Lakers Aim To Boldly Go Where Few Teams Have Gone Before

By all accounts, you would think this season is the Lakers’ last as the best show on TV. That, to continue my analogy, because of poor ratings or because their stars are too old the show is set to be cancelled.  Every loss is magnified.  Every performance dissected and endlessly analyzed.

Can the team play better?

Of course they could.

Is there reason for concern given the lack of consistency especially on defense?

Sure there is.

Does this team still have what it takes to win the 2011 NBA Championship, despite its early season ups and downs?

In my opinion, absolutely.

What makes me so confident, you ask?  Well the reason being is simple, or more to the point, not simple.  In fact, in the history of the league only three teams have ever done what the Lakers are setting out to do.

In the history of the league!


Let’s put that into perspective for just a second, shall we?

Take the time to let your mind wander to all the great teams and all the great players of the past.

…To all of the Hall-Of-Famer’s and house-hold names that have come before…To those that won the title once and to the much luckier few who were able to do it more than once.

In the history of the NBA only three teams have been able to compete for the NBA title four years in a row.

Sustained greatness…It is the key ingredient of the NBA’s legendary teams. And, these Lakers, with all their supposed short-comings, with all their flaws, are on the verge of joining the ranks of the NBA’s greatest teams ever.

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