Kobe Bryant: ‘My Legs Aren’t What They Used To Be’

In the 108-96 loss to the Portland Trail Blazers, Kobe Bryant finished with 21 points, two rebounds and two assists in 34 minutes.

While the Los Angeles Lakers guard was able to get to the free throw line seven times, he was only 7-of-20 from the field and had two airballs in the first quarter.

Following the 13th loss of the season, Kobe was asked how he is doing after playing extended minutes against the Trail Blazers according to LakersNation.com reporter Serena Winters:

While Kobe shot a poor percentage from the field, he was able to get high percentage looks at times within the offense against the Blazers. Coming off screens, he was able to catch and elevate for mid-range jumpers. However, there were still times where Kobe took contested shots due to overdribbling and unsuccessfully pump-faking his opponents.

At this stage of his career, Kobe will need to rely on the offense instead of creating his own shots in isolation plays. With Kobe’s legs not being what they used to be, he will need to make adjustments to his game if he wants to be effective.

With the Lakers playing the Indiana Pacers in a back-to-back situation, it is unclear if Kobe will be able to matchup against Paul George. After playing major minutes, it would not be surprising if Kobe rested as Metta World Peace gets the start at small forward.

In 12 games, Kobe is averaging 15.7 points, 4.1 rebounds and 3.7 assists.

I remember posters on here before the season began stating that because of his shoulder injury, his legs would be “stronger than ever” and would be “well rested”. These people were obviously very young and don’t know how ageing works.

  • When he had a vertical leap of 38 along with his developed shooting things were completely different. Now he stubbornly is shooting exactly the same. His ego is unbelievable and really sad. Too bad he won’t sit and play 15 to 20 minutes and be more effective maybe even helping this mess of a season.

  • Exactly MY POINT Kobe…..now change the way you play the game. Do less, rest more, and let the offense run through our rookies .

  • How long until the fans start BOOING, and they are playing to empty seats, no one wants to see that, that’s like watching high school BB.

  • MWP’s legs aren’t what they used to be either. Perhaps Scott should give some minutes to Anthony Brown, otherwise how’s the kid going to learn.

  • Lol that’s nothing, before last season there were high as a kite posters here saying the team will be as high as a 6th seed and that Golden State will be an 8th seed or miss the playoffs even.

  • Fools. Their problem is that they think about Kobe the same way he thinks about himself.

  • What exactly does he believe he supposedly has to “fight through”? There’s nothing left. Just mortality.

  • No duh. It’s funny that people think his misses are because of his arms, *cough* b166er *cough*. They don’t call it a jumpshot for no reason. His legs are shot. He can’t rise up and shoot or shoot over anyone anymore which is why he’s taking so many 3’s, those are easier to shoot.

    Kobe has been hard headed his entire career so he’s played longer and harder than he’s had to. His legs are done. It’s sad to think he threw his career away during that 2012-2013 just to get to the playoffs and fighting with that coward. The achilles really did him in.

  • His ego was/is his biggest gift and curse. His belief in himself and hard work made him what he was as a player but it’s also his downfall now. Gotta take the good with the bad with Kobe.

  • I am for that. I would like to see what he has if given some playing time. Look what happened with Clarkson.

  • Yeah thats the truth. He was playing all world at that time, but has never been the same since. I still think he can be useful if Scott was a good enough coach to set him up in a little bit of a different role. But I am quickly losing all respect for Scott.

  • Anyone starting to think drafting D’Angelo Russell is starting to make sense. Besides Russell starting to show improvement, he hasn’t been an off the court distraction. Okafor so far has been involved in a fight outside the club and has now been pulled over for driving 108. I also remember during his workouts for us, he was already partying in LA. Maybe the Lakers also saw things we didn’t off the court

  • if his shots were an issue the lakers would be better with out him and they arnt the issue is playing bass at center playing hibbert and russ only 25mpg thats the issue.

    kobes fg% is ugly but its not hurting the team his shots are coming out of the offense 87% of the time this season which is a career high

  • less shots less minutes,less iso plays, less contested/forced shots, more passing Kobe, be the stabilizer of the team similar to Iggy’s role to gsw except that you’ll still be a starter with minutes below 30

  • big fan of Kobe but cmon, right now Magic mamba is better suited for this current squad than being the Black Mamba

  • no “the amount of shots are not the issue” his legs are so either way he should be playing and shooting less

  • his legs need less work for his jumpshots be more effective = less minutes, less movement, less contested shots/iso, as much as possible dont force Kobe the ball(*looking at you hibbert) when heavily guarded

  • yes and no. the kobe we saw last game getting screens and getting shots at around 12-18 feet was how he should be used. he could get 20-5-5 on 40ish% shooting that way

  • on a different topic tho, do you think okafor been doin these things(fight, overspeeding,etc) to get traded to another team simply coz he cant take what’s happening in philly?

