Kobe Bryant On Luke Walton: ‘Told Him He Was The Next Phil’
Kobe Bryant On Luke Walton: ‘told Him He Was The Next Phil’

During the 2015 off-season, former Los Angeles Lakers champion Luke Walton joined the Golden State Warriors as an assistant under head coach Steve Kerr. However, with Kerr taking a leave of absence to recover from back surgery, Walton was named the team’s interim head coach this season.

With the Warriors 15-0 under Walton, the Lakers travel up north on Tuesday in hopes of ending their historic run in the regular season so far. Despite suffering their 11th loss of the season last night, Kobe Bryant shared he used to tease Walton about being the next Phil Jackson.

According to LakersNation.com reporter Serena Winters, Kobe compared the two because they were average players with back problems:

While Kobe teased Walton during their playing days, he praised Walton’s brilliant mind and ability to manage a team, via Winters:

At the 2003 NBA Draft, Walton was the team’s 32nd overall pick and played eight seasons for the Lakers. During the 2006-07 season, Walton had his best year in the NBA, averaging 11.4 point, 5.0 rebounds and 4.3 assists as a starter.

Although Walton had back issues in the later stages of his career, he was a solid contributor as the Lakers made three consecutive NBA Finals appearances where they won in 2009 and 2010. When Walton was injured, he would help Jackson and the staff prepare for games, which has made the transition much easier.

With the Warriors off to a historic run, it will be a challenging game for the Lakers to say the least. While the Lakers have struggled and are currently at the bottom of the league for the third consecutive season, D’Angelo Russell has played well recently and should provide a fun matchup with Stephen Curry.

Lakers should start the process of bringing Luke in as coach at the end of the year.

  • not agree because lakers fans more fans want tom thibodeau or scott brooks next as head coach defensive coach

  • I’ve always liked Walton for coach. He grew up with basketball, he knows the game, he’s smart, he works well with and is respected by players, and he’s showing right now that he has the chops to be a head coach and has the respect of his players. I say, he’s the guy for the Lakers. I just hope they can make a deal with him before it’s too late.

  • Also, since there’s no article where we can post about it, I’m loving the new format. Great job Lakersnation.

  • Of course, if Lakers find a way to win on Tuesday, that would be amazing, but let’s be real, there’s a good chance the Warriors break a significant record and embarrass the Lakers in the process. Either way, I like that this is a TNT game. Every now and then, I like hearing a realistic analysis of the Lakers according to the national folks, and what better comparison than against the best team in the NBA, a title the Lakers haven’t held for a while. It’s a chance for everyone to hear how the Lakers get called out by non-biased game announcers and analysts, who aren’t on Lakers payroll, and won’t sugarcoat it like the home guys tend to do. Sometimes, a dose of reality is good.

  • Recycled coaches over a promising young “genius” coach with a Laker pedigree? I think Laker fans would come around to Luke…

  • Thibodeau got lucky by inheriting a team of defensive stars. Scott got lucky by inheriting a team with Durant, Westbrook and Harden. And neither have shown much promise with offense. In Chicago Thibs relied on his assistants, and in OKC, Scott relied on Durant and Westbrook in ISO and star level domination.

  • I think it’s worth kicking the tires. And it seems like a perfect match, but at the same time, even Scott could go 15-0 with the current GS team.

  • Wow…been gone a few days and the whole site has changed…maybe now it will stop lagging my browser?

  • Horrible idea. Either one. We want Luke back, if we can get him—otherwise, Steve Kerr. Kevin Ollie would be another young guy that could grow up with the team.

  • ^truth! Luke has instilled confidence in someone like Ezeli or at least progressed his potential. Luke definitely has gained that Phil calm demeanor and has done a good job of holding the fort down until Kerr comes back. As for Scott, i’m clueless and confused to what he is trying to do.

  • I think Scott should change the lineup.
    PG. Russell
    SG. Kobe
    SF. Brown
    PF. Randle
    C. Hibbert

    PG. Clarkson (our best player)
    SG. Williams
    SF. Nick
    PF. Nance
    C. Black.

    Metta for certain circumstances to slow down Barnes because he usually goes off in the 4th

  • If Scott had any sense, you would be right. I suspect he would still be trying to jam the “Princeton” down everybody’s throat, though.

    I want the Lakers to run the GSW playbook on both ends of the floor. Did Jim Buss even interview Luke before we let him go and hired Scott?

  • Oh….a “he was lucky” argument, you can’t have enough of those….well, were are the Bulls now defensively? Where is the Thunder now defensively? Every good coach allows his players to maintain some kind of individuality offensively while teaching them to learn defense properly. This is the basis of a whole career of Gregg Popovich. But, I guess you would say “Popovich got lucky to inherit David Robinson and Tim Duncan”….

