Lakers Nation Debate: Who Should Be First Power Forward Off Bench?

Topic: We wonder who should be the first power forward off the bench for the Los Angeles Lakers: Brandon Bass, Ryan Kelly, or Larry Nance Jr.?

Context: As the Lakers roster began to take shape over the summer, there were a few players who seemed to be locks for the rotation. Amongst the bigs, it was generally assumed that Brandon Bass would be backing up Julius Randle and play pretty significant minutes for the team.

The Lakers’ preseason, however, opened some eyes. While Bass struggled throughout most of the preseason, shooting less than 38 percent from the field in five games, the Lakers other options impressed, most notably Ryan Kelly.

Kelly averaged 7.4 points and 4.4 rebounds while shooting 47 percent from the field and 50 percent from three-point range, looking like the ‘stretch-4’ many envisioned when the Lakers originally drafted him. He also had the game-winning dunk against Portland and another impressive dunk over Andre Iguodala in the next game.

Furthermore, rookie Larry Nance Jr. quickly gained fame with his massive slam over Festus Ezili, but he showed growth in the rest of his game as well. Nance averaged 3.6 rebounds in only 11 minutes and flashed his range by knocking down both of his three-point attempts in the preseason.

It looks as if the Lakers have multiple options capable of contributing, with each bringing something different to the table, but who should be the first player called?

Verdict: We went to Twitter to ask the Lakers Nation followers who they believe should be the first power forward off the bench: Brandon Bass, Ryan Kelly, or Larry Nance Jr.? These are some of the responses:

The fans have spoken and while Nance and Kelly each got a little love, the majority still believes that Brandon Bass should be first off the bench at power forward. Even though he has underwhelmed in the preseason, I agree with the fans that Bass should be the guy.

Bass brings a lot of energy and toughness. He works hard on defense, is an underrated athlete, and is a good rebounder as well. On a second unit with mostly offensive-minded players, someone like Bass is needed. I also believe he will regain his shooting stroke.

That being said, Ryan Kelly played excellently in the preseason and I would love to see Byron Scott find some minutes for him as he earned them in my opinion. Nance will be a situational player in the beginning, but as he continues to develop he could take some minutes from both of these guys later in the season.

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