Kobe Bryant Ranks 6th in ESPN’s #NBARank

The verdict is officially in with ESPN’s #NBARank down to the top 10 players in the NBA with Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers improving from last year’s No. 7 ranking, but not by much.

Metta World Peace (137), Steve Nash (19) and Pau Gasol (15) have all received their rankings without much debate about where they’ve been placed amongst the NBA’s best. The ranking of Kobe on the other hand has created quite a buzz around the league with most believing the five-time NBA champion should be ranked higher than last year.

After averaging 27.9 points per game and coming just short of another third scoring title, Kobe has seemingly turned back the clock and proved to many that he may have a few more years left as one of the elite players in the NBA.

Regardless of Kobe’s impressive play last season, the five-time NBA champion has only moved up one notch from No. 7 to No. 6 with a score of 8.88 via @NBAonESPN:

The four players ranked behind Kobe in the top 10 are Kevin Love (7), Dwyane Wade (8), Russell Westbrook (9) and Deron Williams (10).

Although many Lakers fans will almost certainly think that Kobe should’ve been ranked higher, it’s hard to argue that this ranking isn’t fair. It’s no secret that Kobe is no longer in his prime and the players that will be ranked ahead of him are hitting their stride.

The five players ahead of Kobe will be fellow teammate Dwight Howard, Derrick Rose, Chris Paul, Kevin Durant and LeBron James. The order of the top five have yet to be determined, but it’d be safe to safe that the order above will be close with Howard possibly ahead of Rose and maybe even Paul.

The only player that is questionable in terms of being ranked ahead of Kobe is Rose. With the one-time MVP nowhere near 100 percent at any time last season before tearing up his knee in the playoffs, there’s a chance that Rose may never be the same. Rose could possibly be the next Brandon Roy in terms of great potential with an inability to stay healthy.

As for Howard, last year he came in at No. 2. This time around he’ll probably end up anywhere from No. 3 to No. 5. Not likely any other player besides Durant ends up at No. 2.

Do you agree with Kobe’s ranking? Let us know where you think Kobe should have been ranked in the comments below.

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