Lakers Nation Debate: Which Rumored Draft Trade Is Most Desirable?
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Topic: With the Los Angeles Lakers involved in numerous trade rumors, we wonder which deal is more desirable — the deal with Philadelphia for Michael Carter-Williams and Thaddeus Young, the deal with Golden State for Klay Thompson, or if they should just keep the pick.

Context: In the final days before the NBA Draft takes place, it is normal for rumors to fly around different teams, but this year, the Lakers seem to be caught up in far more than normal.

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First, there was a rumored deal for Thaddeus Young and the 10th pick for the Lakers seventh pick. Then came something of an upgrade as the Lakers would trade the seventh pick and Steve Nash for Michael Carter-Williams and Young.

And as the day was coming to an end, suddenly came news that the Lakers were in discussions to acquire Klay Thompson as part of a three-team trade that would cost them the seventh selection.

As all this is going on, news of Joel Embiid possibly slipping to the Lakers at number seven have begun surfacing and even if he doesn’t, Marcus Smart and Julius Randle have been impressive in workouts and at least one of them is likely to be available at seven.

The Lakers are trying to re-build the team as quickly as possible, so the thought of adding one or more established players is enticing. However, with a draft this deep, the Lakers may be smart to grab someone from this group who has the potential to be a future star.

General Manager Mitch Kupchak is sure to weigh all of his options, but of all the rumors surfacing, which one is the most promising?

Verdict: We took to Twitter and asked our followers about the potential deals. These are some of the responses:

The fan perspective wasn’t even close. Very few people want the Klay Thompson deal because they believe he is overrated or believe he will need an max extension and they don’t believe he is worth it.

I tend to agree with the notion that Thompson isn’t worth max money, but he is the best player rumored to be coming to the Lakers in any of these trade rumors. Despite that, however, I have to agree with the fans that the Young/Carter-Williams deal would be most beneficial.

Dumping Nash’s contract is something that has to happen if they get the opportunity. Young will stay on the books one extra year, but he basically makes the same amount of money as Nash, so it wouldn’t kill their cap and Carter-Williams has three more years on his rookie contract.

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The Lakers need as many good, young players as they can get and if they can get two while dumping Nash’s contract, that’s a win in my book. And this deal doesn’t prevent them from buying another pick later in the draft. If that deal is a possibility, the Lakers would be wise to do it.
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