but right now the best laker player is def JC.
    Its sad as freakin’ he11 to see Kobe go.
    But it leaves a little to be happy about seeing jordan clarkson is going to stick around.
    as sad as we are right now JC will give us a little hope….
    and you wanna take that away too?
    im not worried about derozan or KD.
    i t hink we should just keep who we got.
    and half our fan base is rotten to the core man.
    we dont deserve a great player like melo, lebron, or KD.
    look how we treated Kobe 20 years with 1 team an NBA record.
    fans suck around LA.
    at least i live in NY! i dont have to deal with them losers.
    them wannabe fans the Kobe haters.

  • lakersnation?
    im sure he does.
    he has been a Laker for 20 years.
    you dont think NBA players read our stupid opinions?
    im sure they are just like a cat.

  • If any, I think the media here has gone through tremendous lengths to sugarcoat things about Kobe for most of his career. I’ve rarely seen Ramona Shelburne, Jim Hill, Ireland, and many beat writers and prominent local reporters really criticize him hard or even ask tough questions through the years. This season I guess is different since It has come to a point now that there’s really no way they can ignore the 1/14, 4/20, 3/16, nights. If Durant is this damn sensitive with the media now, I can only imagine how he will be if he ends up in a big market with a marquee franchise like the Lakers, Knicks. He’d best stay at OKC.

  • I think by the time Clarkson is DeRozen’s age, he will be twice the player. So while the trade might be good for now and maybe next year. Once Clarkson becomes a better defender, I think he will be a legit all star option. DeRozen has been in the league 7 years and still has no reliable 3 point shot. Clarkson has developed one in the space of a year. I think it will be like the Wiggins for Love trade, yea it works short term, but in the long run you will be kicking yourself. I’d trade Bass for Patterson though

  • So when you post a comment, you think Kobe is reading it. That makes sense as to why all your comments are like love poems to Kobe.

  • i dont see him as sensitive if anything he’s one of the few athletes telling the media to F off

  • love poems? are you an idiot patrick?
    i respect Kobe. are you jealous or something man?
    maybe your a little g@y?

  • they are refering to the Kobe haters out there.
    some are even right here on lakers nation.
    they might be wearing camo but i can see right through them…….
    makes me very angry!

  • I assume everything you type is a poem. Isn’t that why you start every sentence on a new line? It’s some sort of Haiku thing?

  • What about Abbott, Baxter Holmes and those other guys? There are many who have been overly finding fault with him from even before the achilles tear

  • Haha, that was hilarious. Why did he change into a pig? Was that in reference to his greed?

  • Beat writers have to be careful that they don’t lock themselves out…especially if they’re local. Happens in every market in every sport. It is what it is.

  • damn that 3 point shot you brought up is a good point. well maybe the lakers can just offer derozan a max in the offseason if they fail to land durant. clarkson can stay at the 2 with russell at the 1 and they can defend all the quick guards, derozan can play the 3 being 6’7 while guarding the opposing teams slower small forward

  • the good fans who are loyal and aren’t just ripping on the team all the time are the ones who deserve to see a solid team!

  • Not sure, just caught the link from HoopsHype. However, tho it’s just for laughs they may view him as a ball hog or something?

  • Money says LAL
    Winning says OKC

    but my concern is that lakers will miss out AD when they sign KD, if KD is healthy whole season then Im good

  • Id rather be a Villain(Kobe) than be a Hero(LBJ) in front of the media, they dont define you as a player, they can bash and hate you all day but in the end it depends on the player how badly he wants to be great

  • one sided deal, let’s be real bro…and JC plays like derozan…rather trade DLo

  • most likely he will stay, he said he is looking forward to don just one jersey his entire career just like Kobe

  • We won’t need Durant if we can draft Simmons. In other words, tanking begins tonight…

  • We should definitely stay away from Cousins cause:

    1) we have a team filled with young players and so we should avoid the headcase that DMC is.

    2) I honestly find him to be overrated

    If we keep our pick but we cannot draft Simmons, I agree that we should include the pick in a trade package for an elite veteran in his prime.

    Anyway, our top priority this off season should be to acquire a good back up PG (Vasquez or Jennings come to mind), a starting SF (Batum) and a starting C (Hibbert, Whiteside, Noah).

    Russel / Vasquez
    Clarkson / Williams
    Simmons or Batum / Brown
    Randle / Nance
    Whiteside / Hibbert

  • KD let the media hate draw you to L.A….though your lil snide jibe at D Russ don’t sound like you taken by what’s on our roster. Love your saltiness though!

  • I think the FO and Kobe planned the whole thing. I mean, come on, it seems too obvious that the FO badly wants to retain that pick and so they will be too happy to let Kobe enjoy his farewell tour.

  • My gut says KD will opt for winning a championship than money.
    Although I could be wrong 🙂 Being King of LA is enticing too.

  • No offense towards LBJ but that pretty much is why I have such a hard time getting behind the guy just because everything he does is so calculated and semi-phony. LBJ just screams of wanting to be well-liked by everyone and does everything in his power to make that happen.

  • I think your trade is more far fetched than mine but oh man would I love Lillard on the lakers. I also prefer Noah over Hibbert

  • if anything durant might not come here because he didn’t like what steven a smith said about him coming to the lakers

  • At least he does now. When he first went to Miami he was talking about how he was good with being the villian and welcomed the hate. The difference between Michael/Kobe and LaBron is James can’t handle people not liking him, Jordan and Kobe didn’t give a F**K. They used that to fuel them as where James wanted to be the good guy again and ran home.

