Lakers News: Byron Scott On Possible Lineup Changes

After falling to 2-11 after Sunday night’s loss to the Portland Trail Blazers, the Los Angeles Lakers are searching for answers to turn things around.

With the 15-0 Golden State Warriors next up, the Lakers will have to figure something out quickly or risk being blown out in Oakland.

Many have wondered about the Lakers rotation and when changes could be made and according to Mark Medina of the Los Angeles Daily News, head coach Byron Scott is planning on making some changes if the Lakers lack effort:

Exactly what those changes would be are up in the air, but there are a number of different possibilities with both the frontcourt and the backcourt.

Younger bigs such as Tarik Black and Larry Nance Jr. could begin to get more minutes. Nance had been part of the rotation, but failed to see the floor in the Lakers recent loss to the Blazers. Black has hardly seen the floor this season, but with the Lakers continually having rebounding issues, more minutes for him could make sense.

D’Angelo Russell has also seen an uptick in minutes the last couple of games and that could continue if he continues to play well. Rookie Anthony Brown was recently recalled from the D-Fenders and as one of the better defenders on the team, could make sense to see the floor.

No one knows what Scott has in store for the Lakers rotation, but something needs to change as what has been happening so far isn’t working.

This guy is such a joke. I gave him a pass for the disaster of a lineup that we had last season but I’m over him I cannot wait until we get a real coach that isn’t afraid to own up to his own mistakes and actually play SMART basketball

  • Its amazing how people were saying give B Scott a pass because last year roster was terrible according to some people and that this year roster is better but the Lakers are performing worst this year than last year.

  • He’s probably going to change Russ for Lou, since he’s getting in the rhythm slowly the last couple of games. #facepalm

  • LOL! “No one knows what Scott has in store for the Lakers rotation…” That about sums it up. 8-D

  • Also:
    Mark Medina @MarkG_Medina
    Byron argued that Kobe “has earned the privilege” to take the shots he’s taking

  • Don’t care what he does as long as the kid’s minutes are not reduced and they still start.

  • Yeah both Russell and Randle look like solid starters, they’re still young though.

  • Bonehead byron. He is not respecting all other teams that they just got better offensively (spurs offense variants, consistent fast team ballmovement) opponents that loved their new offense that gives them consistent subconscious rhythm. & can focus defensively.

    While byrons old offense that still spending mental energy, physicality to read opponents defense. Then when the ugly offense not falling, they panicked disoriented & play bad defense.

    Fire him! Lakers basketball is hollywood showtime but his offense is so ugly.
    Use dAntoni/spurs offense & teach defense is that so hard???

    Lou & nick are good shooters if only lakers are playing in spurs offense +having metta & hibbert/tarik, lakers will be in 500 mark or better.

  • Last year I gave Byron a pass because most of team were leftover Dantoni bums and injuries, but this year he has no excuse because this team is drastically better then last years team, he’s just a poor coach who had great point guards in Jason Kidd and Chris Paul, but there’s a reason why Jason Kidd wanted him gone and I can see why now. He preaches but don’t teach. He’s a guy that like to bark at his players and toss them under the bus for his coaching short comings. He wants to coach like pat Riley use to but the problem is the younger generation doesn’t respond to that way of coaching anymore it alienates them, and therefore they don’t believe in him or what he says.

  • Coach Scott Rotation is as ugly as this new lay out L.Nation has He wont play Black, Larry nor Sacre weak as. Coach is in love with Bass and Lou. Wont get Kobe to stay in the paint, or to play less. i dont get the man.

  • I would like to see Black and A. Brown get some time on the floor and a bit more Nance too. Bass is really a slug as far as I can see, or maybe just being out of position is making it seem like that. But I don’t think its gonna really matter agains the Warriors, we would need Magic, Kobe, Worthy, West and Kareem ( in their primes ) to beat those dudes. Or any other dudes for that matter, that would be a killer lineup. Baylor, Shag, MacAdoo, Goodrich, Cooper, Caballos, RAmbis, Jamal Wilkes on the bench and CHICK callin the action… put that one in the fridge baby.

  • Yep, there’s no one on the roster that could step in for them and create enough wins to do good. Just keep letting them develop…

  • Russell has improved tremendously he really looks way more comfortable… He’d have double digit assists if his teammates would score on the opportunities he dishes to them…his rebounding is good to and his offense looks good too…his defense is a work in progress…lack of physicality is his downside…but yeah might as well play the younger guys so they can get that confidence I want to see what Nance black and brown can do…sacre kelly and Huerta s need to go

  • I guess JLin was not the problem this time. Someone else or everyone is too soft in this team.

  • Team Tank. I am already there. Every time Clarkson fights up back into games we have Ol’ Kob to bail us out with 8-10 garbage shots. I can’t tell you how honest i am being about that. Our team is awful. We need to do everything we can (without getting rid of young talent) to keep that pick. 3 lottery picks and a 2nd that should have been a lottery. Thats how you build a dynasty

  • Ben Simmons would be perfect: russell, Randle, Simmons, and Clarkson would be the core 4.

  • There is no way the Lakers would take him over Porzingis if they knew what they know now. But then again…Kupchak and Buss are a duo of clowns.

  • No way Philly is giving us the #1 seed. I don’t think the Lakers can hang on to the pick being the #2 or #3 seeds, someone is going to jump them. Might as well play hard and keep developing.

  • I like to see Randle have 13 rebound games like last night. 7 offensive rebounds is beast. I’m not that concerned about his up and down offense–consistency there will come as he grows but there’s no reason he can’t avg double-digit rebounds with the body and motor he has.

