Lakers News: Byron Scott Wants His Team To Play Desperate (VIDEO)
Lakers News: Byron Scott Wants His Team To Play Desperate (video)

The Los Angeles Lakers stand at 2-12 ahead of their matchup vs. the Portland Trail Blazers on Saturday night at the Moda Center. The Lakers are coming off a brutal 111-77 loss to the Golden State Warriors on Tuesday night, after trailing by as many as 41 points in their worst offensive performance of the year.

Head coach Byron Scott wants them to play desperate, opening the game as if they were already down by 20 points. In the video below, Scott says he’ll be paying close attention to the intensity as a way to measure how the Lakers respond after an embarrassing performance in their last game. Plus, Scott discusses what the initial plan is for Kobe Bryant on the upcoming back-to-back and three games in four nights.

It was just last Sunday at Staples Center that the Lakers faced this Blazers team. Despite shrinking their deficit to just three points with 4:34 left in the game, the Blazers responded with a 10-0 run at the end of the fourth, beating them 107-93.

This is what BS calls coaching?

  • That first question that was softball lobbed at Byron, pretty much sums up this whole situation.
    Softball journalist: “do you guys have a plan for the back-to-back games?”
    “coach” Byron: “Who? Kobe and I? Or team-wise?”

  • In BS world , Coaching 101 , work really hard for me if for some reason we suck you will be blamed. Because he is a superstar inspight the horrid percentages , you will play over 30 minutes. You don’t have to attend practices as long as you can grace regular games. The rest of you sit and learn. In game while playing keep watching but remember if we suck its all on you.

  • This is embarrassing to the laker as a whole and the sad part is the buss kids and kupcake even so called laker greats like magic and worthy are quiet about it

  • a real coach knows how to “plan”
    that aint on scott dictionary, so technically lakers dont have a coach

  • Never thought that we should be tanking by December… Yet, we “desperately” need to keep that pick in order to create a package to land an elite player (unless you seriously believe that we have a chance to sign either KD or LBJ during the off-season) to play alongside one or two of our current young guns.

    Why not trade Hibbert (sign and trade), Randle and either DLO or that pick for Anthony Davis?

    Ps: please no Cousins trade talks. The guy has attitude issues and is overrated to me.

  • Whats the point in trying to get wins now? To make sure the Draft pick falls out of Top 3 so it can go to the 76ers?

  • Unless Anthony Davis pulls a Carmelo in Denver that’s not happening. Us optimistic Lakers fans thinking 30-35 win season was possible. On a positive note Ben Simmons & Sal Labissiere seems more attainable at this point.

  • Do you think that Davis will accept to keep losing in NOLA?

    Plus, I think that this is a fair deal for both teams.

  • Lakers should get complementary players next year, Batum ( 3 & D ) & Noah ( rim protector & passing big man ). No top tier FA will come & play for the Lakers, it’s all about winning now. Best scenario is to develop the young trio (Randle, Clarkson & Russell) & get quality role players like Noah & Batum. It would be a bonus if we get that pick back from the 76ers. And most importantly change the coach to someone who has an idea what system to use. When your players says that you have no offensive identity that falls on the coach. And if BS stays longer the development of the players will take longer. We should try & trade Bass for picks and it will also open up playing time for Black & Nance Jr.

    Hopefully we have a lineup next year

    Batum/ Ben Simmons (if we get lucky)

    Nance Jr
    A. Brown

  • I like your plan with Batum and Noah. Changes the whole defense outlook. But I think NY would want to upgrade on their triangle pieces by grabbing Batum. He’s the Pippen-like player Phil’s looking for.

  • AD signed a extension early when he could’ve waited for the end of this year for mega bucks, Nola making the playoffs last year seems to have a better chance winning in the next 3 years compared to the Lakers when everyone’s healthy which I think has a major part to Nola’s lackluster start that nobody predicted. 3 game winning streak pel’s actually look good. Randles is still a unproven product along with Russell, JC’s the best trade chip Lakers have and Hibbert isn’t Allstar Roy anymore, don’t think it’s fair for Nola considering they have the face of the franchise soon to be that face of the NBA.

  • If they play desperate they’d likely force things… (ex. 24), how bout placing the best rotation forward (Scott hasn’t) and build off of ball movement to gain more trust.