  • He said media shouldn’t treat Kobe as if he’s (just) Russell. Read the article on espn.

  • Lol he’s staying with okc the money n his buddy russ just too good to walk away from. But as fans we can dream and play lil fantasy managers. Doubt Steve A. Smith swings KD one way or the other.

  • I said not taken as in unimpressed. Otherwise what’s the need of him mentioning Russell in that context of his Idol’s unappreciated by media.

  • You gotta look at what the other teams will have both in terms of roster and money. In our team’s case we got a boat load of money but no championship (playoffs) aspirations next foreseeable future. It’ll be easier for him to recruit whatever other missing piece okc will need to get over Gsw or Spurs in say 2 seasons.

  • Durant doesn’t normally take shots at guys so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he meant they’re treating Kobe like he’s a rookie who hasn’t done anything yet.

  • hey id do that trade in a minute! dlo for damian lilliard?
    noah for hibbert heck yea

  • his saltiness?
    wtf are you on drugs man?
    the media is attacking Kobe and most of them are fans of lakersnation.
    Kobe haters are at an all time high.
    NBA players are speaking up hoping these idiots will shut the he11 up.

  • everybody has Kobe as an idol not just some of us Kobe fans. meaning NBA players mostly.
    are you dumb?
    thats why Durant spoke up. most NBA players love Kobe.
    the fans are the dumb haters not real NBA players.
    do you have common sense dude? if not go get some

  • the clippers and OKC both have superstars.
    chris paul russell westbrook too.
    blake griffin and kevin durant both exciting players.
    but they will never get high enough to win an NBA title.
    joining clarkson randle or russell they might just win someday.
    if they stay where they are now they wont ever get over the hump.
    look at karl malone, reggie miller, charles barkley incredible talent and never won anything……..patrick ewing too.

  • Anybody keeping up with Upshaw? If nothing else, let’s bring him up as a PF. He has a very nice stroke. Randle can slide over to SF and find his jumper there or platoon with Upshaw at PF.

  • I thought we were already tanking. Why can’t we make Scott hire MDA back to coach the offense? Screw the cost. I doubt we will win too many games but it will really help the offense.
    Would you trade Randle for Embiid or Noel?

  • see how these idiots treated Kobe?
    just imagine how they would treat KD.
    Kobe gift wrapped them 5 NBA titles and whats he get for it?
    stabbed in the back and told to hang em up?
    talk about disrespect…..these fans dont deserve to even watch him play anymore.
    i hope they dont watch anymore games i really do.

  • lebron is super talented i just dont like his mindset and his decisions.
    but as a basketball player hes real good.
    but i still dont like him and noone has to like anybody no matter how good they are.
    noone can tell you what to like or what to buy.
    thats why we live in a free country its called USA.
    freedom of speech is another thing that i love.

  • KB, I know your frustrated and you have a valid point. But what I think some fans and media are referring to are the clear signs of father time calling , thats my opinion. There’s no wrong or right here , The media will always talk about whats “current” and we fans will remember the past. But if you ask my 2 cents , I will always look at Kobe the same way and will be thankful to what he has given our City. But….. I will always be a Team First Laker Fan. Currently one cannot deny his numbers going into this season, whatever he has done in the past is no different from what is happening today. It’s always been about the Lakers and not just Kobe. Again no disrespect but that is my view.

  • we can disagree.
    just listen to how many NBA players disagree with you.
    you will see my point.
    fans cross the line alot and are super disrespectful.
    in person they wouldnt say not a single word to his face.
    but on a computer they are all 7 foot tall and 400 lbs.

  • Disagreeing is fine as we have different views but I still stand with my opinion.

  • You put it better than I did. It’s uncharacteristic of him to down talk guys except maybe when he said Harden was the best SG and it got to be a thing with Wade. Can’t remember the exact context of that though

  • Embiid? He could be the next Greg Oden so thank you but no, thank you!

    And I feel that Randle has more potential than Noel. Would only include Randle in a trade package for a premier veteran player.

  • The fact that the Lakers will have so much more cap room than other teams this summer I think is going to be a major factor in free agency. Imo if Durant doesn’t pull a Gasol and just automatically re-sign with the thunder I think we have a great shot at signing him. Imagine a lineup of


  • Durant wants to win now. Unfortunately, we cannot offer him this opportunity. However appealing your lineup might be on paper, just keep in mind that our young guns will need time to develop. That’s why I think that it’s just not the right time to sign KD. Moreover, remember how most of us (including me) believed that this year’s blend of veteran and young players would take us back to the playoff picture… And the Heat will do whatever it tales to retain Whiteside.

    Considering our roster, I’d try to land Nico Batum: smart, team-first player who can shoot and assist. I’d also consider getting Noah. He would be great for our young players.

    If we’re lucky enough to keep our pick, I think that we should create a trade package including one of our young guns. That would be our best chance to land an elite player in his prime.

  • The more I watch the Warriors, and not just Currys brilliance on the floor, but Luke’s temperament on the sideline and the way he communicates with the players, I’m praying this summer we fire Byron and hire Luke.

  • He’s certainly the kind of coach we need to bring the best out of our young core. Plus, like future ex-coach Scott, he’s a former Laker!

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