Kobe Bryant Discusses Which Jersey Number Lakers Should Retire

With Kobe Bryant officially announcing his retirement from the Los Angeles Lakers once the 2015-16 NBA season ends, an interesting debate has already begun.

Kobe has worn the No. 8 and 24 jerseys for 10 seasons each, leading many to wonder which number the Lakers should hang in the rafters.

For his part, Kobe declared that he has no preference which number is retired by the Lakers during his press conference prior to the Philadelphia 76ers game according to Lakers.com reporter Mike Trudell:

Trudell also noted that Kobe said he had to be something he wasn’t naturally while wearing the No. 8:

There are plenty of memories with Kobe wearing each number. Winning the dunk contest, the lob to Shaquille O’Neal in the 2000 Western Conference Finals, the 81-point game, and the game winner against Phoenix in 2006 all came while donning the No. 8. Meanwhile his MVP season, defeating the Boston Celtics, his ridiculous heroics against the Toronto Raptors, and his last run of games before tearing his Achilles in 2013 all came with the No. 24.

Maybe the Lakers will wind up retiring both numbers for him as it is very difficult to choose between them. Bryant is a Lakers legend regardless of what number ultimately hangs inside Staples Center.

I think it’ll officially be #24 in the rafters. And unofficially, #8 also. No one else will wear either number.

  • IDK I would like to see both retired. I mean when is the last time you saw a great #8. I cant think of another legendary player who wore that number. #24 is much more common.

  • I just can’t imagine them having two jerseys up there for him. Or doing like a 8/24 jersey

  • well jordan wore 23 and 45.
    i think they should retire just 1.
    he put more of himself into 24 so retire 24.
    i wouldnt even worry about number 8.
    thats the past.

  • Yeah But the great 8 is a cold number to have retired tho. I cant think of another great with the #8 retired.

  • I would love to see both retired at Staples. They do not have to be right next to each other, one on top of the other would be fine and in any order. I just feel like even though no one would have the audacity to wear #8, it just would not feel right being out there still for this goat.

  • I wanna see a combo jesrey retired. That’d be unique – just like the man who wore both numbers. (And then that dork team down the hall could cover it up with a picture of their tomato faced owner)

  • The First Player to Retire Two Jersey Numbers……Ladies and Gentleman


  • if they will only retire one jersey number, I believe it’s 24….tho I think no one should ever wear #8 Kobe jersey

  • Difference between Jordan’s jersey #45, and Kobe’s #8 is that Jordan only wore 45 for half a season when he came back in 94-95. Kobe wore #8 for half his career; 10 years. That being said, Lakers will most likely, and should retire both or use a unique method like Andy mentioned in having a combo jersey.

  • Hanging up #8 would be pretty dumb, honestly. And hanging up both wouldn’t be traditional.
    Hanging up just #24 makes the most sense. He wore #24 when he was the MVP. He was the MAN on the Lakers for the back to back championships in 09, 10. AND he’s leaving the league as #24.
    Hang up #24. Retire both. Please. It makes the most sense. No debate.

  • I prefer to retire both, but if 24 gets retired, I hope no player will wear that #8 jersey

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