Lakers News: Byron Scott Addresses Kobe Bryant’s Shot Selection

Kobe Bryant has not been great so far in the early stages of the 2015-16 NBA season. While he has never been the most efficient player, this year has been even worse as Kobe is on pace to shoot the worst percentage from the field of his career.

It also doesn’t help that Kobe is shooting only 20 percent from deep, but attempting seven three-pointers per game.

Many fans have questioned Kobe’s shot selection as many of his attempts have come in isolation, but head coach Byron Scott said Kobe has earned the privilege to take his shots according to Mark Medina of the Los Angeles Daily News:

Scott would add that he wants Kobe to be himself, and the rest of the team hasn’t earned that right yet according to Bill Oram of the Orange County Register:

Unfortunately for the Lakers, Kobe has not been the Kobe of old this season and his isolation game is not helping the Lakers win games or helping the young core of Julius Randle, Jordan Clarkson, and D’Angelo Russell develop.

It’s hard not to wonder how things would go if some of the shots Kobe is taking were going to Clarkson, who is averaging 15.8 points to Kobe’s 16.3, but on nearly four fewer shots per game. Getting the ball in Russell’s hands more has also been something that even Kobe has admitted needs to happen. Allowing Kobe to continue the way he has been, however, won’t help anyone.

Or maybe Scott can run offensive sets that don’t require so much iso?

  • the offense doesn’t fit this team. Two. Byron has to coach all of the guys. Not just 11 guys an let one guy Jack shot all night. Not get back on defense. Leak out early during defensive rebounding. Argue with referees during transition about fouls he’s not getting. And poor off the ball defense. In which other teams depend on in thier offensive sets.

  • “I want Kobe to be Kobe”. Would that be the Kobe of 10 years ago or the one that currently ranks 291st in shooting (per ESPN)??

  • And this is why your not a good coach! Do you think Tim Duncan or Tony Parker are allowed to go outside the game plan on offense? No they don’t because a good coach commands repsect and needs every player to buy into a system. Rick Carlisle doesn’t, Steve Kerr doesn’t even though many of you will say they jack up threes but it’s by design.

  • No excuses KOBE just does not have it any longer, and BS is no help at all, by telling everybody KOBE has earned it, and what about the other 14 players waiting to play, and only et playing time when KOBE wants some days off, that’s no way to get a ROTATION , but then again BS does not care but if the FO FINALY wants to win some games, it will be to late.

  • oh well. Kobe still hasn’t changed. It’s just sad seeing him play like crap

  • There’s a first for everything. Byron has everyone on a short leash while Kobes roaming leash-less. Great coach holding everyone else accountable smh

  • Byron is not a fan of excuses…..hate to break it to you but a double standard is an excuse.

  • It would be kinder to Kobe to rein him in. He has lost it. It’s almost sad watching him. He can’t be having any fun shooting that way. It would be kind to Kobe and his legacy if Scott gave him some very narrow parameters — starting with not letting him shoot more than one shot per quarter from farther than 15 feet out.

  • More gold from Byron “The Fraud” Scott. He’s basically saying I might have the Coach title but Kobe is the one that calls the shots around here.

  • If that’s his mentality then sign Kareem or Magic. At their more advanced age, I’d rather have them take the shots. What a mess. Ridiculous rotations, no in-game adjustments, and now a double standard in running the team.

  • Lmao I’m slowly starting to believe that article that came out last year saying the Lakers FO feels Kobe is a big boulder in your yard that you can’t move. They clearly allow Scott to give Kobe the freedom to do what he wants because there is nothing else left to do but wait until his contract is over. It’s his last year, his swan song, so just massage his massive ego and don’t criticize him. Scott is the only coach who could, or would do such a thing.

    I cannot wait until April and hopefully B.S. is out the door with Kobe. Sorry but it’s come to that point were even us Lakers/Kobe fans have had enough.

  • Let’s be Honest….Tony Parker is no Kobe Bryant…..As Good as Tim Duncan is…he’s not a Kobe even though he has 5 rings….Kobe like MJ was out front and a Box Office Curry is becoming….Duncan is your Basic fundamental player without the Hoopla….It’s like comparing Michael Jackson to Frank Sinatra……Frank could sing but Michael is going to WOW You with his Singing and Dancing.

