Kobe Bryant Holds Meet and Greet Contest to Fight Homelessness

1004486_10151762407715419_1082027811_nAt the annual Sports Spectacular event held in Los Angeles recently, Kobe Bryant announced that he would be partnering up with Sports Spectacular to raise awareness and help fight homelessness in the community.

Kobe Bryant and his wife, Vanessa, have a foundation, KVBFF, that offers support and outreach programs that aim to strengthen and enrich the community. A part of KVBFF provides vaccinations, healthcare and other various medical necessities to help the too many people that are facing homelessness.

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On Wednesday, Kobe Bryant announced a new contest on his social media accounts that is meant to raise awareness and monetary support to benefit KVBFF and Sports Spectacular’s campaign to fight homelessness. With this campaign, the winner will have a chance to personally meet with Kobe Bryant on top of other rewards. On the contest site’s site (Prizeo), Bryant explains it all with the following:

Hey Guys,

You know how much I enjoy connecting with my fans, so I’m thrilled to tell you about an amazing experience that we’ve put together for you.

By supporting KVBFF and Sports Spectacular with a small donation toward our mission to fight homelessness, you’ll be entered to win the ultimate Kobe experience.

On August 15th I’l be sitting down with Jimmy Kimmel at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live for Kobe Up Close, and I’m going to fly the winner and a friend out to join me. We’ll set you up with a place to stay, front row tickets to the show, and passes to the VIP reception beforehand.

And because no Kobe experience would be complete without a little one on one time, you’ll get the chance to hang out with me before the show and play a game (but I’m not going to tell you what game yet because I don’t want you to have the upper hand).

Good luck, and I’m looking forward to seeing you soon. Mamba out.

First of all, the whole part about Kobe not informing entrees of the contest the game they are going to play with him is typical Kobe. Second, with just a $3 donation, you will obtain an entry for the contest. The amount of entries and rewards you receive depend on the amount you donate (all is detailed on the site).

Kobe Bryant and his family continue to strive to raise awareness and try to fight homelessness. With Kobe Bryant’s immense popularity not only in the city of Los Angeles but around the world as well, this contest is sure to shed a spotlight on a great cause. The contest is open now and closes on August 8, 2013.

To enter the Win A Night Out in L.A. With Kobe Bryant: click here.

For more info of the KVBFF: click here.

For more info on the Kobe Up Close event at Nokia Theatre: click here.


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