Kobe Bryant, Jerry Colangelo Speak On Possibility Of 2016 Olympics

By now, most people across the world are aware that this season will be the final one for Kobe Bryant in the NBA.

Bryant, however, has not hidden his desire to play for Team USA this summer, which could lead to a difficult decision for USA Basketball Managing Director, Jerry Colangelo.

Going out with a gold medal would be an excellent way for Kobe to end his basketball career, especially with the Lakers likely being a lottery team again this season.

Kobe appeared on the Mike and Mike radio show and again expressed his desire to play for Team USA if his body is willing:

Colangelo also spoke about the possibility of Kobe playing with USA Today’s Sam Amick, and kept all possibilities open, noting that while Kobe has built up a ton of equity, could leave off a high level NBA superstar:

No one is quite sure which way Colangelo is leaning with this decision, but he is correct in that it will be a very difficult one. Colangelo said this season’s play, as well as health and built-up equity with Team USA will all be weighed in making the final decision.

Kobe is up against some serious competition for a spot as along with the aforementioned Leonard and George, players such as Stephen Curry, James Harden, Russell Westbrook, Jimmy Butler, Klay Thompson, and Kyrie Irving are possibilities for the final roster.

bird and magic made their last olympic games when bird had a horrible back and magic was retired from the nba.

kid and reed made the team when both were past their respective primes.

let kobe go out on top the 12 spot on the roster does not even matter anyways.

hes not one of the 12 best we could send as a matter of fact i can name 30 players that are better then him we could send but this would be a great why to send out the guy that saved usa basketball

  • Don’t see Kobe on the roster given his struggles. Unless they take a spot from one of the newbies as opposed to established prime vets.

  • yea man i completely agree with you.
    there are younger better athletes but Kobe deserves it.
    id have no problem telling them no and Kobe yes!
    but hey thats me….. and im just a fan. what do i know? lol

  • hes not replacing a starter.
    he would be replacing a bench player.
    i dont see the problem……

  • ?.. mostly all could start for the team, tho it depends on the opponents lineup. Top tier star players aside of 2nd tier (ex. Klay Thompson) if chosen.

  • I was leaning the other way, but your post changed my mind. Makes perfect sense, and sounds like the right thing to do.

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