Kobe Bryant Will Retire At End Of 2015-16 NBA Season

The Los Angeles Lakers have been left in limbo over the past few years without a clear indication when Kobe Bryant would officially retire. Now it appears the fans and the storied franchise know when his Hall-of-Fame-caliber career will be coming to an end.

After endless speculation surrounding Kobe’s future in the NBA, the five-time NBA champion announced his intentions to retire after the 2015-16 NBA season on Sunday.

Bryant took to Players’ Tribune to let the world know he’ll be walking away once this season officially comes to an end for the Lakers via ESPN:

Kobe Bryant announced Sunday on the Players’ Tribune website that he will retire after this season, saying “this season is all I have left to give.”

In a piece entitled “Dear Basketball,” the 37-year-old Bryant wrote that the sport of basketball “gave a six-year-old boy his Laker dream and I’ll always love you for it.”

“But I can’t love you obsessively for much longer,” Bryant wrote. “This season is all I have left to give. My heart can take the pounding. My mind can handle the grind but my body knows it’s time to say goodbye.

“And that’s OK. I’m ready to let you go.”

At this point, it seems as though Bryant will not be going out with a sixth NBA championship or a final playoff run. The Lakers continue to struggle as the team rebuilds with promising young talent in Julius Randle, D’Angelo Russell, and Jordan Clarkson.

Despite how his career in the NBA ends next year, Bryant will leave behind an incredible legacy that will live on forever in Los Angeles. Kobe has been the cornerstone for the Lakers franchise for two decades and will continue to be the example of basketball excellence in one of the greatest organizations in all of sports.

With Bryant announcing his intentions to walk away from the game this season, Kobe will play his final NBA game at the Staples Center on April 13 against the Utah Jazz.

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[This is so sad]
Definitely one of the best ever!!
Thanks Kobe.
You inspire me in many ways.

  • Based on what I have read, I think Kobe still wants to play after this season, but the media, players, and fans kinda force him to retire, his legacies would have been greater had him retired 2 years ago..

  • Just stop…He has never been the same after the Achilles. If you know Kobe, he could care less what people think. It’s time and he knows it.

  • Damn this hurts , My boy. 2nd best SG to ever do it. Damn im old if hes retiring

  • We all knew it but now it’s official. I’ve loved being along for the ride. Kobe is a basketball god and much like Stanely Kubrick his genius is misunderstood but people will wake up after his gone. I’m very happy to having enjoyed his gift to the basketball world and not taken it for granted.

    Now, if only Bonehead Scott could honor him and use him more effeciently his farewell tour wouldn’t be so painful.

  • He had a great run. Glad he can see that its time to go. Much respect. Looking forward to our future!

  • It has been some of the best b ball i have ever witness and some of the worst lol . its been an Honor to have witness the second best sg to had playd the position im going to miss u bro its been more then great watchin u .

  • If you were the coach, how would you use him? Kobe can’t seem to hit anything out there. The only thing I can think of is reducing his playing time. Scott said that won’t happen.

  • If he wants to go out on his own terms, he has to let his ego go and tell Scott to reduce his minutes so that can happen. He can’t continue to play 30+ minutes and expect to make it through the season. It would be sad to see him retire injured.

  • The only true warrior to have entered the NBA. Forever my favorite and in my eyes the greatest. Good luck to the Lakers and Kobe this season. Let’s hope the young kids (Clarkson, Randle, Russell, and others) can enjoy similar success that Kobe did in his career.

  • Definitely under 30min and probably spot minutes. Setting him up closer to the basket. He can’t play the traditional 3 when he’s shooting 20% from three. I’d tell him to challenge the youngsters, giving them the ball with the shotclock winding down. Putting them on the spot to take responsability.

  • Good to have that settled for the team and Kobe. Time to start moving forward with a future without the goat.

  • This season sucks because of him…. bit you have to admire what this man has accomplished. He will be missed.

  • dis really isn’t news everybody knew he was in it 4 da paycheck. who would past up $25 mill to shoot air balls. ill never 4get da game winner vs Phoenix in da plAyoffs. CLASSIC KOBE

  • Buss kids have had such a rough transition if you really think about it. Lose their dad and then months later the super star they all leaned on went down with what ended up being a career ending injury.