  • Last night, Curry said, “We want to take it to the next level Tuesday back at home”.

    In other words, Lakers are screwed.

  • I hope kobe doesn’t try to prove something against curry and take 25 shots

  • Lakers would probably snub Simmons based on another prospect having a little better pre-draft workout even if Simmons dominates college and led his team to a national title.

  • It doesn’t matter what he does with the lineup the results will be the same. Let’s just continue playing bad enough to keep our pick.

  • yeah because the lakers draft history is terrible. Clarkson in the second round, Randle with the 7th pick, Bynum/Farmar only helped us get two championships, Nance hasn’t had enough bright moments.

  • Shut up, no FO would’ve had the balls to take Porzingis in the top 3 or 5 except someone like Phil who took a chance on him when they dropped from 2 to 4th in the draft.

    The biggest acquisition Phil made in free agency was acquiring Brook Lopez b/c Porzingis would’ve ended up playing the 5 this season as brought up a few months back.

  • I disagree. KPO is solid, but didn’t make much sense to pick unless you plan on shipping Randle off.

  • Makes no sense. Ben Simmons is clearly the top pick, just like Towns was this year. If we Land at #2 that’s when it would be a tough decision. I”d take Jaylen Brown as we need a SF.

  • KEVIN DING–Verified account ‏@KevinDing

    Lakers are 2-11…and 10 of their next 11 games are on the road!

    This could get real ugly.

  • Too late. The season is already lost. At this point, winning a game is ugly.

  • Stop. Simmons isn’t clearly anything. Plenty of time for a better overall prospect to emerge. This time last yr, Okafor was the consensus#1

  • Likely so but given how much weaker the west is this season, a 4-6 game win streak would put us right back in striking distance of playoff seeds 5-8.

  • Personally, I’d like to see all the starters play at least 32 minutes per game (except Kobe, who should be limited to 24 mins/game). Right now, none of them are. They all need more playing time together, and time on the floor together is the only way to get them to gel.

    Kobe needs to be told that he can’t take any 3s, or at least if he does and misses, he rides the pine immediately. OTOH, he is averaging the most assists, so that has to be the focal point of his game, from now on.

    Sad to say, but Clarkson is the Lakers’ best player. Therefore, the offense should go through him. He is the first option, always. And when Russell isn’t in the game, Clarkson is always the PG. Good things happen when the rock is in his hands. In that vein, Lakers also need to bring Hibbert into the offense. His decisions are good, and his shooting percentage is good, though I don’t think he even knows what a pick-and-roll is. The Lakers could benefit from having an inside-out game with Hibbert and Clarkson.

    Alright children, here’s the rule: No shots until at least three passes have been made. Hate to do it to you, but you’ve proven you can’t be trusted to pass the rock and to play, you know, an actual offense.

    Here are the people who are allowed to shoot threes: Clarkson, Young, Williams, MWP, Russell. No one else takes one unless the clock is at 3 seconds or less when they get the ball.

    The starting 5 has to remain the same:

    Kobe (because I recognize reality)

    Subs are:

    A. Brown

    No more than 4 subs play any game, so 2 of my subs will sit on the pine the whole game. Sorry, but for now, at least, Bass, Huertas, Kelly and Sacre can bring a book to the game so they have something to do.

  • KB need to stop taking shot 3x in a row. He need to play smart not the hero guy.

  • totally agree. problem is we have a walking contradiction in Byron scott. he pulled young last night with 4 minutes left after we came back to be down by 3. he put kobe in and we lose by 14. didn’t he just say a few days ago he was going to go with the players playing the best to finish games? lol whatever byron

  • Stop. No more tanking. The Lakers have their young players now; three good ones. They just need to play together, and to try their hardest to win games. Stop with the tank talk.

  • I’d like to see Kobe come off the bench and be the point forward. The offense would be ran through Kobe with the second unit This would allow him to play at his desired slower pace while the kid’s would be loosed on the first team. Kobe could have the low post also. Kobe VS second unit talent should provide a bench advantage.

    I’d go super young inserting A. Brown at the three to help improve floor spacing and defensive energy. Even though Hibbert is not a uptempo center most fast breaks don’t include centers. Showtime was a 4 man break with KAJ staying back. I’d also like to see Roy more involved in half court sets offensively. Russell and Roy have a very good connection and JC has shown good chemistry in finding Roy when he probes the paint. Roy and the kid’s have a good bond both on and off the court. I’d like to see if they can have that become chemistry that affects wins and losses.

  • The coaching is just bad all around. Even the assistants are all terrible. I’m not the fan that usually will place the blame on the coach though(at least in THIS sport). It’s on the players to collectively lose all the excuses and “man up” as Byron says. Most of these guys are only fixated on the offensive end. Other than 1 or 2 guys, we don’t have guys who take pride in their defense. Byron deserves 30% blame but I put 70% on the players.

  • In this twisted, confusing season , we might just give GSW its first loss wouldn’t that be something.

  • If you have a two seed then you are safe with one jump. Can’t see being better than second no matter how hard you try. Look at the bottom teams. Other than 6ers they are all substantially better than us. Their records just don’t reflect it yet in this young season.

  • You a coach now?? Nyahahahaha! I wonder IF you can change the Laker’s fortunes if you’re leading them nyahahahahaha!

  • Agreed. Can’t take him with Randle on the team unless you have hindsight. He was really unknown, so i get why he fell to 4th (BTW that’s not much of a fall). At the time of the draft Randle looked like the better prospect.

  • Read a mock draft of next year and its not looking good for lakers inspight our current standing. It goes to Philly , Boston , New Orleans , Sacramento and Philly in that top 5 order.

