Kobe Bryant Informed Byron Scott Of Retirement During Game
Game Recap: Kobe Bryant’s Fourth Quarter Heroics Lead Lakers Past Wizards
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With Kobe Bryant officially announcing his retirement at the end of the 2015-16 Los Angeles Lakers season, the farewell tour is in full effect.

The Lakers are currently on an eight-game road trip and there have been ceremonies from the Philadelphia 76ers and Washington Wizards to show their appreciation for the five-time champion.

Prior to the game against the Atlanta Hawks, head coach Byron Scott shares Kobe informed him of retirement during the game against the Portland Trail Blazers according to Baxter Holmes of ESPN:

In an interview with ESPN on Friday, Scott revealed for the first time the details of that exchange, which he said occurred at the start of the third quarter of the Lakers’ 108-96 loss to the Trail Blazers on Saturday.

As a result, Scott was shocked of Kobe’s in-game retirement announcement, via Holmes:

“I said, ‘KB, I played you 20 minutes in the first half. I’m going to cut those minutes down. I’ve got to cut them down,'” Scott said after his team’s morning shootaround ahead of their game against the Atlanta Hawks at Philips Arena. “He said, ‘That’s good, coach. That’s all right. I’m going to announce my retirement after the game.'”

Before his heroics against the Wizards, Kobe has struggled to regain his form in his 20th season. Appearing in 15 games, he is averaging 16.8 points, 4.0 rebounds and 3.3 assists in 31.4 minutes. However, he is on pace to shoot a career-worst 31.1 percent on 18.0 attempts per game.

With Kobe and the Lakers playing well against the Wizards in a 108-104 win, they look to build on their performance against the Hawks.

sounds like scott was asking kobe for permission to cut his minutes down.

  • Someone will also explain how you got fired after the end of the season coach. Plenty of time to reminisce then if 24 don’t get fed up with you first.

  • So Kobe informs Byron he is about to lose his job in the 3rd quarter…lol.

  • Do you think he cares?
    He got paid about $12m to take a job no one wanted. He never has to work again even though I bet some other team will pay him well to manage a train wreck for them.

  • Sounds like Scott was being a coach.

    I’m not sure I read that it was something for debate.

  • So tired.
    The team wants to get a draft pick and are OK with Scott running a bad team. They did the same with D’antoni.

    Seems like you need to get a new record since yours has a nasty skip.

  • I don’t understand how someone can have such a sense of wonder about fairy tales and yet have no sense of humor to speak of.

  • lol, Byron Scott is an old skool hard-nosed guy, he makes no secret about throwing everyone under the bus when the Lakers lose so as to distance himself from it. Like it’s not him who is ‘playing soft’. As for your other fantasy ‘job no one else wanted’. Pretty sure Dunleavy, Gentry, Hollins, Rambis and even Derek Fisher were among those interviewed.

  • you say people always harass you, what do you expect when you always come out like a lil diva?

  • no that was the moment his chick told him she was a dude, have you seen her(him)?

  • kobe>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>nick. the fact that your comparing them shows how little you understand basketball or respect for an all time great

  • Their record and lack of rotations speak for itself to believe he cares for the overall product on the floor. No need to have him try to mold the youth next season if 24 isn’t around.

    That’s probably why he brought up that he believed Kobe would play another year, meaning: Scott thought he’d be coaching the team for another season with 24 around, tho given the inept people representing the brand today that may still come to fruition.

    They’ll be interested coaches if the inept decided to look for a coach in the off season but it may have been 24 that scared off the ones with true potential in the past given his alpha mentality.

  • Well here we go again I knew the last game was to good to be true- Kobe is KOBE AGAIN 1/7 time to watch a real game.

  • that would be you. B166-ER said: Sounds like Scott was being a coach. I’m not sure I read that it was something for debate.

    your come back was: you think he mentions anything to swaggy about his low minutes?

    your the one that was comparing kobe to young.

  • Dumb BS is still in shock with what Kobe said to him that’s why he can’t coach. Not playing Clarkson in the 4th and instead almost playing Kobe the entire 4th. Playing MWP when clearly he could use the offense of Young. Really no idea why this fool is still the coach of the Lakers.

  • clarkson hits 3/3 from deep. is only positive plus/minus player with +6. but BS is a f****** b*****

  • This game clearly shows that FO is just showcasing Kobe and tanking at the same time. That lead was just 4, if they were trying to win BS would’ve played Clarkson in the 4th. Can’t believe this but thr LAKERS are TANKING.

  • what has lou williams done to deserve closing out games? is it because he’s shooting 35 per cent this season?

  • Maybe the basketball Gods will reward them with the 1st pick, to either land a franchise changing rookie or trade it to get a superstar (KD).

  • Hate to say this but with the current lineup we have right now, D’antoni would’ve made this team fun to watch and maybe a .500 team. Just have no idea why the offense always starts 10-12 sec in the shot clock. It’s like the team is always killing time like they are up 20.

  • Stick your respect give us some games Kobe tonight 4/19 =19.76 % and 2/10 3s. =20 % This is not BB you don’t understand.

  • And he is right but right now YOUNG is playing better then KOBE, THERE IS NOT MUCH TO COMPAIR. Young is just not getting enough minutes- I know all the fans want to see KOBE so send them pictures, and lets get back to playing BB.

  • how doeas kupcake think he can get kd with this losing he must bedelusional!

  • What do you mean? KD’s a free agent come summer. We have the cash to keep the pick AND sign KD.

  • Im really upset man, Kobe didnt deserve to go out like this, youngins dont deserve to be coached like this…just sad right now

  • as much as the lakers are struggling, I hope not…still hoping it’s the coach lack of coaching style smh

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