Lakers News: Byron Scott On Dealing With Negative Fan Reaction

Heading into the 2015-16 NBA season, there was optimism for the Los Angeles Lakers and their fans. After suffering the worst win percentage in franchise history, the Lakers landed D’Angelo Russell to go along with the returns of Kobe Bryant and Julius Randle from injury.

With a 2-12 start, head coach Byron Scott has received a lot of criticism for how he has managed Russell’s minutes in fourth quarters. In addition, he has not considered reducing Kobe’s minutes or role despite his aging superstar struggling in his 20th season.

Before the Lakers took on the Portland Trail Blazers, Scott was asked how he is dealing with the negative reaction from the fan base during shootaround according to Mark Medina of the Los Angeles Daily News:

“I block it out,” Scott said. “When you start listening to the fans, you’ll start sitting with them next. I don’t pay a whole lot of attention to fans.”

With Scott blocking out all the negative chatter, he shares why he does not listen to the opinions of fans, via Medina:

“They’re not at practice everyday. They don’t know the preparation and what goes into it. They just see the end product. They have no idea. They have all their opinions. But I don’t put a lot of stock into it. That’s why I don’t go on my Instagram.”

While the Lakers were not expected to make the playoffs, there were expectations Los Angeles would be competitive. With a nice blend of veterans to go along with their young core, fans were hoping their team would take the next step in the rebuilding process.

With 14 games in the books, Scott recently shared the team gets along, but they currently do not trust each other on the court. As nine of the next 10 games are on the road, Scott will have the difficult task of trying to bring the team together in hopes of playing a competitive brand of basketball. will still be sitting next to the fans pretty soon. Besides, the end product says a LOT about your preparation.

  • Talk about stubborn. Yes we are not at practice everyday but seen some of your sessions, Yes we don’t see most of your preparations and what goes into it (because some of your players say there is none) But…. We surely do see our team lost when the lights go on, were getting beaten up more often and an aged star that isn’t coached and managed properly. Heck some of your fans are even putting up a loss before the game is played. Byron, it wouldn’t hurt to hear your fans as these are legitimate concerns. I know you have a set system but if thats not working its time to look for other options. Most of your Fans remain loyal, We are with the team when we loose and win, We pay tickets and Laker products to help fund this team the least you can do is give us some respect and personally I don’t see any problem with you sitting with us sometime, maybe just maybe you might be surprised.

  • Oooohh! THAT explains everything. As Kobe’s never in practice genius Scott doesn’t see his performance status and therefore plays him a billion minutes. I guess he’s blocking out what Kobe’s doing on the court during games aswell and then returns home and jerks off to Kobe’s old highlight reels. Way to coach!

  • You assume that the end product is a win.
    When in fact, the end product is a polished player with solid fundamentals and a lottery pick.

    Your priorities and the team’s seem to be at odds.

  • Is playing Kobe 30 minutes a Scott thing…
    Or does it come from the people paying him $25M?

    Are you shooting the messenger?

  • Well let me ask you the same question. Who do you think calls the shots when the game starts?

  • With that logic, we don’t have a coach just a messenger, which would fit his competence but I doubt he has this pressure from FO.

  • So you think Jeannie is telling Scott to run Kobe to the ground? Is that your genius answer?

  • Do you really think the front office is going to pay Kobe Bryant $25M to sit on the bench?

    Kobe fills the seats in EVERY arena in the league. No one pays to see Clarkson.

  • You know, let’s say Kobe plays 30 minutes a game, and is on course to play about 60 games. That’s 1800 total minutes. Or $13,888 dollars a minute.

  • I think Jeannie says, “we pay him $25M and this team sucks. So let him play as much as he wants. AND, benching KOBE is NOT an option.”

  • Jeannie would be the biggest hypocrite of all if she applied this pressure as she’s shown nothing but admiration and love for Kobe.

  • Why not get $25M worth of value out of kobe and just let him play.

    He’s not hurting anyone. It’s not creating MORE losses. AND, Kobe playing makes MILLIONS for the team and the other teams in the league.

    So why not let Kobe play?

