Lakers Nation Debate: Roy Hibbert Returning To All-Star Form?

Pacers' Hibbert looks down court during Game 6 of their NBA Eastern Conference Final basketball playoff series against the Heat in Indianapolis

Topic: We wonder if Roy Hibbert can return to his All-Star form of 2013 with the Los Angeles Lakers this season.

Context: The Los Angeles Lakers are basically taking a one-year chance on center Roy Hibbert this season. After missing out on the likes of LaMarcus Aldridge and DeAndre Jordan, the Lakers swung a trade for the former Pacers center who is in the final year of his contract.

Last season was a step down for Hibbert and even though his numbers were similar to those from a year prior, he just wasn’t as effective as he had been in earlier seasons, in particular the beginning of the 2013-14 season in which he looked like one of the top centers in the game and was named an All-Star.

Hibbert’s play fell off significantly after the All-Star break that season and remained average throughout last year leading many to question if he is a lost cause at this stage. The fact that the league has shifted towards a more up-tempo style makes things even tougher for the 7’2″ big man.

However, Hibbert is only 28 years old and his defensive numbers at the rim still ranked him at the same level or better than many of the top defensive big men in the NBA. He has said that he needed a change of scenery and sometimes that does wonders for players. But is Hibbert one of those?

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Verdict: We went to Twitter to ask the loyal Lakers Nation followers if they believe Roy Hibbert will return to his All-Star form this season? These are some of the responses:

The fans were extremely split on this subject as some don’t think Hibbert can get to that level, especially in the Western Conference while others believe that the change of scenery will help, along with the fact that he is in a contract year. Overall, the fans seem to lean very slightly towards Hibbert not making it.

In general, I would have to say that I believe Hibbert will improve on his play from the last couple of seasons. Getting a new team can sometimes be the best possible thing for a player and Hibbert is young enough that he can still grow and be effective in the NBA.

Whether or not that means he will make the All-Star team is in question as the Western Conference is just so filled with excellent players that it would be tough for Hibbert to crack that. I’d predict that Hibbert reminds people of why he was a Defensive Player of the Year candidate, but ultimately falls short of an All-Star selection.


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