Lakers Nation Exclusive: The Head and the Heart

It was recently brought to our attention here at Lakers Nation that one of our shirts from the store was on the cover of Billboard. We did a little investigative reporting and discovered that the band on the cover was actually The Head and the Heart, who is coincidentally playing in Hollywood tonight.

It turns out that the individual rocking the Jack Nicholson ‘True Fan’ shirt was band member Kenny Hensley. Kenny was kind enough to speak with us for a few minutes, explaining his love of the Lakers and growing up watching Kobe and Shaq rake in the rings.

LN: Who is your favorite Laker player?

KH: For some reasons it has to be Kobe. I was born in 88 so when I was 12 years old it was the first of the three Shaq and Kobe titles. It was all about Kobe growing up. My whole bedroom was Kobe Bryant. There are so many greats that I love, but I have to go with Kobe.

LN: What are some of your favorite Laker moments?

KH: There are quite a few. Obviously the Robert Horry shot in 2002 (against the Kings). I was watching at home. It was incredible.

LN: Were there games you went to growing up that were especially memorable?

KH: I remember we were at the game where Kobe hit 12 threes against the Sonics, including nine in a row. I saw Kobe play against Jordan when Jordan was with the Wizards. I also saw the game, it was against Dallas, they were down like 27 in the fourth quarter. Ended up being the biggest comeback of all time. All those memories are timeless.

LN: What was it about the Jack Nicholson t-shirt that you liked so much?

KH: One of my best friends, Josh, designed it. I like all the history on it. I love all the secret nuances on the front of the shirt that are all Laker related, or had to do with Laker history.

I’m sure all Lakers fans will agree with Kenny that these moments and Laker-related references are certainly some of the best the Lakers had to offer over the last 10-15 years.

Special thanks to Kenny Hensley of The Head and the Heart. Make sure you check out the band’s official website. They will be performing tonight at The Music Box in Hollywood, and if you’re looking for a way to spend your Thursday night there are still tickets available. You can get yours simply by visiting the Music Box’s official site. You can also follow The Head and the Heart on Facebook.

We’ll leave you with a video of the band’s first single off of their self-titled album that was released in April, 2010.


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