  • Batums not possible he’s already signed multi-year for the hornets and he’s playing well so they’re not giving him up

  • Scott played in the Showtime era of the Lakers and won championships with that team. Just wondering why he is not using that same system now, i mean for sure he knows every play in that system. You have Russell (Magic), Clarkson (Scott), Randle (Worthy), Hibbert (really old Kareem). Only missing piece is the player who can play like Michael Cooper. Not saying our young guys play like those legends but they can be molded to play like them. They have the potential & are athletic enough to play the system that the Showtime era used and won lots of championships with.

  • Batum has no contract extension with Hornets and he is a Unrestricted Free Agent after this season meaning any team with cap space can sign him. Lakers will have lots of cap space next year since Kobe will be off the books.

  • we have around 65m in cap space next season. noah 15m batum10m what did we do with the last 40m lol

  • Realistic FA’s: Whiteside UFA, Harrison Barnes RFA, Nicolas Batum UFA, Chandler Parsons PO, Festive Ezele RFA, Al Horford UFA, DeMar Derozan PO, Joakim Noah UFA.

    Pipe dreams: Kevin Durant UFA, LeBron James PO, Andre Drummond RFA, Bradley Beal RFA.

  • the issue is we have 65-80m in cap space. a big name like say kd could look at our team say me instead of kobe and that team is a playoff team. that would leave the lakers with 30m to get a starting center how about festive ezele for 15m. hibbert back for 10m which would leave the lakers 5m to try and ill out the back up pg position.(like mo williams)

    russ, clark, kd, randle, festive
    mo, lou, young,ben, hibbert
    a brown, nance

    fill out the last 3 positions with filler contracts.

  • we should trow max deals at festiz and green from gs to try and steal one or both of them

    barbes bit green

  • You answered your own question with the last paragraph. +Small ball= centers are defensive anchors (P&R-D) not offensive necessities hence transition run and gun tempo. Copycat league.

  • FE is perfect Lakers fit. I think you may have meant Barnes. Green sign $80M extension in the offseason.

  • Ultimately Lakers need proven commodities for anyone to sign because the trend is winning at all cost especially in players primes. Nobody of KD’s caliber is going to a rebuild situation when OKC,GSW or even the Wiz have a ligitiment shot of the Larry/Ring(s).

    Best bet especially if lakers keep this years pick is ACTUALLY let them develop and keep the cap flexibility for players that actually fit long term. There’s no chance lakers are contenders for at least 3 years when the litmus test is proven players will take the lakers seriously.

  • The Team looks Desperate…..So they might as well Play Desperate……Look and Act the Part.

  • Drummond/WHiteside at the C spot, KD at SF and keep JC(max too) those 3 guys would get max, but the problem is that how can the lakers renew Dlo and Randle when their rookie contracts are up? either 1 of those guys are traded or both of them will take discounts since starting 2016, big 4 is a possbilitily

  • if the lakers are on NOH’s situation(they have AD), lakers wont trade him…any team with a guy like AD will not trade AD(unless it’s philly lol)

  • realistic chance of gettting AD is through FA, in 5 years he will be a UFA with the lakers future big 3 in their prime

  • Hinges on Randle, Russell & Clarkson’s development(could take years)

    Adding Whieside/Drummond
    will definitely help, think of it as WAR or +/- not sure either one (Whiteside/Drummond &KD) gives Lakers enough wins to become instant contenders like OKC,GSW or WIZ all three potential landing spots for KD.

    What I’m getting at is KD will not go into a rebuilding situation in the prime of his career, trend is to win now because legacies are determined by Rings and Lakers most likely won’t be in ring mode for at least three years.
    Only way KD is a Laker is if he creates his own big three like LBJ did in MIA.

  • smart plan cj. but noone in the Lakers FO is going to make that happen.
    if we got KD and noah or festis ezili that would be nice.
    batum would be great for SF or maybe barnes?
    but we have to consider,
    if we really have a chance at getting them. yaknow??
    otherwise focus on cheaper role players who we can GET.
    long shots and failing and settling for brandon bass and lou williams.
    like this year cant be done again we need better players.
    and maybe a new coach too.

  • WOW! i’m watching 2002 NBA Finals Game 4 – Lakers @ Nets on youtube and the nets has a offensive identity. very little PNR and ISO’s. lots of ball movement and open shots. and they have Defense. Wtf happened with BS? he looks like he can actually coach.

