Lakers Nation Roundtable: Would L.A. Be Better If Kobe Bryant Retired?

At 2-12, the Los Angeles Lakers record is bad enough, but what has made this season even worse has been the play of Kobe Bryant, who has looked like a shell of his former self.

Kobe is averaging 15.2 points, but is taking more than 16 shots a game to get there. He is shooting a career-worst 31 percent from the field and less than 20 percent from three-point range on more than seven attempts from deep. What has really hurt Kobe is that the majority of his shots have come in isolation situations, thus most of his shots are difficult, well-guarded jumpers.

The ball movement on the Lakers has been nearly non-existent and Kobe’s iso-heavy attack doesn’t help matters as the team tends to stand and watch him. His defense is also nowhere near the level it used to be, which is to be expected considering it is his 20th year in the league.

The Lakers have a number of young players worth developing and Jordan Clarkson and D’Angelo Russell getting the shots that Kobe is getting would only help them down the line. Those players would also be forced to be leaders on the floor and be the main playmakers which, in the case of Russell, is the reason he was drafted.

Of course, this is still Kobe Bryant, one of the greatest players of all-time. Even at his current level, it is hard to believe that a team would be better without him. So we asked our panel of experts if they believe the Lakers would be better off if Kobe Bryant retired right now. This is what they had to say:

Trevor Lane: There is no question that Kobe Bryant has had a difficult start to the season. It appears that Father Time has won, and in spite of the sharp basketball mind that Bryant still possesses the body is no longer willing. The fact that one can now legitimately question whether the team is better off without their marquee star is as telling as it is tragic.

For the Lakers organization Bryant is still a major draw, earning them several times the cost of his bloated contract in revenue. He brings national eyes to a team that has no other beacon, and keeps the purple and gold on the lips and keyboards of the media. If Bryant were to hang up the high-tops now it could mean an uncomfortable period of irrelevance for the Lakers, and the league as a whole thanks to the massive revenue sharing check that the Buss family has to cut to their competitors.

That said, on the court Kobe’s shortcomings have been monstrous. He gets burned time after time defensively, and every airballed jumper is eliciting cringes from basketball supporters–not just Lakers fans–who can’t believe how far the once superhuman Bryant has fallen. The young players on the team still defer to him on the floor, even when statistics scream that they shouldn’t, because that’s the kind of respect that being a legend brings.

Coach Bryon Scott seems to be enabling his friend to fire at will, with little regard to what it does to the team’s success or what kind of double standard it sets. With all that in mind, the Lakers on the court would indeed be better off if Kobe Bryant were to retire right now. Based on the evidence that has been mounting over the past few seasons it’s difficult to come to any other conclusion, as painful as it may be.

It doesn’t have to be like this though. There are ways for Bryant to continue to be a draw and improve the Lakers play on the floor. It wouldn’t be a comfortable conversation, but asking Bryant to take a role similar to the one Kevin Garnett has in Minnesota could conceivably allow him to succesfully finish the season.

Unfortunately, this metamorphis appears to be unlikely, even if it is completely reasonable, because all parties involved would have to be willing to make such a change. Bryant appears determined to go out guns blazing, raging against the dying of the light. In some ways it’s a fitting end for a player who routinely defied any and all limitations, but it feels as though those whose opinions matter most–Bryant, Scott, and the Lakers organization–are failing to understand just how painful it is to watch him struggle in vain against his own mortality.

Sometimes it’s ok to let go, to give in and accept the unacceptable. For the first time in 20 years, the Lakers are a better basketball team without Kobe Bryant.

Nathaniel Lastrapes The Lakers would not be any better off if Kobe Bryant retired right now, but it would not necessarily hurt them either.

I understand that people may believe that Kobe’s presence has disrupted the development of Jordan Clarkson, Julius Randle, and D’Angelo Russell, but I disagree. Player development is Byron Scott’s responsibility, and it is impossible to develop young talent if they are sitting on the bench during key minutes where there is an abundance of potential learning experiences.

With that being said, Kobe Bryant has not taken these minutes from the young core. It has been a rough couple of years and Kobe has not been the superstar that we all have been familiar with over the course of his career, but I would love for him to finish this season healthy. This season has clearly been frustrating for Kobe, and as the season progresses it will continue to feel more and more like retirement a reality.

The inevitable end of his career is near, but Kobe will almost certainly finish his 20th campaign with the Lakers before he announces his retirement.

Alan Huerta: Although I know we can’t treat the Black Mamba like he’s just any other player because he’s not, but I do think the Lakers would be better off if Bryant retired.

Looking at his numbers, Bryant is averaging more shot attempts per game (16.4) than points (15.2) and is shooting a career-low 31.1 percent shooting from the field and under 20 percent from three. Those numbers are brutal, even for any player not named Kobe Bryant.

But seeing how bad this Laker team has been 14 games in (2-12), it’s time for Byron Scott to pull the eject button on the season and that includes Kobe. Scott refuses to reduce his minutes and role even though his struggles have continually worsened, and that puts jeopardy on what should’ve been team’s No. 1 objective this season – player development. This comes after Scott said Bryant would have “limited” minutes prior to the season, yet he’s second on the team in minutes per game (30.5).

I’d rather see D’Angelo Russell and Jordan Clarkson out there getting the experience needed in this rebuilding process. Growing pains and losses will occur, but it’ll pay off in the near future.

It’s hard for all of Lakers Nation to accept it, but Father Time is undefeated for a reason. Plus, if the Lakers continue to struggle this bad (29th in the NBA), there’s a chance they keep their top-3 protected pick in next year’s draft. Ahem, Ben Simmons anyone?

