Lakers Don’t Need Upheavel; Instead Should Focus On Youth Infusion

With the Phil Jackson era being over and a new coach coming in, maybe a traditional playmaking point guard can be acquired to fit in the new offensive system.

If Brian Shaw is hired as the new coach and he retains the triangle offense, shooters and energy guys should be targeted.

Despite fan and some in the media’s reaction, the Lakers situation is not dire and a major upheaval is not necessary. It might be hard to see through the clouds right now but there are brighter days ahead for this Laker team.

If you have a hard time believing that, just take a look up at the rafters at Staples. What you’ll see is a long history of sustained success and glory. The Lakers acquired all of those championship banners not by knee jerk reactions but by making methodical and well thought out decisions.

The Lakers didn’t succumb to the ridiculous contract demands of an aging and overweight Shaq.

When Kobe went on his trade me media tour, the Lakers brass turned a deaf ear and rode it out.

When the losses were piling up and the pressure to win was building, the Lakers held on to Andrew Bynum despite pleads from fans and their star player to trade him for a proven star.

There is no reason to change course now and overreact to one season of falling short of their goal.

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