  • Bitter Sweet

    Bitter because every true Lakers fan would miss him and remember the great things he’s done

    Sweet because we can move foward with our rookies. We won’t be shackle down by the past

  • Pot meet Kettle. Stop it, you’re embarrassing us Laker fans. The team is just not good, don’t blame Kobe for this mess.

  • Damn it, I knew this was coming, but still hurts. I’m glad I got the chance to see him play live for the first time this season. In my eyes Kobe will always be the GOAT!

  • Kobe is about 40% of the reason we have this terrible season. It’s not entirely his fault

  • I’m not here to argue, let’s just praise what he has accomplished in his career and for the Lakers.

  • i wanted kobe to retire but dam this sucks, oh well thanks for the memories mamba.

  • Shane Battier “KB scored 56 on me in 3(!) qtrs my rookie year. Pushed me to be better more than any player I’ve faced. He has my ultimate hoops respect.”

  • Kobe is the greatest competitor I have ever faced. I am glad he’s found peace, I don’t know if we ll see another like him. Enjoy the last 66

    -Shane Battier

  • I seriously think he should only play 20-25 mins a game at the very most if he hopes to play in every game. Especially now that we know it’s officially a farewell tour. No point at all in overplaying him.

  • The Clippers??? Lololol! Kobe has owned the Clippers his whole career until the Achilles injury. Get off the drugs fool….and you are welcome back as soon as the clippers get out of the 2nd round for the first time ever….if that ever happens lol

  • Thanks for everything. Forgive me for the times i have hate you this season. I will always love you. And my son will be named as Kobe Torres.

  • Flagged.

    ClippersRunLA is back, with his real name.

    I guess you can’t full stamp out a troll.

  • Didn’t you just read his farewell letter?

    He just said his body can’t do it anymore.

  • When Kobe retires it’ll be on his own terms. IMO, don’t think he enjoys playing this type of game given his ‘struggles’ which are attributed more so to father time. Top 7 all-time NBA player no doubt.

  • Without Kobe, we wouldn’t have a distraction and realize that this team really does suck.

    And, the 2 wins this season, are because of Kobe.

    Without Kobe, we’d be as bad (or worse) than Philly.

  • You would have to be an actual basketball fan to understand so don’t worry about it.

  • ?!, as opposed to former players like Jalen Rose who have him 9th-10th while having Bird 5th-6th. While stating this is what the majority of former players believe… thus speaking for the so called league.

  • Man.. we all knew it was going to happen but now that he himself confirmed it, it’s hitting hard. The last game is going to be tough. Gonna have my kleenex and ice cream ready.

  • Thanks Kobe – The GOAT!
    Laker fans are here to support you till the end!

  • You know what you are right Kobe will not be appreciated until he is gone his competitiveness, his killer instinct the physical play the will to play through injuries is slowly leaving the game if you notice players cant be physical, talk trash, or even be aggressive any more the league is changing for the worst, every piece of the game and the players you have seen over the years is a huge inspiration from Kobe, Kobe took wild shots like Curry in his prime, Kobe took the game to the next level, Kobe was the first player to recieve NBA chants not to mention in other teams arena. But he has played bad but lets be not put all the blame on him like the front office has done their job the last 4 yrs Kobe could still play he just needed help and i still believe our franchise will go up in flames if Jim Buss is still making the decisions then i gurantee you people will see that Kobe wasnt the big problem after all and its Jim Buss.

  • Why reduce his min ? How will reducing his min help this team suck with or without Kobe and the only reason i was a big lakers fan was because of Kobe now the franchise is worst then it was last year, then people say Kobe will come off the bench why what you gone put him the lineup with Lou and Nick thats worst and Phil Jack is the only coach who could convince Kobe to come off the bench be he would trust Phil i love the Lakers but as long JIM is in their we will be awful man and its sad Kobe had to go out like this.

  • The NBA was privileged to have such greatness but we as Lakers fans were the luckiest as we reaped the rewards of said greatness. It’s a damn shame he had to go out this way he deserved better and so much more….

