Lakers News: Byron Scott Still Has ‘Faith’ In Kobe Bryant

The Los Angeles Lakers have lost four straight games and a total of 12 on the season after falling to the defending NBA champion Golden State Warriors on the road Tuesday night.

As if losing to the defending champs by 34 points wasn’t bad enough, Kobe Bryant has one of the worst performances of his career. Bryant only hit one shot on the night and finishing with only four points in 25 minutes on the floor.

After the game, head coach Byron Scott continued to back his star player by claiming to still have faith in Bryant regardless of another poor shooting performance via Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters:

No matter how much work Bryant seems to be put on the practice floor or in the weight room to get his legs ready deal with the rigors of an NBA game, the five-time NBA champion just can’t get right when on the facing opponents.

Despite the poor start to his 20th season, Kobe continues to get the support of his head coach. Scott has stuck by Bryant during the entire process, but may be alienating the rest of the team in the meantime with the squad struggling to come together.

Bryant was shooting 33.1 percent from the floor and 20.0 from beyond the arc coming into Tuesday’s game. Kobe may have been averaging 16.3 points per game, but his production hasn’t helped the team much this year and has many believing it may be time for the future Hall of Famer to seriously consider taking a step back.

dude if you’ll stop on relying to Kobe and instead trusting the whole team and preach better ball movement and defensive schemes that would be good….

  • when kobe “preaches ball movement” does he say “ok guys move the ball around and make sure it ends with me taking the shot”.

  • No, it’s just that when the young guys get into trouble, they “move the ball” to kobe to bail them out.

    I’m not sure you watched the game, as the entire team shot 36% and your situation wasn’t really the case.

    So maybe it’s just another case of Rival Inferior making things up just to bash kobe.

  • How about, grow a pair, and shoot the damn ball instead of passing?
    All of our young 3 were the #1 guys on their college teams and yet when they get to the NBA they forget how to score.

  • they gotta learn how to balance between “taking over a game” and “helping the team by ball movement”

  • “hypocrites” lol you had a laker avatar last year……..and a rockets avatar the year before.

  • Nope I think the most delusional fans in the NBA will forever and always remain the Jeremy ‘ALL-STAR for two weeks’ Lin fans.

  • didn’t they say lin was going to be the starting pg for a contender this year? instead he’s on the bench scoring 4 pts a game

  • I know what the Lakers are doing but it’s still annoying to have to hear Byron lie through his teeth. Kobe said tonight was the first night he felt awful about his shooting. I guess that goes to show how big his ego is because his shooting has been bad for awhile now.

  • I’m convinced Lin Win is DAN the guy who works for LN. I’ve reported him twice, and Dan even asked me to send screenshots of his trolling so he can ban him yet this clown is still posting. Both Asian and both Lin fans. I don’t believe in coincidences. It’s not a new account either because this Lintard has over 5,000 comments.

  • The team actually shot 44 percent, Kobe shot 7 percent so that makes the team’s overall shooting 37.8 percent. So really who is the one making things up? Kobe took 9 shots completely uncontested, two of them were bail out shots so that’s still 7 uncontested missed shots, one of them was a damn layup ffs. Kobe’s play in this game is indefensible.

  • I didn’t want to believe that Byron was the biggest Kobe fan boy, but after these past few comments there is no doubt he is the biggest.

  • Yeah….um…not all of those shots were “bail-outs”. Take away the bail-outs and he still shot 1 for whatever.

  • What an humiliation.
    98% of all professional basketball players in the NBA and the NBADL and 90%’of basketball players in Europe CAN SHOOT BETTER than 1-14. Anyone who shoots below 8% should probably not be playing in the NBA. NBA players who retired in the 80s and are still alive can play in the league today and do better than 8% against Golden State Warriors.
    Now, what coach in their right mind lets someone who is missing everything shoot 14 times in 25 minutes (that’s about a shot every 55 seconds)? Unbelievable.

  • They ban you quickly over there, unlike this trash website. You can’t say anything other than Lin is a God on that pathetic Lintard page.

  • What’s to love about a mediocre Asian who shouldn’t be in the NBA?

  • The fact of the matter is that site doesn’t allow you to criticize Lin while in this site its difficult to tell the Lintrards to buzz off. Lakersnation should have admins ASAP

  • The line was 18 points, and now whoever put that line at 18 looks like an idi–

  • Whatever. Lin isn’t relevant on this site anymore. That would be like Lakers fans talking about Ed Davis.