  • wrong. getting kobe the ball off screens like last night is the way to go. kobe was shooting around 40% the entire nigh uintill the bail out shots in the 4th

  • I hope BS gets to hear this comments. Kobe is a proud champion, he won’t admit it to you face to face because we all know he would kill himself 1st trying than to admit that he can’t do it. Comments like this, legs aren’t what they used to be and a few games back when he said he can’t even walk to his car are all signs to BS to lower his minutes. Imagine if BS tells Kobe to go in and he refuses, what would that tell to the players. Even if Kobe no longer plays like he used to, there is one thing the young players admire him and that is his no quit attitude. Also it would make look BS worst if Kobe is the one who asks to be subbed out that’s why he is just doing what BS asks him to do. Problem is BS is overplaying him and BS is the only one who seems not to get it. Play him like DIRK, use him in spurts. Keep him fresh but at the same time not cold because if long stretches on the bench. How is this so hard to do when you have other coaches that are basically doing it to their old guys already.

  • sad thing BS does BS things in coaching…gotta read body language, less minutes for Kobe and more minutes for youngins,swagP and Lou

    dude is overplaying Kobe and MWP like they are still in their prime while limiting minutes to the young guns like they are 15+ yr veteran smh

  • Pop limiting TD’s minutes, Carlisle doing the same to dirk, KG getting spot minutes in minny…why cant Scott look at the other coaches who are better than him and treat Kobe the same way, limit Kobe’s PT below 30 minutes at the same time not forcing him the offense, there’s JC,Randle and Dlo who were doing their job as of late

  • Kobe basically announced that this will be his last season on the Player’s Tribune

  • you dont know basketball if kobe in any form was the issue the team would improve with out him.

    it almost like your blaming druss for the team not getting assists lol

  • even when kobe admits to “playing like $#!t” you put excuse, youre too much

  • kobe is playing poorly compared to old kobe but hes still in the argument for best player on this trash team.

    you dont understand basketball so you dont see the fact that kobe is the only thing keeping us in games atm with out kobe we would lose every game by 15+ ppg

  • whats going to benefit us more? if kobe takes 25 shots a game? or if russell and clarkson get most of those shots?

    fyi; your “you dont know basketball” sounds funny

  • lmfao blind idiot. Clarkson is arguably the best player of this team judging by the stats. Sit down Kobe homer. This team has plenty of offensive players that we don’t need Kobe to shoot lol

  • who cares. Better offensive flow and Kobe won’t take away from the rookie development.

  • first off kobes not taking 25 shots per game so do not be stupid.

    second if kobes 16 shots per game got split per randle clark and russ + who ever takes over for him aka (brown) thats only an extra 3-4 shots per game. thats not even adding the shots for say hibbert and other players so. it might only end up being 2 extr shots.

    so nope 2 etra shts wont elp them any.

  • clark is in the argument with kobe and hibbert for the best lakers player

    the blind fool would be you who believes that kobes shots are doing tis team any harm

  • if we had a ton of offensive players like you say we do the team would average more then 93ppg with out kobe

  • No….some games yes, but overall NO, the other times its pass the ball to Kobe and let’s watch Kobe dribble for 6 seconds, pump fake iSO, and then brick or air ball.

  • no they wont lol i just proved it to you with math.

    kobe takes 16 shots pergame with out kobe the shots need to be given to the other 9-10 players that would play pergame with out kobe

    16/9 is 1.77 extra shots per game for the rotation players

  • not better offensive flow. the lakers offensive rating is better with kobe.

    so again your wrong

  • No some games we average less than 100pts because of the opposing teams defense idiot. We got Clarkson, Randle, D’Angelo, Young, and Lou and 3 of which can score in double figures leading the Lakers instead of Kobe.

  • yes it is who brings the ball into the offense the young players who gets the first offensive touches the young players.

    kobe is a big part off the offense that the young guys are running

  • lol Hibbert is a role player (a much needed one). Check the stats dude.

  • NO if Kobe retires right now the Lakers team will have a better FG%

  • yet we average 93ppg with out kobe.

    our offesive rate is worse with out kobe.

    our assist % is worse with out kobe.

    we turn the ball over more with out kobe

    clark is worse with out kobe.

    the only thing on offense that gets better with out kobe is fg% that is it.

  • last season were talking about this season

    on this season clark is shooting 36% and 28% with out kobe

  • and? score less ppg turn the ball over more foul more get to the free throw line less.

    in other words be a worse offensive team with out kobe

  • No stop you’re fooling yourself.

    1. Kobe does not practice and run offensive drills with the team. Scott and Russel confirms that in the interview

    2. When Kobe is on the floor the offensive schemes that Scott and Russel apparently practice with the team is defused when Kobe is on the floor since Kobe sucks the ball into his hand, ball movement goes down, and Kobe plays iSO hero ball.

