Lakers News: Byron Scott Met With Mitch Kupchak To Discuss Development Plan
Lakers News: Byron Scott Met With Mitch Kupchak To Discuss Development Plan

It was recently reported that Los Angeles Lakers head coach Byron Scott and general manager Mitch Kupchak would likely meet following the team’s eight game road trip.

That meeting took place with the two discussing Scott’s plan on developing the team’s young core of D’Angelo Russell, Julius Randle, and Jordan Clarkson.

After returning home this month and following practice on Monday, Scott revealed that the development plan will continue as he has planned according to Robert Morales of the Long Beach Press-Telegram:

“We talked when we were on the road and just talked about some of the things we’ve been doing, what we’re trying to do with the guys, and we’re just going to continue to do it,”

Scott also outlined the main things he is trying to teach the young players:

“The one thing with these guys that we’re trying to do is just keep banging it in their heads how important it is to keep that work ethic, keep working hard […] The other thing with them we’re trying to instill is just team basketball,” he said. “They’re so used to having the ball in their hands wherever they’ve been and if they don’t have it, they go get it. And I’m trying to teach them spacing and just staying away and letting other people play.”

The good thing for the Lakers is that this young core is already blessed with a great work ethic. Clarkson and Randle are widely considered to be the two people who spend the most extra time in the gym while Russell is also consistently seen putting in extra work with coaches.

Most haven’t been a fan of Scott’s methods in teaching the young core, but there have been some signs of players beginning to figure things out. Whether or not fans agree with it, the Lakers look set to continue with Scott’s plans for the rest of this season at least.

would be good to see him and randle at the court on the same time
Nance jr will provide energy,hustle and defense
Randle will provide scoring, rebounding and energy

  • as much as i like Nance and being 1 of my favorites. i think his strong suit is coming off the bench being that spark plug.
    i really dont think he should be in Julius Randle’s starting PF spot.
    but hey tell that to byron scott…………and nance is good dont get me wrong.
    i just dont want him as a starter. hes a bench guy who comes in and brings energy throws down dunks and grabs rebounds ect…

  • 4 guys that need to go patrick.
    #1 robert sacre #2 byron scott #3 kelly #4 huertas
    let me know if i have the order wrong LOL.

  • The Lakers problems begin at the top. You can’t fire the owner so changes need to be made starting just below the Owner(Jeanie). Jeanie already knows what she needs to do but she obviously has a hard time doing something that might be against her father’s wishes so you see her dilemma. Lakers need an entirely new direction, and now is the perfect time. Kupchak and Jimmy aren’t getting the Lakers anywhere.

  • Why do people think that Jeanie Buss is somehow the savior? Are you effing kidding me? She’s a moron who doesn’t know crap about running a basketball team. If her father were so enamored with her, why’d didn’t he give her controlling interest? The Buss Family needs to sell. This team isn’t going down fast – it’s already dead and buried.

  • “If her father were so enamored with her, why’d didn’t he give her controlling interest?”

    Pride? Probably didn’t want to emasculate his son by having Jeanie call the shots over Jimmie. That, and as a father, he probably didn’t want to chose one child over the other (who would?) despite business sense saying otherwise.

  • How can you call bs on that statement? Do you not know what instill means?
    1.gradually but firmly establish (an idea or attitude, especially a desirable one) in a person’s mind.

    It will take time to learn. They are rookies, they won’t learn everything overnight. What was the Warriors team assists when Curry was a rookie? Calm down, Pat.

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