  • Before any more lineup changes me and the rest of the fans prefer a coaching change and a retirement ceremony instead !!!!!!

  • I like everything you said, but when reality comes into it we both have to acknowledge that Kobe Bean Bryant is never going to come off the bench. Just ain’t gonna happen.

  • stop!! There is no coach that can coach thisteam successfully. Changing coaches would be a waste of time. We basically have 3 rooks more or less, Kobe (who is terrible) and Hibbert that has no idea what the word offense means. Our roster is a joke! Blame it on Byron if you want. You can even replace him. Wont make a bit of difference. Its like GS, everybody said that Steve kerr was a coaching genius and whaalaa….1st year coach, Luke Walton steps in they go 15-0. I guess Walton is the next Hall of Fame coach right? NO!! He has players that can play and the Lakers don’t! plain and simple…..

  • Wouldn’t be surprised if he changed Russell and Hibbert for Bass and Lou.

  • Agreed and it’s sad because it would help the team, and more importantly help the kid’s grow.

  • Kobe should average 28 mins only, max is 30. Clarkson & Randle should get the most playing time every game. Young should not play alongside Williams because both are weak defensively and take away shots from each other. Bass is not a C. Lastly, Scott still know nothing.

  • I agree with most of the things you said but changing Scott now could smooth a lot of issues we have today. Let’s face it there’s a very big possibility we don’t get our pick next year so player development should be first on the list, we have 0 faith in Scott doing this job, let alone coach this team. I think starting somewhere positive in getting a better coach and coaching staff is a good start even with a terrible team.

  • Eric Pincus retweeted

    2h2 hours ago

    Brad Turner ‏@BA_Turner

    Byron Scott said Kobe Bryant didn’t practice. KB was told to meet team at plane for trip to Golden State. Scott said KB will play.

    I’m beginning to wonder if this is why we can’t develop consistent play in building team chemistry? Think about how this younger generation functions? Most teams that are succeeding have top players that kick it together off court too. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the team should be a bunch of BFF’s. Just that the generational gap and separation air Scott promotes could be an issue.

  • He is back to the same crap as last year, we will never find a good rotation, so now he starts blaming all the problems on different players. Until we get a real COACH we will keep staying at the bottom.

  • Said this before , Kobe is not built for mentor material (contrary to what a couple of geniuses in here think) , As for Scott well he still has no clue at all.

  • just an idea tho I still prefer the current lineup…why not bench Randle and start bass?

    bass is a 4 not a 5, and randle on the bench will lessen ball dominant players

    Lou-SwagP-MWP-Nance jr-Randle…..idk but it “looks like”‘ the gsw ultimate smallball….Lou will take curry’s spot, SwagP to klay, MWP as iggy(stabilizer,sets the tone on defense), Nance jr will play harrison barnes spot(agile forward who can guard multiple players) and last but not the least, Randle will take Dray’s role(small ball center do-it-all, atleast not on defense but we got MWP and Nance jr)


  • I dont understand the “Most teams that are succeeding have top players the kick it together off court too” and “separation air Scott promotes could be an issue” part…

  • Once a coach gives special treatment to someone on the team things fall apart. Now if one is unable to practice due to injury thats different.

  • Quite simple , still play randle in the first unit as he needs developing. Bring Bass on the 4 2nd unit and Black as Center 2nd unit. Problem solved.

  • you have a point tho, Randle will still get “starters minutes” even on the bench….the proble in your idea is that Nance jr and MWP needs to play..MWP setting the tone on defense while Nance jr same too but with some chemistry with Lou

  • Kobe can be great as a mentor in showing kid’s how to prepare via his insane work ethic. Also his mental approach. Style of team play is a different theme.

  • BS is a man with no brain, we are still going through the same game as last year, you can read him like a book, its like he wants the LAKERS to lose, look at the NY with FISHER they are up and running and they started out with all new players.

  • they can learn as much as they can from Kobe while applying and merging it on the team’s system(pretty hard tho)

  • Well then Scott needs to manage minutes between Nance , MWP , Bass. That is his job to manage, sub , balance players depending how the game dictates.

  • Dlo vs Curry
    JC vs Klay
    Kobe vs Iggy
    SwagP vs h. barnes
    Randle vs Dray


  • Precisely! That is why I’m really scratching my head how FO can’t see this at all. And i can’t see the sole reason of it being old ties

  • yeah but we all know he aint good at x’s and o’s of the game….at his best in today’s nba, he is an assistant

  • Not bad but who’s running the offense on the second unit? Lou is not very good at PG.

  • yeah, he is but obviously huertas wont play unless someone is in foul trouble….Lou and SwagP will run the show, 2nd unit will more likely live and die with their hot hands

  • That I agree , and i’ve said it. The kids will look at how Kobe works really hard to win. But don’t expect kobe to go out with you and do other things the greats have done in mentoring because Kobe isn’t built to be that way. Heck all these so called friends of Kobe even say he is a loner. Don’t get me wrong i’m a Fan of Kobe but am also a realist!

  • well a loner rarely seeks for conversation, they will but you have to approach them, a loner wont approach you unless they need something from you

    Im a loner too hahahah

  • Man! your a loner , couldn’t have guessed that. hahaha
    Being serious though, Kobe has to try and reach out to these kids. Not baby them but teach them , hang out with them , mentor them.

  • Look at the Cavs, Warriors, Spurs and a few others. They go out and do things together off the court. You slso see a genuine level of fun they have in playing together on the court.

    We all understand Kobe can’t do the usual grind at this stage of his career and that he’s earned the respect and leeway Scott gives him. The lone wolf leader creates a team chemistry disconnect with today’s kid’s though.


