Kobe Bryant Is Focused On Recovery and Keeping Tabs On His Doubters

kobe-instagramWhile most of us are still trying to digest the severity of Kobe Bryant’s injury, Bryant is already moving on and focusing on his recovery. Having had surgery on Saturday, many have taken to Twitter and Facebook to wish the Black Mamba a speedy recovery.

Bryant is keeping fans in the loop posting pictures of himself on newly created  Instagram. It seems now that the Mamba is keeping track on his doubters too. Bryant posted a picture (shown above) of the front page of the L.A. Times of a story titled, “Injury Clouds the Future for Bryant, Lakers”.

“This is what my friend/agent sends me this am. Shiesh! #kobe #motivationsunday I’m keeping track of all doubters and haters #mambamentality”, Bryant wrote as the photo’s caption.

Bryant suffered a torn Achilles tendon during the Lakers 118-116 win over the Golden State Warriors Friday night. The Los Angeles Lakers’ head trainer Gary Vitti is planning on the start of next season as the goal for Bryant’s return.

As serious as the validity of his Instagram, Bryant seems determined about meeting this goal and using his supporters, critics and doubters to fuel him. Many have said if anyone can come back from this injury it would be Bryant, and according to Bryant’s surgeon Dr. Neal ElAttrache it’s an obtainable goal.

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In an interview with Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times, Dr. ElAttrache says after the six to nine month recovery Bryant could return to his old-self.

“I can point to all of the scientific aspects of the repair, but just as important if not more important is, who is that Achilles attached to?” said ElAttrache.  “In this situation, it’s attached to Kobe Bryant, who has figured out a way to get through some injuries that would ordinarily be career-threatening. Some of the things he’s had go on with him have ended guys’ careers in the NBA.”

Dr. ElAttrache is a well respected surgeon working on elite athletes such as  New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. ElAttrache repaired Brady’s knee in 2008. He says similar to Brady, Bryant is part of an elite group of athletes who face career ending injuries, yet always bounce back.

“Generally speaking, these elite athletes go through an initial period of anger, and usually that’s pretty quick,” he  said. “They don’t dwell on that long. Then they get resolved to, what’s my best way to get back? Once that switch flips, they generally speaking do not want to waste any time. At that point, they want it done now. Rarely will you see anybody delay. They’re already into comeback mode. Kobe was very typical for that.”

Bryant’s determination and dedication is unquestionable. However, he has a long, hard road to recovery, which Dr. ElAttrache says will be crucial. According to Bryant’s surgeon the longer you are off your leg, the more likely you will develop a limp that’s hard to break. He claims the limp is “detrimental to the tendon.”

Regardless of what obstacles he will face, Bryant seems more than dedicated to making it happen, and is bringing his fans along for the ride. His most recent post on his Facebook account said:

“It’s official! I started an instagram account (@kobebryant). You can follow me to track my comeback journey #determined”

And follow we will.

Meanwhile, Kobe has turned into “Coach Vino” even in the comfort of his own home as he wants to help his teammates prepare and focus on the last game of the season and hopefully the postseason.

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