Lakers News: L.A. Assigns Anthony Brown To D-Fenders

Despite a solid showing during the preseason, rookie Anthony Brown has yet to make an impact for the Los Angeles Lakers so far this season. Brown has appeared in only three games so far this season and has been inactive in recent games.

With the Lakers wanting to get Brown some court time, the team has assigned him to their D-League affiliate, the Los Angeles D-Fenders. Brown will suit up for the D-Fenders game on Tuesday against the Bakersfield Jam though it is unknown if he will remain with them for Friday’s game against the Santa Cruz Warriors.

Brown has found it difficult to get on the court so far as many of the Lakers wings are playing well right now. Aside from Kobe Bryant and Jordan Clarkson who will see plenty of court time, both Metta World Peace and Nick Young have surpassed expectations this season.

The D-Fenders have some names that would be familiar to Lakers fans as both Vander Blue and Manny Harris spent some time with the Lakers last year. Robert Upshaw, who was cut by the Lakers this training camp is also on the team.

Check out the official press release below via Lakers:

EL SEGUNDO – The Los Angeles Lakers have assigned Anthony Brown to the D-Fenders, it was announced today.

Brown has played in two games for the Lakers this season, scoring five points in his debut on October 28th vs. the Sacramento Kings. The 34th overall pick in the 2015 NBA Draft appeared in five games for the Lakers during the 2015 Las Vegas Summer League, averaging 5.0 points and 2.8 rebounds per game.

A 6-7 guard/forward from Stanford, Brown played in 37 games (36 starts) for the Cardinal last season, tallying 14.8 points, 6.9 rebounds and 2.5 assists while shooting 43.1% from the field and 44.1% from three-point range.

Brown will be on the road with the team for tonight’s matchup vs. the Bakersfield Jam at 7:00pm PT. Live broadcast of the game is available via the NBA D-League’s YouTube channel.

Yo brown make sure you come back like Clarkson did, this is great news.

  • Finally he gets to play somewhere. Will definitely be watching tonight. Goodluck.

  • Great! Dude needs PT. Hopefully he gets a lot while he’s up there playing with big Rob.

  • About time! I like this kid and think he has potential to be a really good role player. He did look much better in preseason than he has in the regular season, but he has had no time to get any kind of rythym. Like RIVAL said, hopefully he can come back from the D-League like Clarkson did last year.

  • I looked up his stats just like clarkson last year bits min.garbage but impact in them! Why dot we play brown more for d?

  • that’s what i’ve been thinking too. lou williams has been god awful, so why not put someone else in? he can play the two or the three so it doesnt matter where nick young will play.

  • williams needs to stop shooting like hes a steve kerr or something,thats the problems with shooters like williams dont know how to play than one thing, what made classic shooters ike reggie miller great they ould steal and make right decision shots!

  • look at curry hes a shooter type like williams only faster release, looke at sometimes he does not take dumb 3 pt shots like Williams and gets 3 point play at the rim shots! curry also has big assists numbers for as shooter!

  • Although many of you will disagree about Russell, I’m happy with the Lakers’ recent picks/scouting.

    Clarkson and Nance are steals
    Randle has been inconsistent but he’s young and the talent is there
    Russell doesn’t have a flashy game but is efficient and doesn’t turn the ball over (pretty mature on the court for a 19 yo).
    Tarik Black is solid and deserves more minutes and Kelly is okay in spots.

    I’m sure Brown will be a contributor.

  • Least he is getting playing time somewhere , such a waste to be sitting on the sidelines.

  • Is this a Laker 1st round pick, going to D-League?

    Interesting . . . so, front office is Not set on sending a Draft pick to D-League? ?

    Hhmmm . . . wonder if Any other Draft Picks of Lakers, could use some More burn time development ? ?

    I absolutely “Love” the idea of sending Younger players for Burn time, and minutes
    this way they can “Develop” !!

  • What could Front Office be looking for Anthony Brown, to accomplish, while in D’League?

    I know AB can shoot with some accuracy . . . and have any of U seen a D’League game recently??

