Kobe Bryant On Metta World Peace: ‘Raises The Play Of Everybody On The Floor’

The Los Angeles Lakers snagged their first victory of the 2015-16 season Friday night in Brooklyn, with a 104-98 win. Los Angeles and Brooklyn both entered the game winless, but luckily the Lakers were able to make timely plays in the fourth quarter to come out on top.

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The key to the Lakers success was undoubtedly their defensive presence, which was anchored by Metta World Peace. Although World Peace did not stuff the stat sheet, he was able to give the Lakers a much needed boost on the defensive end. After the game, Kobe Bryant praised World Peace and what he meant for the team in their road victory, via Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters:

World Peace finished the game with a plus/minus of +12 in just under 17 minutes of play. He has already become a leader for the Lakers on and off the court, and the other players feed off the energy he brings on a daily basis.

The Lakers will now cross the East River for their lone appearance at Madison Square Garden. Their Sunday afternoon matchup may be Kobe’s last time at the Garden, so he will be determined to help the Lakers with their second consecutive win of the young season.


Metta should be starting. He also needs to mentor Russell on the defensive end. Russell has the size and length to be a great defender at the PG position. Russell wants to be the next Steph Curry, but he needs to be more like Chauncey Billups.

  • Metta is awesome for the young guys and the whole team. Glad he is there to mentor the young guys. Reminds me a lot of KG in Minny, not trying to be a star, not worried about being the man, just doing whatever is best for the team.

  • Metta is a forward. Russell is a guard.

    Just because Kobe can blur the lines and become a “wing” doesn’t mean Metta can or that he know much about playing or defending as a guard. Metta is closer to being a power forward than he is being a shooting guard, much less point guard.

  • This is why Jabari Brown was cut.

    It’s interesting that Metta’s contract was given with some sort of understanding that Metta would transition to coaching for a few years after this season.

  • Love to see him take Mad Dog’s role next season. Hopefully working under Becky Hammon!

  • I suspect Metta will be inserted early in this game, no one on this roster can really guard Melo like he could. Sadly I suspect DLo will be the one sacrificed while Kobe and Clarkson move to the back court.

  • No, that’s not true at all. Metta defended guards regularly before he came to LA. He would always defend the best shooting guard or small forward and even some big point guards. He defended Ray Allen, Kobe, Mcgrady, etc. etc.. He might be too slow to guard the SG and PG position right now, but what he does can be translated to the PG position.

    It will work particularly well for Russell because he is a big stout PG with length. Russell has the 12th best wingspan of any point guard ever to be drafted.

  • As soon as he does that I will be back on the fire Byron Russell bus. I hopped off the fire him bus after seeing how Russell was able to improve, but I will be right back on it.

  • I had no idea that they locked him into a coaching position. That’s a good pick up for the Lakers franchise.

  • Uhhhhh duhh the whole Laker know that Metta raises the intensity level, we just dont know how Byron Scott cant see that all Metta has to do is play for 10 min just to change the tempo. Truth of the matter is Kobe plays at an Elite level when he gets mad and does his underbite the black mamba rises, in the first jazz game in the preseason jazz game you didnt see it but in the second game when they put Metta in Kobe nearly tackled a player then his game raised after that is when both Randle and Hibbert got going and the team followed and thats what we need, fact is Ryan Kelly and Robert Sacre are 3rd unit players, players that you play when we either blowing a team out of the water or the score is to out of reach to get back in, Im mad because we could have definitely got on a much better start if Metta played the first four games.

  • A lot of teams underestimated Metta’s defense and how it can change games. Even if Metta can’t really score anymore he still can have a huge impact on the defensive end if he is allowed to play.

  • It takes effort and aggressiveness to play defense in this league. Russell don’t show neither of those qualities.

  • Players with a lot of heart and passion tend to positively impact others and the game. That is why my team would be full of those types of players. You know the ones who step up and make things happen as opposed to standing around pointing fingers and blaming others.

    Go Lakers !


  • I think it’s either hibbert or Dlo, Kobe admitted that Dlo has done a good job of placing him in his sweet spots, he just got to deliver…MWP in hibbert out

    Lou,SwagP,Hibbert, will lead the bench

  • That wouldn’t hurt him. I’m sure it would help. But just so people don’t get it twisted. It has nothing necessarily to do with his age. A person can run into back problems at any age. Just ask Dwight Howard, Klay Thompson, among many other players.

    So that is just to say chill on the age and father time thing. Let the man keep pushing the bar and exceeding all expectations. Go Kobe ! Go Lakers !


