Lakers Nation Conversation With Dwight Howard: Superman Revealed

Steve Nash Dwight Howard Kobe BryantTT: Being on a team with Kobe and Nash, with their 33-plus years of combined experience, what have you been able to learn from them?

DH: Watching how they don’t let the stuff from the outside really effect who they are. That’s one thing they’ve been trying to teach me all year. From the first time we all got together, we had a bus ride on the way to a plane. Me, Kobe, Steve, Pau..and Metta all sat in the back of the bus and talked for awhile. The biggest thing they wanted me to learn for this year was to stop allowing outside noise/chatter impact me as a person. It was very good hearing from those guys that have watched me from afar, and now that we’re on the same team they want to see that side of me grow, and be a part of it.

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TT: We’ve heard/seen plenty of the negative coverage of this team, but we want to hear about the high point or a positive story from the season for you personally?

DH: Coming together with the guys. Talking everything out, and listening to how passionate guys were about what we were trying to accomplish.. Hearing guys like Kobe, Steve, Pau, and Metta telling me they want to help me become one of the greatest to ever play. That was a really high point for me…especially hearing that from Kobe.

TT: You have the attention of Lakers Nation…if you could say one thing to everyone about this season about being patient, and about you guys coming together, what would it be?

DH: I would just tell Lakers Nation to keep supporting us through the good and the bad. We’re going to do whatever we can to bring a championship back to the city of LA. We’re all working extremely hard ever day. To get better, to get healthy, to get stronger. We really want to win this title. No matter how many smiles you see on the court, or whatever you see. We want to win, and we all want to win together… We need full support of our fans. I know, having gone to the Finals before, I know how important it is to have a city behind you. Once you have a city behind you, you just feel like you can do anything. We’re all in, we’re all in for what we can accomplish this season. We just need our fans behind us, pushing us to win that trophy.

The lasting impression each of us were left with was that of Howard’s flat-out honesty and humility. To not only offer his time, but to share so much of himself for an internet radio show simply proves Howard’s genuine love and care for the fans. Contrary to any of the negative reports, we found Howard to be one of the more humble and gracious guests we’ve ever had.

It was somehow comforting to hear phrases like “we’re all in” and “we support one another” coming directly from the source, and without anyone else’s spin or opinion attached. For the complete interview with Howard, please tune in to the Triple Threat Podcast this (each) Saturday at 11am PST.

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