  • From what was said and such, Kobe had planned to play a couple of extra years had he still been able to play at a level he thought he could. It’s only with the realization that he can no longer get the results of the work he put in has he decided he can no longer do it. It’s not the media, the players, etc. It’s 30% and 19%. He can’t do it and he’s seeing it himself.

  • Why let him continue to play big minutes when he has said his body can’t take it anymore. The only way he makes it through the season is reduced minutes. He got hurt last year playing too many minutes and carrying the Lakers.

  • Not much that can be said. It’s going to be strange to see the NBA with no more Kobe next season, see the Lakers with no more Kobe next season. I still remember the sting of losing Magic and the unfamiliarity of the team the year after. It’s nice seeing a core the Lakers can build around and I can be familiar with, but no Kobe after 20 years, what can i say really other than thanks for the memories Kobe. Portland, down 17 with around 9 or 10 minutes to play. That epic comeback with Shaq. I think that’s my greatest memory of all.

  • I almost had a heart attack when I got a b/r alert that said Kobe was to retire. I thought it said retire now. This is so depressing as a fan. Kobe is the reason I started watching basketball. I was amazed watching him and how clearly superior he was to everyone else on the court. Injuries took out a great and I feel deprived that he missed these last two years despite his 20 year career. It’s finally coming to an end but he will always be the greatest to ME!

  • I don’t see it as depressing. It is time. I will miss him playing, but I already do, that isn’t Kobe out there.

  • Now if only B-Scott would anouce his retirement. All the Lakers fans would rejoice!

  • I can still remember watching Kobe throughout high school and college giving me a lot of memorable moments (tryna hold back tears)….From the four straight air balls against Utah, to scoring 81 points against the Raptors, he’s the main reason I’m still cooking in my #8 Jersey on Thursday nights at the recreation center….Much L.O.V.E KB8 and thanks again brotha….You will be missed but never forgotten….#Shalom Kid!!!!!

  • Man I told myself a few years ago when Kobe retires I won’t cry. I got sad when I got that B/R notification. I knew it was coming. But when he announce it, it finally hit me. Im 24 from LA so I watched every game & I will enjoy his last season

  • But if he is going to retire and we suck anyway what difference do it make how many min he plays, Lakers are doodoo man when Kobe is out we still lose and with him gone we will be worst we still lost last season without him.

  • the question here is, how many retirements is kobe going to have? member, jordan retired like 5 times(i know this is a different situation with kobe’s injuries)

  • That’s true but I feel like he still had a few years left. It’s the injuries that really ended him. 2012-2013 was his last mostly healthy season, the Achilles was the tail end of the season. It’s depressing because he could have still been playing at a respectable level. This guy we see now? It’s terrible to see that injuries have turned him into a mortal and to me this is the first end of an era. I wasn’t old enough to see Magic or those early 90s teams with Van Exel and those boys. I’ll miss seeing him.

  • I’m feeling a sense of deja vu. I had this same unexplainable sadness when Magic Johnson announced his sudden retirement in 1991.

    Although we all saw this coming, it’s sad for me as a loyal Lakers fan to learn that one of the 2 greatest basketball players to ever grace our basketball courts will finally hang it up at season’s end!

  • are you there cj? you didn’t slit your wrist over this news did you?

  • Who in the heII cut Nance Jr’s hair? Terrible. I hope that was some sort of rookie hazing.

  • No offence but if you think Kobe’s the reason “this season sucks” you’re pretty ignorant. He hasn’t been playing great but they have terrible team stats across the board if you bother to look. People just like to focus on Kobe and not the others because he’s the “star” and we’re used to better from him.

    2-13, lowest team FG% in the league, 4th worst team in assists, 6th worst in points scored, 2nd worst in +/-, 2nd worst offensive rating, 3rd worst defensive rating, 2nd worst net rating, awful paint protection…I can continue. This isn’t a player problem, it’s a team problem. We don’t have a great team right now, face reality. We have a great young core though that will grow and turn us into a great team down the road, but it’s going to take a little while.

    A legend, someone who helped us win 5 championships, is about to retire. It’s not the time to throw jabs. Show some class and just be appreciative of the last time we’ll get to see him play.