  • Yes ! If Byron Scott had started the season off with Nance in the rotation sooner we may have won a few more of the early games.

    But personally I thought it would take Byron some time to figure out the best rotations to go with based on having so many players who have never played together.

    Some coaches are also better at recognizing who the real ballers are from those who can put on a good show once in a while(usually at home or in practice/ tryouts only).

    I can spot a baller when they step in the gym. But I have groomed and managed talent for a fair amount of time.


  • On the potential bright side, Ben Simmons 11-17, 9 reb, 6 ast, 4stl, 2 blk, 22pts.

  • Two things: Brandon Knight is a Laker Killer, and Marcelo Huertas needs to go back to the Euroleague.

  • Our 3 point guards got 5 assists combined…this is unacceptable
    Russel: 2 Assist
    Clarkson: 1 Assist
    Huertas: 2 Assist

  • He played the last two minutes of garbage time, don’t think he touched the ball

  • clarkson and lou i dont consider point guards because they are scoring guards but russel should be droppin dimes because thats what his game is all about…

  • Is he a true SF or another tweener like Randle? Can he spread the floor?

  • Lou’s a SG, can’t change that even if Scott decides to give him pg duties during certain times.

  • The problem is that the point guards just end up dumping it into Hibbert and then the play goes from there. It’s horrible.

  • Honestly, by the time they are done getting decimated by all the top teams in December, I believe they will be considerably better enough to close the season off with a big bang. But I’m only being wishful.

  • He cannot stretch the floor, he will likely project as a SF in the NBA, he will have to work on the 3 ball obviously. But he has many good talents, especially as a passing big like LeBron has.

  • The more I watch this season’s NBA games, the more I wish we had traded down from the 2 and picked up a couple of quality shooters like Booker/Hunter plus WCS. Time is ticking on D’Angelo. Bledsoe and Knight are tier 2 pg’s in the West. Can D’Angelo become better than they are? Hard to picture right now but let’s hope so

  • Looking at some of the replays of the game….Lot of M/T seats…..How the Lakers has Fallen.

  • Russell is also really not a point guard. At least not yet.He has played the 2 his whole life

  • why the heck is DLo passing the ball to Williams to bring up the court to initiate the play. DLo spotted floating in the corner doing nothing

  • Byron Scott has turned this team into a s**t show. It’s sad, but I can’t blame them.

  • Kobe showed the PG’S how to get Players involved but it seems nobody is getting it….Small number of Assists.

  • I never expected the Lakers to win this game, not against PHX. That is the toughest back court the Lakers have faced so far, and the Lakers are now 9 losses in a row at PHX with 7 of them blowouts. A number of troubling things keep recurring:
    1. Byron Scott has pre-planned rigid rotations, that he is unwilling to alter regardless of how hot or cold a player is or how the game is going, he has leeway with the down-the-stretch team where he basically chooses between DLo, Lou or Nick Young.
    2. The supposed improvement in the Lakers defense was a false flag, it was more about the steady decline in the offensive capabilities of the opponents.
    3. Metta World Peace gets worse as the game goes on, his minutes are too high
    4. Brandon Bass is not a center
    5. Every team now knows that Randle is very one dimensional and can be guarded by simply standing in his way and showing him right.
    6. Huertas basically lost that game with his poor defense, but because it happened with still 3 minutes left before his rotation period was up, he stayed in the game costing the Lakers even further.
    7. Byron Scott is the worst coach in the NBA after whoever is coaching the 76ers.

  • gotta love MWP’s interview in the locker room. “I’m excited…get to .500…then make a push to playoffs”…they should’ve played you the whole 4th

  • Let’s just say what we’re all thinking: D’Angelo Russell is a certified bust. I want him to succeed, but that’s what it looks like.

  • Byron Scott once again called for players to “man up,” said he thought the Suns effort was “10 times better” than the Lakers

  • really? i thought he was a PG from the start? in interviews before the season started he said he likes passing better than scoring

  • Agree, although the 76ers coach is even better than Byron. He’s actively tanking. BS is just a straight up idiot.

  • Did u lakers fans here the latest rumor! J.B says that if the lakers don’t make the playoffs by 2025 she’s moving the team back to Minnesota! !

  • I keep trying to highlight his strengths but it is becoming harder to do that. He should have at least shown some flashes of top play by now

  • Guys, i see a lot of talent in D’angelo but i have to say that for the first time. NO EXCUSES! He HAS to be more agressive. He just bring the ball into the offense side and give to the big, than he moves out the ball…
    I know that’s the princeton offense, the PG don’t have to stick too much with the ball. But he has to make better than that. He has to atack some times. EVERY TIME he drives and kicks turns in a very good play and a open shot. He HAS to do it more times. Not be that passive.