  • I have said it Many times..along with other Great players of the Past and Present…..The Only Reason the Lakers is Relevant is because they still have Kobe Bryant playing…..You might have an Argument if this team plays better Without Kobe but that’s not the Case…the only 2 Wins they have is with Kobe on the Court…..Face it….This is a Bad team….

  • Byron is either a lame duck coach or a lame duck coach. Is this the lesson he is teaching to the young core of players: jack as many shots you want and forget about the team?

  • What coach you Know is going to have a say so over Kobe?……Even Phil couldn’t do that….Phil and Shaq had to leave when they tried to pull Rank…..Phil came back after it was Cleared with Kobe….Players like MJ,Kobe,Magic and coach is going to Win that case….Yes…you most likely have wait till they leave….Especially when you’re dealing with one of the GOAT Players.

  • Kobe is not what he used to be.. Wake the fxxk up and do some actual coaching, moron Byron!

  • I think a lot of Laker fans respect Byron for what he did as a player. But this coaching stint is starting to slowly tarnish that rep.

  • Scott’s as bad as Obama and his “ISIS is not a problem” stance. Man up Byron, reel him in and learn to coach. Which one loses their job first, the Prez or Scott?

  • Kobe has averaged just under 20 shots for his career, he is shooting 17 now

    Garnett 15 shots, now 7
    Duncan 15 shots, now 8
    Pierce 15 shots, now 9
    Dirk 18 shots, now 13
    Vince Carter 16 shots, now 6.
    Why privilege doesn’t apply to these guys is:
    1) They aren’t in denial about their bodies and current ability
    2) They have actual basketball coaches.
    3) They don’t need someone to make excuses for them, and will happily accept a diminished role

    There is going to be one record of Kobe’s that may last the next 80 years, and that will be the most missed field goals record.

    Kobe has played pretty much the same way for all 20 years, nobody has managed to really change him, Phil sort of managed to put the players around him to make him more successful, but Kobe claims that he has changed his game, which he can do for a stretch of a couple of games before he reverts to business as usual. The Detroit game for instance was the anomaly. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

  • Imagine if the Showtime Lakers applied his logic – the last few years of Kareem’s career he would’ve taken 30 shots per game and the Lakers wouldn’t have won their last 2 Championships of the 80’s. But, damn it, he’s earned it.
    Scott is a clown.

  • Mike Brown and Mike D’Antoni didn’t have disagreements with Kobe? We need to accept the fact that the Byron hire was some sorcery to placate the fans, and most importantly, Kobe.

  • Not really sure what selling tickets has to do with holding every player accountable no matter the experience or tenure. I don’t deny that hurds of people would stampede at the chance to take a selfie with Kobe Byrant over Tim Duncan or by your analogy Michael Jackson over Frank Sanatra. The discussion is that a comprehensive coach in an obvious team sport doesn’t blur the lines or offer double standards to their “star” player.

  • Your previous statement implied that some coach or coaches would have put Kobe in Check…..I simply stated “What Coach or Coaches?”….because that wasn’t happening…..Players of that Caliber get coaches fired…..Even as great as Phil or Pop is…..They both would be fired or resigned…..but it has to be a player like MJ,Kobe,Magic,Bird,Lebron or Curry etc.

  • Kobe would rather be the reason the Lakers lose (take all the shots and miss most of them) than not be the reason the Lakers win (be a none factor as one or more of the other guys win it for them). So good luck with that B. Scott. You’re days are numbered.

  • Kobe is a jealous, spiteful egomaniac. I’ll never forget he single handedly got the entire Lakers’ old boys club on board with hating on an actual win over the Celtics, just because Nick Young, Boozer and Hill actually celebrated. Man they won a game and he turned it into a complete negative. I hate what he is doing to the Lakers. Can’t wait to be rid of him and his crony Byron Scott.

