Lakers Championship Odds: Would You Bet on the Lakers?

After a disappointing 100-94 loss against the below average Cleveland Cavaliers Tuesday night, the Lakers fell four games behind the .500 mark. If you’re one of the now dwindling and devoted Lakers fans who still has faith in the purple and gold squad winning a championship this season, this article just may be for you, and you might want to hop on a plane to Sin City.

Before the start of the season, the Lakers were featured as the runners up to the Miami Heat in the sports books, with the Oklahoma City Thunder falling in third. Generally, when it comes to NBA futures odds, pending no season ending injuries to star players, the favorites don’t tend to change. This has held true so far for the Miami Heat, who have been on top from day one, currently with 19-10 odds to win the championship.

After an understated rough start to the season, the Lakers who had originally started out with 5-2 odds, have dropped to the third favored team. As fan hopes are dwindling so are the betting odds, which have drifted now to 11-2. If you’ve got $100 bucks to spare, a bill could turn into $550 if the superstar roster can learn to play defense, make their free throws, and limit the turnovers. Unfortunately, if you’ve been following the Lakers game by game, you know how much this is asking.

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With the betting attention moving away from the Lakers, where is the curiosity trending? Tennessee, folks. That’s right. The Memphis Grizzlies had 40-1 futures odds in the preseason, and have impressively creeped up to 15-1. And, according to Kevin Bradley, the Sports Book Manager at Bovada, the 14-4 Grizzlies are garnering a lot of attention as of late.

So, the question arises, with the Lakers’ odds dwindling, the loss column increasing, and the injuries lingering, would you bet on the Lakers to win the championship this year?

If not, who would you place your money on? Full list of current futures odds are below, courtesy of Bovada (Twitter: @BovadaLV).

Odds to win 2013 NBA Championship

Miami Heat                                            19/10

Oklahoma City Thunder                           4/1

Los Angeles Lakers                                11/2

San Antonio Spurs                                 9/1

Los Angeles Clippers                             10/1

Memphis Grizzlies                                 15/1

New York Knicks                                   15/1

Chicago Bulls                                        20/1

Boston Celtics                                       25/1

Brooklyn Nets                                       33/1

Dallas Mavericks                                   50/1

Denver Nuggets                                    50/1

Indiana Pacers                                      50/1

Atlanta Hawks                                       66/1

Minnesota Timberwolves                        66/1

Philadelphia 76ers                                 66/1

Golden State Warriors                           75/1

Houston Rockets                                  100/1

Milwaukee Bucks                                  100/1

Utah Jazz                                             100/1

Portland Trail Blazers                             200/1

Charlotte Bobcats                                 500/1

Detroit Pistons                                     500/1

New Orleans Hornets                            500/1

Orlando Magic                                      500/1

Phoenix Suns                                       500/1

Sacramento Kings                                 500/1

Cleveland Cavaliers                               1000/1

Toronto Raptors                                    1000/1

Washington Wizards                              1000/1

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