Kobe Bryant’s Continued Dominance Cements All-Time Legacy

Despite performing at an extremely high level in his 17th season, Kobe isn’t just doing so by nailing a bunch of jump-shots. No, the Black Mamba is attacking the rim and dunking on known shot-blockers.

He’s being relentless in his pursuit of another title, as slim as the chances look for this season. Despite the disappointing season thus far, one simply can’t overlook the legendary season Kobe’s having.

Additionally, it’s not just the numbers but the manner and passion in which he plays the game which is truly remarkable and unique.

When Kobe Bryant puts up big numbers, it may not look as effortless as it did back in 2006 or 2007, but each and every point has meaning. It has a fiery defiance behind it. It contains a dramatic element that no other player currently in the league displays.

Which other player pumps his fist in fury after hitting a clutch jump-shot or snarls on the court after a breakaway slam dunk to place the game out of the opponent’s reach?

Which other player plays with the type of flair, theatrics, and overall passion that Kobe Bryant does?


Sure, there may be other athletes out there who share those similarities. Shoot, there may be other basketball players who are somewhat similar.

Those are the different animals, but are they the same beast as Kobe Bryant? Not a chance.

Different animal. Different beast.

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