  • JC got the juice now. It’s going to be interesting to see JC lead this team.

  • You’re such an idiotic Linturd. Kobe’s legacy is set in stone, he will be inducted into the HOF, has MVP’s, 5 rings and it doesn’t get better than that. He is a basketball legend, unlike Duremy “Not Drafted” Dim.

  • alrithy… let’s get this straight. We all love Kobe for what he did. Now that we know that he retires after this season… do we not agree with Byrun now when he said he wouldn’t change anything regarding Kobe? He knew Kobe will retire after the season.

  • Thank you! The Lakers are not going to be GSW if Kobe doesn’t play. I mean, really dude, let them stink it may actually work to their benefit come draft time. They act like Russell Westbrook and Anthony Davis are waiting for Kobe’s spot. Sheesh! Just chill, you ain’t going nowhere anyways.

  • Thanks for everything Kobe, for the Greatness and Rings you brought to the Lakers, good times and bad times, LOYALTY OVER ROYALTY! You are my favorite player of all time, top 5 player all time in my eyes, arguably the Best Laker Ever, hoping for a healthy Kobe this whole season and go down with a Win


  • Sad to see Kobe retiring :/ Thanks for 20 yrs of inspiration and the best basketball I’ll ever see Kobe!!! Your play got me loving basketball. Truly the Greatest of All Time!!!!!

  • reduce playing time 25-30 minutes, play 1 game in back2backs, less shots(10-15/game), more passing and be the stabilizer of the team

  • Why wait till the end of the season? Need more 2-15 games, taking all the shots and touches away from more deserving able players? I can’t believe he has played more minutes than anyone else on EITHER TEAM. What is this? A cosmic joke?

  • They’ve been terrible with or without him on the court, get real. If anything you’re the one being “that guy”, trying to pin a teams failures on one player like a simpleton. Stats are there.

  • So words like ssimpleton make you feel good? Counter my argument or you’re useless

  • Time to play Kobe leisurely. He can take time off on several Lakers games but he still has to be in the sidelines to mentor the younger players.

    Yeah you can still start Kobe, no problem with that. Just let him be a facilitator inside and not focus on scoring points. He’s got to play point forward for the team.

    Now it’s time to retire BS! Nyahahahahahaha!

  • LOL That’s exactly what I did in my first reply. How ironic since YOU didn’t bother countering mine when you answered. This guy.

  • You’re dumb? That’s evident. Your comment just doesn’t make sense. Grammar is clearly not your strong suit.

  • It’s tough for both fans and Kobe but this is the right decision. I got nothing but love and respect for this Laker legend. Time to pass the torch.

  • Thank you Kobe I really enjoyed watching you grow from a 17 kid coming out of high school to 20 years later a grown man emerged, enjoy your retirement

  • team still better when hes on the court.

    2 huge threes to get us back into the game

  • I would like this, but it already has 8, and that’s perfect. Speaking of numbers, the Lakers really should retire both 8 and 24. He won the majority of his rings wearing 8, but spent the bulk of his career wearing 24. Imo gotta retire both.

  • History will forget Kobes subpar performances the past few years the same way history has forgotten Jordan’s time with the Wizards. When people think of Jordan, they remember the championships, the flu game, the 69pt playoff game against the Celtics, etc… People will remember Kobes 81, his 61 at the garden, his buzzer beaters, and his relentless work ethic. It’s the same with Dr J, Kareem, Wilt. No one remembers Karl Malone for his time with the Lakers. Kobes legacy will be just fine

  • Not true, the Lakers were down 12 when he was there, not to mention the 20 odd with him chucking them up. Then he goes out, Clarkson and Nick get the Lakers within 4, he comes back in, his man scores and a turnover and then the Pacers are back up to 9 point lead, at that point the game is over, and all that circus stuff at the end was just delaying the inevitable. Not to mention his terrible in-bounds pass that was nearly stolen, and led to the Lakers losing clock and being forced to play the foul for free throw game (Which was always why the Pacers had control over the game, the Lakers had just burned all their time outs and despite that circus shot that Kobe hit (even he didn’t believe it) the Lakers were at no point in a position to win that game.. The Lakers should have ridden the hot hands, but Byron decided rather than go for the W, they would go for the Kobe zoo show. I’m so glad Kobe is going, now we can move on, and you can move on too, and find another selfish egomaniac to worship and stop calling yourself a Lakers fan.