  • I’m happy with D’angelo improvement. He’s getting better every day

  • B. Scott better play the Rookies and Soph and I mean all 5 of them when we get blown out tomorrow. From A. Brown to D’Angelo

  • I made a BET here at home with some friends I said 32 shots with 7 makes. and no 3s.

  • Start the veterans and use the youth on the second team. Jc kobe metta bass and Roy and show the game down.Go with Russell lou swaggy randle and nance to speed up the tempo. Kobe needs a big man he can play two man with. Bass fits that because he can face up and shoot the perimeter shot making then tuff to defend. The second team needs a point guard because of the ball stopping because they have one on one scorers.

  • Who knows, bewildered Scott might bench him for not playing lock down defense. These pms(ers) btch an moan too much. One major problem with the starting rotation are the forwards. Kobe can’t get it done like in past days and rather than ADAPT continues to force shots. Randle’s game relies on making his way to the paint.

    Thus, there’s no consistent shooting at the forward position to help simplify the game. Can’t shoot, then they’ll just settle for taking it in = many ISO plays. As opposed to moving the ball. If Kobe retires next season, I’d expect the inept to let Scott roll too. Can’t even successfully mesh the vets along with the rookies.

  • I agree , they need to have some sort of ball movement to survive in todays NBA. Whats happening on court just isn’t cutting it, its really like HS ball. The biggest blunder is no one is fixing the problem, all we hear is talk from the coach while FO is dead silent.

  • Thats an interesting idea , heck at this point we need to try something else. The current line up just isn’t cutting it.

  • By the way, I’m replying to yall from Disqus who spreads their comments. Time will tell, but the record speaks for itself.

  • Look, Scott Brooks makes more sense. The Thunder was also a mess when Scott Brooks took over. Byron Scott couldn’t do any better when he had Jason Kidd. Scott needs to go.

  • It already is, sorry to say, we are right back there as last year but with a much better team OH that’s right the same COACH. can I laugh now or hold it till later.

  • I’m not gonna try to compare him to Kerr or Walton because GS has had the best roster in the NBA for the past 3 seasons and that would be unfair to do. I just don’t understand how he can support Kobe who you’re right is absolutely terrible now, take and miss so many shots then to say that “he’s earned the privilege” to take them. Do you understand how detrimental that is for the team when those excessive shots can be given to Clarkson, Randle, and DLO? Plus no wonder their transition D is bottom in the league with all those fast break points being caused by those stupid contested long range jumpers

  • I disagree.
    If we had a competent solution at sf other than kobe, maybe. But with 3 rookies, and Kelly or Brown at sf things get dicey. The young core need the stabilizing presence of a veteran. And someone that can carry the offense when the rooks get out of sync.

    Imagine how bad the game would be tomorrow if the starting lineup featured 4 rookies and hibbert.

  • I want to see Walton coach through diversity. Even Scott could go 15-0 with the GS roster.

  • The bottom is the plan all the while endure the pains of grooming young guys. Scott’s executing to perfection.

  • Do you realize those shots come from passes by rookies who are afraid to shoot?

    At this point the number of shots the rookies make isn’t going to change or escalate their growth.

  • What?
    Why do you try to spin everything into a negative kobe rant?

    Maybe, Scott needs kobe and wants him to have 100% energy and impact tomorrow rather than wear him down today.

    And tomorrow, I bet well read from you that the team could have won if kobe did something different. Or that he’s holding them back by not letting them get blown out by 20 points every game.

  • How about he start with not playing a PF at C and a SG at PG? That might help.

  • Standing ovation for this here! I would bench them in a heartbeat if they broke these rules. You have to break it down to a child’s level with these guys it seems. They don’t listen or execute. It’s pathetic.

  • Want to bet? Russell is already a bad defender and with a sprained ankle Curry is going to drop 50 on him, unless of course they make Clarkson defend him.

  • Its more of an on court issue than off. It was the same thing last season, Kobe practiced when he wanted to and played on and off. It throws everyone off when their roles have to constantly change. Kobe needs to accept that he is done. He is holding this team back.

  • Already the second worst team in the league. It can’t get worse than that. I don’t think we’ll surpass the Sixers. It’s amazing that this team is worse than last years.

  • No worse than they are now so why not advance the experience factor for them?

  • What am I spinning? This tweet is self explanatory.

    Everyone can clearly see what’s going o n and the direction it has us in.

  • There has been no one player able to block CURRY , you might get lucky and slow him down but I would not bet on it.

  • This joke has been making lineup changes every 2 weeks for the past 2 years. IT’S GOING NOWHERE, GET RID OF HIM. I’d rather have D’Antoni back.

  • It’s the coaches job to put these players in situations to build their confidence. Byron doesn’t seem interested in building his players up. I see quite a bit of tearing them down though.

  • If you’re going to tear players down, you gotta build em back up. We see a lot of the first, but none of the second. I agree with you here.

  • Get rid of Meta, Kelly, Sacre and bring up Upshaw. we need a rebounder good lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This is a legitimate philosophy. Experience starts, and youth comes in for a boost of energy. I like this thinking very much. I just don’t think Scott can handle it. It would take essentially two different offenses, and two different defensive schemes. It’s a split personality team. But I like it in theory. I like it very much. The Lakers would actually win some games that way. But still wouldn’t make the playoffs.

  • He’s a rookie, curry at that same age was trash defensively with glass knees.

  • What are the critics going to say when the Lakers start winning? Surely Byron won’t get any credit. Fans are fans.

  • When Scott had Kidd he went to 2 consecutive NBA finals….Scott Brooks 1.

