Lakers Nation Roundtable: Is Bringing Back Metta World Peace A Good Move?

As free agency has come and gone, and training camp begins to approach, the Los Angeles Lakers have begun filling their roster with young players on partially guaranteed contracts. These deals basically amount to training camp deals and the team has already signed small forward Jonathan Holmes and guard Michael Frazier II. Center Robert Upshaw also remains a possibility for the Lakers, thought there are no immediate plans to sign the former Washington Husky.

This week, however, a familiar name popped up in regards to the Lakers in small forward Metta World Peace. World Peace is far from an undrafted rookie like Holmes, Frazier, and Upshaw as he was a vital part of the Lakers 2010 championship team. He hit the game winner in Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals and his late three in Game 7 of the NBA Finals basically sealed the title.

World Peace is far removed from those years now, however. He turns 36 in November and spent last year playing in China and Italy. The impact that he can make on an NBA team at this stage of his career is questionable as he is no longer the lockdown defender he was during his prime.

One thing he is, however, is a veteran and he does have championship experience. He has been working out with Julius Randle at times during the off-season, and the Lakers could use his toughness, and knowledge on defense as he could impart some wisdom on the younger players.

So we asked our panel of experts if signing Metta World Peace would be a good move for the Los Angeles Lakers. This is what they had to say:

Ryan Ward (@Lakers_Examiner): Let’s face it, the Lakers aren’t winning an NBA title anytime soon. It seems highly unlikely the team will even compete for a playoff spot next season. That being said, I believe signing Metta World Peace isn’t a bad idea. In fact, I think bringing in a veteran like World Peace would be a good move for many different reasons.

Perhaps the main reason this would be a step in the right direction is World Peace’s working with the young players like Julius Randle. World Peace makes players step up their game with his physical style and get-in-your-face mentality. Kobe Bryant even praised World Peace for making practices a kind of battle atmosphere, making things that much more competitive during the 2010 championship run and the seasons that followed.

World Peace’s energy, work ethic and knowledge of the game is bound to rub off on the rest of the team. If the Lakers are all in on developing players at this point in time, bring in a guy that can help with that process.

It’s not like signing Metta is going to prevent the Lakers from bringing in a top-tier talent or a player that will be key to the team’s long-term success. I don’t see much of a downside of signing World Peace.

Trevor Lane (@16RingsNBA): I like Metta World Peace, like him a lot. He’s a character, and he reminds fans of better days, like his unforgettable championship post-game presser in 2010. He’s also a Byron Scott kind of guy, one who takes pride in playing stingy, no-nonsense defense, and he happens to play a position that the Lakers could use some help at.

However, as tough as it is to say, signing MWP is not a good idea. For one thing, at nearly 36 years old he simply isn’t the player that he once was. He was already on the downswing when the Lakers signed him during the summer of 2009, and LA fans have spent the last few years commiserating with Kobe as we all learned the painful truth that there is simply no defeating Father Time.

It’s true that the Lakers need help on the wing, where they currently only have converted shooting guards Bryant and Nick Young along with rookie Anthony Brown. Unfortunately MWP isn’t the answer to that problem though, as his slow foot speed combined with his physical strength suggests he would have to be considered more of a small-ball power forward in the modern NBA. With the Lakers already employing Julius Randle, Brandon Bass, Ryan Kelly, and Larry Nance Jr. at the four spot it would appear that there isn’t enough room in the lineup for Metta.

Similarly, using a roster spot on him would mean that a young player like Jabari Brown, Robert Upshaw, Jonathan Holmes, or Michael Frazier would get bumped, which robs the Lakers of the opportunity to strike gold in the form of an overlooked youngster.

I would, however, be in favor of bringing MWP in as a special assistant. While he may not be ready to admit that his playing days are over, for the Lakers adding World Peace as a tutor for their neophytes without sacrificing a valuable roster spot or minutes would be an ideal situation. In particular players like Anthony Brown and Julius Randle would benefit from learning MWP’s defensive brilliance, but would the player formerly known as Ron Artest accept such a role as a compromise? Lakers fans should hope the answer is yes.