    However Lin becomes a subject at hand when Lin trolls enter this site and aren’t banned immediately.

  • At the same time, allowing Lintards to post fuels Rival’s responses. I mean no one mention Lin. Lin Win post a comment and Rival swarms in talking about Lin. It all started with this Lin troll

  • “Kobe’s play in this game is indefensible”

    Kobe’s game is indefensible alright. You don’t even need to defend him, just catch the rebound.

  • I wouldn’t know about that, maybe you said something about Lin that he disagree with, or maybe he brought up Lin first and you responded. Idk. Point is Lin Win is a troll that shouldn’t be posting on this site.

  • I have faith in Kobe to continue to take low percentage ill advised shots until his broken body is dragged off the court.

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  • It’s not about Kobe, it’s about the future. From Scott’s view he wants to send Kobe out with a bang x_O. Brand first, Kobe isn’t going to help this team turn things around 2-3 yrs from now. But guess it won’t be this clueless coach either.

  • Literally lost my respect for Scott these past few games. Help Kobe have a decent season vs helping to mold the future to help revitalize this franchise?

  • Kobe has to be banging those shots in order for it to work. Scott enabling Kobe makes things worst for Kobe’s image right now.

  • One question I’ll think about at the end of this season is ‘if Kobe left the team in better hands.’

    With his play (thus far) and lack of responsibility as a leader (along with this bad coach) it’s a big ‘h e l l’ no.

  • I understand that. I’ve seen them go to Kobe to bail them out but Kobe shouldn’t keep shooting. As a leader he should pull to the side on a time out and say don’t pass it to me run a play and move the ball and if you want I can facilitate and get you on your spot. Him showing that type of leadership can do wonders to our young core but I’m sure that won’t happen until the last 10 games of the season when we are already in the lottery.

  • LOL , this is getting really weird and funny at the same time. Oh! we lost to GS by 30 freaking points , FO wake up! the castle is crumbling , lets make changes already.

  • Jim , its really hard to fathom after 19 years and counting in the league how can anyone not know how to deal and help the state of the teams health, development of our kids and learning to control his own desire to want to be alpha all the time. While I am constantly saying Kobe is not built for this kind of things , I agree it will surely tarnish his legacy.

  • Agree, have to give Timmy Duncan praise, knowing his flaws (age) while successfully contributing at the same time. Took a step back and the team couldn’t be in better hands with their youth.

  • Yup , along with Dirk Nowitzki , those two players are examples of being unselfish with team first attitude. Winning championships still depend on 5 guys. Nothing has changed since the sport was invented.

  • Has to face the fact…..kobe is old….good for showbiz sport….not competitive sport. Get rid of him.

  • kobe should stop shooting 3s work more on post. he can easily average 16 ppg, 6apg and 4rpg 42% shooting. 3 point attempts are killing his percentage.

  • This troll is already banned over there. He created a new account which has 900 post there. But his account here as 5000 posts.

  • Maybe due to mileage on body he is tired and can’t run around anymore , I noticed when playing ball in the park and people getting tired they shoot a lot of 3’s , I know its way different from playing in the NBA but thought about a simple comparison.

  • You gotta be hopin’ that Kobe never has a good game. If he did, he’d start takin’ 50 shots a game and sayin’ b.s. like I’m “out of my slump”.

  • How about looking at the TEAM that just dismantled us as example of how to play with each other.

    You sound like Scott with that BS grow a pair bravado. That’d in part why they play the way they do. Everyone following cue and just looking to get off they own shots.

  • Was a self proclaimed lone wolf ever gonna leave the pack in better hands? Kicking and screaming is how the lone wolf goes out.

  • Told you this back in 12-13. Said Kobe would need to step back and everyone flipped they wigs.

  • This is what happens when the front office is afraid to say they are rebuilding, instead they try to do two things, I still say jeanie buss had a lot to do with that awful kobe contract and jim buss has no choice but to go with it cause shes the boss. Whats done is done, as bad as byron is, mitch did a bad job of not getting a veteran pg to back up russ, and a decent back up center, everyone knew something was wrong when we kept seeing all of these pfs added to the roster, everyone except mitch I guess, they must think small ball is so small it doesn’t matter who you put there WRONG! I think they maybe out of touch with laker fans, especially jeanie buss, she probably thinks we wanted to see kobe at all cost keep playing.

  • Trade for Jeremy Lin, Ed Davis, Jordan Hill, Wes Johnson, and Wayne Ellington, all who are thriving outside Kobe World. Retire Kobe ASAP.