Corey Hansford: This is a very difficult thing to judge because we are talking about Kobe Bryant here. As it stands now, I do believe the Lakers would be better without Kobe Bryant, but it has just as much to do with Byron Scott as it does Kobe.

Kobe could still fulfill a role on this team and be extremely useful for the young players. The problem is that he is still trying to be that star player and Scott is content to let him keep going when that time has clearly passed.

The only person who believes in Kobe more than Kobe, is Scott, and that is a problem. Because Scott is clearly unable to alter the role Kobe has, the only way to bring about the necessary change these Lakers need would be for Kobe to not be here.

This would force Scott to entrust D’Angelo Russell as the lead playmaker and allow Jordan Clarkson and Julius Randle more freedom to take charge as the top scorers on the team. It should also force player and ball movement as no one would be staring at one player waiting for him to make his move.

This would also free up more time for players like Larry Nance Jr. and Anthony Brown, each of whom have potential as role players for this team. At this stage, it just feels like there are more positives if Kobe retires, and while I don’t put all of this on him, it still feels like it’s time to say goodbye to the greatest player I’ve ever seen.

Jabari Davis (@JabariDavisNBA): While I’m certainly not in the crowd screaming for him to retire now based solely on poor play caused by his body simply appearing to give out on him, I absolutely would like to see this coaching staff find a way to properly or at least best utilize him at this stage.

My claim that Bryant is a currently a “dwindling shell of his former self” was met with obvious displeasure by some within the fan base, but folks have to understand the difference between acknowledging the reality of his game these days and somehow criticizing his entire career or legacy.

While the overall results have been disconcerting if we’re being honest about it, there have been moments and stretches where Bryant has been able to be effective for this team. Most of those moments surround him working primarily out of the post (or at least near/off the block) and as a playmaker rather than solely looking to assert himself as a scorer.

For as much as he’s struggled, he still manages to draw at least the attention of the defense from that position on the floor and has had moments where he was able to open things up for a cutting Clarkson, rolling Randle or in finding Russell spotting up behind the arc.

Again, I don’t think it’s any of our places to tell a guy like Bryant when he needs to walk away, but I would at least like to see the staff properly utilize what he has left to offer and at least put him in the most optimum positions to succeed on the court.

Might not make us a better team but would definitely give our young players more opportunities. I watched the Warriors game again and I noticed something that pist me off, on almost every possession when Kobe was on the court players like hibbert(specially) would force/telegraph passes to Kobe. Hibbert would ONLY look for Kobe and no one else, kobes presence alone makes it hard for players with no character to play with him, they feel like the ball HAS to move through Kobe.

  • Im with Kobe until the wheels fall off.
    who are the Lakers without Kobe?
    Kobe has made this franchise what it is today.
    It is not 1980 and we dont live in the past people.
    Kobe made the Lakers into this popular franchise as it sits today.
    I for one dont care what any of you have to say.
    I am sticking with my boy Kobe, and i really appreciate the last 20 years he gave us.
    The last thing im going to do is point fingers and blame him for our bad play.
    Yes Kobe personally has struggled but that wont last.
    All you people finger pointing and telling him to retire at 37.
    What were you telling Jordan on the wizards?
    at 39 he wasnt any better and not a single soul said a word to MJ about retiring.
    Who are we to tell Kobe what he should and should not do?
    that Byron Scott’s choice he is the coach we are just fans.
    For media and fans to act like they have a say about anything is dumb.
    Stop wasting your time…..
    Nobody cares especially me.

  • no kobe he can play 1 more year before he retire we need kobe to la lakers just need remove sacre and nick young with kelly or trade them and also give them chance young players playing minutes on the court

  • I didn’t think Kobe needed to retire right this moment, just as long as his role and usage were reduced significantly. But after seeing all these stats about how he is one of the least efficient players in the league, while also seeing all these quotes from B Scott that he hasn’t considered lowering minutes and would “never” bench Kobe, it’s becoming extremely unlikely that this will ever happen. It is now obvious that as long as Kobe is still around, this entire season will just be BScott talking in circles about how the team needs to improve, while simultaneously insisting on enabling the opposite. So unless they are willing to take him down to 12-15 mins per game, and calling it what it is, a farewell tour, then he should just retire now because there is little benefit the way things are going.

  • too low on short minutes on kobe but i think give chance to play minutes on 21-25 minutes per game

  • Kobe should retire yeah absolutely i mean what has he ever done for us Laker fans!
    join the Lakers at 17 and play 20 years until hes 37 almost his whole life.
    Literally Kobe was a Laker for life.
    you expect him to join at 12 years old? Gimme a break…
    People are so disrespectful in the world today.
    And they dont appreciate anything until it is gone. Well not me i love Kobe and i hope he doesnt retire. In fact i hope he comes back next year too. Kobe is the definition of loyalty and hes like the heart of the Lakers right now.
    Kick Kobe out and you shoot us all in the chest with a gun.
    Thats what he gets for his loyalty?
    yet a guy like nash who screws us refuses to play yet earns millions and noone says a peep?
    You people make me sick to my stomach why am i fan of this team?
    Most of you fans dont even know the word loyalty and appreciation…

  • Kobe should retire i mean what has he done for us in the last 20 years?
    Were the same as the clippers 0 nba finals/0 nba titles right guys?
    Kobe made us purple and gold. Not purple and yellow.
    Anyone know what gold is here? Not sure if we have a smart fanbase anymore…

  • kobe is embarrassing himself turn on the tv and watch some games, we cant keep bringing up his accomplishments to justify his decline. fans like you are selfish and dont care about kobe tarnishing his legacy with this embarrassing ending.