Corey Hansford (@TheeCoreyH): While I definitely see a few positives in bringing in Metta World Peace, in the end the negatives outweigh the positives of this move.

The biggest concern I have with World Peace is that I don’t think he can play small forward regularly anymore. I see his best position being a small-ball power forward and Julius Randle and Brandon Bass will be seeing the majority of the minutes at that position and Larry Nance Jr. will be developing at that spot as well.

His toughness would be very welcomed, but he isn’t the defensive stopper he once was. Sure he could spend a few minutes on the bigger small forwards such as Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James, but most players would run him around the court through screens and World Peace would likely not be able to keep up anymore. Not to mention he isn’t exactly a floor spacer on offense either. His game just doesn’t translate well to this era of NBA basketball.

I love that he is working out with Julius Randle and believe he has much to offer him as well as guys like Anthony Brown, Larry Nance Jr., and even Jonathan Holmes or Michael Frazier II if either were to make the team. Taking up a roster spot just isn’t the best idea in my opinion.

Bring him to training camp on a make-good, non-guaranteed contract. Let’s stop speculating and actually see what he has left in the tank. He is being considered for a position as a reserve–not a starter. That’s a huge difference. Yes, he would take up a roster spot (IF he makes the team)!. But the team already has non-productive players on the roster in Sacre and Kelly (and in my opinion Young). So that argument falls flat. This young squad would have a lot to gain, by having a defensive role model on the team (in essence an extra defensive player/coach). Regardless of all the so called ‘opinions’ of these writers and fans (some of whom have other agendas), let’s at least be open minded enough to invite him to camp. There is an old saying that the proof is in the pudding. The only true way to tell whether this idea might work, is to try it out. The worst that can happen is he doesn’t make the team! Probably the same argument can be made for Upshaw.

  • the main issue with artest is that he is still artest still getting unothordox technical fouls the game has changed its more finesse..dont believe artest can adjust to the new finesse style of play he likes to play physical

  • bryant will last longer this year especially if he gets hibbert going down low. deandre and blake will have a hard time stopping hibbert down low

  • no unlike sign mwp and more i like the trade and sign makieff morris trade deals

  • Just because the game has got faster, does not make it a FINESSE game its still BASKETBALL and if you don’t play D you don’t win most of your games.

  • I like MWP but its just a waste of a space, let him be a D coach that would be a better job for him. We are rebuilding so why not get good players to teach for our future.

  • Why can’t we try to win a few games?

    You make it seem black and white….
    Either we’re championship or we are lottery bound.

  • Why are we worrying about this?

    This is a decision that Mitch and Scott will make when they select the training camp roster in about 2 weeks. And if they believe MWP improves the chances of winning, then so be it.

    MWP will be a bench guy and a role player.
    Let’s not make too much about this. Adding an experienced veteran to the bench is what all teams do to try to squeeze out a few extra wins.

  • it appears that mwp is indeed returning at kobe’s request but i dont agree with it


  • I agree.I don’t see a downside.

    – He can help Scott instill his physical defensive game.
    – He has familiarity with the Princeton, Triangle, and PnR.
    – He can play spot minutes at SF and PF (and Center).
    – He can start if necessary.
    – He can be a great practice player and help guys develop.
    – He can be a guide to the young guys as a veteran.
    – He understands Lakers basketball, professional basketball and is highly respected (or feared).
    – He’s a matchup nightmare in some situations.
    – He’s a fan favorite.
    – He’s good for a few “enforcer” fouls when needed.
    – He helps deepen the bench and help the team overall.


    – He might take a spot for an UNDRAFTED guy who might never actually turn into a real NBA player. <- Think about that… Are we really so desperate that we need to worry about Frazier, Holmes, and Upshaw who won't contribute for 2-3 years? Especially when the team has $60M to spend next July and can EASILY fill their spots with much more capable and proven players…

    I see that Crazy Ron Ron improves the chances of winning.