  • What does that have to do with anything?
    Maybe it’s more than You and I make in a minute, but Kobe’s making his $25M regardless of what happens to him.

    And wouldn’t an owner, a franchise, and the league want to get SOME value out of the last year of a legend?

    If the Lakers were a better team, the situation might be different, but as of now, he’s not changing anything.

  • Um, making an all time great look like shee-ate? Destroying his health? Hindering development of youth?

  • No one wants to see this farce! Except for delusional fans. Most people (with brains) would be happier seeing Kobe playing more limited minutes.

  • He’s not hindering the development of the youth, both Scott and the players have said this.

    And, it’s HIS legacy, not the Lakers that look bad. So if he wants to look bad then it’s HIS decision.

    In case you don’t read other news sources, there have been many articles in recent times that say NO NBA PLAYER, COACH, or EXECUTIVE will consider this last year when considering the Legacy of Kobe Bryant.

    So, it’s just spoiled fans… and this time next year, no one will care.

  • YOU don’t want to see this farce. And somehow YOU have a notion that Kobe with less minutes would improve the team, when in fact, it would HURT the team.

    Kobe STILL gets chants, fist bumps and full support in EVERY arena he walks into.

    So, 1 guy on the internet, or 99.9% of the NBA fanbase?
    I think we know the answer.

    And, while it’s painful, I would rather watch Kobe than Aaron Brown, or Ryan Kelly, because it might be only 1 play per game, but for a brief second, I can get a glimpse of Kobe the Great.

  • Well, I care because I love Kobe and what he has done for the franchise and I hate seeing a lame duck letting him destroy himself.

    And the youngsters need more shots which Kobe is gunning away to no avail.

  • And yes, this makes the Lakers look bad which makes us poison to high profile free agents…

  • 99.9% of the NBA fanbase or Andy L?

    Let’s take a poll in Chicago, or New York, or China, or Dubai.

  • No doubt, the owners are lining their pockets whilst average Joe can’t afford to go to down to Staples due to the ticket prices and everything else that accompanies it. All to watch a product that isn’t even worth a quarter of that price. Yea they will make some good money from the suckers, but in the long run, that wasted 48 million will put the Lakers two years behind in their rebuild, already missing the Durant ship. When Kobe goes there won’t be any superstars for the selfie taking narcissists to bother attending the games. Think if the FO hadn’t have bothered with Kobe for the past two seasons, this could have been year 4 of the rebuild, rather than the holding pattern that the Lakers are currently in whilst they await the end of Kobe so they can finally really begin to put the team together. Utah are in year 4 of their rebuild and they are looking like a playoff shot for the next 5-10 years. The TWolves are only in year two of their rebuild and are looking like potentially perennial playoff appearances in the next decade.

  • No it doesn’t.
    With $45M to spend, IF Durant wanted to come to LA, the others would follow.

    And, if you added Durant, Noah, Rondo (or Jennings), and Labisierre, the team instantly jumps into near Championship contention.

    The front office knows what it is doing.

  • Actually you are.
    Watch the game tonight, it’s in Portland. Let’s see the reaction Kobe the Great gets.

    While you are waiting for the game, try Googling Kobe Legacy and reading what folks are saying.

  • For the sake of argument where is he going to go?
    OKC is capped out for 3-4 years and can’t improve talent wise.

    Washington DC would be the same situation as OKC with westbrook and Durant would have to beat the Lebron Team every year just to get to the Championship.

    LA can offer $10-15M MORE every year in endorsement money. I am quite sure his agent who represents most of the celebrities in Hollywood, AND his shoe sponsor wants him in LA and to assume the ENTIRE Asian market that Kobe is about ready to give up. So if you think that Durant isn’t considering LA, realize that LA can offer $40-60M MORE than any other city and that money DOES matter, especially when you are talking the last BIG MONEY contract of Durant’s career. And then let’s talk about what the next 2-3 years look like with the growth of Randle, Russell, Clarkson, Nance, and whomever the team drafts next year.

    Durant to LA is a lot more realistic than you think.