  • I have no idea who the sixers coach is to be honest, seeing they are 0-11 I’m assuming he can’t be all that great.

  • Are you kidding me?
    The kid is playing really good. He’s always in position, he has reduced his turnovers, and is very quietly increasing his scoring.

    Scott is keeping him under wraps.

    Mitch got the pick right.

  • Even if he is not a bust, its hard to see a ceiling for him that’s higher than a tall Jeff Teague. That’s not saying much in this pg driven league

  • Or Ingram….. he’s a Durant Clone.
    Or Skal Labissiere… he’s projected to be a better version of Towns.

    Any of the top 3 guys would instantly upgrade the future of the team.

  • Scott is definitely not helping with the minutes and his system but Russell is not looking like a game changer. He could be decent but he has so far shown no flashes of the CP3/James Harden type of player we thought he would be

  • The Lakers should just fire Byron and hire Ohio State coach Thad Matta, I guarantee you he’d get both the Lakers and DLo playing better.

  • I think it’s time for the coaching staff to take off the blinders and give the rookies a green light to shoot. Yes, it will be ugly, but it seems to me like Russell, Randle, Nance, and even Brown would benefit from some D’antoni 7-seconds or less.

    Not that i’m saying it should be part of the permanent scheme, but it seems like our rookies are deliberately holding back. And maybe, it’s time to let them RUN and play super fast for a few games, just for confidence sake.

  • I’d hardly call him the right pick, but I do agree that BS is an issue. He’s destroyed his confidence.

  • Well the Suns back-court sure did welcome D’Angelo to the league! It’s very troubling that a 19-year-old can’t get past his defender, even if it’s Eric Bledsoe.

    I like that they tried to move the ball more but that cost them too many turnovers and when it ends with your center having the most assists, you have problems!

    This was NOT the game to have Huertas playing. Huertas was destroyed out there and they are still being out-rebounded at a high rate.

  • I would like to see our team play to our strength instead of trying to match up with the leagues small ball lineup and I’m sure we can at least compete and win some of those games.

    My lineup of starters that will play good defense as a unit:

    Hibbert. Center
    Randle. PF
    Nance. SF
    Russell. SG
    Clarkson. PF.

    Randle and Nance can switch roles on defense, Randle is quick and can play defense at the SF position.


    Black. Center
    Bass. PF
    Kobe. SF
    A. Brown. SG.
    Lou will. Pg

    Huertas can play third string for a while, I like him but his defense sucks.

  • had everything to do with Bryant’s horrible leadership, crappy roster.

  • Funny enough,
    I think the 76’er could win a few games. Okafor and Nerlens are really doing well on their own. If they had a bench they’d be as good as the Lakers. When they turn on the light and decide to win and spend money on free agents I think they will turn things around quickly. Saric will be coming to the USA next year and solve the SF issue.

  • Why? Blame Byron’s poor rotations sure but when they are out on that court they are the ones who need to execute. D’Angelo and his chubby soft body really needs to hit the gym hard during the off-season. His shots are all short, he has no lift in his legs and he’s so timid and scared to shoot.

  • Yes. It seems like Byron is holding back the rookies because he feels he needs the veterans more.

  • why are you calling him DLo? His name is D’angelo russell. he doesn’t deserve a nickname. just stop it.

  • Best coach we’ve had in three seasons said it best:

    “You just have to let the players play” – Bernie Bickerstaff.

  • Idiot or stealth tanking?
    Lakers can’t overtly tank, it’s bad for the brand, and it’s bad for the broadcast dollars.

    Personally, I think Scott is a much better coach than he is showing. In fact, he could be exemplifying his coaching skills by keeping the rotations and games just close enough to lose. All the while projecting a winning atmosphere, team tradition, and not lose the focus of the young rookies.

    Coaching a team that plays hard, is in the game until the last minute, but still loses is a lot harder than you think.

  • he has had very few assists. remember he was more of a shooting guard in college. things are different in the Pros.

  • When a team shoots dang near 50% for the game (that’s an average of making every other shot, which is awesome btw) but only tallies up 12 assist as a team for the entire game, thats not the players fault (for the most part) but it’s mostly the game plans fault (coaching staff).

  • I don’t think he’s a bust…yet. I just think he’s ridiculously slow for a 19-year-old. Look at how quick Bledsoe and Knight were in comparison. He can shoot and drop dimes all he wants but if he’s slow then we’re screwed. PG’s in the west are insanely talented and he won’t be able to keep up. We can’t make it with Kendall Marshall 2.0.