  • Not every team gets an opportunity to bring back a fan favorite, a very solid role player, a guy who understands Lakers Basketball, and aligns perfectly with the Coach’s fundamental philosophies.

  • Artest won’t be a starter. So why are you worrying about a role player who will get 20 minutes?

    He can be a small ball center. He can be an enforcer. He can start in an emergency. And he can be a physical nuisance defender to the big guys like Lebron. — He adds a lot of potential from the bench.

    He’s not the end-all solution but he is a guy on the bench who adds another dimension to the team and gives the coach more options as he works through rotations and tries to find ways to win.

  • he’s just a guy who wears panda shoes you mean lol the problem is will his panda crew follow him to LA will it cause drama..theres alot of baggage that comes with artest

  • That’s your biggest concern?

    Take a step back and see the forest instead of the trees.

  • the only good reason to bring him back is to match up against paul pierce going against the clippers

  • thats any gm’s concern about artest’s behavior and thats why there is an active roundtable in the front office over artest

  • Bring him back!..he is an inspiration on how to play defense with intensity..let him prove himself..he has player type attitude that Kobe has been trying to convey to the certainly wouldn’t be any worse than last season

  • You need physical when fighting for the ball..something that lacked last season.,when they gave away Matt Barnes and who fought for the ball

  • I’ve said on another thread already: I don’t care how much game he has left. I think he would be great for chemistry on this team because Kobe trusts him and he can help Roy deal with the pressure he will face when playing with Kobe.

    It reminds me a little of Luke Walton’s last few seasons. He had very little playing ability, but Phil trusted him and put him on the floor as much as possible. Despite Luke’s shortcomings, the team was better with Luke in the game. He had a high understanding of what the team was trying to accomplish and served as a glue guy to facilitate that actually happening. At 36 years old and with a 1/2-inch vertical, Ron can be that guy for this Lakers team. If he gets his 3-point shot back, he can stand in the corner and knock down an open shot 2-3 times a game and everyone will be happy.

  • For the first time in the history of everything, I have to agree with numb on that one. I want him on the squad, but I don’t see him as much of a one-on-one defender at this age and athletic limitations.

  • When did I say anything about not wanting to win I have not watched every game the Lakers have played in the last 9 years hoping for wins , some times you over think your ability to understand what you read, in other words its real DUMB.

  • he was not in the league last season so we cant say for a fact what his defense is like anymore

  • if it was prime lebron i would agree. but lebron has lost a step or two so his game is based off of moving his man now hes not moving mwp

  • there video of his china play recently you can find it on youtube his defense is unknown but he can still shoot the 3 effectively

  • Like I said, I want mwp, but he has to be part of a team defensive scheme at this point. Prime or not, LeBron will blow past mwp 1-on-1. I’m pretty sure Rudy Gobert could get by mwp 1-on-1.

  • lebron likes to bump artest chest to chest and back him down im sure mwp cannot stop him at his age

  • It’s no secret that the sports writers on Yahoo have “No” love for the me any positive stories in the past!..Just my opinion!

  • I still say he would be better for the team as a D COACH, if were only wanting him there to please the FANS we have a problem, I am more interested in this team as players for this year and the future,

  • We should never have let him go to begin with.

    We lost out on him these last two years.

  • I remember him just fine. I just don’t believe he can still be that guy. He had zero athletic ability then and he’s several years older now. Maybe he would surprise me and be an elite defender still, but I think he would be on an NBA roster already if that was the case. It’s all speculation, but I imagine you’re probably wrong on this one.

  • do you really want artest with his panda shoes and his panda crew on the lakers..this is finally question and deciding factor of the roundtable


  • agreed we amnestied his azz for good reasons mainly because he slow in transition ball and he gets turf toe alot

  • We amnestied him because his $7M contract would equate to nearly $15m when the tax bill came.

    And in that year, the team wasn’t really good so there was no purpose to spend $15M and miss the playoffs.

  • Why can’t having Ron on the bench equate to MORE wins?