  • Since Kobe is chasing the 6th ring. He should be traded to the Warriors. We get Barbosa.

  • Best thing for the Lakers right now is to end up with the worst record possible and go for 1st pick or second pick. Sign a Free Agent from the 2016 (Kevin Durant would be Nice) and Fire Byron after this season. So you have Kobe off the books next season with plenty of cap space and you have Dangelo, Clarkson, Randle, free agent, and Simmons or Skal either would help tremendously. And you have yourself a team that can compete for a playoff spot

  • that’s one of the things young guns need to develop stop relying to Kobe to bail them out wiht those less than 3 seconds fadeaway jumpshot while being triple teamed ….those rooks/soph need to manage pressure and develop that instincts

  • We are getting frightingly close to the day when Kobe will get the Metta treatment by the Staples Center crowd, meaning loud moans and sighs whenever he takes a shot. Lucky him we have this huge roadtrip coming up. It’s utterly sad seeing gods fall.

  • I have loved cheering for Kobe the champion. And am enjoying cheering for Kobe the under dog just as much. Bad teams make good players look bad a lot of the time. They can also help to make a great player struggle. Looking bad is happening to every player on the Lakers. Name one player who looks like they are playing up to their capabilities? I will continue to give my support. But then I’m not a bandwagon buster. Most had the Warriors favored to win this game and thought the Lakers best chance was to try to make it close. It’s time to back the players up more than ever. Why? Because they need the support more than ever.

    Go Kobe ! Go Lakers !


  • No he says I am not gun shy and will try to lead the team anyway that works. I will lead the team in both scoring and assist (which he does on the season). I just wish I had a bit more help. Most people in their right minds had the Warriors favored to win this game. And we will just have to play better in the next game. Kobe “and” the team.

    Kobe is still “the man” Clarkson shot 2-11 what was his excuse? Young shot 3-10 what was his excuse? Good teams make bad teams even with good players look bad more times than not. Especially if that team is already struggling and your team is red hot.

    When MWP leads the team in assist (3) Kobe (2) with only playing 9 minutes you know something is wrong.

    Go Kobe ! Go Lakers !


  • You sir, are a genius, that’s it exactly. It’s less stressful on tired and old legs to just shoot from distance, than to try to dribble drive or back someone down.

  • Ahhh.., “I come not to praise Kobe, but to bury him.” Act:II Scene: III.

    ETA: Act: III Scene: II.

  • I think several factors are at work here, as it relates to Kobe.

    1. Had the Lakers taken a dominant post player – Less stress on Kobe to score.

    2. Easier to score on cuts to the basket, short jump shots, and put backs than 3 point shots.

    3. Would have been easier transition for him (Kobe) to play a role similar to Duncan. This I believe, is why Duncan is not pressing like Kobe. The Spurs got a younger big who takes the pressure off.

    4 . Through out Kobe’s career he’s always been effective with a genuine big who is an offensive threat he could play off of.

  • As big of a Kobe fan as I am, this is really evolving from bad to just plain sad. You can’t keep going to a guy who is shooting 7% when the rest of the team is shooting 44%, no matter who he is. It’s time to get real and make some hard decisions. Less time? Off the bench? On the bench? Scott can’t just keep plodding along the way it is going, it’s blind insanity. One thing really clear in last nights game was THE FREAKING WARRIORS ARE REALLY GOOD.

  • He’s also on Byron’s d!ck 24/7. I really don’t understand his logic.

  • NBA should start to create an award for “dumbest coach of the year”, or DCTY. I am sure Scott would have a monopoly for as long as he is a coach.

  • they are mutually destroyong each other’s and tehy deserve each other.

  • I checked with GSW and the Oracle arena has enough gate guards and they don’t have any other use of Kobe!

  • Where are those Lakers’ greats who complained so bitterly about MDA?

  • Maybe Byron is exposing the old Kobe so that the latter can be shamed into retiring as soon as possible.

  • Kbe shoots threes because they are a short cut for makng his numbers but are low percentage. He’s just rolling the dice. Posting requires physicality and Kobe is cooked.

  • Kobe’s -and Scott’s- departure can’t come soon enough. And I’m hoping Buss will keep his promise to leave in 2017 if they aren’t in contention. Hint- they won’t be.

  • The only times Kobe is featured in articles nowadays is when he is injured, returns from injuries, has a bad shooting night, or is destroying team chemistry. He’s become useless to the team and he weighs them down.