  • they’ve been lucky they he got them those 37 wins and sixers by far have the worst roster, yet Wolves and Knicks were worse last year

  • By the numbers, there are only 5 teams currently in contention for the lottery pick. Oddly enough, 25 teams are close to .500 ball clubs. By January and 30 games, most teams will have 14 or more wins and be out of contention for the lottery.

    As of now, the team is on pace for 15 wins and a #1 or #2 pick. And when a lot of teams decide to start tanking in January, they are already out of contention.

  • False! The Lakers building a multimillion dollar facility as we speak open 2018 i think… out here

  • I personally think the lights of LA are too bright for Russell…….If you can’t play in that Lakers jersey…..It’s all down hill……

  • you hating on the #2 pick? LOL. personally I think he talks wayyyyy too much. the kids should just keep quiet and focus on improving his game.

  • Got to stop putting everything on the coach and realize the players are not playing hard. 7-18 on offensive boards? 9-22 on fast brake points? 32-54 points in the paint?

  • Hey, Byron? The Suns rotations and overall coaching was 10 times better than the Lakers. Man up.

  • I think he’s promoting the charade of trying to win and talking out of both sides of his mouth. One side gives the illusion of “winning” while the reality is that he’s grooming players and following the team’s directive to get into the top 3 of the lottery.

    As such, he plays rookies because he’s always preaching that the team can and should win. And blatantly letting the rookies play super fast chuck up shots and learn from experience is obviously not winning basketball.

  • So it’s not the players fault they got destroyed on the offensive boards, fastbreak pionts, and points in the paint?

  • I wish Byron would man up, he should have taken out Huertas in the second quarter after Knight pulled that crossover step back 3 on him. Huertas lost his soul there, and never got it back again.

  • Why is the Lakers so insistent on running the Princeton offense? Both Mike Brown and BS has tried and failed horribly with it (along with pretty much any other coach who’s tried it in the NBA assumedly).

  • Good coaches change things up, when things aren’t going well. It’s also very likely that because so many offensive boards came from the guards, that the Lakers were still playing the Drummond game plan from the last game, and hadn’t been told to change things up for a more mobile team. Hornacek for example, saw that Len was doing a better job than Chandler, so stayed with him. He also saw that Leuer was crap and played Televetovic more. This is what good coaches do. Keeping Bass at C when he couldn’t buy a rebound is what mental midgets do.

  • Not putting EVERYTHING on the coach, just the game plan. Trust me man, I agree with everything you pointed out. But our roster is a offensive driven team. When our offense is clicking, we play harder ( including defense)…..that’s just what it is.

  • As of now, Simmons has the skills and handles of a top tier PG prospect, the ability to play and defend all positions, but his game is limited to 18 feet. And he’s 6’10” and might continue growing.

    One analyst said it best,
    Let’s not call him the next Lebron, but let’s say that he’s the first player SINCE Lebron to have the size, strength, and skills LIKE Lebron.

    Don’t sleep on Ingram or Brown. Simmons has the hype, but so did Okafor and J.Parker.

  • I don’t think it was a nickname, he was just observing that his defense was low, hence DLo………: )

  • To me, Russell is one of the few guys who could thrive in LA. He’s already shown he can handle the pressure. And after 9 games he’s starting to average 12ppg.

    It’s all UP Hill. And it’s a 12 year Journey. We’re seeing the first 9 steps of 1200.

  • Russell will be alright. Once he gets more feel for the pro level, that to go with experience…..he’ll be ok. My words may seem refunded now, but once he get this year under his belt and hopefully we get our max guys next year……you’ll see what I’m talking about.

  • Because the Princeton teaches fundamentals, it instills solid basketball IQ and read-react concepts, and is an equal opportunity offense.

    While it’s not working, per se, it’s actually a very good offense for rookies to learn HOW to play under as it teaches them to be well rounded players.

  • And then we’d get 32 wins and be no better off.

    I’ll stick with the tank commander and a top 3 pick.

    THEN, we can scape goat Scott in June and start fresh with Simmons or Ingram.

    And Scott walks into the Sunset with a golf club in hand $16M richer.

  • He has not shown anywhere near the offensive aggressiveness of Harden, particularly in going to the hole. He needs about 20 pounds of muscle added, and his outside shot accuracy needs help. As a floor general he has loads to learn, his defense is just average, and for being a good passer, doesn’t get many assists.