  • I can coach the GSW…..Mark Jackson’s Fingerprints are on that team…Kerr walked into a ready made team….as proven by Luke Walton taking over and getting better results so far…Derek Fisher is more impressive because he’s taken an overhauled roster and winning.

  • Helps when the Knicks sign players who aren’t d league talent and Carmelo comes back as well lol.

  • I would like to see Russell, Clarkson, Brown, Nance, and Hibbert play together. Like in the middle of the second or the end of the third.

  • The rookies defer to Kobe to much. The vets know how to run the sets. The rookies would run more. Keeping Clarkson with Kobe helps keep the offense in the half court. Because he can penetrate. Randle would be suited being the focal point on the second team. Then down the stretch go with the vets mixing in randle and Russell

  • Upshaw is not a good rebounder lol. Have you seen any of the d league games?

  • So you’re saying last night the 22 shots Kobe took were because of passive play by the rooks? C’mon man you and I both know that’s a bunch of bs. Besides I’m not saying the number of shots correlates to their development. Those shots could be given to anybody but at this point I would prefer if at least 8 of “Kobe’s shots” were given to someone else like JC who’s having the best season as a Laker right now

  • Blame the GM not the coach. The Lakers have a pathetic roster. Byron Scott didn’t build that garbage roster, he’s simply forced to try coaching it to a few wins.

  • Yes.
    When Russell chooses to shoot instead of pass…
    When Randle chooses to shoot instead of pass…
    When Clarkson….. He shoots anyways, and look at the results.

    Somehow you think that getting 4-5 more shots per night is going to make these kids grow faster. It’s all about their own internal growth and when THEY are ready mentally.

  • I think he’s doing pretty good considering he’s 12 games into his professional career.

  • I’m not sure I agree.
    In one month we’ve seen Russell go from 6 point averages to close to 13 point averages. Randle went through a small slump but is averaging a double double nightly.

    They just need time to grow. They need to experience everything the NBA has to offer and learn how to solve each situation.

  • Kobe has been a lone wolf for 20 years, and has 5 rings, 2 medals, and a ton of trophies.

    He hasn’t practiced day-to-day in about 5 years.

    What are you trying to change?

  • Maybe you missed that in the last 2-3 weeks Kobe has changed his game completely to accommodate the learning process on the court.

    It’s all about the Young Core now, not Kobe.

  • And this is a surprise to anyone? Didn’t anyone do their homework and take a look at the schedule?

    And, yet, some people STILL think that the team will lose their lottery pick this year. At the current rate, on January 1 after 33 games, the team will be about 5-28 and on track for about 16 wins.

    As long as they don’t disrupt anything, they don’t have to tank to keep the pick. Just let the rookies grow and learn the hard way.

  • It’s not worse. It’s just the focus is different. Scott’s not trying to win most games, he’s trying to put the young guys in learning situations and teach them how to win and be professional players.

    If they tried, they would have made a lot of different moves in the offseason.

  • I love to dream too. But I doubt the Lakers get the #1 pick. Maybe they move up, but there is a much higher likelihood they move down to the #3 pick. I’m thinking Ingram or Skal are much more probable outcomes.

    Also, keep an eye on Simmons, as so far he looks like a 6’10” point guard with no outside shot. So, theoretically, he’d be a PF more than a SF which would create a major overlap with Randle as the team would have two 6’10” forwards who can’t shoot the 3 point shot.

  • I’d take Ingram over Brown.
    And probably Skal over Brown.

    I really like Brown, but he doesn’t seem to have a wow factor. He will be a good player, but I’m not sure I see him as anything more than the league’s best #2 guy. The fact he went to Cal makes me suspect.

  • The lone wolf always ends on a sour note. Why anyone want to see Kobe go out like this? What we are seeing is not likely to change as far as his decline. A reduced role and less minutes would be a more graceful way to ride off into the sunset. Especially given the state of this rebuild with youth is what it is.

    Look how much fun KG is having as an elder in a reduced role? While Minny is a bit better than us they are far from a great team. What’s wrong with wanting a joyful farewell tour VS all this lone wolf misery?

  • Stop, Scott isn’t holding Kobe accountable, and you can’t hold anyone else accountable if you cant coach kobe, He is allowed to take any shot and he is 20% from 3..He doesn’t coach Randle to throw outlet passes after rebounds so he dribble up court after every rebound.Two seasons in and his team has not grasp his defensive concept l The young ones will eventually tune him out and they will have to make a change.

  • With 10/11 free throw shooting and against an unranked team, and LSU still lost.

    And notice, for the 3rd game, 0/0 on 3-point shots. He’s a physical specimen, but I am not sure his athleticism will let him dominate against grown men as easily when he can’t shoot. As of now, he’s Randle upgraded on steroids. I’m watching how he grows this season, because so far, he’s all flash and no game. And while he COULD be a decent PG, if he can’t shoot he’s just a bigger version of rondo.

    ** Don’t think i’m being anti-simmons, i’m just taking a very cautious approach before I crown him the next somebody. When you get a chance, check out Ingram! He’s not going to be the most athletic, but he shoots so well and effortlessly, that he looks like Durant.

  • Knees? You mean ankles? What does his ankle injuries have to do with anything? That can happen to anyone. Curry may have been trash defensively but he was always great offensively. Russell puts up okay numbers but he isn’t blowing anyone away.

  • Yeah but he doesn’t drop 45 on every opponent. It’s going to be a slaughter tomorrow. I might have to say a prayer first and I’m not even religious. Are you Muslim, Al? They need your help too.