  • Don’t really care if he trains them to the point of exhaustion. Given the youthful roster just shows their mental deficiencies currently. However, don’t know how much time a coach needs to adjust rotations?… especially when they’re unreliable. 2-12 after-all.

  • Countless fans here on LN suggests otherwise. You are in a constant battle with people. So take a look in the mirror pal.

  • So I guess we’ll see what kind of character he is: Money chaser or championship hungry.

  • He could well go to any team in the NBA, he certainly will not come to a team that only wins 20 games this season. The money he makes in LA will not be more than he could make elsewhere, that is delusional, the tax here is far greater than in other markets. In today’s NBA you don’t need to be in a big city to be famous. You want a scary thought? The Warriors can even sign him if they do not offer Harrison Barnes a deal.

  • I think the Championship odds are better in LA.
    OKC is sunk. They are nothing better than the 3rd or 4th best team, and don’t have the cap space to improve. And then there is the fear that Westbrook leaves in 2017.

    Washington isn’t good enough with Durant to get past Lebron, Love, and Kyrie.

    Atleast LA has TONS of cap space, 3-4 future stars, and is opening their championship window with an upswing.

    Think about this roster:
    PG: Russell, Rondo
    SG: Clarkson, Williams,JBrown
    SF: Durant, ABrown, Holmes
    PF: Randle, Nance, Labisierre
    C: Hibbert, Noah, Upshaw

    That’s pretty darn good in year 1. And in year 2, the team has ANOTHER $25M to spend, and the growth of 8 players. Plus a surplus with young talent to trade.

    Mitch is crazy like a fox.

  • Bryon where you born April 1st cus you’re a joke! Not fooling anyone with your arms crossed.

  • Listen JTaylor, what about the other 27 teams? Don’t think any of them have a shot? You keep using the excuse of running into LeBron’s team, yet he still runs into LeBron’s team anyway, in fact despite being in the West he is 4-15 against LeBron’s team. So it doesn’t make any difference what conference he is in. The East have actually caught up to the West this season as the overall conference has improved whilst the West is on the decline and is top heavy.

  • I think KD would want somethng more substantial than that. Talk about your “what if” scenario where everything pans out perfectly. 😛

  • He sounds mad which means he does read and listen to what fans say. He will be sitting next to us by next season.

  • I want Kobe to play less, but I get your point. Kobe’s getting all that money so he might as well play. Let him stay out there and try to prove he still deserves it or let him take the flak if people don’t think he does.

  • He MIGHT run into Lebron’s team.
    But if you are searching for a ring do you guarantee a battle with Lebron EVERY year, just to face a better team or another one that’s equally as good? Sounds like loser’s odds. Basically, it eliminates the East. Think of it this way, this year, in washington, he’d have to beat lebron and then either GS or the Spurs instead of just GS or Spurs and then whomever comes out of the East.

    And while YOU think the West is in Decline, Spurs are also in decline, and GS will be in a decline as Curry can’t sustain the MVP thing much longer than a year, and the team is arguably at it’s peak. So, it really means the West is open next year, and the years beyond.

  • Why would the superstars come to a losing team? You haven’t been paying attention these last few years.

  • I get that, but if he’s purposely doing the opposite of what fans/critics say just to be stubborn, then he’s a jackass

  • No what if.
    If Durant comes, Noah and Rondo would come.
    The draft pick is a bit irrelevant as whomever it would be would be so deep on the bench we wouldn’t care.

    All Durant has to do is say yes to the biggest paycheck and the longest window of championship opportunity. The rest takes care of itself. And, again, don’t under estimate the power of the money. His next contract and location sets his legacy. Winning in LA gets him a championship, a chance to say he’s the best player in the league, the highest paid player in the league, and gives him about 10 years to do it as Russell, Randle, Clarkson, Nance, and the future draft pick have long careers ahead of them.

    What can OKC offer? Salary cap jail, the threat of Westbrook leaving, and nothing more than 2nd or 3rd in the division.

    And Washington? Facing Lebron in the last 4-5 years of his prime EVERY year?