  • They are playing a lot of teams really close. A lot of it is Okafor, but when you look at the box score, most of their starters are putting up “starter numbers”. It’s just that 8 of their players are from the DLeague.

  • Go to SilverScreen and watch the clips they post.

    Russell’s passing is legit. It’s just that he’s playing timid or reserved. I think this team needs to run, but it’s not built to do that with the Old Man Kobe, MWP, Bass, Hibbert, and Huertas.

  • Like if you want Lakers to #TANK out the rest of this season for #BenSimmons

  • I wouldn’t even trust the tank commander, the level of tanking required this season is going to be twice as difficult. Remember last season Byron kept beating the TWolves and 76ers, he couldn’t even tank right in those games. The Lakers could have had the top pick.

  • I’m not challenging you, but I want you to think long and hard about IF Scott is really trying to win.

    He puts on a good game, but at the end of the day I think he’s trying to save the team’s top 3 pick. And as such, all the words about rotations, changes, and such might not be fully understanding the mission.

    It sucks as a lakers fan, and it’s not in our DNA to accept it, but it sure seems like it is so.

  • 9 games into his professional career, and you are criticizing that he’s not besting a top-10 PG?

    Let’s wait a year to see if this same criticism is true NEXT November.

  • Nah, he wants to win these games, you will know when the tank is on. That’s when master sergeant Robert Sacre starts making the rotation.

  • Keep in mind,
    No matter what the team does, they can’t get the #1 pick.
    It’s just bad for business, and bad all around in terms of legacy, branding, and broadcasting.

    As of now, they are on track for the #1 or #2 pick. Brooklyn has no incentive to give Boston the #2 pick, and New Orleans can’t be as bad as they seem if they were the #8 seed last year and a ton of bad luck injuries have slowed them down so far.

    Every other team is playing close to .500 ball. There are only 4 teams in the race.

  • I know he can pass. However, he does not probe like the good playmakers do. Like Nash, Stockton, Paul, Rondo do or even Kobe at times last night. He’s also not aggressive enough, i hope its not because of laziness. Scott is part of the reason, but there is no denying that his much hyped talent should be showing more at this point

  • What happened to Randle?
    His rebounding is quietly improving, but his scoring and attacking went away.

    A lack of confidence or by coaching directive?

  • Are you sure, just letting this year’s team play isn’t good enough to win most games.

    And by using guys like Bass, Black and MWP he’s not helping things.

    I kinda look at it like he can’t win with the talent he’s got, so he might as well pretend that he wants to. And truth be told, this squad doesn’t know how to close out games. Until they learn how to play better they don’t have the ability or skill to win. Sure Scott could make a few tweaks and maybe get 30 wins, but why?

    Just let them play, learn how to win, and get 16 wins in the process. It’s not tanking when the team just isn’t good enough to win.

  • While it may be true that the Lakers can finish with the second worst record, no chance of catching the sixers. Brooklyn will likely blow things up and look to bring in a bunch of young talent, which will in turn lead to losses. I also see the Nuggets and Blazers in false positions right now and they will definitely join the tank race. Having the second worst record is still only a 60 percent chance of being top 3. Finishing third worst it’s even less likely. This team has more talent than last year’s team and will likely develop as the season goes on, leading to wins..

  • Glad I’m not the only one that noticed. They showed the Sixers game even, but didn’t show the Lakers except for 2 quick highlights before commercials. When the game was over they only talked about the Suns. Not even a word about the Lakers.

  • So is this a case where it isn’t the message it’s the messenger? We all know Mike Brown was an idiot coach and we’re fast learning Byron may be following in his footsteps but is there anyone IN THE NBA who’s had any kind of success with it?

  • Rusell is gonna bowl he just needs the ball in his hands and let of of princeton offense

  • So the question really is: Is Byron Scott the worst most prideful stubborn coach in the NBA? Or is he just a tanking genius? D’Antoni won more games with a lot less talent than this. I don’t really know what to think. He has led teams to the lottery in 11 of his 15 years of coaching.

  • Duhh he wants to win thats why he keeps playing lou williams and swaggy instead of rusell in 4th quarter

  • Lack of ball and man movement tonight. The whole game was fools gold except flashes of good one on one play.

    Randle is regressing. Big mistake by Scott having him handle the ball this much, this early. Kid needs to work on other parts of his game.

    Russell is not being given the offensive play calling. Not sure he’s fully ready but it makes no sense not to let him sink or swim given we’re losing anyway. Scott is only delaying his progress and his ability to earn the trust that will become good chemistry with his teammates.