  • BS said KOBE was really struggling, then why play him 1/14 shooting and 1/7 3s, would not be allowed to play at all, believe it or not , that takes the steam out of the who team , not meaning we would win, but we have a young group that should have some one that can play the game as they learn, if this is teaching, then they are in trouble, that’s not NBA BB.

  • They are learning from KOBE and BS, I feel sorry for them, we have become the laughing stock of the NBA, IF IT WAS ME and had a chance to get off the LAKERS I would go some where with a COACH and a real NBA leadership.

  • What I am about to share below is in no way an attempt to disrespect or discredit the way that teams like the GSW and others have (or are) playing the game. The harmonious team-focused ball movement they utilize is truly something to behold. However, as Grant Hill mentioned last night before the game, this isn’t brand new to the NBA. So, why is it so highly focused on today?

    Kobe Bryant in many ways has suffered the brunt of a situation created by his NBA idol Michael Jordan, which is quite ironic. Let me explain…I contend that for possibly the last 15 years or so, the NBA, sports media and global marketing world has made a very focused yet veiled attempt to correct a problem that they themselves created on the back of Michael Jordan. Michael was great for the NBA and the NBA was great for Michael Jordan. His arrival came at the perfect time for the league, sports media and marketing organizations around the world. His impact both on and off the court provided both an attraction and financial impact in ways that cannot be compared. Magic and Bird revived the NBA, but their individual performances were never seen as being separate from that of their team successes. However, Michael Jordan was not only above the Bulls, he was above the NBA. I believe the NBA was
    comfortable with this until Michael Jordan left the game for that shortened period. The NBA suffered financially in ways that they never expected, and at the same time, there was a noticeable lack of star-power attraction.

    The NBA never thought about the negative affect their singular focus on an individual player in the midst of a team sport would have. For youth growing up around the world during the late 1980’s and 1990’s the motivation for playing basketball was to “be like Mike”. The college game suffered greatly as a result of this, as young players were not focused on team success, but instead wanted personal success. I believe this led the league making a decision to make a drastic change to the NBA brand. It started with star players (not known for their individual stats) speaking out with “team above individual players” marketing campaigns. It has now transitioned to State Farm “assist” campaigns, all driven by a focus on team above individuals.

    What Michael Jordan in many ways helped to create, Kobe Bryant has helped to destroy. Whereas Michael Jordan came to the NBA at the perfect time, I believe Kobe Bryant came at the worst time. Kobe’s rise in the NBA came right as the shift was being made away from individual players to teams. So, the individual performance of players began being less and less the focus of the league. Whereas high scoring nights use to be a key highlight on a nightly basis, now it’s about team performances. Scoring titles are no longer talked about. Assists are now regarded as being above that of points. Plus, there has been the insurgence of new stats that are all team focused. I do contend that this is why ESPN and other sports media have seemed to personally attack Kobe Bryant. I contend that it is more an attack of what he represents than him as a person. The reality is that Kobe has in many ways aided this process as being noticeably defiant to the shift of the league. I believe that his legacy will never be what it could have been because of both the time period in which he played and the choices he made.

    Finally, Steph Curry and Lebron James are the most interesting players in this whole discussion. I find it interesting that Steph Curry is leading the league in scoring, yet outside of a quick comment (like last night) this fact is not really mentioned. Highlighting it would take away from the team-focused promotion of the league. Lebron on the other hand is sort of being waffled back and forth. I believe that he was perceived as having the potential to provide a similar type impact to the game as did Michael Jordan when he entered the league. However, his immediate failures to win a championship coupled with the negative backlash it received caused the NBA to shift the focus even further. Winning championships was slowly devalued each season and the message was changed to “Teams win championships, not individuals”. That was much different from what the NBA had once founded itself on with “great players win championships!”

    As a side note, I did some checking with looking at the stats and noticed that the 5 most recent championship seasons for the Lakers and the 2 championship seasons for the Heat, there was only 1 season combined that either of them ranked in the top 5 in total team assists per game. In fact, the Heat had one season where they were ranked in the 20’s and the Lakers had one season where they were in the teens. Notice how ball movement was not highlighted for those teams because it would have contradicted what people were watching.

  • Kobe shot in the MINUS BRACKET, OR THE % WOULD BE HIGHER, 1/14 AND 1/7 is not making things up, only an IDIOT cant see that., this is turning out to be a disgrace, to the LAKERS that will be there for many years.

  • Please read my message above. It may shed some light on what’s going on.

  • Kobe’s imaged was ruined before this season. His image has been being ruined for years now.