  • 1/14 a bad performance? yeah of coarse but stars have had their bad days even lebron, curry, even michael jordan had his off nights look it up…
    We should forget the past 20 years and only look at the last 14 games.
    Because thats all that matters and we Laker fans are all spoiled brats.
    Now i believe Dangelo Russell and he was right.
    Most here cant appreciate what we do have you want more more and more.
    If Kobe does retire, i hope he refuses to sign autographs for you fans who talk smack about him.
    I hope Kobe stays away from LA and moves on with his life.
    You people dont even deserve to see his greatness on or off the basketball court.
    And if i was him id retire right now and go enjoy my millions and forget about all you losers who make minimum wage jobs.
    Losers man straight up losers!

  • Either way Lakers wouldn’t make the playoffs. On the other hand, if he retires, it will give more opportunity for B Scott to develop the young core of players. Bring Anthony Brown back from the d-league.

  • scott has to go too, i dont think any of our young players are feeling him

  • I don’t disagree. His princeton/triangle offense is not suited for this group of young players especially D’Angelo Russell. They need a system that creates more open court opportunities and such system will not be possible with Kobe on the floor.

  • i need to join the clippers because i dont want to see kobe go out like this? yeah that makes sense.

  • this isnt lakersnation….more like un-loyal fans hating Kobe Bryant nation.
    you spoiled brats who dont appreciate players who hand gift wrap you 5 FREE golden NBA championships.
    i wonder why….coach scott/mitch and jeanie buss hasnt said a word to Kobe?
    maybe because they appreciate him and see hes just struggling.
    But not us fans lets just freak out and bash Kobe because thats WHAT you do when times get rough!
    whoever is your mommy or daddy please slap them for me?

  • Scott thinks he’s a friend of Kobe and still lets the man embarass himself on the court like that. You’re a fukking disgrace Byron! No, I don’t want to see Kobe retire in the middle of the season. I just want a real coach to handle him with respect and reason (not gonna happen).

  • I’m sure some wise man already said it, but you’ve got to be honest with yourself if you want to solve your problems. So if you can’t shoot because of tired legs, get some rest. If you don’t have it any more, retire. And Byron lets kobe do what he wants, so it’s up to kobe to be honest and make a decision. Only he knows if the problem can be fixed.

  • You may need to go away after this season because no true Lakers fan would put any player above the team or franchise.

    You worship Kobe as though he made the Lakers? The name on the front of the jersey gave Kobe the platform to become who he is.

  • I watch the NBA and have no favorite team, and in fact find the notion to be a bit bizarre. I think this gives me a measure of objectivity regarding teams and rosters. What has been apparent to me over the last several years was that in order for the Lakers to move on they needed to trade Kobe. I felt this way at the end of 2011 and now it’s far too late.

    Kobe is a toxic teammate who really has no regard for team chemistry. This may not have been an issue when he was at the top of his game surrounded by talented passive players like Pau Gasol. But Kobe’s decline has been very predictable, and very ugly. It also will result in a lost decade for the Lakers franchise. Perhaps they are paying respects to someone who made them more money than they could ever lose in these years of despair. But I think it was totally foolish and avoidable.

    Kobe does not need to retire at this point. There is too much money on the table for him to walk away from. He just needs to take on a reserve role and actually mentor the next generation so that they might develop and enjoy the two year retirement ceremony that the Lakers paid for him.

  • Not retire but not play so much, come off the bench in spurts. 12 mins a game…. the fans are happy they got to see him…. he has the chance to score some points while being fresh and not weary, everybody is better off. I am a huge fan and would like to see a little more, just not the way it has been going.

  • daryl you can go join another franchise if you want.
    noone making you stay here.
    Kobe been here 20 years.
    how long you been here for? 3 or 4 years?
    without Kobe or Magic Lakers go nowhere and win nothing.
    get it? got it good…

  • clippers are outside your house banging on the door.
    blakes even got the chair ready to block the door and hold you hostage…..
    and hey a plus for you!
    you dont have to travel very far if you live in LA!
    clippers are right down the hall LOL.

  • im a fan just like you.

    what you say has no power or authority except to other fans like me.
    so yeah i dont wanna listen to stupid media and fans bash Kobe all day. are you stupid kid or what?

  • I’ve been a LAKERS fan since 1977. I understand the brand is bigger than any player. Magic and Kobe are all time greats that are a part of the long history of the Lakers. When you come to grips with that you’ll understand what it means to be a long time fan of the Lakers franchise.

  • The way you talk you’re a Kobe fan first and I find it hard to believe you’ve been a loyal fan of the brand since 91.

  • Magic and Kobe to the Lakers just like MJ is to the Bulls.
    do you think any chicago bulls fan would walk up to MJ and say go F**k yourself and leave this arena the team is bigger than you are.
    Im not saying Kobe can ruin our franchise but he has earned his respect and hes allowed to make some errors.
    He deserves it after 20 years of working for this team.
    i hope people read this and really use their brain to understand what it means.
    Yet another NBA RECORD set by Kobe yup….

  • Laker fan first Kobe is #2 yup.

    Kobe is my #1 player but my team is the lakers.
    why do people like you assume sh*t all the time?

  • Magic Johnson= 5 NBA titles
    Kobe Bryant= 5 NBA titles
    is either guy bigger than the team? no.but without those 10 championships what would we have left?
    some of those 16 were in minnesota not la.
    but using the excuse noone is bigger than the team is pathetic.
    Kobe joined at 17 he wasnt even an adult his mom even had to sign his NBA contract.
    now thats silly!
    he plays 20 years for us and this is what he gets?
    bashed insulted by you fans?
    F that man….
    if i ever hear someone bad talk Kobe i would light them up thats all im sayin. Leave it at that. End of discussion.

