Kobe and Kareem Made The Covers Of NBA 2K21 and 2K22: Who’s next for 2K23?
NBA 2K21 Mamba Edition
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We may be a bit late to the party but, a few days ago, the legendary edition of NBA 2K21 caught our attention for the simplest reason that we’d seen the Mamba Forever new edition cover in memory of the iconic number 24 Lakers MVP: Kobe Bryant. The artwork with the number 24 is a bit more iconic than the previous-gen version with the number 8 jersey and is now much more affordable if you look for Best Buy deals or get it directly from the Playstation Store. Getting the last edition with this magnificent player is a no-brainer for any Mamba fan; it is a collector’s item and still a great game.

Interestingly, the announcement of the 2k22 NBA 75th Anniversary game is set to be released less than a month from now. On 10 September, stores will fill the shelves with another remarkable Laker: Kareem Abdul Jabbar! Though shared with Dirk Nowitzki & Kevin Durant, the cover has also followed the fancy artwork like that in the 2k21 editions as EA seems to be moving away from the glossy photoshopped covers. Jabbar is an undisputed G.O.A.T of the game, and true basketball lovers from any camp would not contest such a fine selection. This leads us to notice the impressive crop that the LA Lakers have worked with throughout the years.

As part of contemporary culture, we always look forward to seeing who will be selected for the next cover. 2K23 has already started attracting debate in some online communities as there are multiple ideas for the cover. There have been a lot of predictions, but the most interesting one would be for Magic Johnson. Despite being honored on the cover for 2K12, it seems like he is a highly probable choice. This is mainly because, in 2012, he shared the cover with Larry Bird and Michael Jordan. Of which, Micheal Jordan had graced the cover again the previous year for 2K11. That’s why it’s about time we remember who Magic Johnson is and what he means to this game.

Unforgettably, the combination of Jabbar and Johnson, alongside James Worthy, ushered in an era of greatness in the ‘80s. The team earned the nickname Showtime Lakers on account of their showmanship as they would dazzle with fast breaks, hired dancers, and a live band playing high tempo music. This was the beginning of the pure entertainment value that the Lakers have shown through the decades, and we shouldn’t forget any time soon.

To sum it all up: the list of prospects for the 2K23 cover is long, and we can only be sure once it’s been announced. However, it goes without saying that many of the best players that have graced the covers of the 2k series have been Lakers made of legendary material, no doubt.



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