  • Different players built differently. Kobe is not rare for the NBA, he is rare for today’s NBA. I could name you a ton of players that would have had just as much difficulty navigating the new NBA. The NBA use to be a star driven league. Now it is a team driven league. When we see individual stars they are typically grouped with other stars so as to still not make it about individuals.

    It is funny to me that this whole shift to team ball movement as being promoted is being presented as the way you win championships. However, if you look at the championship teams for the past 20 years, the stats don’t say that.

  • Kobe’s legacy will be tarnished only in the eyes of those that let it. Perhaps the reason why Byron and James Worthy and any others are not speaking out about his play is that they realize that this is bigger than him. They realize that how Kobe plays even now is how the game use to be played. They realize that if they say it is wrong…they will be saying that it was wrong when they were in the league. That would mean what MJ did was wrong.

    If the league keeps on the path it is on, 40 and 50 point nights by individual players will become less of an occurrence.

  • Agreed with this essay. For whatever reason the league used MJ to sell, they were probably still nervous after Magic/Bird saved the league from financial bankruptcy. This included rule changes and the old “MVP foul calls” that MJ would regularly receive. The league created a monster in order to survive and now are trying to undo this damage. Right now the college/draft situation is a real mess and if they are ever going to fully rebuild the team game they have to address this part.

  • Absolutely but our HC does not get that, and Kobe’s not doing himself any favors in remaining in lone wolf mode in his twilight.

  • It took a lot to get my point across…sorry for the length. The reality is that the NBA is the biggest hypocrite in this whole situation. They are critical of the very things that they once promoted. They never thought about the damage to the collegiate game it would bring. I don’t think it is fixable because of the emergence of the international game. Guys can leave high school and go play overseas for one season and then enter the NBA. Notice how we didn’t use to talk about players not being ready for the NBA. Guys didn’t come until they were ready and still they didn’t play right away unless they were really good. Now rookies get large minutes while having noticeable underdeveloped games with many flaws.

    There may not be a way to fix the problem.

  • That’s not what i meant. I meant the problem is bigger than Kobe. Not the team is bigger than Kobe…although it is, that wasn’t what I was talking about.

  • They both go hand in hand and cannot be separated when chopping up the problems.

  • International play could be the key to fixing the problem. European leagues aren’t interested in developing players for us unless they get something in return. In European soccer that is the form of purchasing players so rich clubs can buy good players from smaller clubs.

    We could also draft kids and loan them out to international clubs and share the cost of their salary.

    A lot of possibilities if you get creative, and with the TV money available we have the resources. We just have to share and the Euro league would be lining up to get a slice.

  • It takes five guys to play weather or not if they pass the ball to KOBE and he has no good shot PASS THE DAMB BALL , I watch the games and the ball movement is ok but KOBE does not seem to care if he is open or not he just shoots, and those are not BAIL OUT SHOTS.

  • They are more fluent when KOBE Is on the bench, the pace picks up and the ball movement is much better.

  • Keep Dreaming, you may wake up some time. If you believe that KOBE IS helping the team with his play, there is only one reason LOVE.

  • Kobe’s legacy is set and cannot be tarnished. What we are seeing is him going out like most older stars that father time caught up to. The reality is this has been coming dating back to 2010 when he first started trying to beat father time’s notice. Unfortunately his Jordan like bravado is one that will see the game retire him VS walking on his preferred terms.

  • i have faith on kobe still have it the allstar player need change he habit and style on basketball and fire byron scott right now

  • Nope, his image was fine before he tore his ACL. In the past season Kobe had the excuse of being injured and rusty. Now that he is back he can’t play as efficient and refuses to adopt a smaller role

  • No…that’s still not what I meant. I was speaking of the problem with the league is bigger than Kobe.

  • I don’t necessarily agree that his legacy can’t be tarnished. His overall stats have been lowered because of the past few years. His stats were part of the legacy he had established. Having an 81 point now in light of recent years and the very publicized most missed shots stat is going to tarnish his legacy and add to the “he was just a chucker” image. His point total will now be tarnished because it will be viewed even worse than Kareem’s (he played long enough to get it) in the eyes of the new generation of fans. The older generation is gone for the most part and the new generation is going to view Kobe in light of the other newer generation of players.

  • I see it as being tough on Kobe. So much changing and no real time to adjust to the changes. Injuries, coaching changes, roster changes, position changes, and role changes all hitting him at the same time.