  • When Kobe retires, you can also retire yourself as a so-called “Lakers fan”. You don’t want what is best for the Lakers if you want this shell of himself back next season. Imagining Kobe still around next season, that is truly an absolutely sickeningly depressing thought.

  • I love the Lakers and i have loved the Lakers since i was a kid but Laker nation really, we won’t be back into contention until Jim Buss is no longer in the way of basketball operations. We can draft Ben Simmons and sign Kevin Durant who ever but as long as personnel isn’t right we will suck for years. When Kobe is playing and we lose Kobe gets all of the blame which he deserves some, Kobe gets benched B.Scott gets all of the blame which he deserves some, B.Scott do even worst Mitch gets all of the blame which he deserves but Jim is really left in the dark to let these guys take bullets and he receive very little to no criticism from Laker nation. Phil Jackson wanted to have the position that he has now for the NYK but Jim rather that Phil not have that position because like James Dolan Jim Buss would get in Phil way and Phil didn’t want that at all. Every since Jerry Buss has been gone the Laker franchise has went down hill, No disrespect to Jim but i just think he has become a cancer to the franchise not to say he don’t know basketball which i think he does but it is way different when you have had experience as a player for years. If Jerry Buss was alive the Chris Paul and Dwight trade would have happened of course because he was so loved and respected. It says a lot that the Lakers can’t get a top free agent and players don’t want to come Jim was forced to build through the draft because no one wants to play here any more the winning mentality and flashy play isn’t here any more. I think the Lakers have to gut the entire system out start off fresh get somebody to be the head of basketball operations, new gm, new head coach, new everything and we will be back.

  • Reading the 1/10 must know , #2 is KOBE just trying to get minutes to move into the #3 spot in minutes played- I cant see any other reason for him to be playing, he is not helping not scoring, and shooting bad % and slowing the game down–what is the reason ?

  • Kobe needs a coach who he can trust to tell him that him taking less shots will benefit the team but not just Kobe the entire team need a coach they can trust, trust that ball movement will help. Greg Pop has trust from his players, Steve Kerr, Phil did thats what Kobe needs some one he can trust telling him to come off the bench but Byron is old school. He thinks his system is the only way and you have to follow it but the princeton didnt work with Mike Brown they need to go new school. When Golden State sucked when Steph Curry was drafted that next year they were better and they got better, we sucked last season and got worse this season.

  • Your not the only one who see this, the whole team ends up not knowing what they are out there for, its a shame just to make one player look good, when its not helping any one.

  • If he plays next year there are many that are FA and they will flee the LAKERS faster then RATS LEAVING A SINKING SHIP.

  • This Team hasn’t given anybody an Excuse to say Kobe should retire…..This team is BAD period…Kobe is not on the Floor 48mins…So where is all this Potential when he’s not on the Floor?….Kobe is the Only thing that’s going to make people come out and watch this team..

  • Elgin Baylor retired 9 games into the 71′-72′ season at 37 years of age. He retired from a team that won the NBA Championship that season and also set a record of 33 games undefeated. Kobe Bryant will play every game he possibly can, will suck the ball off of everyone, take as many shots as he fancies, have everyone else rotate onto his man when he can’t keep up, shout at the refs for phantom fouls leading to fast break points, won’t practice, won’t mentor, will blame his team mates, shoot the worst percentage in the entire NBA, get paid 25 million dollars for the privilege. One of these legends had the Lakers’ best interests at heart, the other guy has his own. History will not be kind to Kobe I feel.

  • I AGREE I have watched KOBE since he started, but at this point in his GAME is so bad and when he comes into the game, I stop watching, knowing what is going to happen, to the other 14 players, it is destroying them, its like leaving all the AIR out of the BALL.

  • Just because Kobe retires does not mean the LAKERS ARE DONE , they will be back as long as other players knows there is a rebuild with out KOBE.

  • @ this point so is KOBE IRRELEVANT because he is playing just for his self, and hurting the others.

  • They are no doubt major contributors but as you said, neither is bigger than the name on the front of the jersey. Players have a shelf life. The Lakers endure as there will always be a next great to lead the way. We’ll always have our memories of the past but you cannot allow that to hinder going forward.

  • The assumption is drawn from your ridiculous emotional rants of putting a player above the team.

  • I’m gonna go on record and say that I dont think kobe finishes the season. And not from injury but as the season drags on his performance will decline further and a broadcasting seat will make sense. And sad as it is to say, there is no chance for Kobe to play on the Olympic Team.

    Having said that, I think the young core needs kobe as a stabilizing factor until January. I’m not sure they are ready to fly on their own yet and endure endless nights of hopelessly lopsided losses. In January, they should be.

  • Kobe is barely an NBA grade player at the moment. He’s not coming back next year, and if mitch brought him back it would be reckless.

  • Anyone can clearly see what’s going on with Kobe but this wasn’t a playoff team from the start. I cannot disrespect this this dude after all he’s given to this franchise over a few awful shooting performances. That’s just wrong imo. His legs are gone but let this Legend play out his final season. Byron IS loyal to a fault, I’ll give him that and I respect that particular aspect about his character regardless of what anyone says about his coaching. All these young guys who everybody wants to see playing 40 minutes haven’t done squat for the Lakers franchise. They’re getting good playing time and we’re also dealing with their growing pains. If Russell, Randle, Clarkson, Nance one day deliver multiple titles, then they will deserve the same respect. We are rebuilding from the bottom and have no choice but to be patient.

  • Kobe isn’t going to tarnish his legacy by playing like a broken man. In a year no one will remember this season, but they will remember 5 rings, 2 medals, 1 MVP, 81 points, and his greatness.

  • How is he hurting others?
    As sad as it is, he’s probably the best SF option, and his 13 touches divided by 3 guys means 4 more shots.