  • BS, true, we only see the end product. Just so happens that the end product is all that matters. If something gets lost in translation between preparation and production, that’s on you.

  • Gawd daym! The comment update on this new look LN sucks. Hate this scrolling up and down to see if there are any new comments. Sometimes these “there are 7 new comments below” show up but mostly not anymore. WTF?

  • You obviously have some severe delusion, the Warriors are a ridiculously young team who will likely have dynasty potential. Curry’s game is not even built around athleticism, he will be good for many years, and even when he is not good, he will still be an exceptional piece to a team with his spot up shooting alone. The Jazz and TWolves are on the way up, both years ahead of the Lakers and the Nuggets and Portland are also likely ahead of the Lakers in their rebuild, even though both have basically just begun. They aren’t being held back like the Lakers. Durant will never come to this sh show, especially to be coached by Byron Scott and play with a bunch of guys who are still learning how to play in the NBA. I honestly don’t even see him leaving OKC, I think he will re-sign, that is truthfully the best shot he has at a championship, either that or he takes a paycut and goes to the Spurs or Warriors. But he certainly will never for one second actually consider joining a team that has been lottery bound for 3 years.

  • LA offers the BIGGEST pay check. Hands down, flat out, no questions asked. And it’s $30-50M more.

    THEN, LA offers a team on the rise with 3 current future stars, a potential 4th star, and 4-5 other guys who are young. And by having so many young guys, the team is guaranteed to have $45M next year, and at least $25M in the year after allowing for ANOTHER max contract guy.

    To me, the Lakers Championship window is opening for the next 10 years and it has the money resources and upcoming talent to improve even more.

    The money, talent, and championship odds make sure that Durant listens very good when they present in June.

  • Biggest pay check lol, you are nuts, the Clippers could well cut one of their guys loose and sign him and pay him the exact same amount. Think he’d choose the Lakers over the Clippers? Try to think objectively, rather than with your delusion.

  • Pipe dream. Noah doesn’t like us and assembling these kind of big threes are far from easy. We are also building a rep as morons when it comes to selling our product to free agents. How can you not focus on basketball when trying to lure a high profile free agent (Aldrige)???

  • MONEY!

    4 years @ $25M = $100M
    4 years @ $50M = $200M

    and while YOU think GS has dynastic potential, I am not sure they can sustain it. And I am not 100% sold they win the championship this year. A lot rides on an MVP who jokes “No Ankle left unturned” and good health. And you underestimate Lebron and/or the Spurs if you think that they can’t beat Golden State this year.

  • No they can’t. They are capped out.
    They can’t create $26M next year. By signing DJ, they eliminated themselves from the Durant discussion. As of NOW, they are already over the cap next year with guaranteed contracts.

    It would be pretty hard for them to “move” $26M in trades without losing Griffen, DJ, or Cp3. Which would then weaken their chances for Durant.

  • So your telling me, Jeannie is telling Scott to keep on playing Kobe at the expense of the team, Kobe’s legacy and health as he is playing horrid, development of young players because we are paying him 25M? And your getting this information where?

  • I’m saying that since Playing Kobe isn’t hurting the team, it’s helping the players grow, and no once cares about this year in terms of Kobe’s legacy, it’s irrelevant if he plays or not.
    And if he plays, it’s a bonus as it helps fills seats AND gets some value out of the $25M check they write.

    If you think that Jeannie is going to let Kobe ride the bench making $25M you obviously misunderstand the bigger picture.

  • 5 years 35m at 5 percent tax in Oklahoma vs 4 years 50m at 12 percent tax in California. All 5 years in OKC are championship contending. The 4 years in LA are waiting for young guys to develop being coached by a moron possibly championship contenders in year 2 or 3 of that you pay him 50m, you can’t put any pieces around that other than what the Lakers have right now, which are guys still learning the game.

  • Listen, while a lot revolve around money, some of these players do think winning the championship is important. Durant is 27, his window is closing, He will not wait to get a championship in LA. And like Patrick mentioned, there are other teams out there that can give him the ring way quicker and have the money too.

  • all that money isn’t worth the embarrassment kobe is going through, and yes it is embarrassing.