  • Kobe too many minutes! Swaggy, nance Anthony Brown not enough minutes!
    As far as Kobe goes he needs to realize he’s no longer a threat on either end of the floor and should facilitate and take easy shots gosh 20 years and still trippin

  • Really??? I think Billy Mac does a pretty nice job of continuing the great Lakers tradition of objective sports calling. Stu is of course the man. It really cracked me up how disappointed he sounded at the end of the 1st qt when our boys totally fukked up.

    Getting back to the topic, you won’t find any better and unbiased commentators than our own. I’ve listened to some horrible examples of hometown a$$holes. The only “national” guy I like is JVG. Just listen to all of these dorks ramble away on everything but the game when there’s a blowout. I’ll take Stu & Billy Mac any and every day!

  • Jc is the future and he gets no love based off of 46 pick best player on the team and kobe taking shots from him and others… Byron Scott dam shame no coaching skills at all in fact he’s not a coach in my eyes he’s an interim until luke comes back! Hahaha

  • I like Stu and Billy Mac, too, and yes, there are announcers for other teams that are terrible homers. Our guys absolutely point out the messups, but they’re still calling the game from the Lakers point-of-view. Yes, they try to be objective, but let’s face it, they are still rooting for the Lakers and care about whether or not they do good. Plus, there are things they can’t say that a national guy is more likely to. It’s just good from time to time to hear a game called from announcers who don’t have a dog in the fight and don’t care either way. And I’m not just talking in-game, but post-game, too.

  • Luuuke would have the potential to be more loved as a coach for the Lakers than a player. (Yeah I know, it’s not a stretch)

  • Well he can’t be worse than Byron. When Kobe retires please send Byron with him. We need a fresh start next season.

  • Luke might turn out to be a really good coach but even i could put on a suit chill on the warriors bench and be 15-0. the best thing to happen to steph and the entire warriors organization was “the Logo”.

    tomorrow the warriors will be 15-1

  • What sort of drugs are you on? Bill and Stu are not biased. They are much more fair than other homers. You also have to realize that they fly on the team plane and are with the players all the time. What do you expect them to say when they are so close to the guys? You talk tough online but you would not have the balls to criticize players you have to see daily.

    Your comment is ridiculous. What the guys at TNT do is not honest analysis, it’s childish mockery, which is funny considering Kenny is a scrub and Chuck has no rings. Shaq doesn’t really say that much but if he did he has a right to. Everyone knows the Lakers are bad so what is the point? No one cares to mock other teams struggling. Stating the obvious is not a dose of reality, it’s common sense. They aren’t going to say anything ground breaking that we didn’t already know. I guess you want Stu and Bill to talk shiiitt everyday about the team? Then you’d still complain.

  • He should get all the love. Since he is the best player this is his team now. I want the Lakers to hurry and give him his new deal so I can get his jersey.

  • I’m gonna need Kobe to be less aggressive on offense. And then maybe the Lakers can find out if Clarkson is good enough to turn 8 of 14 from the field, into 13 of 23 from the field.

  • Dude… you proved my point –

    – You also have to realize that they fly on the team plane and are with the players all the time. What do you expect them to say when they are so close to the guys? –

    For this exact reason, you agree, they do hold their tongues… not to mention, the Lakers pay them, so they’d be stupid to really go in on them.

    Where was I talking tough? Even if I was, you don’t know me, so shut up.

    What I’m saying is it is Billy and Stu’s job to call the game from the Lakers perspective. Whereas on TNT, that is not their job. That’s just a fact.

    Relax, don’t get your panties all in a bunch.

  • Luke was always a smart player. More smart than skilled. Know more than well the spacing and triangle. I want him badly right now

  • Walton could possibly be a good coach. However I am hesitant given that all we have seen from him is coaching the best PG in the league with the system already laid out in front of him. I hope that Lakers fans don’t allow their contempt for Scott to start prematurely crowning other coaches as their messiah.

  • “jam the “Princeton” down everybody’s throat”…ask Mike Brown how that worked out for him…Walton was a player in the 2012-2013 season, the 2nd season of the D’Antoni lame duck season…a year that went by like a “dog year”….Walton was involved in the trade for Ramon Sessions, when the Lakers were looking for a point guard, and Sessions wasn’t all that bad, on paper, it was a good deal, Walton and Kapono for Sessions and Christian Eyenga…as both Walton and Kapono were basically “done” as players….