  • I liked you as a player. Your technique, your footwork, your work ethic, your refuse to lose mentality, but above all i admire your courage to try to come back from all those major injuries. Thanks for the memories man!

  • Were you a Lakers Fan during the five championships in the last 20 years? Were you a fan? The SAME guy you hate now, you enjoyed back then. Maybe you are the one that isn’t a real fan.

  • The difference as lakers fans between you and me, is that i want the lakers to win while you live in the past

  • Thanks for the Memories…Gonna seem strange without that #8 and #24 Gracing the court in that Purple and Gold….Bless you in your future endeavors.

  • Lakers’ have sold a lot of tickets and sponsorships on this being Kobe’s last season. Pretty sure that’s driving the decision as much as anything else.

  • LOL, you continue to make the same assumption which is that I don’t want the team to win and am stuck in the past. You don’t know me and haven’t a clue as to what I want. Of course I want to see the team win. I just choose not to criticize a guy that has contributed greatly to bringing this organization 5 championships.

    It’s funny because Rick Fox stated last night that he feels like Kobe’s announcement brings some relief to him as well because he has been defending him greatly thus far this year. He said, now he doesn’t have to hopefully, because people will focus less and less on what Kobe does the rest of the year and instead focus more and more on what he has done over his career. I have taken that same approach. Apparently, you have not.

  • This is how everybody should have been looking at Kobe since the start of the season…instead of being so critical. Who didn’t think he was going to retire after this season? Even he has now stated that he knew he would since the summer.

    The only way he wouldn’t have retired is if he still was playing at his old level. If he was doing that…we’d all be happy with that…so either way, we should focus on what he has accomplished.

  • Jimmy has nothing to do with Kobe running out of gas. Kobe chose to play all those minutes, leaving everything he had on the court. Every player has a shelf life. Kobe exceeded his. After the Achilles injury it was a wrap as I tried to tell folks at time.

    The sad part about the blame game folks like to play is how they don’t acknowledge the other side of the story. Phil had no future with the Lakers and it was Dr. Buss who set that up. Jeanine and the entire family knows this and they respected their dad’s wishes. Some folk need to get the memo.

  • Kobe wants to play every game possible as he enjoys his final lap. Why risk that for so called meaningless minutes? Reduce his minutes and role so he can last the whole season! Fans win, the youth get much needed PT and Kobe leaves on his feet thus getting his proper curtain call as they sub him one last time, the last game in April.

  • We stink with him also. Your argument makes absolutely no sense. Kobe wants to play every game. The best way for that to possibly happen is less minutes and lesser role/usage. Kobe won’t last logging all these minutes and then Fans will be once again cheated out of one last glimpse at the living legend. Kareem barely played 15 MPG during his farewell tour. Magic came off the bench in 96 with the youngin’s and the Late Show. About 24 MPG. This season is not about wins contrary to Scott’s BS. Kobe is at peace with trying to help the kid’s through all of this losing but Scott must pull his head out of his azz, and do a better job of managing Kobe and the development of the kid’s!

  • you really dont understand basketball your not a laker fan your a kobe hater. and you wont be here next season when kobe is gone

  • The truth hurts, deal with it. I was fearful, you may have killed yourself after the announcement. Trust me when I tell you this, I cannot wait until Kobe has finally freed my Lakers. You on the other hand, I have suspicions about. Seriously man what are you going to do without Kobe? He is all you talk about. Even when he isn’t playing, all you talk about is how ‘if Kobe were playing, blah blah blah’.

  • la lakers should on focus trade deal in memphis gizzlies
    la lakers get mike conley,toney allen,jeff green

    memphis gizziles get nick young,kelly,sacre,clarkson,one draft pick

  • yep because when the draft was coming i was talking about kobe. you wont be here next season because you cant hate on kobe and i dought scare or scott are still here so 100% of your posts will be gone

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