  • Kobe’s going to be Kobe.
    But, a lot of his shots are what he’s supposed to take as a SF.

    If he’s open in the corner, it’s his job to take the shot.

    And if you think that Kobe isn’t helping, think of how the young core would get rattled and frustrated without a veteran presence. Also, without Kobe they would lose by 15-20 every night, and that’s certainly not good for growth.

  • At this moment,
    Boozer is still better than Randle,
    JHill is better than Randle,
    Lin is better than Russell,
    Ellington is better than Young,
    Price is better than Huertas,
    and Sacre is better than Black.

  • I’m ok with watching Kobe chuck 20 shots in his last year.

    It’s not like it’s going to change the win/loss column.

  • I disagree.
    They get as much as they can handle when they are ready.

    You seem to think that trial by fire is good for a young guy. It’s an incremental growth process. Setting guys up to fail night-in and night-out is a good way to stiffle their growth.

    Look at the growth we’ve ALREADY seen in Russell and Randle in 10 games. And what 30 games did for Clarkson last year.

    Keep in mind most rookies start to come into their own at the end for year 2 and around 150 games of experience. Russell and Randle have 12. And, there is only 1 Lebron or Kobe per generation who are all stars in their first year, the rest of the superstars have to be rookies and grow to match their star potential.

  • SMH

    No ones saying we’d become a contender but it would absolutely help the win loss column if we had more efficient shooting.

  • The conundrum is who plays center.

    Golden State will almost invariably shift to their small ball uptempo lineup and remove Hibbert from the equation and game. I’d be more inclined to put Nance at the 5 than Bass or Sacre.

    It’s obvious the team WANTS Black to be the small ball solution for the future, but I’m not sure he makes it to the guaranteed roster day in January. It’s odd that after a year, a summer league, a training camp, and 12 games, he’s STILL not ok for spot minutes as a small ball center. And I think a small ball center will be like the stretch-4 and that every team will need to have one as a specialist option on their roster. <- Golden State kinda changed the game in that it added a variation offense, BUT they also happen to have the perfect players for that style of play (and a league MVP).

    ME thinks Scott goes all offense with his 4-guard lineup for most of the game to keep up with GS small ball. Kobe, Russell, Clarkson, Young, Nance(?).

  • No it wouldn’t.

    You seem to miss the stabilizing factor of Kobe and that he STILL contributes 17 points for his position. Unless ANY other player can contribute 17 points, whatever the net loss increases the damage. The team is losing by 3-5 usually, you want to make it closer to 10 by removing the #1 scorer?

    Letting Russell, Randle, and Clarkson shoot MORE isn’t going to help. Do you realize that Kobe’s shooting numbers are still better than all 3 (maybe not Clarkson)? So distributing the ball doesn’t improve “efficiency”, and the team isn’t mathematically improved by removing kobe. At best, the shooting percentages stays *generally* the same, except the scoring goes down, at the expense of moral, ugly losses, and embarrassing showings.

    Efficiency ONLY works when you have veterans who are consistent and have enough offensive rebounding to get second chance shots. Efficiency is like stats, they can help polish a diamond, but they aren’t silver bullets to make coal look any better than a rounded black lump.

  • Kobe needs to pass the ball to the youngsters since he can’t make any shots

  • How could the lakers be great if they are always switching coaches and learning new systems I think they stay with Scot perfect the system make a couple of trades for defense and rebounding players and go from there , you can’t just turn a building team around with one season , it takes time I understand we want to win now but we got to be realistic

  • I’d actually be fine with that. what I don’t want is for him to take 32 shots, and shoot %54…

  • IF i get time, I’ll run the regression analysis and stats to see if removing Kobe improves or hurts the team. I would have to enter all the stats from each game which could take a while. — I’m curious so I am sure I will do it eventually, and you might be right, numbers don’t lie.

  • Exactly on point ! Stop looking to point fingers at that one reason why the team stinks. Coaching isn’t going to make any difference. Take a deep breath and look at the “team”. Bunch of young average talented rooks with an over the hill superstar = lottery team. Front office gambled and failed. Simple

  • I don’t necessarily disagree with you. Any coach leading a 2-12 team has got to know he is fairly or unfairly susceptible to being canned. I just don’t know how much difference it will make if any at all if we sought out a new coach, but I will disagree with you on one point. At the rate we are currently losing we should have a shot at keeping our 1st round pick???? I would suggest keeping Scott and reevaluating the coaching position at the end of the year, developing the rooks and take our chances in the draft. We will need a little luck but we could get our hands on a top 3 pick?

  • You totally missed my point , and I will disagree with you on Kobe changing his game. The last game was 6-22 , 31 or so mins , 0-5 on 3’s thats not even close to accommodating the learning process of these rookies.

  • Darius Soriano– ‏@forumbluegold

    In the last 5 games, in the 2 Kobe did not play, the starters still performed very well. This tells me they might be starting to click.

    1:40 PM – 21 Nov 2015

  • Darius Soriano– ‏@forumbluegold

    In the last 5 games, in the 2 Kobe did not play, the starters still performed very well. This tells me they might be starting to click.

    1:40 PM – 21 Nov 2015

  • Yeah yet teams like the Timberwolves are doing better already. There is no reason we should be worse than them. Byron seems to be killing their confidence, not building it. Watch D’Angelo’s post game video. He looks defeated already. Clarksons breakthrough was not at the hands of Byron. The kid is just flat out talented. The only way to get better is through experience. No one had the Warriors and Steph Curry on a tight leash and played mind games with them night in and out yet they still managed to break through as a team.

