Kobe Bryant, Jordan Clarkson, Roy Hibbert After Lakers Win (VIDEOS)

The Los Angeles Lakers nabbed their second win of the season on Sunday night, beating the Detroit Pistons 97-85 in their first victory at Staples Center. Kobe Bryant recorded a game-high nine assists to go along with 17 points, eight rebounds, and two steals. Jordan Clarkson also finished with 17 points on a 5-of-10 clip.

Roy Hibbert continued his tradition of swatting at least two shots a game, and is now averaging 2.6 blocks per game after tallying two rejections tonight.

In the post-game videos below, Kobe admits to how much pain he’s in after playing 37 minutes, and head coach Byron Scott details what he believes to be the plan for Bryant moving forward. Plus, Roy Hibbert talks about what he envisions being the identity of this Lakers squad and Jordan Clarkson jokes around about Bryant’s old age.

Kobe Bryant, ‘I’m Barely Standing Up, My Back And Legs, It’s Killing Me’

Jordan Clarkson Joking Around About Kobe’s Old Age Post-Game

Roy Hibbert Says Lakers Need To Be ‘Scrappy And Relentless’

kobe needs to hit up some yoga

  • That wouldn’t hurt him. I’m sure it would help. But just so people don’t get it twisted. It has nothing necessarily to do with his age. A person can run into back problems at any age. Just ask Dwight Howard, Klay Thompson, among many other players.

    So that is just to say chill on the age and father time thing. Let the man keep pushing the bar and exceeding all expectations. Go Kobe ! Go Lakers !


  • Yes ! If Byron Scott had started the season off with Nance in the rotation sooner we may have won a few more of the early games.


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