    I did. Wow, talk about the Wild Wild West . . . Shoot – shoot – shoot

    Makes Rucker park, or any outside streetball, hero basketball game interesting. lol

  • thx 4 that. Could remember order: d’lo, brown, nance? or d’lo, nance, brown? lol

  • black is undersize and is a decent player, bass has more size and has played pretty decent D. i like the move. alot of the moves scott made improve the team some what. they still need alot of work

  • good move brown could use some playing time. lakers could use more guys that play d. but with young and MWP in front of him there really no room for him to get time

  • I agree with Byron’s moves thus far too – I also Love Bass play, even more so lately

  • alot of the players make mistakes, it not just bass. if you saw the suns game there were so many bone head plays. plus bass is a vet while black is a young player.

  • well Williams is a shooter. so he going to shoot. sure he could have better shot section. but without him the second unit wont have any shooters besides young

  • When’s the next D-league game and how are people watching it? Are their free streams of their games?

  • Kelly looked ok the few games he played. It was Bass that looked like hot garbage. They need to more Bass asap.

  • This would be too logical for BS. I think BS gave a quote about A Brown was our best perimeter defender in preseason and right now our perimeter defense is bad. So it would seem logical to play him, right?

  • It is tonight at 7pst. You can see the games on the Dleague youtube channel. youtube dot com forward-slash user forward-slash nbadleague

  • agreed we play bass and lou and huertas who give up points like its nothing!

  • I like Brown better than Russell…..Kid has a Nice stroke from the Perimete….and plays Defense……Get him on the Court.

  • Did Brown play more then 1 year at Stanford?

    Guy just seems more poised then Russell.

    I like Brown more then Russell too !!

  • yes hes played4 years college but even if he was not a senior I bet he would of been a better pick than russell at #2

  • I’m talking about the talent evaluation and player acquisition…not the coach’s decisions.

  • I dont know Ithink they just put him there to play and not get rusty which he has played good but I don’t get why we don’t play him same as Clarkson last year!

  • Why? He is one of the better players on this team. Players like Russell and Randle need it more than he does. This team makes some strange decisions.

  • no why just wrong move deserve give him playing minutes to anthony brown assign d fenders i suggest just mwp assign d fenders

  • there was a dude streaming the laker games on youtube but he got shutdown. know any good streams? its hard to find one without a virus

  • i use nba – stream dot com. I use a mac (with an anti-virus) so I’m usually not that concerned about viruses.

  • Russell and randle need to take their assets down there too! F it make it a summer league team

  • Huh?!?

    Bass is like 6’8″ 235-240

    Black is 6’9″ 250+

    Black also has freakishly long arms. Almost a 7’4″ wingspan. I’d even venture to say Black has a higher vertical. Bass is not close to being bigger than Black.

  • After 3 quarters of play –
    Anthony Brown with DFenders: 25 minutes off the bench, 17pts, 6-14 shooting, 1 assist.

    And here’s a tidbit about Upshaw about the first game of the season –
    “He’s a monster,” starting point guard Josh Magette said. “When he comes
    in, he’s instant impact. He’s one of the most talented guys I’ve ever
    played with.”
    – But he fouled out tonight after 13 minutes (game 2).

    And FWIW, Frazier is considered the DLeague #11 best prospect. — who knew?

  • The games we have seen so far which includes Summer League and preseason. More impressive than Russell and Randle has totally disappeared but apparently being drafted higher makes you immune to being sent to the D-League.

  • It wouldn’t surprise me that once his Chinese stint is done that he comes back. — Sometime mid February.

  • Corey:

    ‘…The Knicks went on to beat the Hornets, 102-94, behind a monster night from rookie Kristaps Porzingis, who finished with a career-high 29 points and 11 rebounds’.

  • Anthony Brown (end of game):
    32 Minutes: 22pts, 8-17 shooting and 3-10 3pts. 3 ast, 3 rb.
    Tied for #3 most points.

    Upshaw: Fouled out after 13 minutes.

    Frazier: DNP

  • It’s not being immune, it’s bad for the ego.