  • By check I mean they would actually confront him on his issues, that doesn’t mean he will listen though which would be in reference to your Phil coment. Phil didn’t kiss up to him nor was he afraid to tell him that he was doing something disruptive yet Kobe still got on the court and did what he wanted. That’s totally different than Byron NEVER telling Kobe to fall back and stop chucking shots like an idiot. Maybe he could get them fired, maybe not but at this stage in his career he has no power. Either Byron is too attached as a friend to Kobe since he was his mentor OR he was hired simply to massage his ego. That’s my theory.

  • why privilege doesnt apply to these guys is:
    4. they are all playing less mins per game
    5.they are all on teams withplayoff hopes.

    put kobe on a good team and his stats would all look better

  • show time lakers aka contenders. this lakers aka contender for number 1 pick in the draft with or with out kobe.

    your point is invlaid

  • lakers are worse on both sides of the ball with out kobe and both of the lakers wins come with kobe.

    sorry team is better when number 24 plays

  • nah cmon coach, it doesnt work that way, yeah Kobe has earned that privilege but he’s got lots of miles in his body, letting him to do that will only make the burden heavier especially he’s struggling so far

  • nah cmon, Kobe rather win games make the playoffs than play him too much(32+ minutes) and still lose games

  • So everyone should be enablers to Kobe’s insatiable ego? You don’t do things that you wouldn’t do when you are “contenders”. I thought B. Scott was trying to teach the “Laker Way” / “Winning Basketball”?

  • In years gone by many of those shots would go in, but now they are not and it doesn’t seem to be getting better. The worst percentage of his career, maybe anybodys career for that matter, is not a good thing. There has to be a better way to use him this year, he is a great passer when he wants to be, I don’t know. We all want to see him out there but he is shooting us out of games. He has earned the right, but I would think that it’s killing him as much as us and the rest of the team. This is where GOOD coaching comes in. Hint, the word GOOD being the point. This offense is not working at all. I am almost happy I can’t watch tonights game ( but if a miracle happens and we win I am gonna be really bummed out I missed it.)

  • Dana…one of the things necessary for a player to be successful is the freedom to play within the flow of the game. Making clear restrictions on the activity of your player like you suggest make it impossible for him to function on the court.

  • Your last line sums up why it doesn’t make good sense to even post messages like you did. If you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, why are you getting upset that Kobe Bryant is doing what he has always done? If you believe your own statement, you should at the very least expect what you are seeing.

  • It is funny that every time the Lakers have struggled over Kobe’s 20 years he has been criticized for his shots. People have called him a selfish, me-first player, that cares more about his own stats than the team. However, most of the same people, have little to offer by way of justification for the years when the Lakers have won during that same period of time. How can a player that is characterized in such a way also have the level of team success which he has had?

  • I wouldn’t say that Byron hasn’t made adjustments…he’s just messed them up. He has a much different rotation now than he did on opening night. He no longer plays Kelly at all. Metta is now a rotation guy. Those are just two of the changes he has made. The last 2 games, Russell has seen a significant increase in minutes…another change.

    He’s making changes…but it’s still not working.

  • To me, those who earned to right to make more field goal attempts are Russel, Clarkson and Hibbert.

    Last game, Kobe started 3 for 5 and instead of playing the facilitator to get everyone in the groove, he kept on shooting like he could make 20 of them. THAT was sad watching.

  • Here lies the problem. It shouldn’t even be a discussion about earning the right to shoot. The Spurs don’t function like that. Outside of Curry, the GSW don’t function like that either. Whoever is hot should be shooting. Who ever isn’t shouldn’t be.

    Basketball is a simple game that too many make complicated.

  • Byron Scott kisses Kobe’s butt repeatedly to keep the TWC Contract from tanking as bad as the Lakers record. This is a bad team with a gutless coach. Complete changeover required…..btw, look at the Knicks soaring

  • Duncan is still effective….Kobe cannot drive to the rim like his athletic days of old…nostalgia doesn’t win games. Retire already.

  • Amen. Same as last year. $4 million reasons per year to kiss Kobe’s TV contract butt along with the dumbest short buss kids on the west coast. Money grubbers aren’t interested in team bball.

  • This is going to be the last time I ever reply to you, please do not reply to me any further until you remove Kobe’s nuts from your mouth.

