Lakers Interested in Chris Paul or Deron Williams over Dwight Howard?

According to the Lakers might not be focusing on bringing in Dwight Howard this off-season after all. Rumor has it the Lakers will be looking to solidify another roster spot that has recently been problematic – the point guard position.

Apparently the Lakers wish list includes Deron Williams of the New Jersey Nets and Chris Paul of the New Orleans Hornets. Both are currently under contract with their respective teams and would need to be acquired by trade.

There is no question that the point guard spot has been tough for the Lakers the last few seasons as Derek Fisher’s play has declined as his age increased. With Mike Brown looking to move away from Phil Jackson’s triangle offense there is no doubt that the team needs a stronger guard running the point heading into the future.

Bringing in either one of these awesome talents would be what the Lakers need to get back to the NBA throne.

  • I agree with Carlito…we don’t need a big man! We need a dominant PG and it would be amazing to get Deron or Chris. Also, having a back up center would just be…godly…then the Lakers would be unstoppable imo 

  • Bynum is mad good he’s the 2nd best center in the NBA so why not get a point guard? Kobe gasol bynum odum artest derron/Chris fisher off the bench =2012 champs

    1. not the 80s when we had magic at point. they only work on bigs because of the way phi offense work. which didnt need a super star at point. but since were moving away from that. we could use one

  • Either one would be awesome! We can easily keep the big men we have, but if there should be one position they need to upgrade it is the point guard spot.

  • First of all if we get one of these players we will have to let go of either bynum or gasol AND a couple players so that theory of having all 3 bigs plus dwill or cp3 is unlikely YOU MORONS!

    1. Not necessarily Oscarmamba.  Maybe Chris the Buffoon Wallace can help out you guys again and ask for no rotation players back!

    2. Getting a solid point guard for Lakers is a plus, a big plus. My only question is to you is this… Are you part of the Lakers? Because you mentioned if “we”. You talk as though you are part of the organization.

      1. Way i see it ive been rooting for the team since ive known basketball so yes im part of the organization

    3. Would you rather have Chris Paul, who almost took the Lakers apart by himself, or Pau Gasol, who choked against a below average defender in Dirk??? I am willing to give Pau S Brown and couple others if we also get Ariza with CP3, a great young and athletic defender. Can’t give up Odom. Imagine this 5: CP3, Kobe, Ariza, Odom, AND Bynum????? 65+ wins and a ring, without much effort in regular season. But we need better bench players.

      1. Really????? You Laker fans dream so much. Just like you thought during the regualr season would be a walk in the park and then what happened??? Got eliminated from the playoffs.

        1. Yeah, and what happened the two years before that? Two championship parades? And what happened the year before that? LAL got Gasol for peanuts. Nothing is impossible with the Lakers.

      2. Odom is not  PF and would get chewed up there. Any trade for CP3 would have to bring us David West, also. You can’t go for Paul and leave OF naked like that.

  • All you morons who want Howard need to go to Orlando and cheer for the Magic and Dwight Howard. Lakers don’t need him we got Bynum.  Lakers World Champs in 2012

  • Deron Williams is a better pick for the Lakers. His game is more efficient, he can post up to create opportunities for the big men and 3 point shooters, and most importantly……………………HE PLAYS EVERY NIGHT……….CP3 is more injury prone and more of a streaky dominant player. DW brings it every possession,every night, all night and is better defensively as well.

  • i like this….now your talking L.A. this would be just what the doctor ordered. this would be a great look. let’s get done.

  • i think they should just stay to bynum for howard and trade gasol for another younger and better power forward and maybe a point guard to be included with one of those trades

  • The Lakers have ZERO shot at both Deron and CP3. The Nets and Hornets are not going to trade them to a team that has no cap space to sign them outright. Yeah, they can become a free agent and walk…. to go where? Minnesota?

    Lakers need to start getting rid of contracts.

  • Getting dwight howard would be stupid honestly. I would take a midlevel point guard over Dwight howard any day. We’ve shown that we can win with size, but we still get burned at the PG position every single game. Getting a point guard is what we need, and while cp3 or dwill would be nice, realistically we may have to settle for a raymond felton type player.

  • ok can we stop the Howard talk my god im tired of hearing it. when in fact it was said he not going to another team if the magic prove they want to win. move on people were not getting him for the love of god. but i like the idea of get a point guard since we need on bad

  • the two lakers who are not touchable are Kobe and Gasol. just because Gasol had one semi bad year doesnt mean you trade him! ship Bynums ass outta here and get Howard. Bynum has proven hes to injusry prone and can never play. this was his first year without being injured in the off season but its to late. sorry Bynum!

  • Some of yall are idiots for real, you’d have to give up bynum or gasol for any trade. To say you dont want dwight howard is moronic, every great team besides the bulls won with a dominant big man, a great point guard doesn’t equal a championship.