    I think he’s a better use of a roster space than holmes, or Frazier.

    If he doesn’t make the final roster cut then the decision is made for us. And all this talk whether or not he can contribute has been put to rest.

    You are so hell bent on some silly notion of a youth movement that you’ve forgotten that this team is still trying to win as many games as it can.

    And obviously, since they ARE considering MWP, then YOUR notion of a youth movement isn’t shared by the people running the team. Maybe it’s time to reassess bro.

  • If that’s true, then why couldn’t the Hawks beat the Cavs? Better players with higher basketball IQ will almost always win over “ball movement.” The Dubs are a lot more than simply speed-up-the-game-and-hope-to-find-a-good-shot.

  • And after all that good things you have posted about MWP, then it makes me wonder why he has not been signed, this is one of those times I do believe you are speaking with a fans heart and not with your head. And I do like MWP, as I have said before, sign him as a D COACH, that is where I see him.



  • I disagree on the footwork–and hand too to an extent. The body ages and you just can’t move/react as quickly as you could when you were younger. He can likely fit into some sort of zone hybrid defense quite nicely. He can guard one-dimensional players. I just don’t see him keeping his body in front of anyone without fouling.

  • Trading N. Young and Kelly for Rockets ‘ Ariza makes sense for both teams. The Rockets don’t have a SG/scorer other than James Harden and they already have Brewer and Dekker to fill the SF position.

  • People who follow him know that he’s still a freak of nature. He takes care of his body and has discipline when it comes to parties and junk food.

    He’s a young 36 and can still play good defense in spurts. LAL have nothing to lose in signing MWP at this point.

    The biggest positive would be to Kobe’s game. Nobody mentions the impact he could have on Kobe in motivating him to chase number 6.

  • Free isnt free, the cost is having to tolerate these idiots distractions and hijacking the forum.

    Is spamming and hijacking freedom of speech?
    How about disruption disguised as freedom of speech?

    When people are mindful of others I have no problem respecting their opinions regardless of how much I may not agree with them.

    This is not the case with that looney bin escapee.

  • It’s a tough call but i’ll give him a shot off the bench for cheap enough and a 1yr contract. When you look at it he played 29 games with NY 2013 with injury troubles, this time last year his China team replaced him due to a recurring knee injury, and in Italy he was ejected his last game for a skirmish (don’t know if that’s good for the young players in the locker room) and wasn’t resigned.

  • PG: Russell, Williams ,Bobby Brown
    SG: Clarkson,Young ,Jabari
    SF: Kobe, Metta, A. Brown
    PF: Randle, Bass, Nance Jr.
    C: Hibbert, Jeremy Tyler, Black

    Holmes, Frazier and Upshaw -> Dleague

    If Scott decides to start Metta the line up would look like;

    PG: D’angelo, Lou Williams, Brown
    SG: Kobe, Jordan Clarkson, Brown
    SF: Metta, Nick Young, Brown
    PF: Julius, Brandon Bass, Nance Jr.
    C: Roy, Jeremy Tyler, Black

  • People have been flagging him–and telling him so–for months. The only was to exterminate a troll is to ignore him. He’s here for the reaction. I have to handle my two-year-old’s temper tantrums the same way.

  • Josh,
    WMP is one of the few old skool guys who plays nuts-to-butt defense. He doesn’t rely on speed to stay in front of his guy.

    Literally, he presses up against his opponent and gives ZERO space (yes, nuts-to-butt!). And by being that close, he can contain his opponent with his uber strong arms and limit their lateral movement. When the ball handler has NO space to operated, they take a very contested shot, or pass. And when he’s face up, he is a natural defender and guys can’t blow by him because he always takes the right cut step, and his hands/arms are so strong.

    Coupled with his strength, he’s close to an immovable object. Add fast probing hands, and the fact that he’s physically pushing his opponent he’s a nightmare for some guys. Obviously a guy like Curry would run circles around him, but for a fast big guy like Lebron or Durant, WMP is kryptonite as a guy like Lebron can’t use his physical athletic advantage and simply overpower a guy 30lbs lighter.

