Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Posts Updated Picture of Injured Achilles On Instagram

One advantage of having Kobe Bryant on Twitter (besides having him tweet during playoff games) is the constant updates he supplies us with regarding his torn Achilles. When Bryant sustained the injury at the end of the regular season, there were numerous pundits doing their best to predict when Bryant would be able to get back on the floor. Still, no matter what everybody else has said, it will come down to Bryant’s training and treatment procedures that will determine when he’ll be able to get back on the floor.

Bryant took to Instagram on Tuesday to post an update on his condition, showing his taped Achilles out of the cast with the caption “Foot on the ground! #pray4bear #standup #mambaarmy.”

Kobe has done a good job of keeping his followers updated on his condition since the injury, so it’s worth adding him on Twitter and Instagram if you haven’t already.