Lakers News: Carlos Boozer Recalls Disgusting Kobe Bryant, Fan Interaction Story
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Over the past couple of years the interactions between fans and players has become a major topic around the sports world. Often times fans cross the line in heckling opposing players and some athletes have become fed up with it.

One of the most polarizing athletes in recent history is Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant. Fans either loved him or hated him, with many leaning towards the latter, so it should come as no surprise that he’s had his fair share of interesting fan interactions.

One of the more shocking and disgusting ones was shared by former teammate Carlos Boozer. On the “HOLDAT Podcast with Carlos Boozer and Nate Robinson,” Boozer recalls Kobe telling him about one fan taking things way too far:

“But man some of these fans cross the line. I remember talking to Kobe (Bryant) and he was telling me when he came into the league and was on the road somewhere, maybe Sacramento or somewhere else but he was on the road and he is dapping up all the fans and giving them high fives as he walks out and one of the fans threw a spitball in his hands, dapped up Kobe with the spitball in his palm.

Kobe was like, ‘What!?’ So after that from then on out, he only gave everyone daps as he walked away because that is some nasty stuff to be doing. That is just disgusting. Dude really did a spitball and dapped up Kobe Bean Bryant on the way out, bro.”

That is undoubtedly one of the most weird, and unnecessary things a fan has done. Thankfully Kobe learned his lesson and figured out a way to never have to deal with something like that again.

Fans heckling players is something that will never end, nor should it. The passion and energy a crowd can bring is amazing. But there is definitely a line that shouldn’t be crossed and, needless to say, a spitball in the hand crosses it.

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