Lakers Media Day: LeBron James Excited To See Roster Blend Together
LeBron James, Lakers
Ethan Miller-Getty Images

The Los Angeles Lakers figured to have put an end to their five-year playoff drought in one fell swoop this summer when LeBron James agreed to a four-year, $154 million contract during NBA free agency.


James was of course the Lakers’ top target in what president of basketball operations Magic Johnson said was a two-year window to completely overhaul the team and restore the historic franchise back to hits lofty height.

James strategically controlled how, where and when he made public comments about signing with the Lakers, and Media Day marked his first official session with the team since signing.

“I believe the conversation I had with Magic that night was a special night,” James said, when asked about his meeting with Johnson at the outset of free agency.

After coming to terms with James, the Lakers filled out the roster by signing Michael Beasley, JaVale McGee and Lance Stephenson. It was an unconventional approach by a front office building a team around James.

The Lakers brass explained their decisions as aiming to surround him with versatility and playmakers. “That’s definitely exciting, for sure,” James answered when asked about being part of a team that features player who can handle the ball themselves.

“When you see so many ball handlers, so many guys can do multiple things: pass, shoot, rebound, get out and run. I look forward to seeing how we can all work together.”

Much is expected of James as he now becomes the leader of a roster that’s a mix of veterans on one-year contracts and a growing young core. In the time leading up to free agency, there was speculation James would not sign with the Lakers if they didn’t have another All-Star in the wings.

Many believed that would be Paul George but he surprisingly re-signed with the Oklahoma City Thunder. Focus then shifted to Kawhi Leonard but the Lakers ultimately decided against sending a haul to the San Antonio Spurs for Leonard, who is due to be part of the 2019 free agency class.

For now, James will look to strike a balance between leading the Lakers’ offense while also allowing others to alleviate some of the pressure on him.

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French motorway heist nets thieves 9 million euros in rings

a gaggle of “Battle hard” Armed thieves have attacked two heavily guarded vans carrying jewels at a French motorway toll in the dead of night, Making off with a haul worth some 9 million euros ($12.5 million), police force say.

Security forces were accommodating find those behind the heist, Which passed off around midnight (fine time) On a motorway in the Yonne district some 200 kms southeast of Paris, Searching within a large perimeter towards the area and [url=]spanish women[/url] under the watch of air support.

No one was hurt in the holdup and the Avallon toll booth itself isn’t damaged, Prosecutors and the firm handling the motorway said, Suggesting the work of technicians.

The vans were found burnt and homeless in [url=]beautiful in spanish[/url] a field not far from the toll station, And it was still unclear tips about how the assault unfolded.

First big van heist since 2009Attacks on armoured vehicles carrying jewels or cash often require special machines such as explosives or assault rifles, And while they occurred regularly at the start of the 2000s in France, They have dwindled lately.

The last major heist was in 2009 when armoured van driver Toni Musulin escaped with his vehicle and at least 11.5 million pounds ($16 million) In cash after two of his friends stepped away.

the cash had just been collected from a Bank of France building.

Musulin became an overnight internet sensation at a time when the super rich were being blamed for the financial doom and gloom.

detectives soon found packets of cash totalling 9.11 million dollars ($12.7 million) In a lock up garage in the south eastern city of Lyon near where abandoned van was found, And after some 10 days on the run, Musulin gave very little in.

The remaining portion of the cash was never found.

When referring to jewellery, the country’s most spectacular heist was a double robbery at a Harry Winston shop in an upmarket part of Paris in 2007 and 2008.

In the first holdup in october 2007, Four masked gunmen wearing decorators’ overalls robbed employees at a shop.

The thieves had spent the night in the jewellery shop by means of a security guard at the store, Who let them in the last evening.

The robbers made off with 120 watches and 360 waste jewellery worth more than 32 million euros ($45 million).

Then just at least a year later, in december 2008, Four men for example three wearing women’s clothes and wigs entered the same store, Again with the assistance of the guard.

continue for month, Eight men were sentenced to up to 15 years in jail to their role in the double heist.

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    3. existing, should not show

    “associated with recording and also regarding these the factors which you can spare, ‘I’m amusing, i’m so categorie, my corporation is hypersensitive, i am sweetness,’ that are just text on a website, give that you have been them. Talk about the fact that you still yowl at kids,

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