    A. Brown should absolutely get more burn when Kobe is not playing.

    The youth does have a long way to go and there will be more growing pains to come. Scott needs to do a better job of managing the youth instead of the soon to be tuned out old pride stance.

  • LMBO!! Man I just fell out laughing at number 6!! Was it really that bad?

  • To Brown’s defense, IF the team had given him more time, It would have worked and would have been very effective. But it’s hard to install a very cerebral offense in one preseason and 10 games.

    The Princeton teaches read-react, it teaches how to make spontaneous adjustments and has no plays designed for 1 player. It creates scoring opportunities as guys stay in motion and find match-up issues.

  • I’ll take 60% chance of a top 3 pick rather than 0% chance of Durant. Getting a guy like Simmons, Ingram, or Skal changes the team’s future immensely. This is due to talent AND the fact that the team’s top 4 players are on rookie contracts.

    Take a look at the standings, outside of New Orleans and Brooklyn, as soon as teams get around 12 wins in Mid December, they’ve already got too many wins and 55+ games to play. The season is odd, in that it’s so competitively balanced and seems to be working in the Lakers’ favor.

  • he is a PointForward, think about LO and Lebron…simmons(lebron with less athletecism) lacks jumpshot right now….Ingram is like a KD lite,multipositional, skinny but has a virtually perfect shooting stroke from the outside(a project body-wise)

  • bass was forced to play C when he should be a PF, smh lakers shouldve gone Halfcourt plays this game, they play back2backs and suns is a running and gunning team

  • its amazing, we run the same 3 plays all game and wonder why we suck so bad in the 4th. our best 3 point shooter is young but we don’t have a single play to get young open looks. we have nance who can jump out the building always standing in the outer perimeter. we have randle who can finish around the basket but we don’t have a single play to get him the ball deep inside the post.

  • it doesn’t matter how much were down or how bad the 2nd unit is playing, starters will only come back in the 6th minute mark of the 4th.

  • now that theres some video of him playing in the nba, they know how to defend him. its scotts offensive or lack of thats killing randle. its the same play over and over again. him standing outside and trying to bully his way in.

  • ?! Don’t give a F, accuracy is what will be measured. Been here for a few yrs now, stand by what I post which in turn holds weight lol.

  • Unless we get rid of Randle, I rather take someone that fit the team needs which is someone who can shoot 3. Right now, Ingram looks a better fit for us. Russell, Clarkson and Randle are all ball-handler. Adding Simmons makes no sense.

  • I agree on your analysis. I would rather take Ingram over Simmons unless we get rid of Randle. We can’t have too many players handling the ball and clogging the lane.

  • If we keep the current rosters, I’ll take Ingram over Simmons. But if we get rid of Randle, I’ll take Simmons.Too many ball handlers on our team and not many who can shoot 3.

  • Agree, the lakers future success is reliant on the youth such as Russell and jc. If the young struggle too much throughout the season don’t see much change/luck in FA2016.

    Russell still has a lot to learn which goes for the youth. Scott’s on the clock, it’s on him this season. Don’t think he’s serious about winning too, otherwise he’d change the starting rotation by now. It’s about momentum foremost. By late 4th odds aren’t in their favor given the rotation switches with the youth/inexperience.

    Thus best to bring them in sooner/get them more acclamated to closing out games b/c odds say that 24 won’t be around next season to help them learn (veteran leadership).

  • Well if the Lakers pick up Simmons, it means that Randle will be trade bait, cause Simmons does a lot of things very well, while Randle appears very limited by his size and one handedness. I like Ingram too, but he is like DLo, not NBA ready right away, a very thin frame.

  • you have a point, DloJCRandleSimmons are all effective when the ball is in their hands….the need is Ingram but you seek talent in the draft and Dlo and Simmons are friends(easier chemistry)

  • THE GOOD: Jordan Clarkson….AGAIN
    THE BAD: Randle has hit a wall; Russell keeps losing his man off-ball
    THE UGLY: defense, or lack thereof…AGAIN; still waiting for that pre-season conditioning to pay dividends late.

  • It’s time for him to make the adjustment. Defenders are laying off so he has to start hitting that mid-range jumper.

  • last night game was a nightmare… the 2nd unit was a mess . it seem like we tanking again this yea

  • Offensive rebounding killed this team last night, the Suns had 18 of em while we got 7. A team with poor coaching and limited talent has no chance if beaten on the boards this badly.

  • The coaching has been terrible this year. Russell needs to get around 30 minutes a game and all at PG. He has shown flashes of being a good player when his confidence is high (the Nets game). Byron Scott is constantly killing his confidence and keeping him out of games, when he should be throwing him into the games and telling him to be aggressive. The plays the offense run are terribly outdated for the NBA and a coaching change is needed.

