Lakers Nation Week in Review: Sept. 22 – Sept. 29

The Los Angeles Lakers are approaching the start to their training camp and the road to the 2013 NBA Finals will begin. The Lakers have an extremely talented team and it will be interesting to see just how well they can gel together. Even though the Lakers will be without some of their players for training camp due to injury, the team is still poised for success.

The off-season can get slow at times in terms of news, but there is always something popping up with the Lakers. It was a busy week here at Lakers Nation and it’s time to take a look back at the past seven days.

Lakers Nation news:

The NBA is finally ready to punish those who flop, an act of exaggerating contact in order to get a foul called in their favor. Flopping has been prevalent in the NBA for quite some time now and it has ruined the integrity of the game. The new deal will be finalized in the coming weeks, but the penalty will most likely be a fine.

Despite early reports that Dwight Howard would not be ready for opening night, it seems as though Superman may suit up for the first game. Howard’s rehab process is going well and the Lakers may have him on the court earlier than expected.

Los Angeles Lakers legend James Worthy has joined the Twitter world.

Kobe Bryant was just one of the Lakers who decided to make an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Los Angeles Lakers rookie Darius Johnson-Odom celebrated his 23rd birthday on Sept. 28.

Lakers forward Jordan Hill pleaded no contest to his assault charge and was given a 1-year deferred sentence and a $500 fine. If Hill stays out of trouble in the next 12-months, the case will be “wiped from his records.”

One of the newest Los Angeles Lakers, Dwight Howard, was ranked as the third best player in the NBA according to ESPN. Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant was listed at number six, whereas Kevin Durant and LeBron James were the only players ahead of Howard. Pau Gasol was listed at 15 and Steve Nash was placed at 19.

Los Angeles Clippers guard Chris Paul believes his team has the upper hand over the Lakers due to chemistry and cohesion.

Metta World Peace is in optimal condition for this upcoming 2012-13 season.

Newly acquired Boston Celtic, Jason Terry, says he is ready to “kill” the NBA’s elite, including the Lakers and Heat.

Pau Gasol and Steve Nash seem like two pieces that will fit perfectly together and Gasol called his newest teammate, “the most unselfish player in the NBA.”

Steve Blake injured his foot and will be sidelined for approximately three weeks.


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