Lakers Aim To Boldly Go Where Few Teams Have Gone Before

In other words, even though ESPN, blog sites from around the web, and even some Laker fans, continue to paint this season as doom and gloom, in truth, the Lakers are right where they need to be.

For what they are setting out to accomplish, is not easy.  What they are attempting has only been done by the best. What they are chasing is history and what they are hoping for, is that with good health and better luck they will become number four on the list.

Think of those that deride this team and its star as being good but not great, of its co-star being too soft and its commitment being misplaced.  Think of those that want to give the crown away to another team for its regular season success.  Then, remember that it’s not what you do in December and January that count, in the NBA, it’s all about June baby.

Over the last three and a half years these Lakers have played in the most important, pressure-filled games that professional basketball has to offer.  They’ve been to the Finals three years in a row and have won back-to-back championships. They are on the verge of a three-peat and of reaching the NBA Finals for a fourth time in four years.

Remembering that may allow us to overlook the occasional losses that are commonplace during the cold NBA winter and bound to happen to every team. And if the recent wins against Denver and Oklahoma City tell us anything it’s that when the Lakers all follow the same script, they are still the best show on TV.  For now, our phasers are set on stun, and Scotty, er, I mean, Phil has yet to set the engines to warp factor 9. Our mission is but half way completed to boldly go where only the best have gone.

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