    – Assuming he can get into the defensive position in the first place, I’m no sure his style of defense ever goes away, especially for one of the strongest guys in the league.

  • I understand that analogy but aftern a while my patience with these trolls wears on me.

  • We will see if that will be the final saying about MWP by the FO, YOU say as a player and I say as a teacher and COACH is fitted better for the TEAM that’s who I am concerned about, you have your values up side down.

  • my final verdict is to pass on artest and trade for markieff morris it makes more since in the long run and will keep lakers at the top of the western conference

  • Yea that’s why COACH kept PAU GASOL & HILL on the bench so much because he wanted to win more games.

  • Williams can play both PG and SG, I agree that he is more of a SG but we have an abundance of SGs this season. I think Lou will play PG off the bench.

  • Ditto Trevor Lane’s take. Metta could add some value in terms of defensive mindset and spot defending, but that is outweighed by reduced athleticism, streaky shooting and questionable decision-making. Further, the Lakers need to stop trying stopgap maneuvers with aging veterans (K. Malone, G. Payton, I. Rider, etc.) and instead develop young talent that might turn out to be diamonds in the rough on the upswing of their careers.

  • It is just a courtesy to a good guy that needs to show his stuff so he can play in Europe or South America.

  • Why does everyone assume all these rookies are gonna turn into gold?? Aside from russel, randle, and jc…chances are they’re going to be basic bench role players.

    Heck, asking all 3 of our top rookies to develop into stars is also a long shot. Maybe one can develop into a great star, the other his right hand man, and last may be a top 6th man in the league.

    One can dream…but assuming all our rooks will turn into something productive is dumb. Focus on the top 3 rooks, the others will earn playing time with work ethic and the few chances they get.

    Signing MWP is a great move. Ironically and hilariously, he may be kobe’s voice of reason…since kobe lacks patience. He’s going to need a lot more patience this year with all these rooks and an extremely soft big (hope he turns it around)…MWP is a guy kobe trusts. He’ll be kobes “fisher” in terms of mediating his interactions with the rooks

  • There is absolutely no reason the Lakers should be considering using up a roster spot to sign a player who will not help them win now nor in the future. If they want him to help teach the youngsters, then hire him as an assistant coach. Period, end of story.

  • how is signing mwp good? his last season with them he didn’t produce and i doubt he will three seasons later, plus he hasnt been playing

  • Assistant coach yes. Player…??? hate to see one of the young dudes lose a spot.

  • Nope! Hire the Panda’s Friend as an assistant instead. That way we reap the benefits and bypass the negatives. Simple.

  • they parties are split on signing artest it may or may not happen jim gets the last call

  • agreed somewhat but if he is signed he would be used as a strategy to beat the clippers

  • Excuse me , when was the last time you saw him play? this is going on 4 years that I can think I saw him and he is 36 years old and not picked up by any team, don’t get me wrong I like Metta, and the way your talking he is going to make this team better and going to teach hem how to play D, I just don’t see it.

  • So you say . Ever one can have their own opinion, yours is not the law, don’t let it bother you. We all see things differently

  • It does when you get older and in BB 36 is older, I wish him well, if he gets a spot on the team.

  • Unless Kobe gets traded, you need to move on with those championship thoughts.

  • Actually a very valid response – Ron-Ron is a my favorite player of all time. (other thank Kobe of course) I hope we bring him in with all my <3 Everyone in the league still fears this man – we need a guy like this to set the emotional tone for the rest of the young guys just getting their feet wet.


  • I think you know what I meant..everyone is entitled to their own’ve shared yours..,this is mine! I am for rigorous but fair play..not dirty play! the call yourself..number 1 fan..perhaps you are..I have been following the Lakers since they played in the L.A. sports arena..

  • Metta can join the Lakers as defensive tutor for the rookies..consider him as a trainer. .

  • I think it’s pretty spot on.
    I think Clarkson will get more PG duties than we realize, and will be more than a SG.