    You seem to think that Touches matter, when these young guys need seasons and experiences to learn. And they need veterans and mentors to help lessen the learning curve and deal with growing as a player.

    You are so anyi-kobe that you can’t see that there is some benefit of havig him play, and being on the team. The coaches and the players say Kobe is a big help and positive, but AL thinks he knows better than the people actually involved.

  • Why do they say differently?

    Let’s talk about how Kyrie and Cp3 speak highly of Scott and how he helped them be professionals.

    Stop making things up just because YOU dislike Scott and are 100% bent on his removal, even if it would set the team back.

  • I will agree to a point. Yes this young core would have better box scores and would match a faster tempo.

    The Princeton is teaching them Solid fundamentals. It’s teaching how to move, read-react, ball movement, and is an equal opportunity offense.

    So on one hand it’s great as teaching opportunity, but on the other it’s not matching their strengths which is speed due to their age.

  • lol yea just like all those players that say they would like to play with kobe but none of them ever sign.

  • Yes he does. Unless he negotiates a settlement, which I guarantee kobe won’t do.

    The act of retiring creates an opportunity to negotiate, but his contract says the teams gotta pay him.

  • Kobe makes the team what it is.
    when Kobe retires who is even going to talk about us?
    dangelo? twitter rants?
    gimme a break….
    star players make teams better than they already are.
    take MJ off the bulls chicago doesnt win 6 in a row.
    take lebron off the heat miami doesnt win 2 titles.
    take Kobe off the Lakers and you give mavs spurs celtics our 5 NBA titles……

  • To me, kobe tries the Kobe Method and realizes that even he can’t overcome age with hard work and determination. And when the fulcrum of January & February set in, and his numbers dip more – like every player – he realizes it’s time to go. I think he’s got a get arenas and guys he wants to see one last time, and that if approached by the front office he might be OK to step back.

    I know Kobe’s hope was to hold on until the Olympics and go out on a high note, but it’s painfully obvious that’s not going to happen.

  • lol so far no one agrees with you, where are you when kobe is 0-10 during games?

  • well im glad you can read thats good news.
    and since when is bashing a player on YOUR own team a good thing?
    please remind me im dying to hear this!
    should we down the coach too?
    i keep seeing you all scream and insult byron scott too.
    whos next nick young? or lou williams?

  • Kobe is old and his box score sucks, but let’s not under sell his contributions by solid execution, being in the right places, and doing everything right.

    You seem to forget that substituting Aaron brown would create a bigger problem as it adds a 4 player who messes up, is in the wrong position and isn’t a net positive.

    Kobe has value. It’s just not in the box score, and hopefully soon enough our young guys will grow enough that they don’t need him .

  • Do you read any outside press. Espn AND wall street journal just polled executives and players and it was almost unanimous that no one would pay attention to this year and would only remember Kobe the Great.

  • and 12 3s in 1 game.
    outscoring Dallas by himself 62-61.
    61 at Madison Square Garden.
    won the sprite slam dunk contest 1996-97.
    4 all star game MVPs 2 finals MVPs.
    if i listed every single record Kobe’s ever set it.
    The list would be longer than Santa’s Christmas list for all the children (in the whole world).
    How many kids live on earth again? lol

  • even kristaps porzingis said his fav player is Kobe.
    i dont feel like the only fanboy here….
    Its like the movie Home Alone only im at lakersnation.

  • we’re all going to feel uneasy when that happens even his haters might feel it too, but you can’t say its ok he has 5 rings to try and justify his major decline.

  • Kobe sits on the bench who takes his spot?
    MWP? he wasnt even supposed to make the team. lol
    anthony brown? hes in Dleague….
    so who is Kobe stopping from playing exactly?
    Ryan Kelly? Sacre? lol

  • I know were seeing more nights with 6 for 22’s than those close to perfect mamba were accustomed. But I agree with some that say If Kobe accepts the role similar to Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett and some of the greats that were in their last stretch – reduced minutes and a role to teach and develop our young players that would be good. It would also help heal his body from games played as he is not being burned with 30mins or over play time. As the article writes , Lets best utilize our aged star. The problem is and sorry for being a broken record. Our coach doesn’t know how to manage players , utilize our star and personally he has no clue how to run this team.

  • i can and i am.
    20 years for us he deserves it man.
    Yes its an NBA record not only that hes #3 on the all time scoring list too.
    And when you pass Michael Jordan on any list you know your good…..
    admit it rival

  • dude if dangelo russel wins 5 rings in his career ill listen to all his twitter BS and talk about being a natural leader and this and that….you can BS me all day if your giving me something lol.
    but when you get nothing and someone just wastes your time?
    yeah that sucks man…

  • its 14 games into the season he might break out of this slump.
    its still too early to pass judgement man.
    thats all im sayin.
    if he plays like this for the next 3 or 4 months ill agree with you.
    but its barely 1 month into the season thus far….

  • Kobe is a very small part of a HUGE problem our offense and our defense.
    see Kobe knows these 2 things and knows what to do already.
    he just shooting like crap recently so hes taking the fall for the rookies inability to learn and play consitently especially in the 4th quarter.

  • Scott’s really hurting the team foremost given his insistence in rolling with 24 till the wheels come off. But 24’s real contribution that will be felt even after he retires is in helping to mold the team for the future/passing some of that knowledge.

    That has more value overall while Scott’s stubborn ways continue to hurt the team. The coach wants them to play desperate while refusing to change the rotation (for now). It’s not as if the Lakers are playing 500 ball at best, they’re 2-12!

  • Lakersnation=/= Kobenation, but I’m sure there is a Kobe homer website out their for you. FYI I bet you dissed Shaq giving you 3 rings when Kobe and Shaq fought and you took your boyfriends side.