    And outside of working on shooting, Russell’s already better than anyone on the DLeague court.

    I could see a DLeague game morning, and a Lakers game night however.

  • Anthony Brown (final):
    32 Minutes: 22pts, 8-17 shooting and 3-10 3pts. 3 ast, 3 rb.
    Tied for #3 most points.

    Upshaw: Fouled out after 13 minutes.

    Frazier: DNP

    * seems like playing time is doing good for ABrown. He’s so deep on the Lakers pecking order it’s almost impossible for him to find minutes at either SG or SF.

  • His defense was solid. Switched off on bigger guys a lot and held his own. Wish he would have shot the three ball a bit better but overall his stroke looked very nice.

  • Brown did OK tonight. Solid for D League chucking.

    On another note, I like how Upshaw is moving but he has a loooooong ways to go before a call up.

  • Some of y’all talk about why doesn’t he play this player instead of this one and his defense is better than one of the starters or why doesn’t he give Russel more minutes to develop, but you fail to see that BScott is doing it again. Come on guys, it’s clear to see his trying to tank. Keeping our top 3 pick I guess…

    But on a serious note. We suck it’s clear to see, but I’ll be honest I see potential in this team specially in our 3 core players. Just give it a couple years.

  • i would have waived sacre and traded kelly for a decent PG or Center.
    and kept j brown.

  • lets hope he dont hold this against the fans.
    i know most of us were pulling for him….

  • time warner cable sportsnet channel.
    or time warner cable deportes channel.
    or NBA league pass.
    i dont know any illegal i always pay to watch the Lakers.
    i love and support my team!

  • we might pick up frazier and robert upshaw next year since we have no draft picks.
    i think if Kobe retires and MWP is gone maybe try to get jabari brown back also.

  • who cares if we are tanking.

    philly isnt stealking our top 3 pick!
    but were mad bc byron scott wont give the rookies mins.
    hes playing vets like nick young MWP lou williams brandon bass hibbert obviously…. and Kobe obviously.
    But i think our rookies all need MUCH more playing time dude.

  • He needs to run up a hill everyday. He also needs to learn to stay close to the basket so he’s not out of position. He likes to help and the others don’t rotate so he has to foul(gets called for the foul). He’s young but he has a nice offensive skill set which is surprising.

  • Yet Frazier hasn’t had a chance to play because Harris and Blue both play about 40 minutes a game and Magette is obviously needed at PG. Poor Mike.

  • just gotta do work….hope brown and upshaw dominate dleague for sacre to be cut and a trade to be work on soon(bass,kelly,tarik)

  • whoa, that’s it one of the reasons he gets benched, his shooting in college still needs time to translate to nba……Frazier,Brown and Upshaw those guys should carry their team to wins

  • I forgot blue and harris with frazier and magette at the guard(too crowded imho)…good thing brown is an SF

  • MWP has been quite productive for the Lakers. It would make no sense to send him away.

    If the Lakers did bring up Upshaw in replace of Sacre he would play just as many minutes as Sacre is….ZERO. So why bring him up? It makes way more sense to have him in the D-League where he can get a lot of minutes and continue developing his game so that next year or even later in this season, he can come in and have immediate impact.

  • Upshaw and Brown are in the best place for them right now. I would much rather be in the D-League getting consistent minutes every game while I learn and develop my game, instead of being in street clothes for the Lakers only getting minutes in practice. If they take advantage of this opportunity when the time comes for them to get called up they will be ready. They have to put the work in though.

    If the Lakers cut Sacre and trade Bass, Kelly and Tarik, Upshaw still wouldn’t get minutes. Whoever the Lakers got for those guys would get the minutes.

    You guys are complaining about a guy that was only going to be the 3rd string center no matter what this season.

  • Why go after Jabari Brown. There should be some better prospects than that next year.

  • Except that if they waive MWP and sign Upshaw, they control him. Right now, Upshaw could sign with any NBA team. The Lakers aren’t going anywhere this year and Upshaw has a whole lot more upside for the future than MWP.

