Lakers Beat OKC, but World Peace Brought the Thunder


Lakers Beat OKC, but World Peace Brought the Thunder: Script

The Lakers win by the numbers. Metta World not so Peaceful and who will be representing for the Good Ol’ USA?
First of, some numbers for you…

18. That’s how much the Lakers were down Sunday.
17. That’s the how many TO’s the Thunder had Sunday.
15. That’s the number of Jordan Hill’s rebounds.
14 out of 56 – is what Durant and Westbrook combined to shoot today.
14 is also the number of Gasol’s rebounds
14 is all the Lakers scored in the 3rd quarter.
BUT 14 is ALSO how much the Thunder scored in the 4th quarter.
2. How many Overtimes it took for the Lakers to win
1. is how many games we have left in the season
and 3! That is the Lakers’ current seed for the Playoffs that start this Saturday.

Late in the 2nd, Ron Artest made an appearance. Metta was having a great game, he was the leading scorer. And after dunk, Metta began thumping his chest in celebration and suddenly, it was no long MWP but Ron Artest and blammo! Elbow to James Harden head. Harden fell and did not return for the game.
Video Clip: MWP elbows Harden

You can *see* the moment when MWP left and Artest appeared. It was like when Bruce Banner becomes The Hulk…

After game it MWP apologized and maintained it was accidental.
“I had just dunked on Durant and Ibaka and I got real emotional, real excited and it’s unfortunate that James had to get hit with an unintentional elbow. And I hope he’s okay. The Thunder, they are playing for a championship this year, so I really hope that he’s okay and I apologize to the Thunder and to James Harden.”

Well, looks like we will only have one Laker playing for Team USA this summer. With Dwight Howard having back surgery, TEAM USA needs a pure center. Lots of speculation landed on Andrew Bynum. But Bynum has made it clear that he will not be playing in the Olympics this summer. He will be using the summer for surgery and rehab. Wow. So no gold medal for Drew… Which is cool, cause not everyone can rock a giant necklace, except for maybe for this guy
…and this guy
..and this guy
… wait, you might be able to pull off that look.

The Lakers have their final game of the regular season Thursday night against the Kings. Then Saturday starts the Playoffs. To keep on top of all things Lakers, follow Lakers Nation on Twitter and Facebook.

I’m Kelli Dawn and you’ve been watching LNTV.

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