  • This is not a slump ffs, this is the end you are witnessing. That you believe it is a slump is testament to your own complete delusion. How many games exactly will it take for you to consider it not a slump? 30 games? 60 games? Guy has been shooting like trash for 46 games now. He may have a good shooting night once every ten or so games, but that sample won’t outweigh the entirety. Yes, he has numerous injuries, but he is also 37, he will not be improving with time, he will be eroding. You need to wake up, this isn’t 2011 anymore.

  • If this Ben Simmons kid is as good as everybody says he is, I’ll endure another season of misery. This season is pretty much over anyway smh

  • Admit it you’re not a Lakers fan but a Kobe fan. You sacrifice the well being of our future for one man’s ego. I bet your argument is that this team won’t make the playoffs with or with out Kobe which is true. But Kobe takes away the development time not to mention when he’s on the floor the offense becomes so stagnant and predictable since it ends up with Kobe playing iSO ball.

  • We don’t want you here Kobe homer go away. Lakers nation for life not Kobe nation you twit.

  • LOL 14 games and you’re still delusional. Be sure to know that if NO I mean WHEN he continues this slum I will be here to troll you and rip you and make you feel stupid and delusional. When Kobe retires I will be relieved that you won’t be part of Lakersnation anymore.

  • philly should be banned from getting another top 5 pick.
    they are tank masters.

  • this aint kobe nation.
    but he is the heart of the Lakers.
    so yes hes like Dirk to the mavs or Duncan to the spurs.
    he is the face of the franchise.
    just as curry is like the warriors heart.
    i bet people walk around and guard curry.
    if he got hurt and fell or anything they wouldnt win a championship.
    walk on egg shells? yeah i would…..

  • “Kobe makes the team what it is.”

    There you have it. Kobe over the Lakers brand straight out yo mouf.

  • No, they won’t be “better”, but it would be “better” for the team in the long run. At this point, he’s just wasting minutes.

  • Exactly this is Lakersnation so take your Kobe homerism else well such as a Kobe fan site. Lakers fans here have more important things to discus such as the well being of this organizations future, not delude ourselves with past. You on the other hand are stuck to Kobe’s nuts and stuck to the past, therefore this fanbase should leave you in the past, and when Kobe is gone from this franchise you will be going with him.

  • When a player retires early he gives up the remainder of his salary. If the team waives a player the team is still on the hook for his salary. This is why players waived are offered stretch provisions… I.E. what the team could have done with Nash or what the Piston did with Josh Smith or the Wizards with Gilbert Arenas.

  • Acknowledging that he’s done and stinking up the joint after 55K minutes and b2b2b season ending injuries isn’t “disrespect”, it’s “reality”. It happens to all players sooner or later. There’s no getting around it.

  • Kobe missed 47 games last season, that did not stop me from going to 7 home games he did not appear in.same thing in 13-14.

  • To me it IS disrespect. If you can’t see that then that’s your problem but I see it as disrespect. There was none of this negativity when Kareem or Worthy were on their last legs and were a shell of themselves. It was all respect. Kids these days(smh)

  • No that’s not his problem. It’s YOUR problem, he’s going to move on with his life while you being a crybaby complaining what he said is disrespectful. Sorry its your problem since its your feelings.

    Anyways Kobe’s done, deal with it.

  • No, it is his problem. If you knew how to read, Byron clearly said he’s not benching Kobe no matter what. I did acknowledge Kobe was done in my original post so you clearly have problems with reading comprehension. Kobe is not getting benched per Byron Scott, so you deal with it idiot.

  • LMFAO you try to switch this on me when clearly YOU wrote.

    “To me it IS disrespect” So no, I wasn’t talking about Scott’s mins on Kobe, I was talking about Boom’s comment on Kobe. What he said about Kobe made you mad lol. SO YOU DEAL WITH IT AND YOU DEVELOP THOSE READING COMPREHENSION SKILLS, you should know what my comment was referring too.

  • Kobe doesn’t need to be benched. He can courtesy start and play 15-20 a night like every other aging vet at the end of their careers.

    That way, he stays healthy enough to appear in 60-65 and performs at a level that is slightly below average for his position, which is actually quite amazing considering age and mileage.

  • He’s not going to listen to your logic. Kobe homers enjoy the brick and air ball show. They have special delusional contact lens that shows them Kobe making the shot lol.

  • You make zero sense and no one here knows what you’re saying unless they speak idiot. Just quit while you’re behind you fool. Kobe’s not getting benched, nor is Byron gonna reduce his minutes to 15-20. The sooner you guys realize that and deal with it, the better.

  • “The sooner you guys realize that and deal with it, the better.”
    Umm, hello? Why do think we’re complaining???

  • No you’re an idiot if you don’t understand. Obviously what Boom said about Kobe pissed you off. I stated that is your problem not his. So it makes perfect sense. You must be a special kind of stupid for not being able to understand the correlation between my comment and yours

  • obviously California Purple does speak idiot since he understands byron scott

  • Forgot about Kobe, Lakers, and basketball. Let’s talk about basic reading comprehension skills.

    “Acknowledging that he’s done and stinking up the joint after 55K minutes and b2b2b season ending injuries isn’t “disrespect”.” -Boom Shaka

    Boom made a comment about Kobe. California Purple responds with…..

    “To me it IS disrespect. If you can’t see that then that’s your problem but I see it as disrespect’ – California Purple

    Clearly Mr. Purple feels disrespect about what Mr. Shaka said about Kobe Bryant.