    And I’m not sure Black makes it through TC without getting traded… But otherwise….
    Spot on.

  • Let’s agree to disagree on this issue.

    I highly respect your words, but on this issue…..

  • In this case, Ron-Ron is a necessary evil as a stopgap.

    The team needs to figure out how to get through a crazy-hard November and December and stay afloat long enough for the rookies to contribute and *maybe* a trade or two develop.

    Somehow I think people forgot that Mitch said that he thinks this is a playoffs team. And as such, Mitch is doing everything HE CAN to help the team get there. Stalling for time, or a “stopgap” as you say, is a GM move and not necessarily a Coaching decision.

    If Loony Ron can help the team stay at .500 through New Years, he’s money well spent. Then it’s treading water to the trade deadline, and a mad dash to the finish. <- 3 distinct sections and 3 different solutions.

  • Ron is a fickle player and needs the right environment. AND, this is the first offseason since he’s been in China.

    Guys like him get signed mid-season or after TC battles settle. And he’s a “situational” guy… meaning he’s not the right fit for every team.

    36 year old guys with mental issues don’t work for every team, but in this case, he fits for the Lakers.

  • Ron WAS the reason why the team got its 16th banner.
    I’m quite sure Ron has earned a few “family points” in the Lakers front office.

    And, he’s still good friends with Jeannie, Mitch and Jimmy. He was amnestied because he wasn’t worth $15M after the tax man collected and he got a unique opportunity to “go home” and play for NYC.

  • The last time I saw him play was mid-February, when he was the best guy on the Knicks roster.

    Let’s not forget that they bought him out because he had a “conflict” with Fisher about playing time and tanking. He was purged because they were “removing” problematic players like JR Smith (and Shumpert) trying to keep the media quiet while deliberately eyeing the #1 pick.

  • Man why is this still an thing. Does anyone remember Metta’s last year on this team? The dudes time has come and gone.

  • When I first heard of this move I was sort of for it. If Metta can still play then maybe it’s a good move. I don’t know if he will come back on a non-guaranteed contract though. This may all just be talk ginned up by the media.

  • The team has some non-productive players, but they have contracts. If the Lakers can move some of these guys, they will.

  • Your sarcasm is noted..everyone has an opinion….seems like the youngsters can’t get it done..and bring in a vet to help teach is good sense..especially with the current front office that had bannished anyone of value these past few years..starting back with Derek Fisher,,then went to get another ring elsewhere..playing with Pau Gasol’s mind over years wondering if he won’t be traded..and getting rid of Lamar odom after winning the leagues 6th player Matt Barnes..and on and on..yes..I too have an opinion young man!

  • I wonder if you really want to comment on the article you just read. What I see is all BS in your mind. They are all non sense cuz’ it has nothing to do with the article but just to express your hatred to the lakers org. Whether you like it or not, lakers are still have 16 championship on their belt. Just wondering your attitude towards the lakers.

  • Half of this Lakers squad consist of rookies and 2nd year guys, it’s a recipe for disaster. Adding a veteran like Metta would be the right move. Do it Mitch, what you got to lose, sign him to a 1 year vet min, he can teach the young bucks.

  • agree.. When did Lebron back Metta down? LEbron couldn’t even back kobe down in the post. These guys just say anything…

  • they never do their job just disagree with what us fans have to say.
    i always see them downing guys like Kobe and MWP just bc of their age.
    Kobe is still strong and MWP is a great player we need to sign him over upshaw. MWP defense can be good as upshaw for the wing. or waive sacre&kelly and sign upshaw and mwp both….

  • Lakers need that fear guy and MWP is it. trust me he is more good than bad for the Lakers.
    sign MWP &upshaw and waive sacre and kelly.

  • the editors and writers on lakersnation are totally opposite of how the fans feel and think about this.
    they always post the exact opposite of how i feel.
    MWP can still be a good defender much better than nick young is at SF.
    right now who is a better defender Kobe or MWP id say MWP.
    Anthony Brown or MWP def id pick MWP again.
    AND id also pick MWP over Holmes.
    Put Kobe back at SG and start MWP at sf.
    young cant play D a.brown &holmes are rookies.

