Lakers News: Charles Barkley Believes Kobe Bryant Should Retire

With Kobe Bryant off to a poor start for the Los Angeles Lakers, there has been a lot of discussion on if he should retire at the end of his 20th NBA season.

While Kobe will go down as one of the greatest players of all-time, he is averaging 15.2 points on 31.1 shooting from the field and 19.5 percent from three. With head coach Byron Scott not considering reducing his minutes or role, there is concern as the season progresses.

One former player who believes it is time for Kobe to retire is current TNT analyst, Charles Barkley. While he has shared this opinion before, Barkley knew it was time for him to retire when he was pump-faking, via Mike Bresnahan of the Los Angeles Times:

“Somebody asked me how I knew it was time to retire,” Charles Barkley, a Hall of Fame player, said in a phone interview. “I said because I was pump-faking. So now I see Kobe and he’s pump-faking because he’s scared they are going to block his shot. That’s what the pump-faking is. People are knocking your shot into the stands.

At the age of 37 and coming off three consecutive season-ending injuries, Kobe is on pace for his worst shooting percentage of his career:

“Kobe can’t get open shots. He can’t go around people to get layups. It’s hard to make contested shots.”

Although Kobe set a new NBA record for most seasons played with one franchise, it has been difficult to watch. Most of his shots have fallen short and he has been forced to take seven threes a game, which would also be a new career-high.

At this stage of his career, there was hope he would transition his game from a scorer to a facilitator. With D’Angelo Russell, Julius Randle and Jordan Clarkson looking to speed up their own development, it will be interesting to see what adjustments Kobe makes as the criticism regarding his currently play runs rampant.

Charles Barkley is Still Pump Faking from the Side lines…LOL.

  • “At this stage of his career, there was hope he would transition his game from a scorer to a facilitator. ”

    I don’t know why people think being the facilitator is easier than player off the ball when the defense is focused on pressuring the ball handler and the energy it requires and expends by the facilitator to fight that off. That’s the reason why Kobe hasn’t retuned to being the facilitator after the Pistons game over a week ago.

  • This must be an all time neanderthal comment from Sir Charmin. Is the muthafocka drunk? Lol, I guess it was already time for Kelly to retire in his rookie season.

  • Charles Barkley has been saying this every season since 2011, so 5 years later he’s finally right.

  • Well, Chucky isn’t afraid to speak is mind, right or wrong. But Kobe should retire–but he’d be a fool to walk away from that fat contract he signed.

  • Seriously, this season in the entire NBA, of the 122 qualified players, Kobe Bryant is ranked 122nd in field goal percentage at 31.1 percent. Don’t think he should retire? Anyone want him back next season?

  • He doesn’t need to retire, he just needs to have a normal farewell tour like everybody else: start as a courtesy, play 15-20 minutes a game, try to stay healthy enough to appear in 60 games. If you’re lucky, you play at a level that’s only slightly below average for your position, which is pretty impressive considering your age/mileage.

    I don’t understand what fools are trying to prove here? It don’t make no sense.

  • whether your playing well or not im staying by your side Kobe.
    im going down with the ship……

  • In Media now it is his job to comment, say something. While it pains me to hear it , he is right. Add the many 3’s Kobe has been taking. Less stress on legs to shoot , dribble drive or back someone down.

  • Most of us in here are loyal, we will also be grateful to Kobe for giving the franchise rings and the many memories and plays converted. Loyalty can also be being honest to what we are currently seeing and speaking about it as fans. I’m sure Kobe would appreciate the truth. Personally I don’t see Kobe differently, he will always be the same Kobe to me. But whats more important to me is “Team First” , if there is more bad than good happening , its time to talk to Kobe and see how we can fix things.

  • you dont have to play defacto PG to facilitate…can facilitate off the ball…he’s still being double teamed tripled so it will help, say he attacks the basket then dish off to the big or kick outside, Kobe can facilitate in the post too

  • hes also on arguably the worst team in the nba. he also gets a ton of shots he has to shoot because the shot clock is coming down.

  • even if Kobe cant be himself hes still a good rebounder and a GREAT passer.
    i dont care if Kobe averages 12 or 22 points he can still help us mentor the young rooks too.

  • Kobe has been pump faking nearly his entire career so I don’t see his point. That was a poor example. His shots aren’t falling. He can’t defend anymore. Those are the only two reasons needed to justify his retirement.

  • So you don’t want what is best for the Lakers, you just want to watch one guy make a fool of himself at their expense. Not only is he the highest paid in the NBA, he is also the worst shooter.

  • right now he is shooting poorly.
    3 straight seasons with ending injuries.
    is he struggling right now?
    obviously he is. but i doubt it will continue i think he will get out of this slump soon.
    he wont shoot this way all year long….
    its unlikely man. very unlikely!

  • if he is shooting poorly he can play more defense and grab rebounds and pass.
    he doesnt even have to shoot to impact the game in a positive way.
    Kobe at 50 pct is better than anybody else at 100pct.
    thats a fact…

  • well said!!! The Lakers is a Team and not made up of only one person. Kobe should retire before he destroys the legacy of the Lakers. .

  • wake up kiddo…Kobe’s mind and heart may still want to play basketball but his legs just cant carry him to play defense. He cant keep up with the young guys anymore.

  • I think that’s what the Germans felt after every speech Adolf Hitler gave.

    My loyalty will always be for the Lakers and Lakers COLLECTIVELY, I don’t see one person representing this organization made up of more than one man.

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