  • Hey John, its good you brought up the draft, I see where you are going with what you wrote , even if we don’t agree we get to learn from our respective opinions. On to your last statement. I have been reading articles on mock drafts and possible percentages we get our pick in 2016 , its not looking good, although I do understand nothing is guaranteed and its early in the season. These are the results from one article by NBAdraft dated 11/18/2015 – here are the top 5 , 1. Philly 2. Boston 3. New Orleans 4. Sacramento then 5. Philly ( wc i guess is our 1st round pick) , In fact the mock continued to give our result at no. 35 getting possibly Danuel House, texas A&M. Another article from bleacher I believe mentioned the magic number to get a good percentage of keeping our pick which is losing at least 60 games , that’s just to get us in the door with Philly, Brooklyn, the pelicans ahead of us in the losing column. I agree with you at a certain extent on thinking about our 1st round pick and would love to be in the top 3 , but I do not agree with you on keeping Scott because someone out there should be better than him in developing our young talent. My opinion is , it could be a stretch to win that top 3 picks and would want to start now in developing our kids as our draft in 2016 could be a long stretch.

  • okafor was clearly the top pick most of last season.

    wiggens was clearly the top pick two years ago and parker and embied allmost passed him.

  • agree and disagree. tanking again if we were to get lucky and get the top pick would put is in a great spot because we have…….

    hibbert: very tradeable for a first rounder or two

    lou: very tradeable for a first rounder

    nick: very tradeable for a first rounder

    bass: a second rounder

    + kelly, sacre, mwp, hurtez and possible black who could all be throw in players.

    the lakers are in a possition were they could flip some players for future picks

  • That’s a complete cop out, D’Antoni won 27 games with much much less talent than this. In fact he won those games with a couple of bums who can’t even get off this current “coach”‘s bench. You better believe Byron had a say in a lot of how this roster was put together, he was there at all the rookie work outs, remember he said ‘Mudiay wasn’t a real point guard’. Mitch and Jim have a lot to answer for, but don’t think for a second that Byron is innocent in all of this. I fully believe Byron is one of the reaons that Ed Davis didn’t stick around. And who replaced him? Byron’s former player who he barely played way back when – Brandon Bass.

  • Frankly speaking Kobe’s minutes doesn’t matter. How does an additional 5-7 minutes a game or 15-20 minutes a week make a difference in an NBA players game? Byron is giving him ample time to recover and rest in practice and off days. If Kobe is pathetic in first 28 minutes a game, how can you expect additional 7 minutes will impact his performance for next games even after 3-4 days of rest.

    Having said so, I got the leaked transcript of Byron’s interview with Lakers.

    Mitch: Why should we hire you?

    Byron: Defence. Defence. Defence. Defence. Kobe. Showtime. Defence. Old school. Defence. Olden but Golden days. Defence.

    Mitch: Well, you don’t make much sense but we understand what you bring to table. But you haven’t answered why should we hire you and not any other coach who can teach Defence too.

    Byron: Kobe. Showtime. Kobe. Championships. Old School. Suicide runs. Rebounding. Basics. Kobe. Showtime.

    Mitch: Come on man, you have been saying this since your last 3 interviews. We are very close to hire Mike Dunleavy Sr. So, last time, give us your plan and stop treating us like LA media.

    Byron: Ok, you have taken huge risks with CP3, Nash and Howard trade. Legendary stuff you pulled it off and were favourites to win championships and form dynasty but it didn’t work out. Now you don’t have picks or players or cap-space for Free Agents or Trades. Let me make you an offer you cant refuse. I will give you each and every pick in next 3-4 years which you can use to get good players in draft. Lock them up for long time deals or trade them for future superstars, your choice. You have given Kobe his retirement package as a thank you note. He wont accept it happily and will try to win more games making us lose draft spots. Let me handle him and his ego, making him happy to let you do your work. I have very good track record to get and develop lottery picks and I will do it again. I know this game like the back of my hand. Lakers media will be bombarded with all nostalgic references and showtime and Defence quotes to save them from memories of Da’Antoni era and hypnotize them to our happy Showtime era. I can….

    Mitch: Say no more. you’re hired. Wear black suit and tie, get your buddies, we will start with the Showtime reunion at Monday evening 4. Dont be late, Mister.

    Byron: Punctuality. Work ethic. Defence. Kobe. Showtime. Defence.

    Mitch: Haha, I like you already.


  • in both games mwp played out of his mind that only happens every few games.

    every stat shows the team is better with kobe

  • Id rather let Randle matchup with dray but worried coz randle aint a rim defender

  • Ya I wouldnt really credit Scott for that. More of kidd coaching offense in real time and dikembe coaching the defense in real time.

  • Role snd access does, and that is what Scott is admittedly limiting D low on.

  • Rubbish. Can the line up change really change the squad. Bryon should suggest mutual termination. There one person to go and that’s Bryon, nobody else.

  • The fact that D’Antoni won 27 games and this team hasn’t even played 27 games yet, I think it is too early to use that comparison against him. Perhaps we will still say the same thing later in the season…but for now it is still too early.

  • This lineup should have gotten some minutes in preseason. The argument could be made that this lineup could be the lineup for the future for this team. Not sure how good they would be…but it would be nice to at least see what they can do together.

  • If Byron goes…when Byron goes….others will have to follow. There is no system currently being utilized by NBA teams that compliments the roster that the Lakers currently have. That is not an excuse for Byron’s inability to adapt and get some wins…it is the fact though. The Lakers have players that overlap too much, while also having glaring holes as well. For instance, Julius Randle should really be playing the small forward position. Most of his skills fit better at the small forward spot. Even his body type fits better at the small forward spot. However, there are two glaring skills that he is lacking which make it almost impossible for him to play that position right now…perimeter shooting and defensive foot speed. Were he a better perimeter shooter and were he quicker defensively, he would be seen more like a Carmelo Anthony-type player…or even dare I say…James Worthy-type player.