    3. WRONG check the stats, the Lakers are at huge negative when Kobe’s on the floor with the + and – stats. When he is off the team is better.

    You are special lol no basketball fan or sports analytic shares your opinion.

  • In what universe dumb dumb? You delusional. Jordan Clarkson’s stats are clearly superior to Kobe’s stats in comparison. Sit down idiot. Don’t make me put out actually numbers.

  • again your 100% wrong.

    the offense is worse with out kobe ever offensive stat is better when kobe playes except fg%

  • lol you’re too much. Site your sources because arguing with a Kobe nut ridder is too trouble some

  • offensive rating and defensive rating favor kobe.
    pace favors kobe
    ppp favors kobe
    a% favors kobe
    t% favors kobe
    ppg favors kobe

    personal stats do lookbetter for clark but all the team stats show kobe or hibbert

  • yeah keep living in fantasy land idiot. The ball moves less with Kobe on the floor and the offense becomes stagnant not to mention Kobe takes away rookie development.

  • BS that is a cop out. Sorry that’s not how it works. Bigfoot is real just look it up lol

  • no its not. im not going to take the time to prove every stat im giving is real there is not point in this. how ever all you need to do is go to basketball refrence to find most stats

  • no this proves that you don’t know how to debate. You don’t argue with someone and then tell them to look it up. Anyone can make stuff up with the way you argue.

    Ever seen a debate before? People pull up research, numbers, and cite their sources. You are the child here since you don’t know how to debate

  • Yes there is a point. The point is that you are either telling the truth or making false numbers up. You either prove Kobe is better for this team with reliable sources or you can’t deal without. If you were a lawyer and this was the courtroom everyone will laugh at you and the judge would throw you out for being an idiot

  • if i was aa lawyer it would be my job to do so ut its not so again me taking the 30 mins or so to go back track stats is point less

  • Sure……did you pull that out of your a$$ Mr. I Have No Source Or Evidence

  • No if you were a lawyer you would have better spelling and grammar because I can’t understand half of what you just said.

  • we stoped debating when you brought up bigfoot at that point this became a childish game of he said she said.

    just go to bball refrence and
    or go to synergy sports

    both can give you the stats you want.

  • No you are being childish
    1. I brought up bigfoot because using your argument I can say bigfoot is real, and then procede to tell you to look up the “facts” for yourself. That’s what you are doing right now. You made a claim and you can’t back that claim up.

    2. You can post the link here without the (.) part and I can look it up which would be easier for both of us, since you’re so sure that you’re correct lol but nope you want to argue in a pointless circle where I just keep asking you for sources and you telling me to look it up, which seems like its been going on for 15 mins

  • not a surprise that no one shares your opinion here. So we notion you as you village idiot of Lakersnation.

  • No you idiot. That’s not how you site sources. I don’t want the website, I want the EXACT link that supports your argument.

  • wow so your going to be horrible lazy lol. i could take you right to the page but unless you hjave a membership to them you cant open it

  • “more small touch screen…..” you see even your first part of your comment doesn’t make sense. This is the guy I’m arguing with? Someone who obviously failed 3rd grade English?

  • it made perfect sense.

    you said “No if you were a lawyer you would have better spelling and grammar because I can’t understand half of what you just said.”

    my post is saying itsnot my spelling or my grammer its my touch screen whicmeans that what i said was correct.

    its called context

  • wow so you’re going to be stupid? Have you ever attended English in high school or college? Ever heard of MLA format when doing research or writing an essay?

    Your teachers and professors WANT a EXACT link that backs up your argument. Call them lazy and they will drop your stupid a$$.

    Learn to cite sources. Everyone knows ESPN, BasketballReference, etc… that’s too general, be more specific

  • this is not a college course i dont need to use mla format i gave you the site do the work use your brain find the stats

  • At least I can understand 80% of this comment but NOOOOO lol

    “more small touch screen im using then how i would normally type”

    Makes zero sense due to poor grammar.

  • Nope that’s not how this works, cite the source or you’re not credible. Its that simple.

  • and lakers have the talent that needs to be developed to lead this team in the future

  • If Kobe takes a lesser role and become a spot up shooter, the Lakers would have been in a better position right now. Unfortunately, Kobe is Kobe and he never going to change.

  • cap space will be nothing if the lakers secure the top3 pick that just means they are far away from winning

  • not really. another top 3 pick and the 65-70m in capspace will allow us to have a talented young core and go out and get great vets that can help us win now. leet the young core improve around the great players and by the end of the season you a dark horse.

  • look KD is looking to get championship/s as much as he could in the next 3 years, doubt Drummond leaves detroit, whiteside had bad experience with the lakers….can only hope for AD,DMC when time comes

  • the lakers in a position were we could offer kd a chip next season. we have the cap to get him bring back hibbert and still get another max lvl player

  • lakers will give JC and KD max…not sure Ill retain hibbert, rather go for pau gasol as best big off the bench

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