  • I personally prefer Deron Williams mainly because he has a bigger frame that allows him to post smaller guards and he’s a better shooter. He’s also been less injured. However, going after Chris Paul will give us a shot at getting a capable PF back to replace Gasol. Getting Chris Paul and Ariza would be nice, but I think if we can work at getting Paul and maybe Landry back, that would work well by adding him to a sign and trade with Shannon or another player like Blake. We could use Ariza, but I would like LA to begin developing Ebanks. Just need to get a back up center, maybe throw in Aaron Gray as a big body behind Bynum.

    As great as having Dwight, I think the Lakers need a PG the most. We already have Bynum and with him having a solid PG to get him the ball, he’ll be just as effective if not more than this year.

    Gasol and Shannon (S&T) or Blake and 1st round pick for Paul, Landry (S&T), Aaron GrayPossible rosterC BynumF LandryF ArtestG KobeG PaulOdomBarnesFisherWaltonEbanksCaracter

  • I surely would love to see either CP3 or deron williams going to LA…but who will they sacrifice? for me bynum will have to go and ron artest too….

  • Bynum locks howard up everytime they play.bynum is a beast. Go get d.williams and lets win more rings.

  • Tony Parker could also be a nice fit and would take less pieces to get. I agree we do not need Howard we need a good starting point guard and replace the older bench players that never even played with younger more athletic players (Brown and Blake are moveable to). Have to keep Kobe, Bynum/Gasol, Odom, Fisher, and Artest/Barnes!

  • lakers are going no where past the second round next year. You know why!!!! Because Kobe will be crying like a B**** to get rid of Mike Brown. Not like liking the system. Not liking the way the team is being coached. Just like he did when Shaq was there and B**** to jackson that he should get the ball more, when the plays were being run for Kobe but he couldn’t get the job don, at the time.

  • Have a four way deal involving the timberwolves, lakers, hornets, and magic so then the starting line up would be

    Center: Dwight Howard
    Power Forward: Kevin Love
    Small Forward: Ron Artest/Trevor Ariza
    Shooting Gaurd: Kobe Bryant
    Point Guard: Chris Paul

  • I would say let’s work on getting a more athletic point guard first and then take it from there. I have liked D will for a long time and would love to have him, but as someone else said, it might more than we can bite off and chew.

  • people always say no one wins without a dominant big man but jordan, i’d venture to say the 80s celtics did, mchale, a beast, but dominant? not so much, and nowhere near the focal point of the celtics. pistons won without one, the heat won on the shoulders of wade in 06, the 08 celtics won with garnett being a fraction of his former self, the team concept wins titles now, this aint the 60s, 70s, and 80s anymore. furthermore, pau gasol isnt dominant, hes very skilled, but the 17 and 10 he gave the lakers in the 3 year run, isnt eye popping.  kobe carried those teams to the promise land. kobe was the first player in nba history to score 600+ points in 3 consecutive playoffs

  • I heard people talking Tracy Mcgrady coming off the bech for L.A.? Really? What does the LAKER NATION think about that?

  • I heard people talking Tracy Mcgrady coming off the bech for L.A.? Really? What does the LAKER NATION think about that?

  • Gasol and Odom for CP3 and David West. Lakers can throw in garbage like Artest or Luke Walton.

  • I would trade Gasol and his girlfriend problems in a heartbeat! Pau straight up for CP3. Odom and Artest for David West and Ariza.

  • LA isnt going to get dwill, maybe paul but they would have to give up a lot. Now that Twolves trades sounds good. Say Gasol, Artest, Blake/Brown and Odom for Love, Beasley, Flynn, and a 1st rd pick. That would give us youth and they really wouldnt be getting rid of that much height but the defense would b missing a little. But with that draft pick we can draft either williams or a pg and trade away flynn or beasley

    1. I would say dude stop smoking that ” Crack ” it ain’t good 4-you,dude did you see the talent your giving up 4 love,beasly,n,Flynn,n lets not 4-get that 1st rd pick,tell the truth your really a T-wolves fan,cuzz if we gave up that trade we should slapped 47-times. Pau a potential 20+ 9 reb player Lamar a double double waiting 2 happen artest a lockdown defender Ok Blake is a bust n brown is 2 inconsistent but can still have a impact on the game 4 who,love n a bowl of cornflakes WTF????

  • Everything now are all wishful thinking. With Kobe almost retired, Gasol still soft, Bynum playing on a part time basis and Fish who should retire, there’s no hope for this team with Mike Brown coaching. Kobe needs a quick way to have another ring. It should been better if they maintained the coaching staff minus Chuck Person who did a lousy job as a defensive coordinator. Kurt Rambis could be the right coach if not Brian Shaw. This is just a disgusting scenario I couldn’t believe happening now. It will be terribly long drought for this team.

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