Lakers Nation Debate: Rajon Rondo Vs. Goran Dragic In Free Agency
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Topic: We wonder if the Los Angeles Lakers were to go after a point guard in free agency who should they go after — Rajon Rondo or Goran Dragic?

Context: The Lakers are armed with a substantial amount of cap space this off-season and are intent on making a splash in free agency. There will be some talented players available, but in all likelihood, players like Marc Gasol and LaMarcus Aldridge are extremely likely to remain with their current teams.

At this point in time, two of the most attainable players for the Lakers seem to be point guards Rajon Rondo and Goran Dragic. While they both play the same position, they are completely different players.

Rondo is one of the most pure point guards the NBA has to offer. He is an excellent passer with uncanny court vision and has championship experience from his time with the Boston Celtics. He is also a solid defender, but is one of the worst shooters in the NBA both from the perimeter and at the free throw line.

Dragic is a crafty guard capable of playing both on and off the ball. He is one of the best finishers at the rim of any guard and is a solid shooter. While not as good of a passer as Rondo, he still gets teammates involved and can guard multiple positions.

The recent play of Jordan Clarkson has caused many to say that the Lakers shouldn’t focus on the point guard position in the off-season. While that may be true, the Lakers have said that they are looking to add talent, regardless of position and Byron Scott spoke specifically about building with Clarkson, rather than around him.

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Both players would be welcome additions to the Lakers, and would give the roster a boost, but which one should the Lakers focus on first?

Verdict: We went to Twitter to ask the Lakers Nation fans who they would rather the Lakers go after, Rajon Rondo or Goran Dragic? These are some of the responses:

The fans were relatively split on this subject with many preferring Rondo and other wanting Dragic. A lot of people also prefer to just let Clarkson grow at the point guard spot which isn’t a bad option either, but for the sake of this debate, Goran Dragic would be my choice.

Dragic simply fits better with the Lakers in my opinion. He provides scoring that the team lacks, and is extremely versatile. He has the ability to play with another point guard, like he did in Phoenix with Eric Bledsoe, and he can fit in next to a traditional shooting guard like he’s doing in Miami now.

I also like Dragic’s toughness. He doesn’t back down from anyone and has proven himself in big games over the years. The Lakers may be better served focusing on other positions in the off-season, but if they are truly in the market for a point guard, Goran Dragic is the best option for them.


Byron Scott Says Lakers Are Looking To Build ‘With’ Jordan Clarkson

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