  • Go ahead and get his jersey today if you want, you dumb stupid idiot. Who’s stopping you? you freakin weirdo dumb dumb stupid.

  • …that’s a thought…as the Lakers would officially/unofficially be in rebuilding mode and the Jim Buss could make the announcement before he leaves the building that Byron is not a rebuilding type of coach….

  • lot of people aint ready for life after kobe, I’m gonna miss the mamba but i was ready a year ago

  • They do need a young coach to grow with. He’s definitely someone they should consider. You’re right that he will not be able to win with this squad, but he would be a good fit IMO.

  • PG Clarkson (best player should always start)
    SG Young
    SF Brown
    PF Randle
    C Hibbert

    PG Lou
    SG Russell
    SF Kobe
    PF Nance
    C Black

    Metta for 5-10min to help set the tone defensively.

  • Only want Clarkson coming off the bench because I can’t stand watching Lou play PG & our bench plays a faster pace. D’angelo is the starting PG because the starters play slower & Kobe shoots to much & it will give JC the green light to shoot when he wants.

  • I am a Lakers fan but no chance of them going up there and winning. Luke looks like he is still young enough to play. I hope he makes it as a great coach. Always helps when you are coaching a team of great players. (And Jerry West on the advisory board)

  • Something drastic has to change at starting lineup if need be. If randle will not improve his shooting sooner, id like nance a chance for the starting pf job. Dont want anybody to hold this team of winning some games due to incosequential persistence when moves being showcased are quite predictable. An important player shud learn somehow by benching. Same time giving opportunities for other rookies to excel.

  • But he’s currently the best. If that’s the case I’d rather they make D’Angelo come off the bench.

  • Says the weirdo who is replying to all my comments because I just destroyed yours. You have the emotional maturity of a 5 year old. Keep crying you keyboard warrior. I know logic is foreign to you but why would I buy the jersey of a player who will leave? I’m not an idiot like you.

  • The best thing that can happen to the lakers will be at the end of the season. Kobe will retire and hopefully B. Scott leaves as well. Fresh start with a new coach and new players. Clarkson is such an efficient scorer and it’s only his 2nd season. He will only get better. Russell is improving each game. Randle will be ok. Byron is still stuck in the era where basketball was tougher. Let’s be patient.

  • And I’ll ask again, what do you want them to say? You’re an idiot. You can say the truth without being a jerk. They are older mature men who give constructive criticism. The only difference is the maturity of the TNT crew and the Lakers homers. They make jokes and act like children which is good for tv while the Lakers homers tell it like it is without being nasty.

    Every team has homers so the entire premise of your gripe is foolish. You’re comparing two different platforms and a multitude of different personalities. Charles and his band of buffoons would get tiring after a week. But then again as I already said, you have the emotional maturity of a 5 year old so your panties would be wet every night listening to that mush mouth talk about the Lakers.

    We all know they suck. Why repeatedly state the obvious? Yet your corny weird self would never utter it towards any player. Now shut up fake fan.

  • But no one is forcing you to listen to it, idiot. Go cheer for another team you fake fan.

  • I’m a keyboard warrior? You sit on here spitting out drivel and rebuttle arguments that don’t even counter any points, then you pat yourself on the back thinking you did something.

  • Kill yourself. You haven’t made one point, let alone one good point. You’re the only on here begging for some tv hosts to destroy your favorite team like a true weirdo. Notice how you keep avoiding the question because it shows how much of an idiot you are if you even attempt to answer it.

  • JC isn’t the best at setting plays for everyone else. Sometime he has tunnel vision. But next year Kobe will be retired & he can stop slowing down the development of the younger guys. Then JC can play SG & we can get a real SF that’s not named Kobe

  • I never said they were doing a bad job or anything like that. I just said I want to hear a different perspective sometimes. One that’s not coming from someone on Lakers payroll. That so hard to understand?? I’m allowed to be unhappy if I don’t like what’s going on with my team. That doesn’t make me a fake fan. Am I talking smack directly about anyone on the team that you would even bring up me not saying it to somebody’s face?? No. Meanwhile, you talking about Charles and would say nothing of the such to his face so just stop you freaking jerkoff.

  • I don’t count Scott using the Princeton as anything more than self-delusion. Are you calling it a good thing?

    Why all the Walton history? Walton was done 2 years before all that with back issues. No disagreement from me. You didn’t mention his tour of duty with the Defenders as a coach, though. Kerr stole him and Nash out from under us.

  • Your question is stupid. I don’t want them to say anything other than what they’re saying. What they’re saying is fine, it’s their job. I just want to hear somebody different because I’m an open minded person who likes hearing different opinions. What a crazy concept huh you idiot. You on here trying to argue some crap making assumptions and being a jerkoff.