  • There’s a team that takes bad contracts for nothing basically, that team is the 76ers, or heck, even the Lakers will once they realize that Durant will never come in a million years, and there won’t be anyone left by the time they realize that. Same thing played out with Melo, then Aldridge, now it will be Durant, you can bank on that. You know Cuban will definitely get his teeth into the Durant convo too, he has the space and he has a coach and better players than the Lakers currently do

  • You are missing the point of the Legacy, the Brand, and the fact that OKC can’t win a championship as they have no money to spend and Durant and Westbrook aren’t good enough.

    Do you really think that Russell, Randle, Clarkson, Nance, and whomever they draft this year will be busts?

    And the myth of the 5th year….. Didn’t the Lakers just show the world they are ok paying stars past their prime? And, a 1 year or 2 year deal nullifies that notion.

    And if you do the math,
    YOUR scenario makes Durant about $10M more in LA in 4 years rather than 5 in OKC.

    And somehow you think Scott will be around next year. If he’s cut at the end of this year, the team loses $4M and basically paid him $6M for 2 years which is in line with top tier HC pay.

    You can’t argue finances, the MONEY says he comes to LA.

    Golden State offers an interesting possibility IF they can clear cap space which would be very difficult as they are already over the cap. Also, I am not sure he matches their playing system or style however and signing him would eliminate Green and Barnes which would nullify their Small Ball game and change the playing dynamic. — It is an interesting thought and I am sure Durant will listen to them too.

  • I actually understand the bigger picture , your saying since were paying Kobe 25 million , we’d rather cash in if this is Kobe’s last year. And who said anything about Benching Kobe? Can’t we reduce his minutes, like Timmy and help develop our young players too. If your saying No one cares about Kobe’s Legacy, I have to disagree, a lot of us do care! It pains me to see him go out like this.

  • Why not just let him play as many minutes as he wants?
    It doesn’t change anything.

    And if he burns himself out and the “wheels fall off” so be it. The team might be better if he did.

    But in the mean time, let the fans, and Kobe enjoy his last year.
    OH, and get SOME value out of the $25M salary Kobe’s earning.

  • Durant will know that the Lakers pay stars past their prime, that’s why he will consider them when he is no longer in his prime. I don’t think money is what drives players who have already made well over 100m. According to Forbes he already makes more money than Kobe, despite having a smaller salary. Once they have made enough money, it then becomes about legacy and that is something that Durant will be chasing. Championships not paychecks. The only thing the Lakers can offer is money, they cannot offer what he really wants. So just bite the bullet already, he is not coming. You will only disappoint yourself.

  • Where else is he going to get MORE money and a better chance to win a champinship?

    Not OKC. Not Washington.

    Atleast in LA, he’s on a team with rising talent, and the financial resources to bring in players. In LA, he has a 10 year window to get a championship. In OKC, there is no window. In DC, his window looks down a road to to face a better team in Cleveland every year.

    If he comes to LA, he can add $20M in free agents this year, and $25M next year. He can ride the growth of 3 future stars, and presumably a 4th in the upcoming draft.

    That’s about as good of a situation as you can get.

  • The Lakers can offer the ENTIRE Asian market, and a MUCH bigger legacy.

    They can offer a 10 year championship window, a front office that is committed to winning.

    Before you ask yourself why he won’t come to LA, ask why he would go anywhere else. His options are bleak everywhere, but atleast LA has youth, money, and 10 years. AND the most money, which matters.

    If you think that his Shoe Company and Agent want him in any other city you would be severely mistaken. And if Durant came to LA, other stars would follow. Why couldn’t LA be in the championships in the second year after Durant? They have the salary cap, youth, and talent.

  • You the thing that broke the camel’s back for me was the gxen state game the fourth quarter was the perfect opportunity to let Russell, Randle, and Clarkson play!
    The whe point was to teach them to play together, the opportunity came and Byron Scott totally did the opposite!
    That alone should be FIRED!

  • I suck at basketball. But if you gave me $25M i’d suck in every arena in the league and smile all the way to the bank.