    I contend that when Byron is fired, the eventual new coach will need to make some serious roster changes in order for this team to be competitive.

  • Really, the Lakers are in 3rd or 4th based on current standings.

    Sixers will have the worst record.
    Nets play in the east and over time will improve.
    Assume the pelicans will get healthy
    Sacramento will be better than the Lakers

    Lakers should finish at worst with the 3rd worst record. Then it’s up to the ping pong balls.

  • Fire Byron now…he can’t coach/reign in Kobe. Hire Thibodeau….he’s tough enough. Retire Kobe (Luke Walton won’t touch LA w/Kobe on the roster) by Christmas. Get a trade after DEC 15. Tankers on track for a 13 win season. Sad organization….will lose 50% of their fans this season to women’s soccer.

  • Bass needs to move to PF, he can’t play Center and he certainly shouldn’t be finishing the games there. Teams are shooting 69% at the rim with Bass there, and 49% with HIbbert. Too bad Byron thinks analytics is sorcery, he reminds me of Dr Zaius from Planet of the Apes.

  • D’Antoni had better players more vets and not as many rookies as Byron has. Poor comparison.

  • Well I can safely say that when trades start rolling the Lakers will be in the thick of everything…. Think about it, we have a SG/SF thats a spark plug off the bench in Nick Young, a veteran PF that can help in spurts if your team has an actual back up center in Bass, we have a Mercurial scorer in Lou Williams who a team like Houston and others could use since the can’t score, and we have trade fodder in Ryan Kelly and Robert Sacre at $1.75 and $980k respectively….
    I’ve floated these ideas before and now its seems that one of the reasons the FO gots these guys was two fold, 1, we either made a playoff push with the added scoring and veteran leadership or 2, we have veteran scorers at semi affordable prices that can help us gain assets like draft picks and young players…
    I for one would love to see us move Bass to Houson for K.J.McDaniels to give Nance more playing time, or even Nick Young, Brandon Bass and our second for McDaniels, Beverly and Houston’s 1st in 2016…..

  • Are you serious? Kendall Marshall, Sacre, Kelly, Wes Johnson, Hill, Pau, Meeks and N Young. That team is beyond worse than this team. 7 of those guys to this day are bench players and Pau Gasol was also benched for some of that season as he didn’t even suit D’Antoni’s system.

  • Byron Scott’s offense is not a good fit for this team. I don’t like the way Russell started playing, though he has improved some recently. The team often is not ready to start games. That is all on the coach.
    Scott needs to finish out the year. When the year is over, the lakers need to move on from Scott. That’s about it.

  • Yes all vets. no rookies. Pau Gasol by himself is better than our current front line. Meeks shot lights out from the three. Jordan Hill averaged about what Randle is averaging for us. But this team doesn’t have the experience that D’Antoni team had. Again a poor comparison this is a developing team with rookies Vs D’Antoni team of second and third tier Vets.

  • Again I’m not saying that their shot count correlates to their growth but making 4-5 more shots could be a huge difference. You’re talking about at least 10-13 points added to the scoreboard from our past 13 games. If you added those points to the close games we’ve lost instead of 2-11 we’d probably be 7-6 right now. Those made shots don’t have to come from the younger players but right now if you gave Kobe 15 shots and JC/Swaggy/DLO/Randle 15 shots I guarantee you they would make better use of them than Kobe. And I don’t mean it to be disrespectful because I have nothing but love for that dude he’s going down as the 2nd greatest guard of all time imo but enough is enough man he’s gotta cut it down

  • That’s all BS is good for is TANKING, he is real good at that, he knows how to move the players around so we don’t win.

  • Well for one thing they have not been together for 2 years, and RANDLE bring up the ball is not every other time plus a lot of PF bring the ball up, and RANDLE . this is his first season he got hurt last season 15 min into the first game, and sat out the season.

  • Do you watch the games, and the stats shows KOBE is the worst shooter on the team and takes more use less shots, why do you waste your time here you have learned nothing about BB.

  • yea but that is expected of the young guys but not a 20 year pro, being the one with the most faults.

  • how about the Jim Buss will make a Rockets move saying…. “The team is not responding to BS anymore. and we have to make a call.” and then add ” we have to make it quick or else jennie will kick me out by 2017″

  • True, only time can tell and a little luck our way. Don’t get me wrong I hope we get our 2016 pick.

  • stop! you can not make the argument that going 5-18 is in anyway helping the team. The rooks are afraid to shoot? Untrue…the data is not consistent with your argument, but regardless at no point is it wise to take an ill advised shot no matter who the player is unless he is knocking them down and right now Kobe is shooting roughly 30% from the field. Lastly, I disagree….more shots and more time will definitely elevate the rook’s game. Why do you think they take so many shots in practice? Perfect practice makes perfect!! Practice in a game time atmosphere is the best way to elevate and progress ones game.

  • Starting does add. A starter will experience tougher comp in battling opposing starters VS reserve’s.

  • Who asked you? Worry about your mom having to prostitute to feed your lazy fat a$$

  • so a starter that plays 10 mins gets better experience then a bench player getting 30 mins?

  • I know about how long the team been together and Randle being hurt but that doesn’t have anything to do with a fundamental play…Making an outlet pass to start the fast break…W h en Scott said Randle can push the ball..He didnt mean to disregard passing it along to the guards and filling a wing on the fast break

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