  • You bring up such stupid points. Where did I say I want to hear TNT do any more than they already do? I’m cool with the games that Bill and Stu do, but they don’t do every game and I look forward to it sometimes. TNT does 1 Laker game every few weeks and I’m cool with that, too. It’s interesting to hear other people do Laker games every once in a while, that’s it,you freaking idiot. Nothing wrong with that. Keep making out with yourself in the mirror loser.

  • What’s stupid is you try to criticize me for not making a point, when I wasn’t really trying to make one. Just said I want to hear TNT’s people’s perspective on a Laker game. Not that complicated. idiot.

  • You destroyed nothing. Even if he leaves it’ll be a throwback and something to be proud of even if he blows up somewhere else. You’re lame dude.

  • The difference is….Luke already Knows that GSW system….Kerr is the one who inherited a Mark Jackson team….Luke was an assistant for a year with Kerr.

  • I won’t tell you to kill yourself. I rather you suffer through the years just being you.

  • That’s why you’re dumb. I never said I have a problem listening to it, I just like hearing something different every now and then. You are crap.

  • You’re quiet now because you realize you were arguing for nothing and you suck.

  • I’m quiet? I went to go cook my family dinner. I have a life, unlike you. You should just go ahead and kill yourself.

  • I hope you’re not serving them anything like the crap you spew on this site.

  • He really got the hang of it late last season. He can easily average 6-7 assists a night. Guys like Damian Lillard average that amount so Clarkson could handle those duties if you want them to switch things up a bit.

  • So what? You still said they are incapable of being honest. Which is essentially saying you want to watch Inside The NBA to have them tell you the obvious, that the Lakers are bad…which means you are an idiot if you need that pointed out to you by people on tv. You’re a child with a small brain who got angry because I scolded you like a mother would. You act very girly. I have met Charles before and he goes to my favorite Italian restaurant all the time and yes I do tell him to chill out. What’s he going to do? Fight me? You’re a buffoon and would never fix your lips to talk smack to any of the players-FACT! I can tell you are a coward just by your reaction to my comment, little girl.

  • Yes because they are amazing, you mental midget little girl. Go cry to your mommy because the person online embarrassed you.

  • No what you said was you want someone to speak the truth about the Lakers which is that they suck, yet every single fan but YOU already knows that. You need someone to hold your hand and tell you something that is common sense. Dur dur dur. You so idiotic.

  • Actually, they are prohibited from being honest, otherwise risk losing their job. You don’t have to lie to sound cool, it’s not working. I have no problem hitting an old lady like you.

  • Your point was by far the worst complaint of any fan in this early season. Don’t try and lie your way around your first comment. You clearly said Stu and Bill are biased and don’t tell it like it is which is why you can’t wait for the TNT game. Your point was NOT that you wanted to hear someone new do the Lakers games, you specifically gave the reason WHY you wanted to hear someone new-so they can trash talk the players. You’re a fickle little idiot with a pea brain who likes his own team getting destroyed. Stop dancing around your own words you liar. Get out of your moms basement loser and maybe you wouldn’t want to see other people miserable like you. Fakest fan on this entire website. Mush mouth Barkley groupie, find a new team.

  • No that’s not what you said at all you dunce. You’re such an emotional little girl getting all riled up because I embarrassed you yet you want middle aged men to sit on tv and trash talk the Lakers. You can’t take the softballs I am throwing at you but think Stu and Bill are too soft. You are a nutcase. Misery loves company you pathetic lonely virgin. Get a life, poptart.

  • Shut up dunce. The chances of that are slim. I will do what I want with my own money now stop crying.

  • It would be nice to see Luke Walton become the head coach of the Lakers but I think he will stay an assistant on the Warriors for a couple more seasons. He could do wonders with this Lakers team though especially considering he has a fresh perspective on basketball that I think Scott is lacking.

  • You said sometimes you don’t want to listen to that. Who is making you listen? No one. You illiterate neanderthal, please for the love of God learn some reading comprehension and logical/critical thinking skills. How many times did you repeat 5th grade?

  • What about Giving Steve Nash a try as a head coach? i would vote for Thibodeau as well

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  • I don’t think we can afford to wait for Ollie.

    This is where our FO is weak. We are not always on the lookout for great young talent and cultivating it. Not everyone wants to work for Jimbo. I wouldn’t.

  • Poor thing has to deflect from that e-spanking I just gave him. Nice try dork.

  • You are so lame. You aren’t even clever enough to insult me while deflecting from your dumb comment. Take this L.