    It’s only embarrassing to Lakers fans that want to brag at the water cooler. It’s not embarrassing to Kobe, otherwise he’d retire.

  • Have you seen Kobe’s numbers lately? It’s embarrassing not only for Kobe, but the Team, Coaching, FO, owners. It’s so bad that everyones talking how bad it is and asking for Kobe to retire. Personally its not doing anyone good especially the team. I know your a Laker fan, Do you agree with whats happening? Whatever your belief is.

    As a fan, I am not enjoying it , so does millions of fans out there.

    It’s Bad basketball , heck were supposed to be an NBA team.

  • 1 He joins the Mavs, teams up with D Wiliams, W Matthews, Dirk. Has one of the best NBA coaches in Carlisle, also a GM who has a history of consistently putting together solid teams year after year, while never having to rely on waiting on rookies to reach their potential.
    2 He joins Utah who have over 40m in cap space, he joins the youngest team in the NBA, but a team that has upwards of 4 years experience already, Gobert, Favors, Durant, Haywood, Burke/Exum
    3 He joins the TWolves and teams up with Wiggins, Towns, Lavine, Dieng
    4 Seriously, he has so many better options than the Lakers that it really is a pipe dream. Maybe if the Lakers had not wasted these two years on Kobe and infinitely worse Byron Scott, this rebuild would be winning upwards of 30 plus games by now.

  • id rather sit on the bench and still make that money without the embarrassment but suit yourself

  • MAYBE he should listen to the fans, what he is doing now sure IS NOT WORKING.

  • Countless Fans aka 5 guys who live on the internet and have no lives.

    I won’t sleep at night when I realize the LN “elite” are embarrassed at kobe and battle me to amuse themselves and pass time.

  • i see scott, the front office and maybe even kobe pushing our young players away, i guess we’ll find out this offseason when clarkson decides he’s tired of this circus and decides to jet elsewhere.

  • Come to a Losing team?

    PG: Russell, Rondo,
    SG: Clarkson, Williams, JBRown
    SF: Durant, ABrown, Holmes
    PF: Randle, Nance, Labisierre
    C: Hibbert, Noah, Upshaw

    This is a losing team?
    Maybe in the 3rd round of the playoffs.

  • You think the hollywood life and a bunch of flashy sports cars are what drives these veteran players? The way you talk, it was probably you who pitched all that nonsense to Aldridge. These guys only care about basketball, anyone who cares about those material things, will never be a champion in the first place.

  • If you think that the ENTIRE Asian market, a 10 year window, AND $50M doesn’t matter, you obviously don’t understand the life of a superstar.

  • LOL!!!!!!! are we creating delusional lineups for next season this early?

  • yeah lets pass up on simmons and ingram since durant is coming anyway, just like we passed up on okafor because aldridge was coming. you should apply to work for the front office you think just like them.

  • Bad rep?
    Because Howard couldn’t handle the pressure of LA, and went to Houston to be around guys he could call his friends and less pressure?

    Because Melo talked to Kobe and realized the two couldn’t work, AND stayed in his HOMETOWN to follow the $?

    Because Lebron stayed home?

    Because Aldridge went home, which happens to be the same city as the Spurs?

    Because DJ didn’t want to cross the hall?

    Because Monroe isn’t confident enough in his game to be in a big city and wanted to hide in Milwaukee?

    Every big name HAS to talk to the Lakers. It’s good business and it would be bad for marketing if they didn’t.

  • I straight up would rather the Lakers got Simmons than Kevin Durant and his glass body. And I’m not even kidding.

  • dude you cant speak for the front office, if jeanie was coaching dont you think phil would be sitting on the lakers sideline? she’s not even making GM decisions jeanie is smart women she’s not going to jeopardize our future and entire organization to make kobe happy.

  • Did you forget?
    The FINANCES says he comes to LA. No other city can offer more money, or even close. And if you don’t think that being the highest paid player, and making money in the short 6 year window ahead of him doesn’t matter you don’t understand the power of money and $50M+. You forget that his agent is CAA, who manages MOST of the celebrities in Hollywood, his shoe company is Nike who ABSOLUTELY wants him in LA to assume Kobe’s throne and dominance in Asia.