    “No that’s not his problem. It’s YOUR problem, he’s going to move on with his life while you being a crybaby complaining what he said is disrespectful. Sorry its your problem since its your feelings.” – My comment

    Clearly I stated that it is Purple’s problem if what Mr. Shaka said is disrespectful

    “You make zero sense and no one here knows what you’re saying unless they speak idiot. Just quit while you’re behind you fool. Kobe’s not getting benched, nor is Byron gonna reduce his minutes to 15-20. The sooner you guys realize that and deal with it, the better.” – California Purple

    Talk about being stupid, with his rant and not being able to understand the conversation at hand. I guess you need a certain educational level to develop such reading comprehensions skills. Clearly Mr. Purple has not reached such skills.

  • Byron Scott on benching Kobe: “I would never, never, never do that.” Sounds pretty clear to me but for some reason it doesn’t register in your mind. What I’m saying makes perfect sense. It might not to you because of two reasons: You don’t agree with it, and you’re just plain dumb. Probably a little of both.

  • No what you’re saying is changing the subject idiot. Boom wasn’t talking about Scott’s comments about Kobe’s play time, my comment wasn’t about that either, my comment was about how you felt disrespected at what Boom said about Kobe idiot. Talk about failing 2nd grade reading comprehension. Or did you realize that you fail so hard that you intentionally change the subject to Scotts discussion on Kobe’s mins

  • Lol! You don’t make any sense. You just go on and on about nonsense just to keep the argument going. Please tell me you’re a woman. Those definitely aren’t manly traits lmao.

  • Lol! It does make sense, I even copy and pasted our comments but obviously your pea brain can’t compute and is ready for a mental break down.

  • Depends on the production they get out of his replacement. Brown is a rookie and Young is well… yeah. Still statistically hard to he as bad as Kobe has been. He is the worst player in the league in most offensive stats for starters.

  • The funny thing is that I’m a big Kobe Bryant fan and think he has the most versatile offensive skill set in NBA history. Yeah, other players did other things better, but nobody has done so many things as well as he did them through his career.

    I hate to see him play this poorly for HIS sake as much as for the Lakers’ sake. He’s better than this.

  • Im not a Lakers fan per say. But it’s really sad when there’s fans here who still think this guy “has a few good yrs left in him”Time to turn the page. But who are u going to turn it with?

  • Its true I loved Kobe until this season. Not dissing Kobe for being bad, dissing Kobe fore his stubborn attitude by not taking a lessor role and felicitate more often. Now his teammates feeds him air balls and bricks. Its sad for REAL Lakers fans, but Kobe homers we lick every bit of moment that he is on the court

  • Kobe would rather BE the reason the Lakers lose than NOT BE the reason that they win. People always talk about his high basketball IQ. Apparently his IQ can not save him (and Lakers and the fans) from his overblown ego.

  • I’ve heard that here. Not everyone believe’s that. I get b that. But some Lakers fans think when he hangs it up u guys are done. Going to the D-League ect.

  • Oh so it took you 15 mins to come up with a 9 syllable phase. lol thanks for putting up a show you made all of us laugh.

    Also good job at being a sexist, but if you saw me in real life you’ll probably piss your paints. Good day idiot, you kept me entertain.

  • Just to be coached by BS. By that time people will start calling him a bust after 10 games into the season.

  • At the end of the day we’re all Lakers fans & can agree to disagree. Beauty of options.

  • Bottom line Basketball is a business, hence Kobe and his $25M sells tickets & puts butts in seats period

  • He can retire after this season, not this time around

    Yall guys just wanna get the good out of these players and leave them hanging in the end when tough times come around

    You gotta take the good with the bad, WIN OR LOSE!

  • That’s why the lottery was implemented, but when you trade away quality players like Andre Iguodala, Lou Williams, Nikola Vucevic & Michael Carter Williams its obvious & is a complete black eye for the NBA let alone true 6er fans.

    I agree they shouldn’t be rewarded by any means.

    Embiid’s karmic reminder of the gamble for proven commodities & relying to rebuild though the draft, tripping over dollars to pick up pennies.

  • That seems like a stupid question to me. Of course they’d be better off if Kobe Bryant retired effective immediately.

    For one, there would be no use for Byron Scott, who’s primary mission seems to be to placate and coddle Kobe Bryant. To that I say, good riddance to both.

    Secondly, the complete and sole focus would be on the future of this team (Russell, Randle and Clarkson), which is where it should be. Each of them would get the minutes they need to develop their games and the chemistry necessary to become a cohesive group.

    Thirdly, Mitch Kupchak would have the money to sign two max players with plenty of basketball left in them. Much like they would have last summer, had Kobe’s 25 million not been the hinderance those of us who don’t live in denial, knew it would become.

  • Any player who takes a ton of shots at a low percentage success rate hurts the team. This team also can’t play defense, which probably hurts worse.

  • Kobe is not barely an NBA player i disagree with you.
    hes just struggling right now.
    hopefully soon this freakin out will all be over.
    this is rediculous how people are acting.

  • 14/82 thats not even a 1/4 of the games.
    when its 30 games into the season i might hear you out.
    but right now he could just be struggling and you can keep freaking out i dont care.
    im waiting to see what happens next.

  • Kobe doesnt care about me or you.
    im just a fan like you are man.
    we have 0 power or say when it comes to things like this.
    we can sit on our sofa or computer chair and B*tch all day long nothing will change.
    trust me…..i just have faith in Kobe i know he can pull out of this.
    he probably needs more shooting practice.i think he knows exactly what he needs to do.
    not even the smartest fan can give him advice he has been playing 20 years in the NBA.
    what do we know that he doesnt already know?

  • answer trade nick young and kelly or sacre is not answer on problems reduce too much the playing time on kobe per games

  • Agree! Nyahahahahahaha… that’s why we have the words LEGACY and RETIRE nyahahahhahahahahaha! If Kobe can still duplicate his LEGACY in today’s NBA, then he can continue playing BUT if he can’t then he has to accept it and RETIRE. He can contribute in other areas IF he really wants to help the Lakers.

