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The Lakers lose a thriller in Detroit, could David Stern be retiring? And could Kobe’s days be numbered as a member of the purple and gold? That and more – today on LNTV.

Hi everyone I’m Jason Barquero and what a tough game to swallow last night for our boys in Detroit. Although they played a great defensive game, the Lakers spoiled a great buzzer-beating jumper by the masked mamba to tie the game and send it into overtime. Bryant tried to duplicate it with a 28 foot jumper with two seconds left in OT, but déjà vu would not be in order last night. L.A. fell 88-85, with strong performances out of the Lakers big men. Bynum good for 30 points, 14 rebounds, and 3 blocks. Gasol connects with 20 on the night, 10 rebounds, and FOUR blocks. The Lakers head out tonight to the nation’s capital for a matchup against the Wizards at 4 p.m. and you can catch the action on KCAL 9.

Now much to the disappointment of the Lakers Nation, According to Royce Young of, David Stern may be using his AARP card sometime soon. NBA insiders are saying that Stern is looking to tell NBA owners at their April Board of Governors meeting that he may only be around for two more seasons. Stern has been at the helm for 27 years and many believe brings home a comfortable annual salary between 20 and 23 million dollars. Leaving only ONE current player making more than Stern this season…yup…Kobe Bryant.

And speaking of Kobe, Ric Bucher of ESPN suggested on Sportscenter yesterday that the Lakers should explore trading Kobe Bryant. Now I didn’t know that analysts at ESPN drank on the job, but can you believe this? If you haven’t joined in the fun on twitter, you send your best wishes to Ric Bucher on twitter @ricbucher. But don’t forget to mention tweet @lakersnation as well.

Well one guy that doesn’t want to see Bryant go ANYwhere is head coach Mike Brown. On Tuesday, the lakers head coach told reporters that mamba should be definitely considered for MVP this season. Brown said, “I think it’s hilarious not in the talks. Everybody’s saying he’s 85 years old and he’s leading the league in scoring”. And finally, the mamba was fined $40,000 by the league for missing a news conference and a league-mandated charity activity last Friday, much due to his broken nose. Kobe’s response, “I guess you’re not allowed to be sick”.

That’s all for today LakersNation, remember to follow me on twitter @jaybarquero and to subscribe to lakersnationdotcom – right here on youtube! I’m Jason Barquero – we’ll see you tomorrow.

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