Kobe Bryant: The Living Legend

Impossible shots, tenacious defense, and an unmatched willingness to win.  These are just a few of the things we have all come to expect from Kobe Bryant.  Entering his fifteenth season in the NBA, Bryant has matured and changed as a basketball player, but even more as a human being. 

The evolution of Kobe Bryant has been truly remarkable to experience, not just for basketball fans but everyday people as well.  To truly appreciate Bryant and what he has been able to accomplish in his illustrious career thus far we must travel back to the beginning of Bryant’s life in the public spotlight, and only then will we be able to completely understand Bryant and respect him for his unending perseverance and desire to be better than anyone else.

Kobe Bryant High SchoolKobe Bryant grew up with basketball ingrained in his blood.  As most people crave food and water, Bryant craved competition.  The thrill of the fight and the ultimate joy of victory is something that has been brewing in Bryant’s soul since a young age.  Growing up with a professional basketball playing father, Joe “Jellybean” Bryant, there was no doubt that Kobe was going to ultimately be the nexus of modern basketball.  Bryant is the type of player who learned to shoot before learning to walk, who exited the birth canal with his sneakers laced up and ready to go.  His desire and pure love for the game of basketball has never been questioned, and may God help the poor soul who does decide to question that. 

In high school Bryant was unmatched, leading Lower Merion High School to a state championship his senior season.  He went on to pass Wilt Chamberlain’s all time scoring record for a Pennsylvania high school player and racked up more accolades than a Lexus luxury sedan.  After dominating the competition on the high school level with such ease Bryant decided to take his skills to the ultimate level, the National Basketball Association.

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