  • It’s a big farce to think playing a MWP and Nick Young in big minutes are going to do anything for the Lakers. If anyone is going to save face (Scott and Jimmy Buss), Just put a young team out there and let them go. Nance needs more minutes, Russell and Clarkson, Randle Hibbert and Kobe. That’s your team let the rest sub, in order to rest these guys. Quit all this bs. It’s going to be a real bad year anyhow.

  • lakers need to trade bass… bs dont know how to use him… unless you put him in the starting line up alongside hibbert and have randle come off the bench and make him earn his starting position. bass cant be playing at the 5, his strength is his strength, the ability to finish strong and attack strong also hit some jumpers. he cant do that when he is going against these giant 5s

  • Remember Jonny “the bust” Flynn? It’s scary to think that guy’s rookie season was more impressive than D’Angelo’s so far…

  • Bring bernie back! Lol but for real bernie got the lakers playing the princeton pretty well

  • Come on. Russell did get around 30 minutes last night (27 mpg). If he can’t do better than 2 assists in that time, the problem is with him, not his coach. 27 minutes on the floor is plenty of time to show what you have.. lots of players in the NBA would kill for that amount of playing time.

  • Except it is the coach. When your team’s assist leader is Roy Hibbert, your offense is flawed. They are running an outdated Princeton offense, that’s not even working as it should. Princeton offense takes the ball out of the PG’s hands, which was the problem when Mike Brown was the coach when Nash was forced to play off-ball. Russell needs the ball in his hands to make an impact. He has shown flashes of great playmaking and scoring, but doesn’t get the chances to prove it. It seems like you just look at the box score, rather than watch the games.

  • I do believe Randle will be the future PF for LAL but what do you think of Nance as the starter and Randle coming off the bench?

    Seems Randle has too many holes in his game to be effective and Nance is much more the complete player right now.

  • The lights aren’t too bright for Russell. He’s just a below avg NBA athlete and therefore everything is hard. He can’t use his athleticism to get easy shots. Plus, he doesn’t compete hard enough on defense. A below avg athlete that doesn’t compete on defense is a terrible defender.

    Still, we should let him continue trying to figure things out. The kid does have talent.

  • Young has outplayed Kobe, Lou, and Russell and you’d put him out of the rotation? I like giving A Brown PT since we are suffering from lack of perimeter defense, but Young has been our best perimeter defender this year. If you want to squeeze anyone out it should be Lou. He’s a bad defender and has been shooting the ball very poorly. Maybe have Kobe as the “lead guard” with A Brown and Swagg.

  • And Bass at C. Probably should move Nance to sf and have Bass at PF with Black at C.

  • Yup, he gets a pass for ~1 year. We’ve got to see what he’s got before being too critical.

  • They do run plays for him, but he’s not the #1 option. A few plays I saw last night seemed to have Lou look for a spot attempt on the left with Young on the right. If Lou was covered then they passed to Swag.

    I thought the Lou, Nance P&R looked promising during the Detroit game. I didn’t seem much of the game last night but they must of run that play a few times.

  • It’s not clear Russell is the future. I think we need to see a lot more from him before we can make him untradeable. We wouldn’t get much for all the other young players so they’d be bad trades probably. The vets are want we have to move.

  • I think the best tract would be to start Bass at PF, and look to move him asap. Dec 15 is only a few weeks away…

  • Because they were on a team that had no expectations of winning. Byron is trying to win with this team, when they have no shot at winning anything. He benches Russell instead of giving him the full reigns of the offense like he gave Kyrie and Chris Paul. ?☕️

  • Also, he has to take the back seat to Kobe, which CP3 and Kyrie didn’t have to do. They had no superstar on their team.

  • I love how the fans that are so pro-Russell continue to say the same thing…He needs 30 plus minutes a night! You don’t offer anything that he needs to do AND ISN’T, you simply say, give him the minutes.

  • They say it because its true. And if you read my comment I wrote what he needed to do. Play aggressive and with confidence, which he has not. I didn’t simply say give him the minutes. Read before you write, it makes you look ignorant.

  • The FIRST thing you said was give him the minutes. I read what you wrote completely. It’s the same with all of you guys, your focus is on him getting the minutes. Sure, you might throw in a couple things here or there of what he needs to do BUT it is never…he needs to do 1, 2, 3, AND THEN, he will get the minutes.

    Guys use to earn minutes. Now they enter the league already being given minutes.