  • But my life is amazing and you are too dumb to realize your favorite team sucks so you need world famous idiot Charles Barkley to tell you. Bwahahahahahaha

  • Not as embarrassed as you when your mom offered your teacher a hand job if he let you pass 5th grade.

  • Zzzzzzz. Try again cause that was a fail. Stop deflecting and lets get back to you being embarrassed about your own idiocy!!! Hey bozo, do you also need Charles to tell you that Kobe is struggling? Bwahahahahahhaa

  • Of course, if Lakers find a way to win on Tuesday, that would be amazing, but let’s be real, there’s a good chance the Warriors break a significant record and embarrass the Lakers in the process. Either way, I like that this is a TNT game. Every now and then, I like hearing a realistic analysis of the Lakers according to the national folks, and what better comparison than against the best team in the NBA, a title the Lakers haven’t held for a while. It’s a chance for everyone to hear how the Lakers get called out by non-biased game announcers and analysts, who aren’t on Lakers payroll, and won’t sugarcoat it like the home guys tend to do. Sometimes, a dose of reality is good.

  • You were abandoned in a dumpster. Stop talking to me, bozo.

  • It’s sadder for you because you know it’s true. What’s your mothers going rate for a Bj?

  • What I just did to you is an online version of a wedgie. You got horrible flashbacks to middle school and being stuffed in lockers didn’t you? You’re embarrassed I know.

  • He’s not dead and at least I know him. Where is your dad to tell you the Lakers starting center is Roy Hibbert? Bojangles the clown needs common sense pointed out to him. Where the heII is Charles Barkely when you need him? Lmaooooooo

  • Yes I replied to embarrass you and look, mission accomplished. I bet you’re crying.

  • I’m glad I gave you a chance at human interaction. I did my charity for the day.

  • He is capable of that but starting how would he get assist with Kobe bricking everything? Randle cant hit a jumper yet. Off the bench they are struggling to get any offense because they iso with Lou playing PG. thats why i think JC comes off the bench for a few games to help boost the bench scoring & organizing the offense.

  • no the current roster sucks.
    i would take dangelo out of the starting lineup.
    and insert JC as PG/
    Kobe at SG/
    MWP or Nance at SF/
    Randle at PF /
    and Hibbert at C.

  • Yep, Fire B.Scott and as soon as Kerr gets back, Steal Luke from the Warriors.

  • there would be no spacing with that lineup, Kobe struggling,MWP/Nance aint consistent shooter, Randle cant be considered a shooter yet, hibbert should get rebounds and protect the paint

  • Plus, he’s from the area too. He has admirers up and down the coast. I could see it.

  • Aargh. I just hate to see the fools in our FO try to make the world conform to the Lakers time table. Walton will approached by somebody this summer.

  • We could both find out fast enough. It is traditional for teams to allow employees to talk to other teams after the current season and not stand in the way of promotions. We have to ask permission or it would be tampering, though.

  • LOL…How do we know much of anything about Luke Walton’s coaching at this point? If you are basing it on the GSW this season, that could be a stretch. He is filling in for the coach of a team that has just won the championship AND that has an enormous chip on its shoulders. They were going to play hard to start this season no matter who the coach was.

    What allows teams to come back and play great after winning it all is motivation. The Spurs went to the Finals 2 years in a row for the first time in the Tim Duncan Era simply because they were motivated following the loss to the Heat.

    I’m not saying that Luke isn’t a good young coach…what I am saying is that we don’t know that to be true yet. What we know right now is that Byron Scott is not a good coach.

  • I thought you were done talking to me? Got nobody else to talk to? Run along now bozo.

  • It says a lot that guys can become head coaches so quickly these days. It’s just like how quickly players can enter the league and get starting jobs. The league is just not what it use to be.

  • Oh clever! Did it take you 2 days to think of that? I’m glad you feel that way about the Lakers legacy. How wet are you panties right now in anticipation for Charles Barkley’s mush mouth rant tonight about the Lakers? Idiot.

  • Yeah, 2 days even though our discussion started yesterday. Not your fault you only know the number 2 since you’re constantly thinking about your dad’s balls. As I said, I am looking forward to hearing the game called by non-Lakers employees because I get sick of the same thing over and over. You can’t relate because after all these years, you’re still not sick of your dad’s balls. Weird.

  • More incest jokes. Yawn. Are you projecting the sexual abuse you experienced as a child onto me? You’re such an idiot that it takes little to no effort to insult and offend you. Tell your mom to stop blowing c0cks behind McDonalds.

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  • then Luke must bring back the favor to the lakers especially when he helped a prime Kobe to beat raptors combining for 82 points

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