  • He can, although not ideal. He was guarding Earl Clark on some plays last night, although Clark isn’t exactly a banger haha.

  • Upshaw is fairly mobile so him rotating and being aggressive is good. He should be watching taps of Whiteside and Duncan to learn better defensive positioning.

  • It was good to see him guard Earl Clark for a stretch. Earl was definitely their best offensive player last night. Munford who played in LAL SL team looked good too for them.

  • I feel we are going to be kicking ourselves for passing on this guy. He was suppose to be a project and he could end up as ROY.

  • Is he injuried or are they better than him? Harris and Blue both played well, I think Blue looks more like an NBA player. Magette looked like a D-Leaguer though. If he can’t get on the court because of Magette he pretty far from being an NBA player.

  • There’s better prospects out there right now. Jordan McCrae, JP Tokoto, Nick Johnson, Thanasis Antetokounmpo.

  • I do decision support for IT. I don’t see the decision support rationale for the Laker ‘Brain[less]’ Trust… passing on Okafor AND Porzingis.

  • Good assessment. I can tell you really watched him play with the Defenders. I was shocked to see his three point range and face up footwork. Outside of his motor and conditioning he looks likev he could be a better version of Spencer Hawes as a stretch 5. Andrea Bargnani with better defense and rebounding prowess.

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  • If the Lakers coaching staff won’t play Russell D., then why not let him play in the Defenders like what they did to Clarkson?

  • Randle?, Randle is putting up good numbers against NBA starters RIGHT now in the NBA, WHY would he need D league burn time?

  • Relax, people are starting to think Kobe’s body won’t hold up for all 82, so if Kobe hangs it up mis season, Brown will be ready to step in, getting a call up from the D league.

  • My predictions for next season

    #1 we retain our 1st round pick
    #2 We sign Kevin Durant
    #3 we “can” Scott and sign a new coach with Durant’s input
    #4 we trade Nick Young to the Grizzlies for future draft pick (s). 2nd rounders
    #5 Sacre, & Kelly will be traded /or waived next year
    #6 Kobe Retires
    #7 MWP Retires (Again)
    #8 We sign a good point guard as a F/A
    #9 We sign a good BU center as a F/A
    #10 Black will be traded/waived, Upshaw called up and signed.

    Hibbert, BU Center?, Upshaw
    Randle, Nance, Bass
    Durant, A. Brown, ???
    Clarkson, Williams, ???
    F/A point guard, Russell, Huertas

    If situation goes south in Sacramento, Lakers may trade Russell, Draft for Sacrament W/retained top 3 2016 pick, sign him, then trade, & include 2018 1st round pick for Cousins, in which case Hibbert becomes P/U center.

  • #1 possible but I think we have a 1 in 3 chance of keeping it.
    #2 Not going to happen. Durant is not going to a bottom 3 team.
    #3 I am less worried of the when BS gets fired, and more worried who they get to replace him. I would prefer a young coach.
    #4 I’d rather we traded Lou than Nick but agree that one of them should go.
    #5 End of benchers make little diff.
    #6 Agreed
    #7 Agreed
    #8 Mike Conley is the only good PG other than Rondo available. Rondo may be more likely to come to LAL.
    #9 Hibbert is in the final year of his contract. We may need to sign BU center and starter.
    #10 I watched the D-league game last night with Upshaw. He’s got talent but is far from NBA level.

    Sacramento will get a lot more than that for Cousins. Boston would be the team with the most to offer for him IMO. With the advantage that it’s not us since Sac hates the LAL.

  • He’s playing 25 min a night. A lot of rookies would kill for that amount of PT.

  • dont be a fool.
    Russell possibly?
    Randle? man dont get me started………..
    me and you are on good terms let just keep it that way ok?

  • Re: Free agents
    Even if we resign Hibbert, give Clarkson the RFA max we have $40m. Out of $92m for cap, the team has about $28m already guaranteed.

    With creativity it’s possible to then add Durant, Rondo (or jennings) and Noah.

    Or draft a sf and enter free agency with $35m or more depending on when they sign clarkson.

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