    After the money, all 18 or so potential teams offer some sort of option. Atleast the Lakers offer 4 future all stars, and enough money to add max level free agents every year for the next 3 years.

    So they can offer: a 10 year window, the most money, rising talent, and enough cap space to add more talent.

    Does that beat some other city?
    We won’t know until July 11. But, I am very sure it will be one of the top offers considered.

  • And notice, despite the “botched” pitch about flashy cars, money, and the rest, it was enticing enough that Aldridge gave the team a second chance to beat the team he had already picked in his head.

  • Again, let me be clear here, YOU HAVE OFFERED ABSOLUTELY ZERO BASKETBALL REASONS. Anyone who joins a team just for money NEVER WILL BE A CHAMPION.

  • Millions of fans (outside of LA) disagree with you.

    Most fans don’t care. They just want to see one glimpse of a great player.

    And remind me, does cutting Bryant’s minutes make us a NOT bad team and stop the team from playing “bad basketball?”

  • What a joke- the ability to maximize the use of the talent you have has continually eluded Scott- he is obviously looking to pad his credentials because he knows he is going to get fired why Elise would he use the two Matadors Young and Williams late in the games instead of developing the young talent that he has- either way your going to Loose so why not lose while developing Russell,Nance ,Rqndle and Brown?

  • Do you really think that? You don’t think it was just a save face meeting so that his agent would feel better about his future clients not having any bridges burned? That was an absolute embarrassment for the FO, the second meeting merely gave the implication that it wasn’t. But only idiots like you seem to have fallen for it.

  • Let me guess … You speak for the millions of fans outside of LA. Where do you get this absurd information? Let me guess from statistics on the net that don’t really tell us anything. Who are fans of basketball? People that understand and love the game right? Who are fans of the Lakers? People that have followed, loved and even stuck with this team during highs and lows right? Who are Kobe fans? Those who have stuck with him through the years inspight the ups and downs and really understand who Kobe as a player is? right?

    My point is lets not count people who just buy Kobe jerseys because its cool. I’m sure if these people know basketball, they will understand why we fans are complaining. Again it pains me to see Kobe go out this way. There are a lot of things he can do good for this team. Shooting horrible percentages does not help anyone and sacrificing some time on the sidelines doesn’t hurt. Lets play good basketball. Were not saying to sit Kobe , all were asking is play the role of a great who can help our kids and play the game the way its meant. That would be a proper goodbye without sacrificing your idea of making money while were at it.

  • Well.. The FO will when the fans stop going to the games or buying merchandise. Scott needs to understand that the FAN base is what pays his salary. I wonder if he knows he is in the entertainment business? Watching this team play is difficult. Soon I will just stop. Image if everyone started to protest every home game and stop watching games. I know it will never happen but if did the FO would fire Scott in a heartbeat.

  • Are you serious? You think Aldridge second meeting was because of the money. Wake up.

  • In practice they probably just do whatever he says so he won’t make them do extra wind-sprints. But when it comes down to it, nobody’s buying into the nonsense that B.Scott is preachin’..

  • so far you’re losing every argument, but you’re still chucking away like kobe.

  • It is a weird dynamic watching Lakers games right now. You don’t want Kobe to have good shooting game because that would be like pouring gas on the fire, he’ start chuckin’ up even more shots in future games (if that’s even possible). Love to see the young guys do well. But, ultimately, I’m okay if they lose if it hastens the day that BScott is fired.

  • Here’s a shocker, Kobe Bryant missed shootaround today. Lou Williams will not be playing against Portland. Surely this opens the door for Anthony Brown to get some minutes.

  • Yeah, a good coach would do wonders for this team. I am positive we could make an explosive turnaround with a new reasonable voice on the sidelines. Problem is now it’s politics and we’re in a lose-lose situation where sacking another coach looks awful and dysfunctional. Man, I really hope the kiddies ain’t sick of this mess already and bolt.