  • Kobe is hurting his image only right now.
    when all is said and done they will look at his entire career.
    not these last 14 games only.
    thats a stupid way to judge him…..
    only at age 37 not the rest of his career.

  • So now you care about numbers?
    1. This is NOT ‘rust,” this is father time
    2. 37 years old that carme back with 3 season ending injuries and you expect him to come back to an “elite” form?
    3. If you actually opened your eyes you can see that he has no lift in his legs when making those 3pts or mid range jump shots.

    So how delusional are you to think he’s coming back? Be warned I will give you $h!t when Kobe continues to dwindle. Kobe did shoot a lot better tonight though, however he still sucks 7/20 is 35% lol

  • i didnt even bother to watch the game.
    im tired of you fans complaining like little girls.
    you guys suck.
    Kobe will pull through he just needs more shooting practice.
    and to get his legs stronger.

    he will be fine.

  • you didn’t watch because you didn’t want to see him brick and air ball you pathetic Kobe homer fan boy. Is he your boyfriend lol?

    No I’m tired of fake Lakers fans like you. You don’t care about what this organization represents, because this organization is bigger than just one man. You suck Kobe’s nuts as much as he sucks at shooting, I’ll troll the living heck out of you game after game. Talk to me when your boyfriend puts up at least 42% FG lol

  • number one Kobe fan here, but Love my Lakers more. If he continues playing like this and we continue to lose this season i will love it. we keep our pic and might get the number one pic “BEN SIMMONS” but after this season i think he should retire. hate seeing my boy like this..

  • to scotts credit he finally adjusted his offense tonight and got kobe shooting off of picks. that had kobe at 6-15 or 40% and that was with the few bad shots kobe had to take with the shot clock as an issue. the team needs to run the ball threw kobe at the 12-18 foot mark because he still draws 3 or more sets of eyes. this allowed players to get better looks. if the team builds off of this kobes fg % sould hover around 40-45% and the teams offense will get better as a whole

  • the adjustments scott made this game worked untill the very end of the 4th.

    kobe was shooting around 40-45% all night before he had to take bad shots to end the game


    “im tired of you fans complaining”

    Yeah keep telling yourself that, you already confessed to me. However for my own amusement I enjoy reminding you of how wrong you are. Eventually you’ll feel like an outsider who can’t tell from left and right.

  • The world according to cj before the season; “Kobe can play well at 32 minutes, Kobe can play five more years, Lakers can win 45-55 games this season”


  • oh yeah Kobe have already tarnished his legacy in relation to other greats like MJ who was at the end of their careers. No one have shot more air balls in fewer games than Kobe or lower percentage rate around 33% than Kobe.

    Kobe will retire as the least graceful exit by any of the top tens greatest to end his career.

  • Kobe first fan here but that’s ok have it your way buddy.

    The FO love you too much, if there are only fans like you they wouldn’t care to do their jobs competently.

  • Yeah? Maybe, but if so, Kobe needs to play someplace besides the 3. Having Randle AND Kobe on the court at the same time has been like a vacation for our opponents’ defenses since neither one of them can make a 3 to save their own lives. Kobe would be best coming off the bench and playing point as a facilitator behind Russell so we can keep at least one more shooter on the court. On the other end, we would have one more defender, too. After all, how many guys can a team give “help defense” for?

    It’s time.

    Also, through not threw—no offense.

  • I would rather that our guys learned to pass the ball to the open man and not just pass to Kobe all the time. I don’t know how much longer Kobe can shame his own self like this. Everybody is watching: his wife, his kids, everybody.
    Who is Aaron Brown? Anthony Brown?

  • You are truly a worshipper. It is lucky that fans like you don’t care, otherwise there would be so many friendless boys crying themselves to sleep at night, as you will, sooner or later. These few years between seeing your heroes fade and when you start getting interested in girls may be hard ones for you.

    There are many other HOF players blowing the whistle on Kobe right now, the most insightful being Sir Charles, who pointed out the fact that Kobe is pump-faking so much more—which is what Barkley did right at the end, too. That’s how he knew it was time.

    Scott said that Kobe doesn’t practice and he doesn’t play back-to-backs. Kobe can’t shoot and he can’t play defense. What is left of your hero—all of our hero?

  • It is more ridicules how you are acting. The end has to come sometime. Let Kobe fade gracefully from the scene. Grow up. Let him go.

    If you have ever lost a parent, the thing that hurts them the most is not being able to talk to the people that you love about what is inevitably happening because they keep saying you are going to be fine even though everyone in the room knows better.

  • He is not even practicing anymore. He can’t work the kinks out anymore. Don’t you get it? Quit being blind.

  • Al’s right, strange though may seem. Kobe is holding everyone else back. People forget how sh_tty he has become on defense, too.

  • no kobe is fine as a starter. if we had to bech some one it would be one of th young pgs

  • That’s ignorant. No offense I know of works if neither forward has a jump shot. If you mean start Kobe at the point instead of Russell, OK, I don’t mind. Russell will just pout, though.

    Why do you do this fake Kobe BS? You know he’s toast.

  • Where did you come from? We should be playing Young and Kelly, fool. We need to open up the floor, not trade away all our shooters. Sacre you can have.

  • That’s a good analogy, Al. I think he is like a black hole and his gravitational pull just warps everyone in his path, no matter what he does or says.

  • Why can’t Kobe follow the example of Tim Duncan and just accept a reduced role? (Or salary?) I think we all know the answer to that.

  • Still think my minute suggestion is too low after last night’s performance? His body can’t handle it anymore.

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