  • I’m not saying the league is wrong. I’m saying the league has changed and Kobe got caught in the transition. It’s like you have worked in a job for 15 years….you go away on an extended medical leave…when you return, your company has undergone a whole remodeling to the point that you don’t know your way around. On top of that, they no longer sell the same products, they offer new services and the mission statement has been changed. You walk in and you are given a new title, a new office and new responsibilities. My guess is that it wouldn’t be easy for you to adjust to all of the changes.

  • no, man. BS’s image was trash before his Lakers tenure. 3 sub 25 wins seasons prior to taking the Lakers job which He’s added 1 more under his belt, now working on a 5th consecutive. That’s kind of record just doesn’t merit a seat as an assistant coach, let alone the head of a fabled franchise.

    What’s worse, he’s had input on how to shape the Lakers rebuild. outside of the minuscule possibility of getting a pick, it’s a lose -lose scenario.

  • I still say it cannot be tarnished. This game has been played for 70-80 years and few have accomplished what Kobe has. Sensible basketball fans will understand Kobe cannot be compared to a big like KAJ or even Duncan when it comes to FG%.

    81 was amazing and will never be viewed as a negative either. At least not by non haters. His efficiency was very good in that game.

    Kobe is the closest thing we’ve seen to Jordan but is not close to his level in reality. I hated MJ but he was just that good. Wade was right in saying we won’t see another Kobe type.

    Pundits will have their say but I like what Bill Russell said on era comps…

    “I don’t get into chasing ghost’s.”

  • You brought up Kareem and Duncan…what about comparing Kobe to Steph Curry in a few years? When you talk about legacy, it’s kept alive by those that are alive. With time, and the direction of the league, a guy like Curry will be what people remember over a guy like Kobe. Plus, people don’t want to like Kobe anyway. Poor personality…not likable.

  • Yep, sad is the right word. You can keep his pride by starting him, but reduce the minutes. And if he’s shooting below 30% after his 3rd quarter run, leave him on the bench.

  • Bad thing is Philly is not giving up that #1 seed. And chances are more than good that the 2nd and 3rd spots will be jumped. May not be both spots, just the one the Lakers end up in.

  • I brought up KAJ & Duncan in response to your take.

    So what some will never embrace Kobe? You can’t please everyone and Kobe made his bed on that tip as he owned the loner stance coupled with relishing the villain role.

    Again, folks will have their say but Kobe’s legacy is set. Player of the decade in the 2000’s, arguably one of the ten best players of all-time, arguably the greatest Laker of all-time, ETC…

    Anything opinion based is subjective to the beholder but 81, 32k, out scoring a team for three quarters by himself, 5 rings, and 20 seasons with one team cannot be argued. All of that happened.

  • Kobe Bryant problem is this; his physical abilities no longer compliment his style of play……bottom line. Prime Kobe shot selection was no different than it is now, the difference is prime Kobes youth allowed him to MAKE those ill advised contested fadeaway 3’s and double (sometimes triple) teamed jump shots. If Kobe realizes this, he will then TRULY take a step back to let the youth develop. He rants about youth development, but then jacks up 20+ shots the very same night. I can’t believe I’m bashing the player I consider to be the GOAT, but let’s be completely and bluntly honest here…….Kobe is the Lakers achilles hill. His selfish play is hurting the team on the court (obviously) and it’s starting to cause tension in the locker room. When Nick freaking Young calls you selfish, that’s when you know there’s a SERIOUS problem……that problem being Kobe.

  • Agreed on the changes. I’ve been beating that drum for several seasons now. I’ve been called Kobe hater for stating that truth.

  • Thank God Luke Walton was on the sideline and called of the dogs in the 4th quarter because the Lakers would still be getting scored on….LMAO….

  • Name one player on the team that is helping the team any more than Kobe is?

    And I would choose love over hate 8 days per week.


  • I’m sure all who want to blame Kobe for the Lakers troubles can’t honestly believe they are gonna win a championship anytime soon after he is gone.


  • I keep wondering how Phil would be managing Kobe if he was coaching the Lakers this year.

  • Since Kobe is tied with Tarik Black for second lowest PER on the team ahead of only Sacre, I would say everybody not named Black or Sacre is helping the team more than Kobe right now. I think Kobe will turn it around, but right now he needs to be sitting.

  • That’s the beauty in the world, we all have opinions. I respectfully disagree. Since he led the team to their only two victories I’d be more tempted to sit someone else and look to bring in a bit more help.

    I am pulling for the team in good and not so good times like a real true trooper.

    Go Kobe ! Go Lakers !


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