  • He had Jason Kidd; an elite pg will mask and hide a multitude of deficiencies on a team including inept coach and FO.

  • actually OKC is a “pau gasol” player away from winning a ring…idk but I can see AD to be a laker than KD….by the time AD hits UFA, Randle-JC-Dlo will be in their prime forming a BIG 4(similar to miami which can produce more rings for the lakers)

  • We should stop chasing superstars , lets face it NO ONE (superstars) will sign with our purple and gold unless they see a chance of going into post season. It is just the times and the current CBA. Instead of waiting for these basketball stars, lets focus on the right players to give us a chance at post season, Let’s try and be good first before being great. In addition, Jeannie should really start forcing her hand and let people go. I think that the first step should be cleaning house from Top to Bottom. Do we do it this year, well many say No because we may get a crack in the draft. Whether it happens this year or next year. It’s always good to start with the right people if we want a good rebuild. Get rid of the wrong people and hire the right people even if we have to call on Jerry, some of our old scouting guys, a new executive, coach and coaching staff.
    That way we have a clean slate.

  • Barnes is not realistic. Neither is Ezele. But I agree on the rest! Batum and Noah would be perfect for this team.

  • We don’t have the pieces to trade for Davis. Not even close, but I would love that.

  • Kind of ironic how we were all laughing at the Knicks for dropping to 4th in the draft order and they ended up with the best player from this draft.

  • Stop dreaming and hyping the kids. No, they are not Magic, Kareem or Worthy. Not even 10 miles close. But they can learn to start playing team basketball. They and the vets should learn selfless team BB. Accept that there are no stars in this team. Not even Kobe. Just look at teams like Hornets, Boston, Hawks who are playing well without superstars. Then, look at Houston, NOH. It’s team BB that we need, not overhyped superstars.

  • no need desperate play because too much by force it desperate to play can cause injuries i think no problem on LA Lakers Players the main problems is Head coach and Coaching Stuff and offense/defense style too weak need to improvement

  • In the new cba, great teams can’t be built overnight. And, if the team can get Simmons or labissiere, the end, result will be far better than a few wins.

  • Durant, Rondo and Noah plus Skal would be a big change.

    And yes, it is possible.

  • Give our core time.
    Randle and Russell will be stars, and both Clark and Nance will get a couple awards along the way.

  • I wasn’t laughing at them. I knew they had the #2 player in the draft. I just know the Lakers FO didn’t do all the Homework they needed and that falls on BS being in their ears, since Scott was no fan of Porzingis.

    BS should stop false preach about defense when the guy he laughed at is a lengthy active defender. Did y’all see how he rejected kemba Walker twice, chasing him all over half court? a 7 footer tracking a PG. We need guys who compete like that.

  • There’s a good chance GSW goes after KD. If Lakers pull what Dallas offered to Chandler Parsons, GSW will either match the ridiculous offer for Barnes that won’t be far off from max $ KD will be paid. Barnes is looking for max dollars (hence holding out on 16M per) and a bigger role he’s never averaged more then 29 minutes a game.

    IF GSW do match the same approach to Ezele and will be priced out after matching Barnes un-tradable contract.

    So I kindly disagree with you on both Barnes and Ezele they’re both attainable and realistic options for Lakers.

  • I knew they wouldn’t pick Porzingis at #2. But I think they could’ve traded down, collected a future pick, and still gotten Russell. They could’ve traded down and still gotten Nance. Don’t get me wrong, both could pan out nicely. But, they didn’t play it right.

  • Maybe it’s an elaborate stealth tank job. But, I think it’s more of them kissin’ up to Kobe. Lettin’ him have his way as a thank you for services rendered.

  • Forget about Durant. There’s no reason why he should come to the Lakers when the team he plays more can offer him more money and is filled with talented players in their prime.

    I suppose that we could land Noah with a deal close to the max but do we really want to do that?

    I think that we should try to trade Hibbert, Williams or Young to a good team and try to get draft picks in return. Then, we should use create a package including draft picks and a veteran player to get an elite player (since we are no longer able to sign them during the off-season)..

  • I knew the lakers didn’t have the guts to pick zinger at #2, but like you said, they coulda made a huge pickup. my proposal then was our #2 for the #4 and an asset – which turned out to be Grant but Hollis-jefferson would nice too. sign Rondo. and still pick nance. Imagine the buzz this fan base would enjoy instead of NY.

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