  • And BS says they don’t trust each other. How!! They all never practice together.

  • LOL! Speaking of living on the internet. You seem to have an awful lot of time constantly bickering with a handful of people at a time. Your life must be a blast. Have fun with it. I’m done talking to your delusional so called Lakers fan persona. Oh, and the last word? It’s on the house buddy! Go nuts.

  • aint got no problem with princeton instillng fundamentals and savvyness of a player, but I guess the lakers can execute it is that they dont have the right coach to teach them how to do it….when they plan on their defensive schemes(according to boozer last yr) instead of practicing it on the court, they talk about it more often while thibs focus more on the team executing it on the court to be more effective rather than talk about it most of the time

  • Fans comes from the Word…FANATIC……Scott is exactly right….These comments are all Over the Place…..It’s about Kobe,It’s about Russell,It’s about Scott…You name it…..There’s 68gms left in the season…way to Early to get a True assessment of this Roster…FANATICS.

  • 11 points in 1 quarter for a professional basketball team. iam sorry but exactly what is going on at practice Byron

  • Since you edited your post and added this, “And remind me, does cutting Bryant’s minutes make us a NOT bad team and stop the team from playing “bad basketball?”

    I will answer and remind you.

    Yes , reducing Kobe’s minutes will help team, again have you seen his percentages? Have you seen his shot selection, Have you seen how it affects our young players? Do you see the one sided ball movement? Do you see how this team is coached? You don’t! A bad or good team (laker scenario) does not have to be wins or losses (because we are in build mode) but how the game is played, how we lost and how we’ve won. I’ve said this before and will say it again for you, Kobe can teach these kids while playing a reduced role. Overall whether we win or lose as long as we have a clear system, good player development and an aged star willing to accept his role in the long run we will be better.

    We have to be better before we be great again.

  • LA times mentions brown still on assignment with the D-Fenders in Texas playing the Rio Grande Valley Vipers tonight, more time and chances for rookies we hope.

  • If the priority isn’t to win, then it must be to develop the young players. Kobe is just not helping anyone develop. So far in this game (and season), once he gets the ball, the possession is over. He does not pass or facilitate, he just throws up a shot whether he’s got an open look or not. It’s hard to see how he’s helping to create polished players.

  • For real. What do we care what they do in practice? It’s obviously not good enough. The end product looks terrible so I can imagine practice is just as bad. We’ve seen the videos from practice and IT IS just as bad.

  • We all know BS does not pay attention what the fans say he does not even pay attention to the teams complaints, watching the game tonight and watching KOBE AIR BALL 3 TIMES and has shot 12 times 5 more then any Laker player @ 4/12, they did play better with out KOBE off the floor, and CLARKSON started getting touches and scoring, this team would have a chance to win some of these games if KOBE DID NOT PLAY.

  • Kobe is not able to compete at this stage of his life and he knows that so why not let the young guys get a fair shot and get ready for next season with a real COACH. kobe is the BLACK MAMBA with out the VENOM.

  • so we dont see Bass out hustling and rebounding Bass? i still do not understand why Bass plays before Black. or why Sacre is not giving a shot at center, weak or not. or why he can’t get Kobe to stay away from the 3 point line, and stay in the paint

  • OH BS … Ignore the fans but you cant ignore the PERFORMANCE!!! Worst record in the WEST!!! That’s a fact all can see and no one can deny or ignore!!! SACK BS before we FANS give up on the Lakers!!!!! Disgusting response from a failed coach.

  • FIRED SCOTT. How many good player u want to kill in lakers. Blake, Howard, Jeremy, nick young and william. Cut Kobe playing time to build new fresh leg

  • Kobe was pretty good last night to me . But we don’t care about there practice we wanna no why no one cuts on onffence why when some one is hot you take them out like last night.

  • Last night I think he Learned that he does not need ISOs he need to shoot when his man has been hit by a screen while he cut near the freer throw line he hit most of those tonight just give up on 3s for no

  • First of all, that is all speculation. How can you even assume that team will win when it hasn’t been even formed yet? Superstars go to chanpionship-ready teams not losing ones.

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