  • Oh, and I still don’t see where you said he needs to play aggressive and with confidence. What you wrote was “He has shown flashes of being a good player when his confidence is high (the Nets game).” and “he should be throwing him into the games and telling him to be aggressive.” Besides, hasn’t Byron repeatedly said that Russell needs to play harder?

  • The first thing I said was that he needs more minutes, but I also said what he needs to do. He’s not a perfect player, but he’s also not being put in the position to do good. The Princeton offense is not for a ball dominant player.

  • Sorry, I thought it was implied. And Scott berates Russell to the media, which hurts his confidence. If a coach was always ragging on you to the media, wouldn’t it be tough for you to play for him. It’s Byron’s job to get his players in a spot where they succeed.

  • Again, I thought it was implied. But, Scott isn’t all to blame, Russell also needs to play more confidently aggressive, but if Russell is doing that, the coach has to get him to somehow.

  • Implied???? It’s not even close to being the same. He berates him to the media? I know you didn’t just start watching basketball this season. How did Phil treat Kobe to the media?

    Coaches aren’t miracle workers.

  • Kobe and Russell are completely different. You have to know who you’re dealing with. Teachers, coaches, bosses all have to know who they are dealing with to motivate them. Kobe can handle that type of stuff. I don’t think Russell can.

  • You sure are making it sound like Byron is all to blame. Did you ever think that Byron is trying to motivate him by sitting him? If I want to get my son to change his behavior I take the iPad away. Cutting off the TV won’t affect him because he doesn’t care as long as he has the iPad. Byron is taking away the iPad from Russell when he sits him in the fourth quarter. The next thing would be not to start him.

  • So because Russell is different Byron is the problem? Maybe Russell is the problem.

  • Or maybe you completely didn’t grasp my point. As a coach you have to deal with each player uniquely in order to get them motivated. If Russell isn’t responding well to being criticized to the media, maybe don’t do that anymore and find another way to get him to pay hard.

  • No, but Byron is a big part of all this. You are missing the point that while he’s on the court he’s not being put in a position to succeed. Scott’s offense is outdated and not a good match for Russell.

  • You act like Byron isn’t there with Russell. Plus, talking about him in the media is not the only thing he has done.

  • I get your point and somewhat agree, BUT effort has nothing to do with the coach, it’s personal.

  • You can squeeze A. Brown out but the second unit needs a point guard but since you can’t keep Kobe out of the second unit then it has to be Kobe and Young in together.

  • I don’t mind having Simmons but that mean we have to get rid of Randle. I think many here won’t be happy with that. Plus, who can we get for Randle?

  • Ingram is a shooter and a wing defender. I don’t think thin frame is going to be a big problem for him. I don’t mind taking Simmons if we get rid of Randle. But who can we get for Randle?

  • at the very end of the g ame maybe for 2 seconds.
    he probably could have helped stop bledsoe or knight.
    coach scott didnt use him at all.
    and MWP didnt get alot of playing time.
    Nick Young and others didnt play good defense.
    we need to start playing much better defense and stop letting other teams have CAREER highs when they play against us.

  • Black wasnt in the game.
    if he was must have been the last 1 min or 2.
    i turned it off already……..
    i couldnt watch us get blown out nomore.
    its disgusting to watch.

  • we got out rebounded/steals and blocks too.
    they had less turnovers than us too.
    they just blew us out like a candle.
    way too easy.
    people need to care about losing or we are gonna suck this year……
    cmon players

  • they are purposely tanking.
    we are not.
    we won 2 games. philly hasnt even won 1.

  • anthony brown didnt even play or tariq black.
    coach scott needs to bench lou or nick young.

  • lol. Yeah, I was half kidding about Bernie. I really wouldn’t mind a return but I think he’s over with the hated Rockets organization right now (their record and chemistry woes is helping me through this trying season as I laugh at Harden’s/Rocket’s play in a way that even the Clippers don’t give me lol).

  • I’m not a big fan of Bass at the C but if both Black and Nance are out there with him, I think I’d like the combo just for the combined hustle the three would bring.

  • It does, but so does the Triangle. But since Jimmy B banned it from Staples, we’re stuck with the Triangle’s red-headed stepchild the Princeton offense. It’s funny that Jimmy B would ban the Triangle due to Phil (and other issues not basketball related) because he wants a return to Showtime. But this thinking is basically saying that you can’t get out and run in that offense and he’d be wrong. Phil notoriously didn’t like run and gun/having the offense be fast paced but that doesn’t mean you can’t play up-tempo while running the triangle.

  • Ummm this team has no expectations to win either..just delusion by fans most experts predicted around 27 wins

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