  • I do expect it, what I don’t expect is the “coach” and FO and every Lakers payroll analyst, pundit and backroom staff to be enabling it.

  • Oh, I vehemently disagree. If you’ve ever played basketball at any level above high school, you know that players are given specific roles and specific restrictions all the time. Basketball is like jazz: there is a lot of improvisation, but it has to fit within the framework of the “song” or “offense.” Almost every player has specific, clear restrictions about what they are, and are not, supposed to do.

  • It’s one thing to define roles…it’s another thing to say a player get’s 1 perimeter shot a quarter. That’s just too restrictive whether is junior high or the NBA!

  • Are they enabling it…or just not stopping it? There is a difference.

  • We will just have to disagree. For instance, I don’t think anyone would squawk if Hibbert (or someone else who doesn’t have a reliable shot from distance) were told that he is not allowed to take a 3-point shot, ever.

  • Once again, two unrelated instances. Hibbert is a center. Unless his name is Arvidis Sabonis, I would see no reason for Hibbert to be shooting 3-pointers.

    If you want a good example, then you should use one like Julius Randle shooting a 3-pointer. Nobody wants him shooting multiple either, yet forwards do shoot them now in the league.

  • In your statement you identified why he shoots so many 3’s these days…he can’t beat people anymore with athleticism.

    BTW, he is retiring after this year…just be patient.

  • You don’t think Tom Brady gets special treatment? You don’t think Derrick Jeter got special treatment???

    How long have you been watching professional team sports?

  • Actually, Pop has gone on record as allowing Parker to go outside of the offense at times. He said that Ginobli taught him how to give Parker more rope as he got older.

  • How do we know what Byron and Kobe have talked about? Byron was Kobe’s mentor his first season in the league. That was also Bryon’s last season in the league. I remember that season watching the two of them on the bench talking often.

    We don’t know what conversations they have had and what agreements have been made. Relationships sometime come ahead of winning and losing.

  • As currently constructed, would the Lakers have won any more games so far this season without Kobe?

  • You’re just being obtuse, now. I will not debate this further, with you. You said, “Making clear restrictions on the activity of your player like you suggest make it impossible for him to function on the court,” and “It’s one thing to define roles…it’s another thing to say a player get’s 1 perimeter shot a quarter. That’s just too restrictive whether is junior high or the NBA!” I gave you a very clear and obvious example of how it can be entirely appropriate to restrict a player’s shots. Now you want to argue about that.

    Forget it. You keep moving the goal posts. I’m done. Go find someone else to argue di minimus nonsense with. I’m in the midst of arguing with an attorney over what the word “truthful” means. I come here to get away from that kind of ridiculousness, not to engage in it further.

  • Everyone is crying about passing up Okafor, but it seems Porzingis is the one we really missed out on

  • Again I’m not in denial about star players getting preferential treatment. This about a coach going on record and saying he has the right to do what he wants when he wants too outside of team concept. The message it sends to the rest of the team is not ideal. So you think Bill Belichek after calling multiple plays and getting ignored would stand for that?
    Calling a different play at the line based on a defensive read or a player getting hot and going off is another. Also you can’t compare Baseball to the other two. The real question is how long have you been watching sports.

  • The key words in your statement are “at times” not game after game with the same results.

  • I don’t mind ISO play calling lots of teams run this. The problem is the message it send to the rest team as a double standard. We were all thinking it but to flat out say it is another thing.

  • It hasn’t been game after game with the same results. Has Kobe messed up at times, yes. But taking a wide open 3 early in the game that is in the flow of the offense is what you would want him to do.

  • Let’s just say…long enough.

    The only message they should get from this is that when you win 5 championships with one team you get certain benefits! Now go win 5 championships! Many of you kill me because you act like this year is going to be so damaging to the young players. It is one season.

  • when kobes ego is getting this team more wins then the team gets with out his ego yes you feed into it

  • We don’t which is why I’m speaking on his public statements about Kobe after games. As someone else has said, it’s bad for the team when everyone else gets criticism but one player. I get it, Kobe is Mr. Laker and all that but it’s not setting a good example for the other guys and it creates tension and animosity when you are being publicly bashed by your coach while your team-mate has the green light to be terrible every night with no repercussions. At least make it look like you have an issue with Kobe’s shooting.