  • MWP owns Lebron! i wanna see him back in the NBA and guarding lebron again metta is definately no slouch i wanna see him shut lebron down! that would make my whole year!!!

  • lol he dont know anything.
    i think KD can shoot over MWP better than lebron bc of his height. not saying mwp cant guard him but who in the NBA can stop KD? MWP at least has a chance to play physical against him.
    Hopefully soon KD is on our team he is a nightmare matchup by himself…………

  • PF wont be guarding lebron.
    lebron will try to post up SG and SF’s. like he always does lebron cant post up Kobe or MWP.
    not even at 36 or 37.
    i really hope WE SIGN metta!
    cmon Lakers…

  • id sign MWP over sacre and kelly so how does jim buss sign sacre and not MWP????????

  • prreach on! even these so called writers and editors on LakersNation cant talk good about my team. they should really shut up.
    MWP is a great sign Jeremy Tyler is another.
    And we could keep Upshaw in Dleague until next year then sign him when we have more money and space.

  • shannon brown yes the other 2 no……
    jeremy tyler yes MWP yes.
    waive sacre&kelly.

  • MWP would inspire Kobe to play longer and go sign for 2-3 years more.
    Hell KG duncan paul pierce didnt retire.
    So why the hell should Kobe???????????????

  • we dont want morriss on our team hes a cancer let hm go play with his brother.
    sign MWP!!!!

  • you guys are always negative about Lakers players.
    i say give MWP a chance his physical play and defense are welcome in my book anyday!!!
    he will inspire randle and hibbert to play harder defense.
    everyone on the team will play better defense that alone makes him worth only 1 “roster spot”
    out of 15 or 16? what is 1? cmon…..

  • you suck donkey balls….MWP is a better defender than almost every single Laker minus hibbert or nance jr.

  • we could actually do something and waive sacre&kelly wed have 2 spots open up.
    1 for MWP and 1 for jeremy tyler or someone else?
    bobby brown/chalmers/frazier/upshaw

  • Of course not, he’s been playing overseas

    All joking aside, he’d still be a top 8 player in this team…I say top 8 because I haven’t seen him in a while.

    He’d be good as a training staff member, but his impact would be greater as a player.

    He knows how to play defense, not saying he can…but I’m saying he knows how to. These tips can be extremely helpful.

    35% knocking down 3s would be helpful.

    The idea of him playing the 4 in this smaller nba is also intriguing. His physicality would break down a lot of players.

    The Lakers wouldn’t get him for production. They’d get him as a vet that can mentor the rooks. Then they’d experiment with him at the 4 to strain as much production they can from him. Production on the court would be extra.

    Keep in mind, mwp is in the best physical shape since he arrived to the Lakers. Could translate to good basketball shape

  • i agree his defense will still be good.
    you know what your talking about!
    more than numb1

  • i can see the future yes i can predict it……..
    i see…………..metta flexing his biceps after making a layup and getting an AND 1…
    i see MWP nailing a 3 pointer and smiling at the camera its in national tv.

  • I did, 45% vs MWP in 25 games. In his most recent 8 games it was 50.1% while averaging over 30 points per game, so if they were to go up against each other now, it could well be over 60%

  • It’s reality his physical play and defense aren’t the same as they were in 2010. It wasn’t even the same his last year as a Laker

  • He wouldn’t be brought in to produce 10-15 pts, 5 rebs, 2 steals. He’d have ronnie price’s role….but since mwp has had a way better career, it would be a little larger. A bigger impact on the team. More respect from the coaches, training staff, and players. A mentor and trainer for the rooks. A guy kobe can lean on. Hill is gone now, therefore, nobody knows kobe more than sacre now. Kobe isn’t going to rely on sacre. Mwp would play the ronnie price/derek fisher role.

    His production is extra. But his effort, competitiveness, and toughness are always there…sets an example

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