  • Oh but you’re still an idiot. Yet another useless comment from you. Do you have a brain? Do you use it? LMAO.

  • I literally just said that to you 20 minutes ago. Lame unoriginal neanderthal.

  • I agree. I was just mentioning players who, even though they’re often on fire, still have limited shot attempts.

  • You haven’t proven anything. Kobe has no lift in his legs therefore no matter what team he plays on his long range shots won’t hit.

    Also if Kobe was on another team, they would diminish his role, his FG% would look better due to smaller mins only. Example if GSW had Kobe, you can bet he will be playing with Iggy and not with Curry

  • Why are you always defending Kobe who is clearly bricking shots at this point in his career? Quit being a Kobe homer, its sad but he’s DONE. I’m already ready to see him move on, because watching him play hurts my eyes every time the ball bounces off the rim.

    At this point, you might as well Youtube his highlights if you want to watch Kobe Bryant.

  • Yes, I was a Kareem homer, I was a Magic and Worthy homer, now I am a Kobe homer. When he retires there will be a new leader of this team and I will most likely be a homer of them too. What’s your point? Isn’t that what a fan does?

  • Nope what you describe is being a Lakers fan. Being a homer is defending bad plays especially Kobe stinking up the joint. That’s the point. Homer=/= fan learn the different, you’re acting like a homer when you defend Kobe’s poor performance

  • no i proved my point he tryed to show how kobe is not aging like dunkan and dirk by putting out points and i added points he left out

  • Listen up Nephew, here is where you are mistaken. I have never defended or condoned “Kobe stinking up the joint”. Why would any self-respecting Lakers fan do that? You have made the ASSumption that since I am not on hearing trying to tear him a new one, I MUST be defending his actions. To the contrary, I am simply ignoring them because I realize this is his last season. While some were getting upset last night (shot after terrible shot) I was laughing at how horrible it looked. It reminded me that things can and do change. During better days, most of those shots would have gone in because most of them were decent looks. However, these are not better days….these are CURRENT days.

    See what you and others fail to understand is that I was a Lakers fan well before Kobe Bryant and I will be a Lakers fan long after Kobe Bryant. I’m sure one day, I will be accused of being a “fan boy” (as you youngsters call it) of the next guy that will lead this team to multiple titles.

  • Actually PLAYERS win championships Mr. President! AND, although this is a team game, not all players are created equal. It’s funny because when a team loses, players are singled out as being the reason for the loss, however, when they win, EVERYBODY wants to be mentioned for their part.

  • What example needs to be set when both Kobe and Byron Scott will be gone by the end of the season? It’s funny, people were talking in a similar fashion last year about the players that the team had. They were talking about how important it was for Lin and others getting the necessary experience they needed because it would help for the future of the team. I kept saying that the makeup of the team would be different this year so it didn’t matter. Well, I was right! Now people are talking about how good habit need to be established and everything should be established with this team and I contend that next season will be much different.

    Let’s say the Lakers fire Byron by April and hire a new coach by June…. At that point, the new coach is going to begin implementing their changes which could include some roster changes and most definitely system (offensive/defensive) changes. He will NEED any holdover players from this season to FORGET this year if they hope be successful.

  • The only way that Scott’s coaching makes any sense is if Scott has been told that he will be fired if the Lakers finish 27th or better. His “offense” looks like something you would see in a playground pick-up game. The Lakers never pass the ball to the low post, but rather dribble out the shot clock and then force up a long jumper. And his assertion that Bryant has earned the right to take low percentage shots is laughable. Could you imagine Popovich saying something like that?

  • Lin was never going to be here longterm. That was the Lintards talking not Lakers fans. Russell, Randle and Clarkson were our picks and they are our future.

  • He should do the right thing…Reduce his role and mentor. Play 20 mins off the bench, or simply retire if you can’t change….Kobe is being very selfish by trying to be t h e Teams go to guy or 1st option.He is hurting the team,

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